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  • What you need to know about back pain?
  • Loin pain for the first time?
  • Causes of back pain
  • Acute causes of back pain
  • How to prevent back pain?
  • What to do upon the occurrence of pain?

Since instituted by nature, that every month the body of girls and women, there are certain biological processes, namely menstruation. This is often a problem. Bad mood, deteriorating health. In most cases, about 9 out of 10, it is accompanied by a variety of on force painful sensations: slight stomach ache and chest or sharp gusts, sometimes unpleasant sensations in the lower back.

The last option we will look at in more detail in this paper and answers to frequently asked questions by women. In addition, the material you will find practical tips to help those who've previously endure this pain.
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What you need to know about back pain?

It is worth remembering that if a sore lower back before menstruation is normal and acceptable, but a situation can defuse and neutralize. Lumbar region or lower back - part of the body located between the coccyx and the ribs. The area contains the nerves of the sacrum. Waist spine separates into two identical halves. Almost all of us once in your life you feel pain. It is believed that most of most people who suffer from it, - elderly people. However, this is a misconception.

Pain in the lower back but grandparents are common among the younger generation - women from 25 to 34 years and men aged 35-44 years. Usually it happens that when back pain, many people think that it is sciatica. Sometimes, of course, and so on. However, there are many reasons that from a medical point of view can explain the pain in the lumbar region.

Unpleasant sensations are different in strength of character: aching, sharp and shooting. Attacks of pain may last for a few minutes and 3-4 days. Lower back pain can declare itself once and the gulf, and may become an ongoing problem.

Loins may get sick even from heavy lifting. This is a big load on a given part of the body, and if it happens occasionally, be prepared to take a hit.

Reaction to discomfort and the ability of the organism to respond depends on many factors including the physiology of the individual, the age, associated symptoms, psychotic features. In any case can not respond to the signal body.

It is better to make sure that there is nothing serious in the beginning, you start and then even longer to suffer the consequences.

But we're talking about what could hurt the waist and before the menstrual cycle. Sometimes there may be a feeling that pulls the lower back. Active processes occurring in women before menstruation, tend to affect health. The most common signs of the imminent start of the cycle - pain in the abdomen and lower back, swollen breasts and irritation, discomfort in the muscles. Completely healthy women may not notice these symptoms, they may go unnoticed.

 exercises to reduce low back pain
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Loin pain for the first time?

If the first time you are faced with pain in the waist before menstruation, do not panic. This is normal in 75% of adult women and young girls who have not yet given birth. This pain is natural. Often the appearance of discomfort depends on heredity. If the old woman suffered this pain before menstrual cycle, their relatives through the female line will experience the same thing. The main thing with unexpected pain - do not panic. This phenomenon can be eliminated.

It is better not to abuse known antispasmodics, such as analgin, solpadein and others. They only zaglushat feeling that can happen again. Severe pain does not last long, so you should wait a bit, to lie down and not move any time.

The first detection of pain should think about visiting the gynecologist. It is not necessary to be afraid of. Your doctor may prescribe you a soothing quality medicines. Even if you find an infectious disease, then explain what procedures need to go through and clarify what the tablet can and should take. If you are a young girl ask her mother whether she has experienced something similar during menstruation.

Each of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity has its own physiology, and in most cases eliminate the pain of the body is still not succeed. Pain in the lower back - a sure sign of an early onset of menstruation. They can be recurrent and alternate with discomfort in the abdomen or chest or constant, but not critical. To call an ambulance in case it is not necessary. It is necessary to know the young girls who have only recently become girls.

 Pregnancy is one of the causes of back pain
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Causes of back pain

So why do we feel pain? It can be triggered by various physiological characteristics of the female body. In particular, stress may occur in the pelvis, which is associated with the muscular uterine contractions. Or the uterus may be anatomically tilted back. Before menstruation it increases when their contracts and presses on the nerve receptors closely spaced systems and organs. Therefore, sore lower back, abdomen and pelvis.

Another cause may be increased sensitivity of the female body. He reacts strongly to uterine contractions in case of a low pain threshold for many girls.

An important reason may be hormonal changes. Prostaglandins stimulate uterine contractions. The higher the number, the greater the pain and intensity of the process of the uterus. When the starting month in the body decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone. Dull the sensation of pain is not possible. The reason is that estrogen is the hormone of happiness and euphoria, and progesterone has soothing properties.

Hormonal changes in the body can cause fluid retention. It just does not appear in the required quantities. Consequently, begins swelling internal tissues, and accordingly, there is pressure on the nerve endings. From there, and I felt the pain before menstruation.

Many women put the IUD, but few people know that it can also be the reason that hurts your back. Spiral often makes the uterus to contract. Hence the pain.
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Acute causes of back pain

  • Infection of the genitourinary system. When the female genital organs are inflamed, adhesions are formed in the womb and around. This causes a proper outflow of blood. The uterus is like trying to push it, but prevent adhesions. Therefore, it is intensively reduced several times. As a result - known and describes the pain.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system, such as cysts and fibroids. Benign alter the natural size of the reproductive system. The result is the same.
  • Thyroid dysfunction. This hormonal balance is disturbed. And this process provokes pain before menstruation. Confirm the diagnosis of such features as a dramatic weight loss, even with a good appetite; swelling of the legs, nausea, sleep disturbance.
  • The probability of pregnancy. Then you need to immediately go to a doctor for examination. In this situation, back pain joins nausea, headache, palpable abdominal pain, vomiting and other symptoms of a real pregnancy. And the instability of the menstrual cycle also affects this. If doctors did not find anything, then simply attach to the patient place a heating pad or a warm scarf wrap waist.

 foot massage to reduce pain

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How to prevent back pain?

You can perform a set of exercises for a week before the start of menstruation. They help prevent the pain before the loop.

  • Take the starting position: lie down, legs together, connect, and place your fists tighten them in the stomach. How can you raise your legs higher. About 30 seconds of deep breathing stomach. Try to do it. After return slowly to the starting position and just lie down without moving for several minutes. This is absolutely not hurt. The main thing - do exercise before start menstruating.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, put his hands under the sacrum. With eyes closed, knees begin to shake for two minutes. After the palm put under your buttocks. Breathe deeply, calm down for a minute. Then pull your knees to the abdomen, and the hands - again under the sacrum. Repeat several times. It will help to deal with the emerging pain.
  • Choose a comfortable position and follow this way: Measure from the navel down to the width of four fingers on each of the sides - two. Now press on these points two minutes. At the same time keep smooth and deep breathing. Be sure to do it before the cycle.
  • Also, to deal with back pain, use a massage lower legs.

To prevent back pain, it is necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles and back. You can play sports, but only under the supervision of a coach, who will pick up the necessary exercises you are not able to do much harm. Young girls can do fitness. It is an excellent means of preventing not only back pain, and many other organs.

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What to do upon the occurrence of pain?

If you suffer with back pain, but it hurts when ovulation is not self-medicate and consult a doctor and pass a comprehensive examination that can detect the early stages of the cause of the pain. After they are identified, make an appointment with a doctor-osteopath. He will tell you how to get rid of the women from the pain.

Effective against pain are different types of massage waist. It is necessary to massage the painful area in a clockwise direction.

One of the most popular among women is warm. It is necessary to warm the area, which is haunted. You can lie down and hide the place a warm blanket, tied a scarf or a hand massage.

In this article we reviewed the most common causes of lower back pain. Before a month is not treated with such attention and study, as it is now. Today, medicine recommends the use of effective drugs, but do not disappear traditional methods. To start, set the cause back pain and act, building on the advice of doctors and gynecologists. They are not bad advice!

 Causes of back pain before menstruation