causes of bed bugs


  • Origin and appearance of the mites, their health risks
  • Treatment for mange caused by mites bed, getting rid of saprophytes

What could be cozier own apartment? We invest huge financial resources in its repair, buy a new expensive furniture, but do not think that in our cozy home, among us live almost invisible creatures that can cause us a lot of trouble with his health. And the name of these creatures - bed mites.

 the appearance of bed bugs

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Origin and appearance of the mites, their health risks

Where did come from our homes mites? From common household dust that surrounds us everywhere, and from the cover of our pet birds and feathers. The bed mites bred in blankets made of natural wool, bedspreads, down pillows, upholstery, carpets and cotton mattresses. All of these essential items for domestic purposes drives are dust mites and beautifully themselves they feel. Invisible people of our bedrooms enjoy the fact that we are changing the bed every day, bedspreads knock out and erase the extremely rare, and the floor under the bed in my best once a week.

House dust, human warmth and a constant level of humidity that is supported by our bodies, are favorable conditions for the spread of ticks.

Bed mites are so tiny that you can only see them with a microscope. They look like regular six-legged bugs. The length of their torso barely reaches 0, 5 mm. On the mites legs are unique sucker, due to which they cling firmly to the surface, so the attempt to get rid of the bugs using a conventional vacuum cleaner does not lead to a positive result. The main source of supply of bed occupant is dead cells of the human body. Most often, the owners of bedrooms peacefully coexist with tongs, even unaware of their presence.

Invisible to the naked eye bugs are considered saprophytes, ie, microbes that feed on organic materials obsolete. They do not live in the human body, its blood or drink, do not carry infectious diseases. But the bed mite is dangerous for pulmonary patients and asthmatics, making their existence in his apartment just unbearable. By itself, the bug is not dangerous, but its feces, which are located all over the beds, are very aggressive allergen and can trigger asthma attacks and worsening lung disease.

If you experience allergic reactions such as hives, swelling, runny nose or cough, as well as the increase in the frequency of asthma attacks a person should be held on the dust mite allergy tests that are done in the laboratory. In many cases, this innocuous at first glance, and a saprophyte is the culprit of allergic manifestations. If the survey will give a positive result, then the sick person should make every effort to get rid of this undetectable bug.

 the effects of bed mites
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Treatment for mange caused by mites bed, getting rid of saprophytes

Another nuisance which can bring bed mites - scabies. It is unpleasant and terribly infectious disease may occur as a result of the regular human contact with the waste products of mites. Symptoms of scabies - the appearance of the skin silnozudyaschih redness, fever, the occurrence of congestion in the nose, throat feeling of taxation. If you find yourself or have someone from the family members described symptoms should definitely seek professional medical help. Scabies is not in itself goes, it quickly spread throughout the body and is passed around, so it must be treated immediately.

Treatment of the symptoms of mange, caused by mites bed, carried out by assigning the patient potent antiparasitic drugs. Before you start getting rid of the disease, a person needs to carefully take a dip in the hot shower, and then to put the medicine on the entire surface of the body. During the entire treatment period, he will have to change clothes every day and bed linen. Bathe and wash even after the application of therapeutic drug on the body of the patient with scabies is strictly prohibited until it is fully recovered. Wash hands can not be avoided, but the water after each procedure, they should be spread antiparasitic agent.

Clothing and bedding of the patient should be washed very hot water and be sure to iron on both sides. Only if all the medical prescriptions and rules of hygiene can completely get rid of the symptoms of scabies mite provoked bed. Parallel to the process of treatment is necessary to carry out measures aimed at combating saprophytes.

In order to achieve full recovery from scabies, relieve symptoms of asthma and other diseases, contact with bedding mites should be avoided. Get rid of the intruders can only be provided if the techniques regularly to eliminate dust in the living room. Among these methods are:

  • frequent airing of living rooms;
  • daily wet cleaning of the apartment;
  • timely replacement of bed and mattress covers;
  • Vacuum cleaning of premises, equipped aquafiltering;
  • Replacement pen filler pillows sinteponovye or silicone;
  • Regular knocking the dust from carpets;
  • frequent washing curtains and blankets;
  • Obligatory proglazhivanie bedding and clothing.

Constantly spending all of the above measures against saprophytes can achieve full disposal of them. The bed mite does not like to clean and will never be acquired in the apartment, the owners who pay anti-dust attention.

 Bed rest or dust mite: what are its dangers?

 calculation day of ovulation


  • Methods for calculating ovulation
  • To calculate the day of ovulation using a calculator
  • Knowing body language
  • Measuring basal body temperature
  • Pharmacy tests

Ovulation - the day when fertilization is possible, since the egg leaves the ovary matured and is ready to meet with the sperm. The life of the egg lasts for only 24 hours, so much time is devoted to her insemination.
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Methods for calculating ovulation

That is why many couples planning a pregnancy, or, on the contrary, wishes to avoid it, try to calculate the day of ovulation.

But it turns out correctly is not always and not at all as there are many factors that affect the body. Because of this imbalance may occur, that is disturbed menstrual cycle, there are a variety of diseases, etc. Nevertheless, there are ways by which you can calculate the day of ovulation, observing certain rules.

 methods of calculating ovulation
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To calculate the day of ovulation using a calculator

This method is effective only if the woman menstrual cycle is regular, if not, then the information can not be regarded as accurate, especially if the day of ovulation is calculated for the purpose of contraception. It can be used as an online calculator presented at various women's websites, and for independent calculations. If you can connect to the internet, then everything is much easier. The online calculator will need to enter the required data, and the program will calculate everything myself.

If you have the desire to do the calculation yourself, and learn how this method works, it is done as follows. You need to know the date of the next menstrual period, is deducted from the 12, and then another 4. In the interval between the received days and have to ovulation. For example, the next period shall be December 19, then 19-12 = 7 7-4 = 3, therefore, ovulation is possible with 3 to 7 December.
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Knowing body language

Of course, this may not be an accurate indicator because it does not know all the girls are all manifestations of his body, but there are so sensitive girl that determine the day of ovulation may be on the grounds that feeds the body.

  • abdominal pain - may occur not at all, are much more likely ovulate painless, but note there are pulling pain, can bring slight discomfort, but it should not be dull or severe cutting pain if there is constant need to see a doctor;
  • isolation - can determine ovulation by "raw egg white", ie the selection, it is very reminiscent. It is important to see how they look. After the end of menstruation the mucus is not present, then it appears gradually, over time, becomes sticky, creamy, then watery. These secretions become more viscous and thick at the time of greatest fertility. The older a woman is, the less days she arises mucus;
  • the position of the uterus - before you start the survey, thoroughly wash your hands. The uterus tends to vary in size, namely, in the days of ovulation, it is open, soft, raised, moist, ordinary days, it is located below the touch is more dry and hard.

Thus, by observing the changes in the body, it is possible to determine not only the onset of ovulation, but to see how the whole body, which means that in case of violation of its work in time, you will be able to identify it and to consult a doctor to eliminate the disease.

 measurement of basal body temperature
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Measuring basal body temperature

This method is preferred by many girls and women, it is recommended by doctors because it is economical, precise one, it can be used on their own at home. This is possible because the body temperature is influenced by the work of hormones may increase or decrease. Therefore, the measurement of basal body temperature shows the work of the female body, ovulation, or the absence of pregnancy.

To use this method, the temperature should be measured at least 3-6 menstrual cycles. Only then the overall picture is clear, and it is possible to make decryption of the data. In addition to using basal body temperature to determine ovulation day, you need to know some rules, but under these conditions, everything will be done properly:

  • The temperature is measured at the same time every morning;
  • basal temperature is measured after a restful night of sleep for a minimum of 3-6 hours;
  • mercury thermometer should be measured, and the rest are considered to be less sensitive and less accurate for that, take a thermometer and throughout the measurement time using only his;
  • the temperature must be measured through the mouth, rectum or vaginal generally measured through the rectum;
  • opted for one embodiment measuring stick permanently his name;
  • vaginal thermometer measuring insert to the middle of the temperature measured 5 minutes through the mouth keep the thermometer under the tongue for 3 minutes, through the rectum - the tip of the thermometer, lubricate baby cream to the measurement procedure was less unpleasant, hold 5 minutes;
  • baby cream, the thermometer should be prepared in advance in the evening to the morning you can do everything quietly, without unnecessary movements;
  • before the measurement can not get up to make sudden movements, prepare a thermometer so that you can reach him slow movement;
  • it makes no sense to measure the temperature of the case:'re viral diseases, taking contraceptives, drugs, prohibited during temperature measurement, on the eve of taking alcohol, entered the eve of measurement in sexual intercourse;
  • the findings should be made to the table after it is made up of graph that you can see whether there was ovulation.

In the measurement of basal body temperature Please note that after the lessons that the time each hour the temperature will rise, and assume that these figures can not be accurate. If, for example, you wake up earlier in the toilet, but then again you want to lie down, then you first need to measure the temperature and only then do other things. Basal temperature graph is a boundary between the first and second phase of the cycle. The ovulation day is usually considered to be the lowest temperature, and then rises.

This phenomenon is absolutely normal, as under the influence of the hormone progesterone prepares the body in pregnancy, if there is no fertilization, the temperature again before menstruation comes back to normal, gradually falling.

In this method has its pros and cons.


  • inexpensive method - the only thing you need to buy a thermometer to measure basal body temperature;
  • suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles;
  • the method can also be used in the future to prevent unwanted pregnancy (to avoid sexual intercourse during the most fertile days).


  • inconvenience - it is necessary to measure the temperature every morning, and the nature of the cervical mucus should be monitored throughout the day;
  • If you suddenly get sick, all the results will be in vain, as the disease and even a change of climate or work can lead to menstrual irregularities, which would negate the whole picture of this month;
  • for a relatively precise definition of the day of ovulation tracking will have to engage in at least 2-3 months, preferably six months.

 pharmacy ovulation test

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Pharmacy tests

This is a good way of working on the principle of measuring the level of luteinizing hormone in urine. These tests can be purchased without a prescription at any pharmacy. But they are a good helper only if you have a regular menstrual cycle and there is no shortage of luteinizing hormone. In the second case, the test may show that ovulation was not, in fact, it came. But with a regular cycle, you can use them.

The tests show a positive result is already the day before ovulation, it gives more time for planning sexual activity with a view to a possible conception. The principle of these tests is based on the fact that the level of luteinizing hormone increases before ovulation, therefore, more likely from one of your ovaries will come out of the egg. In the calculation, if the second test strip is weak, it is also necessary to take into account.

The advantages of this method are greater accuracy, ease than in the measurement of basal body temperature and ovulation prediction 6 hours before its occurrence, which facilitates the timing of intercourse. In addition, do not need to deal with every day counts, it suffices to use the test in mid-cycle. When purchasing be sure to look at the expiration date.

But there are also disadvantages. These tests are not cost-effective option, as quite expensive, and for one cycle will have to spend 20-50 dollars on them. This method does not work well in women who have irregular menstrual cycles. In addition, if you are taking drugs that improve fertility, ovulation test can show unreliable results.

These variants are the most common, to calculate ovulation. How to take advantage of the ways, you decide: to engage in the construction of graphs of basal temperature or just buy in a drugstore test.

 Calculating the day of ovulation