how to quit your job

All come to an end. More recently, during the interview you told why you want to work in this company, and now already thinking about how to properly fired. So you've made this decision. What are the "pitfalls" you have to face?

What you should know before firing

Despite the fact that every day from work dismissed thousands of our fellow citizens, few know how to do it. Not even the fact that it is better - both generally occurs leaving work. Indeed, it is not an easy topic for human unshod in the psychological and the legal sense. Especially for you we have compiled a list of issues to be faced those who have decided to change jobs.

What should you do first?

First of all, think again your decision. "To work for his uncle," it is very difficult, as, indeed, and for themselves. In the course of employment, we are faced with a number of complexities that adult and responsible person generally must be able to overcome.

So before you burn the bridges behind them and quickly notify the dismissal of all think about how hard you in your decision. Here is a simple example. It's one thing when you're a few years working for a company, which constantly deceiving, delayed wages, can not distinguish between the duties of employees and make you do things that you were not interested. It's quite another if you just came to work and realized that in fact it is very different from the picture that drew your imagination.

Ideal job is not seen - at least until they need to grow. And the chief is not always honest and fair: it happens that he picks on you irritation over some small misstep and praise for the brilliant job. Or the work itself turned out to be not so interesting as you thought. In these and similar cases, you should analyze your own resistance and to consider whether there is the possibility to stay in the workplace and to adapt to the difficulties encountered.

When notify its decision to the Chief?

Indeed, this problem is able to knock you off track. On the one hand, it is widely known that the chief should be warned two weeks before the intended date of departure - for him to have time to find you a replacement. On the other, it is clear that finding an employee for a short period of time can help a grand success, which is not so often visited by ordinary companies.

So do not "drag out" warning to the chief. Of course, everything depends on what relationship you have with him are a member. If you look into the eyes of the harsh reality, it becomes clear that by good leaders do not go away, and then you have some kind of misunderstanding. It is natural that you may not be willing to leave peacefully with the boss. But we would advise you to cool a little and think life is long, and the Earth - round. It is unknown how aggressive dismissal can affect your fate. Therefore, if you have the strength and desire to try to behave decently towards the "future of the former" boss.

To do this, you need to warn him of the dismissal of advance. Not two weeks, and somewhere in the past month. Make it better polite but firm tone. Carefully chosen words, expressions and intonation. Speaking about the reasons why you have decided to quit, do not call the chief character, brutal working conditions and boredom. All this will cause aggression interlocutor and will have no sense. Be correct and accurate - these are the main conditions for a successful conversation with the boss. For example, instead of the words of the low wages, try to say the following: "I feel that it has reached its ceiling in this company. I would like to continue to grow and develop in order to be effective and efficient. "

Finally, be prepared for negative emotions on the part of the head. He is a simple man! Naturally, the news about quitting the employee will cause him stress. At the same time you have the right to interrupt the communication, if the conversation goes any border and frame. Thus, to find a balance, and your conversation will end well.

 How competently to quit work

What laws protect me?

Oddly enough, but almost all of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation on your side. Layoffs entirely devoted to Chapter 13 of the corresponding document. The article №77 is a general list of grounds for termination of employment. These include the agreement of the parties, the employee or the employer, the expiration of the employment contract, refusal to continue the employment relationship in connection with the change of ownership of the company and so on.

Earlier we wrote about the fact that you need to notify the authorities at least fourteen days before the intended date of dismissal, in which case it will be necessary to work out. However, not everyone knows that there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if the organization is not your main place of work and you work as a part-time worker. Or, at the conclusion of fixed-term contract or a contract for seasonal work - in these cases, the notice period is reduced to three days. This number tells us the article 292 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

What documents are required for dismissal?

To understand how to quit your job, you need to have a clear idea about the documents that accompany this process. For a start you have to write a letter of resignation in the prescribed form. If the boss is loyal to you, you can simply leave the application in the personnel department. If a solution to this issue could be a problem, you should fix the fact of its submission. To do this, print out a statement in duplicate and either send it by registered post or transmit through the Secretary of the head with the signature of the latter on both versions of the document. This date will be considered as the day of your departure warning.

Two weeks later, the manager must sign the order for your dismissal. You go to the personnel department, and there get your hands on all the documents related to the work, work book and final settlement, backed by a service note. This amount, by the way, should include compensation for unused vacation days. The latter document, which you will meet - a notice of termination of the employment contract.

How to tell colleagues about the dismissal?

Much depends on what is your relationship with your colleagues and some general psychological atmosphere in the office. Any sensible person understands that the place of work may vary, and nothing in this terrible there. But for some reason it happens is that once you make the decision to leave, everything immediately cease to think clearly.

If you have a strained relationship with colleagues, you do nothing to them are required to report. The same applies to the circumstances, when the company decided to lower all the dogs on the outgoing employee. In this case, keep yourself and your nerves. Politely say goodbye to former colleagues, when the day X, and go "to freedom with a clear conscience."

Quite differently, you can do if a team had normal or even friendships. Then you can say about his dismissal colleagues somewhere for a couple of weeks before the final withdrawal. This will facilitate their adaptation to upcoming changes, and you can do with your care to the maximum painless.

The day care can be offered by former colleagues to celebrate this event in a nearby cafe or just offer a cup of tea and cake on the right. Be sure to note the positive aspects in dealing with them: they have helped you, what you have learned, and the like. It will not make your departure less sad, but leave it on the light and pleasant impression.

What obstacles may be encountered on my way?

  • Anger from the future former colleagues. Colleagues and superiors especially are likely to be not happy with your care. In some cases this results in the persecution of "negligent" employee. It is necessary to advise you to be mentally stable and not to give in to their provocations, and remember that it will end soon.
  • Legal pitfalls. In order not to pay you half the salary, the authorities may try to arrange things so that you do not have to fire at will. All the reasons for this are listed in the article №80 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. Therefore, during the two-week working out in any case can not be late, skip, etc. ... Remember this concept as a trade secret. To it can include any information about the company. If you have signed a corresponding obligation, neither during nor after the dismissal you have no right to tell anything about the internal affairs of the organization.
  • Delayed payments. Of course, in the Labour Code says that you have to calculate the day of your dismissal. But, unfortunately, the laws in our country are observed not always. In this case, contact the labor inspectorate with the appropriate application. Employers like fire inspectors are afraid, and they will be easier to settle with you, rather than to substitute organization under severe penalties.

 how to quit

How to behave in the next two weeks?

Thus, the application is filed, and you can only work for two weeks. The question arises about the course of conduct which must be selected in this period. The most important thing - it is the maximum to be a decent respect to the former employer. He was a hard time, and so, after the news of your dismissal compels him to look for a new employee to teach him to puzzle over the fact whether it will fit into the team.

So try to be loyal and patient. If nervous breakdowns authorities held within the boundaries of ethics, it is best to simply wait. Working duties should be carried out accurately and qualitatively - then the employer will have no reason to find fault with you, and you will manifest itself as a responsible and decent person. Colleagues because surely you do not want to do for you, yet your work.

Speaking of staff. It is not known when and where you need their help. So do not "burn" professional bridges on the old positions. How to quit your job without it? Thank colleagues for their time spent together. Most likely, you will be able to recall some pleasant moments about each employee - do not forget to tell them about it. Adequately responds to requests for assistance in these two weeks, try to be helpful and friendly - and then your former colleagues more likely you will remember a kind word.

When looking for a new job?

Certainly, from the moral and ethical point of view, this question seems irrelevant. Just like in a relationship should look for a new, when it severed ties with the old. But allow yourself to be so honest are few. And the situation on the labor market today is that there is a rather big chance to spend quite a decent time to look for work, because of what you will later have to grasp at first got a satisfactory offer.

Therefore, look for work should begin at the time when you took a firm decision to dismiss. Or even a little earlier: the study of this question will help you sort out the situation in your professional field. Is there a shortage of personnel, what is the level of wages and the necessary competencies - all this is very important to know in order to keep abreast of. Perhaps your employer requirements are somewhat too high and you should think about their decline?

Well, if you believe that you need to find a job in the intended date of dismissal, the delay can not be this. Actively explore the sites with vacancies, Send resume, call the companies interesting to you profile. HR managers are now willing to go to meet the candidates and appoint the interview at off hours. But be careful! Head, learn about finding work to its employees can be very terrible in anger, so do everything to "open his eyes" on their own and at the right time.

To live on after the dismissal?

This should take care in advance. With each paycheck delay of five to ten percent "savings fund crisis." If you stick to this scheme, then you will not have such an issue. Also, you do not need to deal with it if you have already decided on a new job.

In the case where the dismissal proved a sharp and unexpected to you, you must look for a way out of the situation. Analyze your existing knowledge and skills: perhaps because of them you will be able to participate in the implementation of any individual projects or provide advice to others on certain specific issues. Of course, it is necessary to understand that at some time you have to cut back on their spending and lifestyle changes. But it's worth it, not to suffer, working for the hated office.

Few employees know that before the expiration of the two-week period they are entitled to change his mind and withdraw his resignation. However, most do not. After all, for most people leaving work - is a necessary measure, based on serious reasons. We can only wish you good luck and career success in the difficult professional way!

 How to quit your job "without the noise and dust": frequently asked questions