cervical erosion


  • Cervical erosion, impacts, causes, diagnosis, treatment
  • Symptoms of erosion in the uterus
  • Treatment of erosion of the cervix cavity
  • Other methods and methods of treating diseases

A very common disease of women is considered to cervical erosion. This diagnosis is almost every second woman.

The consequences of this disease can be very different, sometimes sad. Under erosion is meant a defect on the surface of the mucous tissue of the cervix. This defect may be present in the form of small wounds and ulcers. It often happens that the erosion is noticeable to the naked eye. The doctor can see when viewed small redness and sores in the uterus. The neglected wounds can grow up to 2-3 cm. It is important to know that the erosion is considered to be benign cavity of the cervix.

The state of the disease is not running does not provide any serious threats to women's health, but if you go down to the problem is not neglected and untreated, it can lead to dire consequences and strike at the very sick for any woman - on reproductive function.

 Diagnosis of the disease
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Cervical erosion, impacts, causes, diagnosis, treatment

What causes this problem? What is the impetus for her appearance? And how is the disease treated?

The reasons for the emergence of this disease on the surface of the cervix can be very different. Thus, in the medicine erosion are divided into two species. It can be either congenital or acquired.

Congenital erosion is called pseudo looks like a kind of velvety redness. This pathology is characterized by the women who overestimated the level of progesterone in the blood. This kind of erosion is considered to be quite rare.

Acquired erosion is considered to be a defect of the mucous membrane of the uterus, which can be represented in the form of ulcers and wounds. Externally, the defect appears as a red spot among healthy tissue. Causes of acquired cervical erosion can be completely different. Very often the cause of sexually transmitted diseases are transferred (STDs), which may include chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis virus, genital herpes, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and others. Each of these diseases has a number of its inherent symptoms persist. All these diseases are transmitted from one partner to another.

Sometimes the cause of erosion are bacterial diseases including candidiasis and vaginosis.

Mechanical damage to the cervix during childbirth, abortion and gross sexual intercourse can also be the cause of erosion.

It is very vulnerable to the emergence of erosion of girls and women with hormonal disorders and permanent irregular periods. Early onset of sexual activity, frequent change of sexual partners, and a weakened immune system - all of which can only provoke erosion.

 symptoms of cervical erosion
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Symptoms of erosion in the uterus

Typically, such a disease is asymptomatic cervix, which may lead to the advanced stage of the disease. To identify erosion necessarily take some non-standard procedures, simply visit a gynecologist, who will examine you and issue a report. Externally erosion looks like a small portion of the mucous membrane of velvety red. Gynecological probe can easily damage this section, with the result that it will start to bleed. There are cases where the erosion can be seen on its own, simply by entering the vagina gynecological mirror.

One of the first signs signaling the erosion occurred could be abnormal vaginal discharge white. Not to be confused with ordinary bleach mucus. In the normal state separation have translucent milky color, the number of them is a little bit. If you began to observe that the number of discharges increased significantly, their color changed, and release themselves acquired an unpleasant smell - all of this is a major reason for going to the doctor. In order to establish an accurate diagnosis your doctor may conduct kolkoskopiyu.

Before proceeding directly to the treatment of cervical erosion, it is necessary to pass a lot of analyzes, and the results of which will help determine the most reliable and effective way to treat this disease. Among these tests giving blood from the vein to detect chlamydia, genital herpes, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, gardnerely, syphilis, hepatitis C, and B, HIV, etc. In addition, it will be necessary to hand over a smear from the vaginal flora, to sow the vaginal microflora bacteria for the detection or exclusion of dysbiosis. Sometimes you need a biopsy.

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Treatment of erosion of the cervix cavity

As with any disease, erosion may be treated in a conventional manner, as well as folk remedies. Before embarking on self-treatment by means of traditional medicine, be sure to talk to your gynecologist. Such treatment is permissible only if there are no serious contraindications erosion dimensions small enough and no concomitant diseases.

Conventional treatment can be presented in different forms. For example, sometimes the appropriate medication. It is effective in removing all kinds of inflammatory processes occurring in the cavity of the cervix. Treatment of this disease with the help of drugs can be independent (which is inefficient) or complex. If erosion occurred due to infection or bacterial diseases, it is appropriate to appoint an antibacterial treatment. Do not forget that treatment should be carried out for both partners, otherwise it just is inconclusive.

Practices and other method of treatment, which is called cryoablation, or freezing erosion. This method of treatment is carried out using liquid nitrogen which is fed directly to the affected area of ​​the cervix. As a result of this procedure, cells are frozen erosion, and then die, while the normal cells are not damaged in any way. The great advantage of this method of treatment is considered his indolence and lack of blood, which is beneficial to the state and health of the cervix after treatment. On the surface of the cervix is ​​formed no scarring and there are no deformation.
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Other methods and methods of treating diseases

Treatment of the disease is possible by laser cauterization. Such a method is known in medicine laser coagulation. This method of treatment is considered to be gentle. The laser beam penetrates to the desired depth and removes only the affected tissue cells. Healthy cells thus does not suffer as a result of scar remains.

There is also a method of treatment is cauterization of erosion. In medicine, this method is called diathermocoagulation. This method involves treating a disease moxibustion mucosal lesions of the cervix using a charge electric current. As a result of this treatment on the surface of the cervix forms a scar, which may adversely affect the function of childbearing. Except this nuance, this method is considered to be very effective.

The newest in the field of medicine and gynecology considered radiowave treatment erosion. He is the direct effect of radio waves on the affected areas of the mucous tissue. This method is painless and effective. After treatment in this way the surface of the cervix is ​​restored quickly enough. It is worth noting that this method of treatment practiced by erosion is not everywhere.

Regardless of which method of treatment of erosive education is chosen, you first need to pass a series of tests and examinations to pass.

Very often, the fear of the erosion of the treatment leads to infertility. Visit the gynecologist should be carried out not less than 1-2 times per year.

A very important role is played by the way observe good personal hygiene. During the menstrual cycle need to wash as much as possible, not less than 2 times per day. Do not neglect your sexual life, a regular change of sexual partners a negative impact on women's health. In its wake the vaginal flora changes, and the risk of erosion only increases. Try to avoid abortion. Abortion is only harmful to the female body, injure the uterus, which can lead to erosion.

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What can cause untreated erosion?

It is known that when erosion conditions are ideal for the development of pathogenic bacteria, which may eventually lead to various diseases. All of these diseases can lead to infertility, because erosion is the strongest barrier to the normal fertilization.

It is worth knowing that the erosion of benign tumors can grow and malignant, ie contribute to the development of cancer of the cervix . To avoid such serious consequences, erosion should be treated in its early stages. Do not neglect your health.

 How to treat cervical erosion?