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  • Warn in advance
  • Straight Talk
  • Legal Aspects
  • Get ready for "war"
  • Get out beautifully

Work should be fun and a steady income. If something is missing from it, it is not far off the hour when you want to retire from the usual place. Do not be afraid of leaving, but you need to know how to quit your job. Still you for some time been in the ranks of employees of the company, respectively, your job at this point is to get away with minimal losses for both sides.

Warn in advance

Naturally, for an employer to your message of resignation threatens to turn into mass disturbances. He will have to find adequate personnel to replace you, risking the loss of time and effort. Article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation requires you to notify the authorities fourteen days before the direct care. But judge for yourself how much you really find a competent replacement for such a short time? If your employment relationship and there were no insurmountable problems and protracted conflicts, why not alert the authorities that you have decided to quit, few advance? For example, a month, or maybe even two. If between you and the boss have good relations, it may be an act of respect and understanding on your part.

It is possible that you already have some kind of agreement with the new employer. But you can try to explain to him the need to conclude work on an old case, because it describes you as a highly respectable and responsible person.

Straight Talk

The hardest part of the moral and psychological terms, what can you expect - this frank talk with the chief about what you're going to retire. As we have said, it is better to do it as early as possible to give the boss an opportunity to reflect on the news and plan of action.

It is clear that we take the decision to dismiss reason. For many people it is associated with low wages, poor working conditions, problems in the team, inadequate job responsibilities and others. During this whole situation really want to find a scapegoat, and here it is - your future ex-chief!

It is possible that after the decision to quit you have a desire to express in his face all the claims that were saved inside you for a long time. But it will be the wrong decision, because in this case, you almost one hundred percent probability to sever relations with former colleagues. Psychologists do not recommend to burn bridges for several reasons:

  • It characterizes you as a person, not knowing how to resolve difficult situations in dealing with people. Nobody wants to hire an evil, resentment and conflict worker!
  • You will lose a large number of professional contacts. Life is long, and the earth is round, and it is not clear at what point you need the help of former colleagues or boss.
  • You will not be able to take the recommendations from former colleagues that many employers may become a serious obstacle to your employment.

Uneasy conversation with the head to better organize face to face. In ssituatsii offer open space office, or go to the negotiating an isolated cabin in a cafe nearby - colleagues do not yet know about your plans. Naturally, the impact on the atmosphere of the conversation many factors: the nature of your relationship, work situation, the situation in the team, type your post. But in almost all circumstances, you can bring it to the correct total.

The first step is the most sincere and correct to talk about the reasons for his departure. Build offers the following manner: first, inform about some positive aspects of working in the company, after which outlines the negative. Try to focus on their own needs and ambitions. Do not forget to emphasize how much good work you gave us and personally chief himself (even if it is far from the truth).

Tell that received an interesting proposal, but at this point you have already reached the ceiling. Do not indulge in unbridled criticism: if you have a boring job, little pay and poor working conditions, the head of smart and understands it without you, and you are a fool still does not explain. And God forbid you to criticize his leadership style! It is possible that when properly conducted the conversation you get a counter description Improve your posts, and you should think in advance the answer to it. But it is important that the leader did not take care about the conversation as an attempt to manipulate him.

 how to resign

Legal Aspects

Labor Code aimed at protecting the rights of the employee. If an employer can not fire you at any time, simply because you're tired of it, then at his own request, you can leave at any moment. This right is implemented in Article 21 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, according to which everyone can rely on an employment contract, and its termination. And the reasons for this decision can be very different: the conflict with colleagues, lack of career prospects, failure to comply with laws, obtaining a more favorable job offer, etc. ...

We have already written about 80 articles of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, which requires the employer written notice of resignation, submitted no later than two weeks before the expected date. Usually, this period is used to search for a replacement or completion of ongoing projects. Before his graduation employee can change his mind and withdraw his statement. But working out two weeks - not a mandatory procedure, if you manage to agree on this with the head of the post or if this is not your main and only sovmestitelskoy. The same applies to employees hired for seasonal work and fixed-term contracts - according to article 292 of the Labour Code, in which case the employee must notify the employer of resignation no later than three days.

On the day of the dismissal, you should get all your documents: employment record, a copy of everything that is connected with work (orders, statement of earnings, information on transfers to the pension fund) - it can be done in the personnel department of your former organization now. Also, you must implement the final settlement, which included compensation for unused vacation in the working period. If something is in the process of dismissal is not the case, and the employer does not comply with labor law, you should contact the labor inspectorate with the demand for the restoration of violated rights.

Get ready for "war"

Unfortunately, in some cases, the authorities adequately react to your decision to dismiss. Future former head starts to behave like a feudal lord, holding peasant (despite the fact that serfdom was abolished more than a hundred and fifty years ago). Now you belong to the "enemies" and "traitors to the common cause." For you "hang" all make mistakes and for two weeks to fulfill the annual volume of work.

Of course, the head can be understood - no one wants to drastically lose a good employee and to find an new. But decency something has not been canceled! In this case, you can only tolerate the remaining two weeks, which may well seem like "hell on wheels". Do not let the boss no reason to cavil qualitatively doing their job. At the very least you can come to the aid of sick leave, use of which will cover the ill-fated two-week detention.

Be prepared for possible problems with the adoption of resignation. Somehow, some managers "forget" to sign it. Therefore, this document should be made in two copies: one is given to the personnel department and ask them to sign on another officer who took the statement. If he refuses to do so, you can send your documents by mail Russia registered letter with acknowledgment. Date of last will and the date of your notice of dismissal.

 how to resign from their jobs

Get out beautifully

So all the problematic moments are eliminated and marked the beginning of your last two weeks at the former workplace. No matter how much advance warning you are the employer of his departure, you should make it easier for companies as possible during this period. Of course, the temptation to "smoke bamboo" all the time, but to do so simply dishonorable! You should complete the projects in which you took an active part, to tidy things and leave the new employee all key information on the work (for example, contacts).

Accordingly, the last two weeks on the release of nothing to do with lack. Rather, it looks like a summing up of all cases and bringing in a complete state. Therefore behave in the same way as an ordinary worker: always come on time, do not be lazy, good faith compliance with its obligations. The employer pays for these two weeks of your work, so take care of a decent return.

Follow the tradition of your workforce related to the dismissal of one of its members. Most likely, you will not just pick up the work book, but also the right to say goodbye to colleagues. Send out letters to them by e-mail, in which he expressed gratitude for the cooperation and good attitude. Do not forget to share contacts with key employees of the company and especially its section - these connections certainly be useful to you in a new place. If the company received tumultuous send-off, do not go against the proposal to go with colleagues to a nearby cafe after work.

Whatever your last days in the company, withdrawal from usual positions almost always causes sadness the employee, even if you know how to quit, or go to a better place. Remember that before the expiry of two weeks from the date of notice, you can change your mind and return to the former position. In any case, your career is moving forward, and on the horizon you expect new success and achievements!

 How to quit your job, to no injuries

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