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Urticaria is a disease of the skin, which is caused by an allergic reaction to any stimulus.

It is believed that most often it is certain foods from the basic group of allergens, such as citrus fruits, strawberries, eggs, seafood, chocolate and others. However, factors such as sunlight, exposure to heat or cold, exercise, contact with plants and animals, too may be the cause of disease.

The majority of urticaria - children, adults get sick quite often. Mostly women.
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Symptoms of hives

Symptoms of hives have several manifestations. This may be a rash, scaly plaques and blisters. They - the most common signs of the disease - is really similar to sting: bright pink, with jagged edges, dense, strongly itchy and hot to the touch. Due to this precipitation accompanied by an increase in temperature to 38 ° C.

Feature urticaria is a sudden onset of symptoms and the disappearance of the same, it does not leave any traces. Normally blisters exude throughout the body and limbs, at least - on the mucous membranes. This situation requires an immediate response, as due to nasal congestion and throat there is a risk of suffocation.

There are variety of acute and chronic urticaria.

In the acute form of the disease, a characteristic of young children and teens, an attack lasts several hours and is distinguished by a special intensity. Just a few minutes a child covered with blisters, he shows concern or becomes lethargic, starts to act up. Against the backdrop of increasing the temperature in children there is a lack of appetite, headache, fever or chills. The first time it might scare the child's parents, as the process looks pretty awesome. However, after a couple of hours, urticaria, and all symptoms disappear, so the doctor is rarely treated.

If moderate rashes appear regularly, stay for a few days, and updated, it is an indication that the disease took a chronic form.

 Symptoms of hives
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In adults, urticaria quite rare and usually in the acute form. It is accompanied by an increase in temperature to 39 ° C, an acute sense of discomfort throughout the body, and increased irritability. It is necessary to closely monitor the condition of the patient, as Symptoms of hives can result in the development of such severe consequences as angioedema or anaphylaxis. When the swelling of the face, neck and signs of asphyxiation needed emergency medical care.

The development of disease in adults is associated with dysfunction of the internal organs (liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tract), and reduced function of the immune system.

The cause of hives in children is often a periodic influence of factors like food allergens-series, and physical properties. Nor should we exclude the autoimmune nature of the disease. Symptoms, for example, possibly after reception too warm bath, use of the foods, emotional outbursts and walks in the countryside.

The specificity of the external signs to determine when the first symptoms of hives. To facilitate state and cupping of an attack need to give the patient a mild antihistamine, such as diazolin, loratadine (children - 1 tablet, adults - 2), take a cool shower. For the excretion of food allergens is recommended to drink plenty of liquids, laxatives or enema. This is particularly important in the acute form of urticaria in order to avoid swelling.

To prevent transfer of the disease from the acute to the chronic form, after the removal of the symptoms it is necessary to consult a doctor. For the diagnosis is necessary to conduct skin tests, blood antibody isolate and analyze the balance of hormones. Only the results of the special procedures allergist-immunologist prescribe treatment.

 drug treatment of hives
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Treatment of urticaria

Is it possible to get rid of hives once and for all? Hardly anyone would affirm or deny it clearly. Without doubt, one thing remains: to treat the disease you need!

Treated hives two main methods: medication and so-called process of elimination.

The method consists in the fact that the diet of the patient sequentially output of certain products, to stop contacts with possible physical stimuli and observe the reaction of the organism. Identify factors-allergen categorically excluded from use, then the improvement comes quickly. The method has been used successfully to treat children under the age of 6 years. Their living space is completely controlled by the older, so failures in treatment are unlikely. Concomitant medications - is usually immunomodulators (e.g., prednisolone group) and light antihistamines for relief of symptoms.

This method is used to treat both children and adults. The difference is that more intensive medical treatment is carried out in conjunction with the examination of the internal organs and overall health improvement. Speed ​​recovery avoiding harmful habits, active lifestyles and avoid stressful situations.

Many solve the problem of finding a product provocateur, carrying out provocative tests. After 2-3 days of fasting diet alternately alleged allergens are introduced. For children, such a system does not apply, and the woman kept her easily and quickly achieve results.

The duration of treatment depends on the individual hives indicators. Some child only one course and the strict exclusion of the identified factors-stimulus, and someone regularly takes a preventive course for many years. Experts on this subject unanimously declare that the treatment and prevention of the disease need to strengthen the immune system and stick to the diet for both children and parents.

 How to identify and treat hives?

 the causes of breast cysts


  • What is a breast cyst?
  • Why is there disease?
  • How to recognize the disease?
  • Diagnosis and treatment

In the modern world it is accepted to pay more attention to their health. People involved in sports, avoid junk food and other things that is injurious to health. These are the trends of modern times. Being healthy - it is fashionable.

Particular attention is paid to health in a purely male and purely women's issues. For example, one can often find a variety of events, seminars and other events, which are designed to talk about this issue as breast disease. After all, this is one of the main components of women's health. And today we will focus on such a widespread disease in recent years as a breast cyst in women. More and more of the fair sex appeal to professionals with a similar problem.

It therefore will continue to be the most detailed account of this complex phenomenon, which is simply impossible to lose sight. Thus lactocele.
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What is a breast cyst?

There is a statistics according to which around 35-40% of women of all ages are affected by various diseases associated with breast cancer.

These diseases can be divided into two major groups: inflammatory and neoplastic type. The latter include breast cancer in women. But now is not about that.

For example, breast cyst - a kind of capsule, which is formed in the space of the ducts of the mammary glands. These ducts are designed for lactation at birth. The capsule inside it, is filled with liquid. Depending on the duration of occurrence, this fluid may be a different color. With the passage of time and neglect cases occur and other purulent inflammation.

Usually, the cyst is a benign tumor. But in some cases it may be malignant character. However, the probability of such a rotation does not quite great.

In the breast may be multiple cysts. This phenomenon is known as polycystic. Over time, the cysts can grow together into one big education.

Also distinguish a cyst typical and atypical. In the first wall is flat and smooth, treated it much easier. But atypical breast cyst has an irregular shape, its walls may grow. This situation greatly complicates the treatment.

Cyst may occur in one breast, or both at once. The most common early in the disease affected only one breast.

 breast self-examination
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Why is there disease?

Often breast cyst can occur when fibrocystic breast.

At risk are included nulliparous women 35-55 years old. The absence of children clearly has a negative impact on women's physical health.

But the main reason is a violation of a woman's hormonal levels. Of course, it is not difficult to guess that such a failure could occur for a variety of reasons. During the same failure occurs excessive production of the female hormone estrogen.

Provoke a cyst can both hormonal contraceptives and use of hormone replacement therapy. It is prescribed to women during menopause, which can also cause.

There is another law on the basis of which the breast cyst occurs every 3-4 the fairer sex, suffering mastopathy.

As already mentioned, the age may also be a risk factor. These include women after 30 years.

Provoke disease can be overweight, addicted to alcohol and smoking, stress or great emotional upset, ovarian disease, thyroid and some other aspects.

Amazingly, almost instantly start the process of formation of breast cysts woman can do an abortion. This is a serious stress for all the female body.

 Diagnosis of the disease
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How to recognize the disease?

It must be said that the disease for a very long time can not completely express themselves, and have the more a woman does not care about any discomfort or symptoms. At the initial stage of breast cyst is almost imperceptible.

At the beginning of the self-test can help. It is necessary to conduct regular breast self-examination, to feel and to touch her, to notice the slightest changes in the density and structure of the tissue.

With the development of the mammary gland cyst becomes more visible and tangible and obvious signs. When pressed, or simply in the quiescent state can be felt burning, itching, pulling or aching. The feeling is sure to show the seal and irregularities in the breast.

In half the cases there may be some discharge from the nipple. This symptom is also necessary to pay attention to.

If the tumor sufficiently mature, there may be visible changes in the shape of the breast. It can be longer or purchase asymmetric shape. Skin color may change. For example, the epidermis may be red or turn blue.

In any case, do not put off a visit to the mammologu if something bothers in the chest, the above symptoms occur. It is also important from time to time to go for preventive medical appointments.

 medical consultation
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Diagnosis and treatment

Determine cyst medium and large size can be via palpation. It can be carried out independently, but still better to consult a doctor. Cysts are small when the feeling is not felt. Therefore, it is important to have a mammogram or ultrasound. In rare cases, it may be assigned to MRI breast cancer. But as a rule, enough mammography and ultrasound.

If you are detected papilloma, you will need to be tested for a biopsy. This will help to identify or refute the presence of breast cancer.

With regard to treatment, there can not and should not have any self-treatment. This not only helps to solve the problem, but bring it to the point when it would not do without surgical intervention.

To start the physician must diagnose hormonal women, to determine the stage of the disease, the condition of the breast. After this treatment is prescribed. In each case it individually.

It happens so that, since breast cyst resolves itself. It happens, but very rare, so do not too much to hope for it.

With his hand to do everything possible to prevent further progression of the disease and the deterioration of the situation. So, you should avoid too close underwear. It should be as comfortable as possible. The presence of stones in it are not welcome. The chest should not be compressed or somehow constrained.

You also need to protect the breasts from the blows, injuries and any physical impact from the outside. It is not recommended to massage the breasts, to knead it. You have to be careful in sport, not to load yourself, do not lift weights, and do not engage in very active physical activities.

An important point - it is stress and mental state. It is proved that this mood and emotional state is important in recovery absolutely any disease. A woman should not feel depressed, should not be depressed.

At the time (maybe forever) have to forget about the solarium and sun baths, which significantly accelerate the development of the disease and may even cause the formation of a malignant tumor.

One can only wish the Women's Health and competent attitude towards their well-being. It is necessary to pay attention to any changes in your body. And at the slightest suspicion immediately contact a specialist. This will fully enjoy life, feel good and be happy. Health and good luck!

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