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  • Female body: danger of latent infections
  • What is hidden infection?
  • The infection and the spread of infections in women
  • A list of hidden female infections
  • Signs and symptoms of the latent infections in women
  • The more dangerous the hidden sexual infections?

In today's world most of the media are promoting contraception and safe sex. But, despite all the warnings, diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), more and more spread in society.
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Female body: danger of latent infections

According to statistics, every third woman, sexually active, have some form of latent infection, and in some cases more.

Therefore, this material will be devoted to information on what are the latent infections in women, their symptoms, and the first manifestation.

 Consultation with gynecologist
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What is hidden infection?

By latent infections are sexually transmitted diseases sexually. They are called hidden because they are difficult to diagnose. In most cases they are sexually transmitted, less vertical (mother to child) and household.

Most diseases of this nature have a small list of symptoms or are asymptomatic, and the obvious manifestations are visible only at the stage complications.

This name is received and infection due to the fact that they can not be detected by conventional tests: bacterial smear or culture. To identify them is required to pass a special medical examination and specimen collection, with which you can reveal hidden infections. These types of assays are the DNA hybridization techniques, polymerase chain reaction.

Infection may exacerbate these adverse ecological conditions, the state of the human immune system, poor diet, stress.

The incubation period - up to 30 days. The course - acute or chronic form.
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The infection and the spread of infections in women

These diseases are transmitted sexually. Carriers no complaints.

Distribution of latent infections in women goes through the following stages:

  • Infection affects the vagina and cervix. This process can cause erosion of the cervix. In the area of ​​erosion and reproduction takes place, as it has a favorable microflora of bacteria and viruses.
  • The second stage - the defeat of the uterus and appendages, the infection can penetrate and in the urinary tract.
  • At this stage of infection in women is going on, hitting appendages, urinary tract, spreading throughout the body, begin to appear complaints about irritation of the mucous membranes: stomach ulcers, conjunctivitis, stomatitis. The appendages and uterus begins inflammation, adhesions can form.

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A list of hidden female infections

The list includes 31 STD pathogen: ectoparasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses. The best known diseases: HIV, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea; less well-known: mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, bacterial vaginosis, papilloma virus, chlamydia.

By latent infection in women include:

  • ureplazmu;
  • gardnerelly;
  • chlamydia;
  • herpes viruses;
  • human and urogenital mycoplasma;
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV).

Bacterial vaginosis (bacterial vaginosis) is called latent infection and its causative agent is a bacterium gardnerella. In this case, the disturbed vaginal flora.

Herpes - a virus that appears on the mucous membranes and on the skin in the form of blisters. When injected into the woman's body the virus remains there forever. By reducing the immunity the virus behaves. This disease is the most common STDs.

Candidiasis - is an infection that is known to most as thrush. It is caused by yeast Candida-fungus. This fungus is present in a woman's body is constantly, but under favorable conditions, is beginning to spread and multiply, causing disease - vaginal candidiasis. The disease is not dangerous to health, but can cause discomfort.
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Signs and symptoms of the latent infections in women

Signs and symptoms of the latent infections in women, in other words, the symptoms are the following:

  • transient rashes on the genitals;
  • vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor;
  • the appearance of a burning sensation in the vagina;
  • the presence of itching in the vaginal area;
  • Feel the presence of cramps while urinating.

Chlamydia and mycoplasmosis may occur a long time without symptoms. In recent years, the number of hidden sexual infections include syphilis, trichomoniasis and gonorrhea. Diseases such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, syphilis, like the first time can not express themselves and do not have any symptoms. That is why they are called hidden.

 signs of latent infections
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The more dangerous the hidden sexual infections?

Since latent infections in women in most cases are asymptomatic, they exhibit only 2-3 steps. They can spread rapidly in the body, parasites in the mucous membranes of not only the sexual organs, but also the whole organism. They can harm the health of the mouth, eyes, joints, throat. Most antibiotics and antibodies of the human body can not cope with them.

If you do not pay attention to any signs of infection, the symptoms, the disease enters a chronic stage and for a long time to take root in the female body. Immunity in people with latent infections is reduced, exposing the body the possibility of infection and other diseases

At untimely diagnosis and lack of proper treatment of latent infection can lead to serious consequences. Running form can turn into vesicles, epididymitis. And already in these diseases can sharply increase body temperature, malaise, pain in the groin and lower abdomen, cystitis, difficult urination, blood in the urine. If you do not deal with the treatment of these infections may be affected all the urogenital system ,.

Latent infections in women can be a cause of infertility. If the uterus inflammation occurs, it can not keep the fertilized egg, an inflammation of the ovaries leads to the impossibility of the formation of the egg, characterized by an increase of cycles without ovulation. Particularly dangerous processes can be when pregnancy occurs. Then the process of the disease is accelerated, broken contact with the walls of the uterus fetal egg, and this leads to the death of the embryo. The consequence of this process can be a miscarriage or stop the development of the ovum.

Scientists have shown that some STDs can cause malignant tumors in the female reproductive system, most cervical cancer.

Keep in mind that after the process of any unprotected sex with partners, in which you are not sure, it is better to be screened in special clinics.

Timely detection and treatment of latent infections in women will surely help you to protect and preserve your body from the most serious diseases.

Doctors strongly recommend to pass annual medical examination to detect latent infections in women!

 Female body: danger of latent infections



  • Types of drugs
  • The effect of steroids

Everyone's health to the greatest extent in his hands. As a rule, what kind of life is conducted, if timely treatment is carried out, and depends on how high is the quality of life. By the same subject and include drugs. Today it has become a matter of duty to be able to deal in drugs. At least assigned to a particular case.

And so today we'll discuss one of the groups of drugs. They are called steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Through further information can most accurately understand what the funds needed to whom they show and what impact they have on the human body.

 variety of steroid anti-inflammatory drugs
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Types of drugs

To get started is to sort out what is present-inflammatory steroids. Thus, under this name refers to glucocorticoids, which are produced in the human adrenal gland. All anti-inflammatory steroid drugs are divided into natural (hydrocortisone and cortisone) and synthetic. The latter in turn are divided into halogenated (betamethasone, dexamethasone and triamcinolone) and non-halogenated (methylprednisolone and prednisone).

These substances have an effect on an intracellular level, wherein the binding with human DNA. Are able to exert a strong influence on many processes in the body. Among them, carbohydrate, fat, protein metabolism as well as some other processes, such as fluid and electrolyte metabolism.

Anti-inflammatory steroids have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect. Funds of this group are used in the treatment of various dermatological diseases. These include psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, shingles, atopic dermatitis and some other serious illnesses. For these purposes, glucocorticoids are usually produced in the form of ointments, creams, gels. You need to know that their use is not possible without a doctor's prescription and can be even dangerous. Possible side effects such as atrophy, acne and others.

 acceptance of steroids
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The effect of steroids

Moreover, glucocorticoids are widely used in ophthalmology for the treatment of advanced forms of conjunctivitis, iritis, iridocyclitis, keratitis, uveitis, and some others. Thus steroids are contraindicated in acute infectious diseases of the eye.

Another area of ​​application - it otorhinolaryngology. Treat diseases such as acute otitis media (both external and internal), ear canal eczema, vasomotor rhinitis.

In addition to the foregoing, glucocorticoids are used as immunoregulatory, antishock drugs, as well as for some other reasons.

Thus, the spectrum of anti-inflammatory steroid use of funds is wide enough. But at the same time they have a narrow impact area from the point of view of the functions. In recent years, began to produce a new generation of drugs that are more loyal, but not less effective. Let the current knowledge and new experience will be useful for understanding exactly what steroids are and what they sometimes are necessary to the human body. Knowledge - is the strength and health. Good luck!

 What is anti-inflammatory steroids?