causes of cervical erosion


  • The causes of erosion
  • How to recognize erosion of the cervix?
  • Treatment of cervical erosion by laser

Health of the female reproductive system - an important part of women's health in general. After all, the gynecologist advised to visit as often as possible. On this depends not only the ability to have children.

Being healthy for any of the fair sex is also important from psychological and emotional point of view.

In short, the multicast is a question that at all times be relevant.

Of course, at the doctor all want to hear that they are completely healthy and there are no problems. But it does not always happen. For example, what the patient, who had heard the diagnosis of "cervical erosion"? What she would have to face in the future? What you need to know about the disease and its treatment? On this and many other things on.
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The causes of erosion

Of course, definitely need to start to understand what is a cervical erosion. This knowledge will help in better uproarious situation and understanding of this disease. Without a detailed explanation will not clear the general nature of the disease and the patient's perception.

Speaking in general terms, the cervical erosion is a kind of any damage to the lining of the uterus. Thus, in the vagina and uterus and its mucous completely different coating. In the vagina - stratified squamous epithelium and mucosa of the uterus - is a single layer of cylindrical cells. With the erosion of these coatings is displaced and they are not in their places, that they took nature. Also, under the implied erosion and ulceration of the mucous membrane on the surface of the uterus.

What are the causes of these defects? This may be due to several factors. These include mechanical damage to the uterus, congenital disorders, decreased immune resistance, as well as some infections, sexually transmitted infections. Among them, genital herpes, human papilloma virus, and others. Furthermore, cervical erosion may occur after delivery (especially in the case of gravity), and after any intervention in a cavity. Chances to buy this disease greatly increases the previously transferred abortion in women.

In fact, minor damage to the endometrium may occur periodically in any woman. However, a healthy body, they heal within two weeks. In the presence of precipitating and aggravating factors the healing may not occur, and inflammation will develop even more.

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How to recognize erosion of the cervix?

I must say that cervical erosion does not appear virtually no symptoms, especially in the initial stages. For example, there is no pain in the abdomen or any discomfort during intercourse. However, after the process itself in some women may be few, but still quite disturbing discharge of blood. It was on this symptom and should be addressed.

As a rule, cervical erosion becomes immediately noticed when visiting a gynecologist. The specialist may notice reddish spots on the walls of the endometrium. More accurate diagnosis is made by means of a survey, which is called colposcopy. The uterine cavity is inspected using a special magnifying device with a capacity of 20-30 times. If the doctor something seems suspicious, it can be taken and biopsy. Also, at its discretion and may be assigned to some other diagnostic measures.

It should be understood that the cervical erosion requires careful observation and, of course, treatment. In the absence of proper attention to this problem in the future may appear such terrible diseases such as dysplasia of the uterus and even her cancer. And this is a much more serious and dangerous for the life of every woman.

 treatment of cervical erosion
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Treatment of cervical erosion by laser

Moxibustion electric shock - it's pretty common way of treatment of cervical erosion, but at the moment it is already outdated. In addition, the cauterization current has a number of significant drawbacks. It therefore will be further described method of treatment, which at this time is not only the progressive but also the most common. It recommends that an overwhelming number of doctors with years of experience. This treatment with laser. It's kind of too moxibustion, but it is burning a qualitatively different level.

This method is classified as benign. During cauterization intervention occurs damaged areas by means of laser. Thereafter the affected area before starting to gradually heal. It is noteworthy that after the procedure is almost no scarring.

This healthy tissue is not damaged in any way of the mucous and is not affected by what happens sometimes with other treatments. The impact takes place only on lesion portion. And this is a significant plus in favor of the laser.

In the future, it does not affect the possibility of pregnancy and childbirth. This factor has a significant advantage for those women who have not yet given birth. After all, they are some treatments of cervical erosion contraindicated just for this reason.

Laser anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action on the affected area. Its rays accelerate healing, relieves discomfort and solve the problem of bleeding during sexual intercourse.

This procedure is carried out immediately after the menstruation, ie 5-6 day cycle. Furthermore, it should be made: removal of helix if available. It does not take much time. Yes, and for procedures sometimes do not even need to go to the hospital. Only in special cases, the patient may need to cauterize spend some time in a hospital under the supervision of specialists.

Complete healing and recovery after laser cauterization begins about 1, 5-2 months after the intervention. Additionally, it may be assigned to medication to speed healing.

Laser treatment is suitable for almost everyone. The only contraindication may be only the case when the inflammatory site reached too large sizes. In this situation, the doctor will prescribe another way of how to treat the disease.

Thus, erosion of the cervix - a disease that currently successfully treated. The most preferred method of treatment - is the impact of the laser. Of course, all strictly individually. To do this, you need to contact the person who will pick up treatment, if necessary, and the appropriate type of operation. Get well soon!

 Erosion of the cervix and its laser treatment



  • Features of the disease and risk factors
  • Basic preventive measures
  • Balanced diet

Preventing thrush (candidiasis) is necessary as women successfully treated, and those who originally assumed the appearance of the disease.

For example, prevention of thrush in pregnancy is recommended to start before the couple decides to have a baby. From candidiasis are not insured by any one of the women, according to statistics, about 75% of the fair sex at least once in their life suffer this unpleasant disease.

At the same time, many women simply ignore prevent thrush, forgetting that it is easier to prevent the appearance of any disease than to treat it. Measures for the prevention of yeast infections in women are simple, but very effective. Every woman should be possible to strengthen the immune system, to observe good personal hygiene, contact with infected people (especially through sex, candidiasis occurs in men). A very important aspect is timely professional diagnosis and treatment.
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Features of the disease and risk factors

Thrush is caused by an increased amount of yeast. This microorganism under normal conditions is representative of the normal flora, its negative effect is manifested in the case of malfunction of the immune system. In the first place prevention of yeast required for those who are at increased risk. Among these people:

  • diabetes;
  • tuberculosis;
  • with cancer;
  • suffering from blood diseases;
  • prone to decreased immunity and other pathologies, HIV-infected;
  • taking antibiotics or hormones.

 correct prevention of thrush

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Basic preventive measures

Continuous prevention of thrush include compliance with a few simple rules. Of course, some will have to abandon their traditional way of life, but health is more expensive. Those who have successfully completed a course of treatment or do not want to face the unpleasant symptoms of thrush, it is recommended:

  1. Use during sex barrier method of protection (condom). It is especially important to follow this rule for women who do not have regular sexual partner.
  2. Perform examination of the body and reveal hidden diseases (especially of the urogenital system).
  3. To refuse sex with a sick person candidiasis to his recovery.
  4. Is engaged in treatment of the underlying disease, low immunity provoked.
  5. If possible, give up the hormonal contraceptives. Under the influence of hormonal drugs is becoming a favorable foundation for the growth of fungi.
  6. When antibiotic treatment in addition to use preventive protivodrozhzhevye drugs.
  7. Leave at least partially from the underwear of synthetic materials. Such an airtight materials create a kind of greenhouse effect, and the humidity in intimate places - perfect breeding ground for the fungus. It is best to wear cotton or silk underwear. Underwear should be changed frequently, thoroughly wash and dry well.
  8. Do not go too long in a wet bathing suit, do not wear tights in the summer and other fitting things as moist warm environment stimulates the growth of bacteria.
  9. Observing the hygiene of intimate places, do not overdo it with flavored means, deodorants and perfumes. All hygiene must be of good quality and in time to be replaced.
  10. Wipe dry after bathing the genitals. To avoid skidding bacteria need to wipe from front to back.
  11. Do not carry out the procedure douching too often. Washed away not only pathogens but also useful microflora, which comes to the place of the fungus.
  12. Thoroughly wash your hands and remove dirt from under the nails before you begin the intimate hygiene.
  13. Refuse to strict diets and eat rationally. Strict restrictions weaken the body. Instead it is better to give up foods with preservatives, dyes, food additives.
  14. Do not abuse alcohol, stop smoking.

 tablets for the prevention of thrush

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Balanced diet

Preventive food - a very important aspect, but completely give up your favorite foods is not necessary. Controlling your diet is the most popular measure to prevent thrush, the risk of the disease can be significantly reduced through diet. Try the most of the power to exclude from the sweet, rich, fat.

An important component of this diet are probiotics. These beneficial bacteria are identical to living in our body. They help prevent infections of the urinary tract and genitals. Contained in foods:

  • dairy - yogurt, yogurt, soft cheeses;
  • fermented soy products;
  • sauerkraut;
  • salted cucumbers.

If at least half of these products are included in your diet, it is effective prevention. It is also necessary for the prevention of yeast omega-3 fatty acid. These fats the body can not produce on their own, while they help reduce inflammation and the further spread of infection. Contained in the product:

  • fish (especially tuna, salmon, sardines);
  • flax seeds and flaxseed oil;
  • walnuts and walnut oil.

To maintain a healthy immune system must regularly consume adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals.

 Prevention of yeast as an important aspect of women's health