drugs to stimulate ovulation


  • Who can and who do not need to stimulate
  • Clomiphene for the resumption of fertility
  • Clomid for conception
  • Puregon during anovulation
  • Menogon for the growth of the endometrium
  • Traditional medicine
  • Possible unwanted effects

If a woman can not be a long time to get pregnant, it is often not the final verdict. Out - a comprehensive survey to identify and eliminate the causes of failure in the female body.

In case of problems with ovulation, doctors use a variety of medical methods, namely drugs to stimulate ovulation.

All stimulant pills are designed to regulate ovulation and can have a variety of actions: to influence the formation of follicles on oocyte maturation.
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Who can and who do not need to stimulate

Medications prescribed to enhance ovulation: women, ovulation which is characterized by irregular, that is missing or occurs infrequently; women who can not naturally conceive within one year; women over the age of 35 years, whose pregnancy does not occur more than six months. Stimulate ovulation is not recommended if there is no opportunity to regularly monitor the development of follicles using ultrasound, infertility revealed a man, a woman noted obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

 Consultation with a doctor
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Clomiphene for the resumption of fertility

Often prescribed drug Clomid to stimulate ovulation, especially in the case of polycystic ovaries, irregular or complete absence of ovulation prior to IVF, as well as the impossibility to identify the exact reasons that do not allow for a long time to conceive. The basis of these pills is an increase in the production of hormones, responsible for the functioning of ovarian stimulation and release of the egg. Due to the effects of clomiphene on the female body at the same time prepared some egg formed, which increases the chances of couples have children.

Treatment pharmaceuticals Clomiphene

Clomiphene is necessary to begin to apply on the third to fifth day after menstruation, and after the last pill ovulation happens on the fifth to the ninth day. Therapy is an average of 5 days. To restore regular need ovulation cycle, 1 or 2 but in some severe cases must undergo treatment, which comprises from 3 to 6 cycles. Less doctors suggest to extend this treatment stimulant throughout the year with certain intervals, that is, to complete 12 cycles. Sometimes, Aesculapius recommend taking additional drug metformin. These pills increase the ability of the female body to the perception of clomiphene and thus increase the chances of conception.

Women who suffer from polycystic ovaries, need to know that treatment with clomiphene may be useless due to the fact that some individuals with this diagnosis indicated resistance to this drug. Very often problems occur in women with a body mass index above 25. It is recommended to lose weight at first, and then continue treatment with clomiphene. According to statistical data, ovulation is restored in 70% of patients who take Clomiphene tablets. At the same time a significant number of women (50%) manage to get pregnant, and some (7%) even born twins.
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Clomid for conception

Clomid is another pharmaceuticals, the purpose of application of which - the stimulation and, consequently, the conception of the child. While the active ingredient in this formulation is clomiphene Clomid differs from previous drug. The principle of operation of this tool is similar to clomiphene. But apart from activating the pituitary hormone, it affects another hormone - prolactin, which is responsible for the presence of milk in the breast.

Take these pills should be 1 time per day during the period from the fifth to the ninth day of the cycle. The starting point is the start of menstruation. If the attempt to conceive failed, during the second cycle of doctor may increase the dose of the drug. Keep in mind that drinking is a means often impossible. The use Clomid for more than 5 times during the life of smoking, which is associated with the negative impact of the substance on the ovaries (the substance may cause depletion). During the course of treatment Clomid is necessary to control the endometrium, as a thin endometrium can cause pregnancy loss.

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Puregon during anovulation

Another tool that is prescribed for anovulation is Puregon. This pharmaceutical preparation in the form of injections may be recommended even for women with a diagnosis of "polycystic ovaries" if other medications have proved impotent. Puregon affects the functioning of the pituitary gland, the formation of ovarian follicles, which increases the chances of ovulation in about the middle of the cycle. Puregon can be used both in the case of conceiving naturally or with IVF.

This drug should be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly, the first application must control Puregona doctor, preferably with experience in the treatment of such disorders. As a rule, the first four days injected a large dose of the drug, and the maintenance dose is determined individually. Usually therapy Puregonom lasts until the formation of follicles, ie 6-12 days. Less course of therapy takes a longer time. In rare cases the use Puregona can cause rash, pain, swelling at the spot where the injected and sometimes allergic reactions.
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Menogon for the growth of the endometrium

For the treatment of anovulation in medicine are also widely used menogon principle of operation is similar to previous preparations, but at the same time it has a positive effect on the growth of the endometrium, which considerably differs from Clomid, for example. Take this remedy should be started on the second day of menstruation. Number of rounds depends on the response of the ovaries and the patient is assigned an individual basis. Basically it is 10 days.

The day after the use of different stimulant drugs (menogon, Puregon) should make the injection of hCG (Pregnil, Gonakor, Horagon, etc.) that increase the chances of ovulation. Such injections made once during the menstrual cycle. After a day of ovulation. That is why the day before and after injection should be to have sex in order not to miss the opportunity. In order to secure the long-awaited pregnancy recommend the use of pharmaceuticals progesterone. These include Duphaston.

 drugs to stimulate ovulation
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Traditional medicine

In addition to using drugs in anovulation, women are sometimes advised to take drugs traditional medicine. By stimulating drugs include natural extracts of different herbs that you need to drink, depending on the day of menstruation. During the first days of the menstrual cycle should take sage tea 3 times a day, which is a beneficial effect on the formation of the egg, the development of the endometrium. In the cup boiling water, you must add 1 tablespoon of sage. Borovoy of the uterus, which is rich in progesterone, you should start taking the second half of the cycle. Progesterone is responsible for maintaining early pregnancy. This feature can be combined with red brush, which is widely used in gynecology.

There are other drugs that are responsible for stimulating ovulation: broth with plenty of vitamin E, made from the petals of rose, aloe and quince. Do not forget about vitamins necessary for expectant mother: folic acid, potassium iodide and others. It is necessary to take into account that traditional remedies can be more effective and useful, but their side effects are less studied. Choosing to do on their own: either the experience of previous generations of folk doctors, or the results of current research under the supervision of your physician and ultrasound.

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Possible unwanted effects

Drugs that stimulate ovulation may sometimes cause some side effects, including insomnia, irritability, sudden and frequent mood swings, depression, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, pain when touching the breast, abdominal pain, headaches augmentation size of the ovaries, blurred vision, weight gain. But these temporary side effects for women are low when they face a more important goal - to have a child.

The drug is prescribed for women depending on the results of ultrasound, various analyzes, as well as the patient's age, the period of unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, the possible causes of infertility. Take note of the fact that before the application of any pharmaceuticals doctor should you appoint to be examined to determine tubal patency. These measures will help to protect the female body from an ectopic pregnancy and, as a consequence of excess stress, which is so undesirable during pregnancy planning.

It should be remembered that the use of drugs that stimulate ovulation, helps many women, even desperate, to feel the joy of motherhood. As statistics show, the first time a small number of patients (about 10%) is obtained to get pregnant after using stimulant medications, but still more than half of all cases (70%) end in conceiving a child. Just do not forget that your stimulation must always be under total control of the doctor, but in this case, you will save yourself from possible side effects.

 The main ways to stimulate ovulation: Pharmaceuticals and folk remedies