Various causes of cervical erosion


  • Types of cervical erosion
  • The effects of erosion
  • Biopsy and its purpose
  • Methods of treatment of erosion

Erosion of the cervix known as the most common disease of the sexual sphere of women. Independently find at erosion is impossible, since no permanent symptoms, it does not matter. Sometimes, however, the erosion can cause spotting. Every woman needs to know what is dangerous erosion of the cervix, its consequences and complications.

Erosion occurs at any age. The causes of erosion are most often inflammatory genital injuries resulting from gynecological examinations or during intercourse. In our time, one of the important causes of erosion - an allergic reaction to sperm or contraception.
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Types of cervical erosion

Erosion is of two types: true erosion, and ectopia. True erosion - a rare case. It appears when the damaged epithelium around the external os of the cervix vaginal area. If true erosion formed inflamed wound surface. This type of erosion is characterized by a bright red, irregularly rounded shape and sometimes even bleeding during sexual intercourse. With colposcopy can detect muco-purulent discharge, infiltration, swelling. After 1-2 weeks of true erosion becomes pseudo - healing phase.

Ectopia - a common form of erosion. It is often in virgins and complicated inflammation with the appearance of sexual activity. Doctors called ectopia benign or background state. If a woman does not give birth, doctors can give the body a chance to cope with the disease.

When the lining of the cervix has shifted, it leaves in place the secretory epithelium. During the healing process of the secretory epithelium there is a danger of papillomaviruses. The virus is easily transmitted through sexual contact and can cause cervical cancer.

 sampling on tests
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The effects of erosion

If the inflammation is prolonged, then the body's self-healing function is activated. With the change in the properties of epithelial cells they begin the process of fission, which leads to a benign tumor, and then to cancer. Also, the tumor arises from the virus, sexually transmitted infections: genital herpes, human papilloma virus.

The result - a cancer of the cervix. It often affects women aged 35-40 years. In order to detect the disease in time, need to have regular checkups at the gynecologist. And if diagnosed with cancer of the cervix, do not consider this verdict, because in our time the medicine is well developed in cancer issues. Cancer in the early stages can be cured. You should not forget this.

Initially erosion - a small wound, scratch. In this case, appointed tampons with ointment or oil to remove redness.

The main thing - time to heal the erosion that it did not develop to the next stage, when required moxibustion.

 a biopsy of the cervix
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Biopsy and its purpose

Most women refers to the procedure of inspection of the cervix negatively. With the city entered into the vagina metal mirrors. They are often cold, so the muscles constrict and tools include tight. In this case it is better to use a plastic mirror. Then the cervix is ​​sent light and carried out its examination of the existence of redness. If you notice redness or changing the color the doctor makes a colposcopy and take smears on the flora.

For accurate diagnosis it is necessary to pass cytological and histological studies. To test for malignancy cut off a small piece from the damaged area. Then, having received the result of the biopsy, the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment. Before the treatment of erosion, need to hand over a smear. Upon detection of infections initially treated them, and then she erosion. It happens that the cure of infection, erosion itself disappears.

In order to see the erosion of benign or not, should conduct a biopsy of the cervix. This is a procedure which is carried out for 5-7 days after the menstrual cycle, after menstruation has ended. Before its implementation are taken swabs, to make sure no infections. Biopsy - a procedure in which tissue is extracted in the presence of cervical pre-cancerous cells. Although biopsy is considered the operation, it should not be afraid. This is virtually painless and quick. When biopsy anesthesia is used, except that the doctor can treat the cervix with lidocaine. According to team doctor is breath, and at this point radionozhom performed collection of material for analysis. In the process, the patient experiences a feeling of tingling. After a biopsy is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • 2 weeks of abstinence from sexual activity;
  • you must do daily douching;
  • to refrain from physical activity.

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Methods of treatment of erosion

To choose a method of treatment of erosion is necessary to determine its size and the degree of danger. After passing all the tests the doctor should prescribe treatment. Erosion is treated in the following ways:

  • drug therapy;
  • folk remedies;
  • cautery electric current;
  • laser removal;
  • Chemical coagulation - cautery patient area with liquid nitrogen.

If there are no complications such as infections, can resort to medication or folk remedies. In this case, you just need to help the body cope with the disease: put down pads with ointments, suppositories, tablets that the doctor prescribes. In the case where the erosion is medium in size and does not heal on their own, it is necessary to burn, remove the laser method or undergo chemical coagulation. If erosion has moved to the stage of the cancer, surgery is necessary. In this case, the entire uterus is removed, or a portion thereof.

Causes and consequences of erosion

Erosion and cervical cancer can occur due to:

  • early onset of sexual activity (before age 16);
  • birth of a child at an early age;
  • conducting indiscriminate sexual activity;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • 3 or more abortions.

Erosion has the following consequences:

  • the cervix, which is affected by erosion, - a fertile breeding ground for infections (gonococcus, chlamydia, herpes);
  • Flat warts can occur due to human papillomavirus;
  • uterine polyps may arise;
  • the onset of infertility;
  • the appearance of atypical cells;
  • cervical cancer.

Keep in mind that cervical cancer does not occur at once, it is often neglected erosion. Ectopic and pseudo relate to underlying disease, against which can develop cervical cancer. It is not necessary to run the erosion better at detecting it immediately undergo treatment.

 The risk of cervical erosion

 causes of anorgasmia


  • How does an orgasm?
  • Types of female orgasms
  • Types of anorgasmia
  • Causes of anorgasmia
  • How to deal with anorgasmia?
  • Diagnosis and treatment of anorgasmia

Orgasm - the explosion of psychological and physical human emotions, the highest peak of sexual pleasure, which lasts only a few seconds. Familiar with this phenomenon, both men and women, but female orgasm is by all accounts complex and brighter than the male. Because a woman's body both psychologically and physiologically complex organisms men, the whole process of sex, excitement to discharge flows from the fairer sex is much more diverse and interesting. Lack of orgasm could undermine not only the girl's sexual self-esteem and confidence in themselves, but also health.
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How does an orgasm?

The male orgasm is caused by the passage of sperm through the narrow channel, the nerves of which it has a certain pressure, passing the pleasant sensations to the brain. Due to the reduction of the muscles of the penis, the semen is splashed jerky, and at the end of this process the penis fade sooner than intense ejaculation took place. After a portion of the sperm came out, a man loses all interest in sexual intercourse for a few minutes.

Female ejaculation involves throwing glands cervical portion of the liquid. During strong excitation moves below the uterus in the pelvis and more active cooperation with the head of the penis men. With increasing pleasurable sensations uterine muscles contract, pushing the cervical mucous tight ball, which does not fall completely, one end hanging on the neck. Thus, a vacuum is created in the vagina, causing an orgasm. At the end of ejaculation women no longer feel the tension in the sexual organs, and the cervix is ​​blocked until the next menstrual period or orgasm.

 Consultation with your doctor to identify the problem
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Types of female orgasms

Female orgasm, unlike men, are quite different. Vaginal orgasm involves a constrictor muscle located at the bottom of the vagina. Weak degree of development often do not allow a woman to experience vaginal orgasm. The way out of the situation are special exercises, for example, if every day during urination delay the urine stream for a few seconds and 30-40 times to stretch the muscles of the anus, in a few months this will be necessary muscle tone.

In order to test their capacity for vaginal orgasm, type 2 fingers into her vagina if it is impossible to squeeze them, training should continue. Another difficulty in achieving vaginal orgasm can be covered in the female anatomy and physiology too low sensitivity of the vagina, clitoris and so location. D.

The vast majority of women have experienced in my life only clitoral orgasm that occurs during direct stimulation of the clitoris. Most often beautiful half of humanity is experiencing this type of orgasm during masturbation or oral sex, but the clitoral orgasm during normal sexual intercourse is also not uncommon: in the classic pose legs move together, the penis will exert pressure on the clitoris more intensively. In addition, manual stimulation of the clitoris partner during intercourse accelerate getting an orgasm.

The mother type of female orgasm circulated least. This form of orgasm requires active contact with the penis of the cervix. There are two reasons for non-compliance of this condition: wrong position of the uterus or penis length discrepancy depth of the vagina. In the first case, help special exercises, and the second - a change of position.

Despite the many varieties and ways to get an orgasm, many women do not experience it, or do not feel you have sex with a man, feeling frigid.

This probability is, of course, there is, however, most likely, the diagnosis of the other - anorgasmia. In order to get rid of it, it is important to identify the causes of this disease.
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Types of anorgasmia

If you have a regular sexual partner, but you for some reason you can not use it to reach the point of pleasure, we must distinguish between three famous degree anorgasmia:

  1. The complete absence of orgasm, despite the pleasant sensation of sex;
  2. The indifference to the sexual act, lack of both excitement and satisfaction;
  3. Discomfort from sex disgust.

Also anorgasmia can be of several kinds:

  • Primary: the woman had never in his life experienced an orgasm by any means;
  • Secondary: at some point in a woman ceases to have an orgasm, although earlier it was possible to achieve one or more methods;
  • Situation: a woman can have an orgasm under certain conditions, and unable in their absence. For example, the ability to reach orgasm during masturbation is only situational anorgasmia;
  • Nimfomanicheskaya: woman feels extremely heightened excitement when vaginal stimulation, but you can not feel the orgasm;
  • Sporadic: a woman can have an orgasm during sexual intercourse, but not always.

 medical examination

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Causes of anorgasmia

Anorgasmia can occur for several reasons, and one of them - the disharmony of sexual life partners (disgamiya). The most common cases of disgamii - premature ejaculation men, trivial discrepancy temperaments, too large or small penis.

The first sexual contact girls may be accompanied by the fear of unwanted pregnancy, shame, fear and uncertainty in his partner. Such disturbances are not conducive to the emergence of intimacy between a man and a woman, and as a result, willingness to get full enjoyment from sex. For women, sexual intercourse, which is based only on animal instincts without feelings and psychological intimacy, primitive.

Therefore, you first need to sort out their feelings to their sexual partners and be able to distinguish between the passion, love and lust. Anorgasmia can be caused by chronic fatigue or depression of one of the partners. Often couples who are in a relationship impressive term, lose interest in sex because of its monotony.

If a girl got too strict and puritanical upbringing, anorgasmia may appear because of the guilt of the mismatch of their desires and actions about sex, vaccinated since childhood. There is a lot of psychological nuances that impede orgasm:

  • The conflicts between the partners;
  • Lack of excitement before sex;
  • Fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, pregnant, and so on. Etc .;
  • Conscious or unconscious hostility to the entire male gender, or a particular sexual partner;
  • Excessive self-control over their desires and emotions;
  • Negative attitudes toward sex.

A small percentage of anorgasmia can be associated with various diseases of organs. Obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism, a tumor of the uterus, postpartum vaginal tearing and other physiological abnormalities may be involved in the failure to reach the fair sex ecstasy.

The prolonged absence of an orgasm can lead to negative consequences and lead to neuroses, migraine, depression, irritability and stagnation in the genitals, which in turn can disrupt the menstrual cycle, increase the pain of menstruation and even cause uterine bleeding. These hormonal changes the body can cause breast pathology. Gynecologists warns that venous congestion in the vagina contributes to the development of uterine fibroids and ovarian diseases.

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How to deal with anorgasmia?

If you have some difficulty in reaching orgasm with a partner, it is a pleasure to experience every woman can without it. According to sexologists, women who have learned to please himself, are more likely to have an orgasm with a partner. First of all you must carefully examine her body to identify the most sensitive point of the preferred methods and impact on the erogenous zones.

During this process should be shut out all extraneous thoughts and stimuli, focusing on the sensations and emotions, after careful monitoring of the situation is not conducive to getting completely full enjoyment of masturbation. Some tips to develop intimate muscles Kegel exercises that allow you to enjoy the woman and her sexual partner.

In the event that the psychological factor is the cause of anorgasmia, you need to relax and trust your man. Straight Talk with him can go in your favor, for example, to extend the foreplay, sex change techniques, and so on. D. If the cause is more serious (for example, experienced rape), you need to trust a competent specialist.

About 60% of women suffer from total or partial anorgasmia, without sharing this problem with their partner because of fear of offending or seem frigid and cold. It is a common mistake, because in order to be able to have an orgasm, you need to trust your man and overcome shyness and fear, to explain the essence of the situation.

But in any case it is not necessary to raise this topic in the form of an ultimatum, making claims and setting conditions. This can only offend the man as a sexual partner. Tactfully requests and tips you can tell your loved what his policy is better to change a bed. If you do not have time to fully aroused, should hint at an extension of foreplay.

Changing postures familiar to the more exotic can help you find one in which the stimulation of the clitoris is the maximum. Showing your partner preferred erogenous zones, time to get aroused, take much less than before. Another important role in achieving orgasm plays the pace of movement: a man should not reduce the frictions and to pick up speed as they approach a girl to the point of ecstasy.
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Diagnosis and treatment of anorgasmia

If a woman has experienced an orgasm before, but to get it in contact with a new sexual partner can not because of its neutral attitude towards this issue, you should contact your doctor. A specialist can explain your elect the fallacy of his position and give recommendations in accordance with the peculiarities of each case. Most often, a man trusted to doctors more than the women's councils. If the reason lies in the physiology, require immediate consultation competent sexologist, able to establish the exact reasons for the lack of orgasm:

  • Primary anorgasmia involves the appointment of a survey in order to identify whether the disorder is caused by some kind of disease or a birth.
  • If there is a secondary anorgasmia, invite the doctor for consultation, not only you but also your partner.
  • If necessary, consult a sex therapist can prescribe a course of sessions or a therapist.
  • If coital anorgasmia (a species of situational anorgasmia) offer ways to treat medications: stimulants, tranquilizers, antidepressants, hormones and so on. D.
  • In the treatment of disease physiotherapy methods you can assign procedures such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, vibratory pelvic electric stimulation and others.

In conclusion, it should be said that the lack of orgasm - a vicious circle: without regular physical discharge may arise interest in sex, and no interest in sex can not have an orgasm. As a result, sex between partners or disappears altogether, or happens without joy and pleasant emotions, which does not contribute to the strengthening of the union of two people. Woman purely physiological need regular orgasm in order to reduce the risk of cancer and diseases of the pelvic organs.

 Anorgasmia: causes, consequences and ways of treatment