the causes of diseases of the bladder muscles


  • For some reason, problems with urination
  • Urinary incontinence: the main causes of disease
  • Training the muscles of the pelvis and the perineum area
  • Other exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles and the perineum
  • How else can you strengthen your bladder

The problem, delivering a lot of trouble, can be regarded as a weak bladder. The problem of a weak bladder is most often experienced by women, especially in the elderly. Men this pathology is also not shy away from, but incontinence is most often affected is the fairer sex.

How to solve such a nasty problem, is it possible to fix it? How to strengthen the bladder woman?
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For some reason, problems with urination

Before starting treatment, or try to somehow solve this problem, you should find out exactly the reason why it has arisen. What is the algorithm of healthy bladder? The urine fills the bladder healthy as long as it is not crowded. When this occurs, specific receptors, which are located in the bladder wall, send a signal to the brain. As a result, we feel some pressure in the lower abdomen.

After urination occurred, the bladder is reduced, and help him in the nerves responsible for muscle contraction and sphincter muscles of its walls. If even one of these components are not able to cope with the problem, begin to have problems with urination.

As a result of reduced sphincter of the bladder may experience involuntary discharge of urine when coughing, when lifting weights, in laughter, etc. Here we can talk about incontinence. Very often it occurs in women in menopause. The reason it happens to changes in hormonal levels of women.

 Simple exercises for the muscles of the bladder
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Urinary incontinence: the main causes of disease

In the absence of any abnormalities urine can not come out spontaneously, because the muscles of the bladder cover the urethra. However, in the case of muscle relaxation may be permanent and spontaneous urine, or incontinence. If male incontinence can occur due to BPH, the problem occurs in women for other reasons.

Statistics says that women have a weak bladder occurs three times more often than the male half. This is primarily due to the fact that during pregnancy and childbirth the muscles of the pelvis and the perineum is significantly weakened and stretched. As a result, the internal organs, sinking, begin to put pressure on the bladder. Menopausal problems added further. Against the background of hormonal changes significantly sphincter muscle is weakened and no longer able to lock the bladder.

Sudden and frequent need to urinate often occur without filling the bladder. Such a problem may appear in inflammatory bladder diseases, such as cystitis. Sometimes incontinence is observed in the moments when the bladder is irritated. This may be the result of excitement and fear.

Distinguish excited bladder cystitis quite difficult here need medical attention. You should know that horny bubble may be the result of chronic cystitis or other inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

Men challenged by poor bladder significantly less and usually occurs in such a pathology therefrom by prostate enlargement. In 60% of men over the age of 50 years, there are benign tumors, which are BPH. The prostate gland enlarges, thereby pinched bladder and prevents the current urine.

If men have frequent urination, then, most likely, it emerged this pathology. Here it is necessary to do treatment of patients with prostate cancer.

Both men and women should be engaged in strengthening the pelvic muscles and muscles of the perineum. This will give your muscles the necessary tone. Training should include specific exercises that help to get rid of the feeling excited bladder.

 pelvic muscle training
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Training the muscles of the pelvis and the perineum area

In order to function properly the pelvic organs, they must first anatomically correct positioning. It was determined that the state of the pelvic floor muscles, so when the existing problem of a weak bladder is necessary to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

In addition to the pelvic muscles, should be strengthened and muscles of the perineum. You can feel them visiting the toilet. To do this on their own to try to stop the urine output. Muscle training is a fairly lengthy process. However, the results of the regular training will be seen in three weeks. It should be noted that all of the exercises to be performed daily. It is recommended to rest for 3-5 minutes. after each exercise.

  1. Lie on your back and relax. It is necessary to try to simultaneously stretch the muscles of the pelvis and the perineum area. At the same time the abdominal muscles (lower part) should also strain. It should be within 5-7 seconds. hold the tension and then relax. This procedure must be repeated 5 times, respiration when it should be even.
  2. Lie on your back, bend your knees, feet thus leave on the floor. Keeping overall muscle tension crotch area, bend your knees. Hold the tension of 5-7 seconds., And then relax. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.
  3. Starting position - lying on his back, feet should be extended. The left leg is necessary to tighten the abdomen, and the muscles of the perineum area must strain. Then you need to straighten your leg and take the starting position. Repeat this exercise for each foot should be 5 times.
  4. Starting position - lying on his back, his legs to bend at the knees. For this exercise you will need a small ball. It is necessary to tighten the knees, then gently lift the pelvis up, move it to the right, left and middle position. Doing this exercise should be 8-10 times.
  5. Starting position - sitting on a chair. Leaning back in his chair not worth it. The legs should stand on a towel. Put your hands on your hips and relax them. At this time, tense muscles of the perineum area. While they are on their toes, legs should cross on the spot. The towel should be rubbed into the floor, moving his legs back and forth. Within two minutes, then polish the floor by moving the towel in a circle, and then three minutes of stepping on the spot.

 Simple exercises for the pelvic muscles

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Other exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles and the perineum

To strengthen the muscles of the perineum and the pelvic floor can be and during daily activities. For example, while in the queue, moving transport, walking on the streets, doing household chores, you can simultaneously strengthen the necessary muscles, making the bladder stronger.

  1. Whenever possible strain as often as possible perineal muscles, then relax them. The bottom of the pelvis at the same time should be slightly raised up. This exercise will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, there is no need to allocate special time for its implementation.
  2. Stretch the muscles of the perineum, for example, when you carry a heavy bag. This exercise is an excellent prevention of bladder prolapse.
  3. Very useful in solving this problem walking on tiptoe. Try to control urination and increase the intervals between visits to the toilet.

Often, bladder problems, especially in women, are the result of various stress situations. How to rid yourself of these situations and what exercises have a calming effect?

  1. Starting position - lying on his stomach muscles relaxed. The sacrum is slightly pull the skin middle, index and thumb. Then you need to smooth out the crease formed in the direction of the spine. Repeat the exercise for 5-7 minutes. If the motion is carried out quickly and sharply, massage is most effective. The same should be done and a massage in the lumbar area.
  2. Starting position - sitting on the floor with your legs pulled up to the body, the feet are connected. Ankle clasp hands, elbows pressing down lightly on the knees and lower them while on the floor. Feet should resist. Being in such a position should be 6-8 sec., Then it is necessary to adopt an initial position. It is desirable to do the exercises 8-10 times.

 exercises for the muscles of the pelvis with a chair

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How else can you strengthen your bladder

A significant role in strengthening the muscles of the bladder and the power plays. In the bladder, and his work favorably affect products containing a sufficient amount of zinc (sunflower seeds, red fish, cereals, shellfish), vitamin E (green vegetables, nuts, wheat germ oil). Very useful pumpkin seeds, all fish dishes, horsetail tea and lemon balm. First of all food must be balanced.

It is worth remembering that hot and spicy food has a diuretic effect on the bladder. Therefore, you should limit itself to the use of such dishes. Able to retain fluid in the body salt. Pickles, eaten at bedtime, keep the liquid, and therefore eliminate the pressure on the bladder. It is recommended to drink during the day as much herbal tea and water.

Compliance with all these rules and exercises to help you get rid of the problem of urinary incontinence and strengthen your bladder.

 What are some exercises to strengthen the muscles of the bladder