herbal preparations for the treatment of menopause


  • Treatment of menopause folk remedies: Rowan and Multiped
  • The herbs used in the treatment of menopause
  • Hawthorn as a folk remedy
  • Traditional medicine is to take aromatic baths

Medicine has long identified and studied the function of the human body such as the extinction of the reproductive system. This phenomenon is called the menopause, or menopause. It affected him both women and men. In fairness it should be noted that the strong half of humanity suffers this period without any experience, can not be said about women.

Menopause is accompanied by painful sensations that leads many to resort to the means offered by traditional medicine.

Headache, shortness of breath, heart failure and nervous stress - these are indications that will prevent folk remedy for menopause.

Menopause occurs in the interval between 40 and 50 years and may last for about 10 years. Terms and peculiarities of menopause are absolutely individual, and may stem from many factors. For example, how a healthy lifestyle, led the woman will depend on the intensity of discomfort. Proper nutrition, exercise, fresh air - if these factors neglected in the course of life, the transition to the distinguished age can become quite painful and worsen the appearance of specific diseases.

But do not despair, because the traditional medicine chest secrets in store for this lifetime. Treatment of folk remedies menopause is an affordable and easy way to prepare for the restoration of good health.

Menopause is characterized by the cessation of fertility. Along with this, there are hormonal and physiological changes in the female body. These changes are not the best way affect the mental state. Increased nervous excitability leads to excessive impulsiveness and irritability. Often the woman is aware of its weaknesses and excesses, but to cope with his psycho-emotional state can not.

Surrounding should take note of this period of pain and treat a loved one with the maximum understanding and care. You can use folk remedies that are so generously offers Mother Nature.

 herbal infusion with mint
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Treatment of menopause folk remedies: Rowan and Multiped

In the treatment of menopause folk remedies positive changes in the body. To remove the headaches you can use a decoction of herbs. The main components of traditional medicine in menopause are Multiped and rowan. It is these herbs in the recipe should be left unchanged. The remaining ingredients are interchangeable. So, you will need 1 part of mint, 2 pieces of wood lice, 1 portion of the mature stalks of cucumber, 1 part valerian, rowan 1 part 1 of the leaves or raspberries.

The leaves of valerian and mountain ash should be crushed. If you have difficulties, where to find a whip cucumber, you can use seeds. To prepare to pour 2 tablespoons of the collection of 500 g of boiling water and let stand for 2 hours. Eat half a cup 2-4 times a day.

The infusion should drink half an hour before eating or 2 hours after a meal. If your body will collect herbs favorably, then it means you can drink 150 ml small sips throughout the day. The course of treatment by the tool lasts 2 weeks. This is followed by a rest of 7-10 days. Abuse mint herb can cause drowsiness and fatigue. In this case, permissible to exclude them from the recipe. As previously noted, the main herb in the folk remedies are 2 components, the remaining only complement the treatment.

Adding to the recipe balm, shepherd's purse, yarrow or grass knotweed, can help a woman suffering menopause, which is accompanied by heavy bleeding during menstruation.

During menopause, and is sometimes accompanied by blood thickening. This provokes a meager monthly in the form clots. In this case, use of traditional medicine and check on the index of blood clotting. If the diagnosis is confirmed, traditional medicine offers to the aforementioned collection of add sweet clover drug and inflorescence of horse chestnut. The tool of folk medicine is very effective. It will help reduce the unpleasant symptoms already a few weeks.

 Sage for the treatment of menopause
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The herbs used in the treatment of menopause

When excessive sweating is recommended to use sage. 3 teaspoons of herbs should pour 250 ml of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes and drink throughout the day. This is a folk remedy to help cope with the tides. Sage in this case require boiling for 2 minutes. The course of treatment lasts for 2 weeks, then to rest for 14 days, then used as described above.

At menopause there is oppression of female hormones. Similar to their composition has a shiitake mushroom. Fungoestrogen fills a lack of progesterone that can cause uterine fibroids, breast, premenstrual syndrome and climate. Once a woman reaches the age of 45, a decrease in estrogen can lead to atherosclerosis, angina and stroke. To avoid the worst outcome, you must use a mushroom infused vodka, cognac and Cahors.

For this fungus previously dried, then taken and poured 5 g of the alcohol composition. For the preparation of traditional medicines can replace oil to vodka. The composition should be let stand 2 weeks in a cool place, then use 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day.

Women often experience anxiety and nervous strain. With this disaster help to cope this herb is oregano. It has a calming effect. To prepare a remedy, take 2 tablespoons of grass and put it in a thermos with hot water. As a result, it should have 2 cups of fragrant infusion. It should be consumed in 3 divided doses for 40 minutes before eating. Treatment of menopause folk remedies include the use of alcoholic liquors. For their preparation will need a 70% ethyl alcohol and 150 g of herbs. Give agent of the present 10 days and plant in water for 30-40 drops per day.

 hawthorn for the treatment of menopause
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Hawthorn as a folk remedy

Traditional medicine offers its remarkable properties of hawthorn. It is a good helper in the fight against dizziness and suffocation, which are caused by heart failure at menopause. To prepare the life-giving drink you need to take 3 tablespoons of flowers and let stand 3 cups boiling water, then drink 1 glass 3 times a day.

An effective means is the alcoholate hawthorn flowers. Cook it simply, it is necessary to 1 part dried flowers pour 2 parts rubbing alcohol. The infusion used every day in the form of 30-40 drops.

The usefulness and benefits of this tree. Flowers and berries of hawthorn required in equal shares. This mixture fill the equivalent amount of boiling water and wait for 2 hours. The infusion should be consumed 1 glass 3 times a day.
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Traditional medicine is to take aromatic baths

During menopause a good use herbal baths, namely the roots of plants. To do this, fit herbs such as lovage, tarragon and common cinquefoil. 30 g of dried root is necessary to insist in 1 liter of boiling water. Next you need to pour the solution into the water for bathing. Pleasant procedure should be carried out on the course 12 times.

Treatment of menopause available folk remedies - a very common phenomenon, because this medicine is a rich mine of resources to combat the diseases. But we must remember that every body is different, so we offer means you have to choose based on your needs. In general, it should be noted that the mobile lifestyle and fresh air is beneficial at any age and contribute to raising the tone. Health to you, dear women!

 Herbal teas to combat the symptoms of menopause

 causes of cervical dysplasia


  • How is the operation
  • Life after surgery

In the presence of severe erosion, dysplasia (a precancerous condition), malignancies conducted cone biopsy of the cervix.

These are the main indications for its implementation. It is a simple surgical operation, during which removes the diseased tissue of the cervix. Removed tissue is sent to a laboratory for histological detection of cancer cells. There may be other indications for this operation.

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How is the operation

Conization of the cervix, depending on the manner in which it is carried out, is of three kinds:

  • knife;
  • electroconization (loop);
  • laser.

Knife cone biopsy is now almost not carried out as a high risk of complications. The most common way is electroconization cervix. The popularity of this method is due to the optimum combination of security procedures and its affordable cost. The most painless way is laser cone biopsy. But it is quite an expensive procedure. It requires special equipment and personnel able to work with him. Therefore laser cone biopsy is performed only in major medical centers.

Indications for the procedure are as follows: the presence of the damaged section of cervical mucous and the absence of infectious diseases of the pelvic organs. These indications suffice. In the presence of diseases require prior their treatment. And only after it carried cervical conization.

The operation is usually assigned to the first few days after the end of the month. This is to ensure that by the beginning of next month the cervix time to heal. Calibration is done in the usual gynecological chair. Its duration is about 15-20 minutes. The procedure can take place both under general or local anesthesia. After the operation there is practically no spotting, as cauterizing blood vessels, and the swab is inserted into the vagina. A couple of hours it is removed. You examined by a doctor. If all is well, you can go home. Hospitalization is required.

 treatment after surgery
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Life after surgery

The first time the uterus hurts like menstruation. After surgery, there may be watery and bloody discharge from the vagina in small amounts. There is nothing wrong with the healing period. About a week separates the crust, which was formed after the operation. During this period, the amount of blood in the secretions may increase, but not much. When severe bleeding after conization need to see a doctor immediately. There is also a need to consult a doctor if the selection does not stop for a month. But such cases are rare.

Complete healing takes about 3-4 months, but a month after surgery the cervix heals enough to no longer bleed. Within a month after the procedure, you can not have sex, drink alcohol and drugs, which dilates blood vessels, take a hot bath, steam bath or sauna. You also can not lift any weight. So in advance before surgery find a person who will help you after surgery. This may be the husband, parents, friends. In the first month after the procedure, you can not use tampons, replace gaskets.

It is believed that after conization of the cervix can not be pregnant and give birth. It is erroneous. But the plan for a new baby is better not earlier than a few years after the operation. In the process of fertilization cone biopsy of the cervix is ​​almost not affected. Cases where after the operation the permeability decreased its channel. This reduces the possibility of conception. However, the presence of modified tissue on cervical mucus reduces this possibility further.

It is also believed that after this operation, it is impossible to give birth to yourself and it is necessary to do a caesarean section. After her cervix does not lose its elasticity. A woman can give birth to yourself, do not necessarily cesarean. After conization is likely the formation of adhesions and scarring that will prevent natural childbirth, but it is quite small. As a result of this operation, the length of the neck is reduced.

And she can during pregnancy under the weight of the fetus start prematurely disclosed. But in such cases the neck just stitched and women successfully bear a child every 40 weeks.

 Get rid of dysplasia and cervical erosion will conization