• As a climax, and it manifests itself when it comes?
  • Nonhormonal agents in menopause

Menopause refers to a specific period in the life of every mature woman. Usually accompanied by minor climax, and in some cases, significant violations in state of health, a clear deterioration in the health and mood swings. So many people care about this vital question: whether it is possible to go through such a difficult time without the use of hormonal drugs? And what kind of non-hormonal drugs during menopause exist? Which ones are effective?

Of course, when menopause using hormonal drugs, which play an important role in the life of a mature woman. In recent decades, the fair sex in Europe and America based on experiments carried out and practical terms, have been actively used not containing hormones drugs. Now, these drugs have become increasingly popular, compared to hormone.

 Consultation with a doctor
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As a climax, and it manifests itself when it comes?

Since joining the premenopausal woman feels all the signs of the beginning of a new phase in her life. This results in insomnia, excessive sweating, and frequent changes of mood. But the most unpleasant symptoms of menopause - hot flushes it.

It is necessary to understand that menopause is not a disease to be treated, and this is an inevitable state of health, which must survive unscathed.

It is considered quite natural that the menopause each woman begins at different times. Its beginning is determined by the state of health, living conditions and hereditary factors. Therefore, modern medicine is not able to prevent the onset of such a phenomenon before. As a result, at the moment there is no medication that can even slightly prolong the fading of ovarian function. In addition to genetic inheritance, at an early manifestation of this phenomenon have a strong impact gynecological and infectious diseases, stress, hormone treatment, and bad habits.

Thanks to modern medicine, the number of non-hormonal agents used in menopause, is constantly growing. This can be seen, because today in every pharmacy offers a wide variety of plant hormone replacement agents and vitamins and minerals to maintain good health during menopause. But it should know that any self-administration of drugs can cause irreparable damage to health. All medications are selected strictly after consulting your doctor.

 hormonal agents in menopause
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Nonhormonal agents in menopause

At the climax of the phenomenon as one of the effective tools are drugs from the group of phytoestrogens, which are analogues of human hormones of vegetable origin. These preparations are characterized by the absence of side effects and safety of its effect on the body. Due to its characteristics, this group of drugs are in great demand among women.

  1. Of all the drugs in this group stands out Estrovel agent that helps to eliminate the female body estrogen deficiency. This tool greatly reduces discomfort during tides and positive effect on the emotional and psychological state.
  2. Another widely used drug in the same effects of menopause herbal remedies is Feminal group, which is made from the extract of red clover.

In addition to these special non-hormonal agents, doctors often prescribed to improve the general well-being selective estrogen receptor modulators. Among them the most popular are the drug raloxifene, tamoxifen, and black cohosh. But they must be taken with caution, every woman should watch his state of health and if necessary consult a doctor.

  1. Able to influence similar to estrogen drugs Tibolone. This medication has a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the vagina, normalizes hormonal and prevents osteoporosis. However, it should be borne in mind that has sufficient Tiblon contraindications and side effects.
  2. Such phenomena during menopause, like hot flashes, crying, heart palpitations, sweating, frequent mood swings and irritability, significantly weakens and reduces Klimaksan homeopathic medicine.
  3. Remens, became very popular in recent years, it helps to restore hormonal balance, improves blood circulation and normalizes the activity of the heart muscle.
  4. Good recommendations and reviews has a drug Chi-Klim, in its composition contains phytoestrogen black cohosh, which help to eliminate the climacteric neuroses.
  5. Effectively supports the body's own estrogen in the development and relieves discomfort during menopause drug protivoklimakterichesky Klimadinon.

There are many non-hormonal drugs used in menopause. They tend to be a positive effect on the female body and well help move this disease. But their favorite thing, taking care of yourself and family, meeting with friends, rest on the nature better promote women go through a difficult period of menopause. Equally important in this support and care of relatives and close friends. The main thing a woman should not be closed in themselves and focus all their attention on this temporary problem.

 Use of non-hormonal drugs during menopause

 Call methods of ovulation


  • Evoke ovulation through medication
  • First you need to prepare
  • Stimulation of the maturation of the female reproductive cells by vitamins
  • The main stages of stimulation of oocyte maturation
  • Stimulation of ovulation by means of traditional medicine

More and more often in couples having difficulty conceiving. Why is this happening, which is the reason? As you know, the process of ovulation is required at conception. Without ovulation, conception can not occur. Under ovulation refers to the process of healthy maturation of the egg.

Sometimes it happens that in the past month and the egg is not matured and therefore ovulation has not occurred. In this case, it is reasonable to question many women about how to cause ovulation.

Nesozrevanie egg can occur for several reasons, for example because of the bad environment. Norma is the lack of ovulation once or twice a year. What to do if ovulation does not occur, and like to get pregnant? There are different ways to trigger the process of oocyte maturation.
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Evoke ovulation through medication

Establish the menstrual cycle, a woman restore hormonal balance and can induce ovulation with medication. Modern medicine is a number of drugs that can cause oocyte maturation. Among such drugs clomiphene citrate, Clomid, klostilbegit other. Typically, their reception is assigned from the fifth and ninth day of the menstrual cycle, wherein the dosage is increased continuously. Immediately it should be said that induce ovulation should be strictly supervised by a gynecologist. The dosage regimen of drugs is different for every woman, a gynecologist will select suitable for you.

Medical method call ovulatory process is considered to be quite effective. But it does not mean that immediately after the course will be able to get pregnant. Only 15% of women get pregnant right away, the rest conception occurs over time.

The use of drugs for ovulation call should be no more than six menstrual cycles. Like all medicines, these drugs have their own side effects, at the first manifestation of which you should immediately contact your doctor.

Mistakenly believed those who believe that the stimulation of oocyte maturation is quite reliable and safe way to get pregnant soon. The consequences of the forced stimulation may be irreversible, so self-induce ovulation by medication in any case should not be.

 ovulation stimulation medication
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First you need to prepare

Before ovulation stimulation, must be carefully prepared. For several months, it is necessary to conduct the so-called ovulation calendar, which should mark the days when the basal body temperature rises. With these data, we can create a special schedule that will reflect the regular work of childbirth. If there are observed some glitches, do not panic. Sometimes it does not require any treatment, because it does happen, that during the year a couple of times absent ovulation.

Before drug treatment, you should spend a few months in a row ultrasound. Ultrasound allows most accurately determine the cause of failure in the process of maturation of a healthy egg. It should also be tested for the content of sex hormones.

Before stimulation of ovulation is assigned, both spouses need to pass a special medical examination. If a man would be fruitless, useless to stimulate ovulation. When choosing a method to stimulate the maturation of the female reproductive cells physician takes into account age features of both spouses, the individual characteristics of each. Admission Clomid (funds for stimulation) is necessarily accompanied by ultrasound procedure that helps to monitor the very process of maturation of the follicle.

When the size of the follicle reaches about 18 mm, a woman needs to take medication for stimulation. After taking the drug ovulation usually occurs within 24-36 hours. This is not to say that after the first attempt conception will happen. It plays a significant role the woman's age, cause and duration of her infertility.
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Stimulation of the maturation of the female reproductive cells by vitamins

Before planning a pregnancy, a woman should be prepared properly. Very often problems with conceiving a child arise due to malnutrition and lack of vitamins. Power expectant mother should be balanced and rational. It is very important for a woman to provide the body with folic acid. Lack of folic acid has a direct negative impact on the development of the baby in utero. It is important to avoid iodine deficiency in the body, so you should use iodized salt.

The immune system must be thoroughly strengthened. Meals should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The diet should include raw fruits and vegetables, cereals. Very useful sauerkraut, which contains vitamins and fiber.

It is important to know that before embarking on stimulating ovulation, it is necessary to normalize the thyroid hormones, male hormones and prolactin. Possibly, such that after all these hormones are given in normal ovulation occur independently.

 Ovulation Test
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The main stages of stimulation of oocyte maturation

When selecting Clomid as a means to stimulate the ovulation process should start taking it on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle, and finish at the bottom of the ninth. If, however, to stimulate ovulation has been selected puregon or menogon, the reception should start from the second day of the cycle, and finish around the tenth day. The exact date of the beginning and end of reception determined by a physician on the basis of the observations.

The duration of the stimulation procedure depends on the condition of the ovaries and uterus of women. A few days from the start of the procedure is necessary to stimulate the US, which is then repeated after every two or three days. Observation of ultrasound should be performed as long as the size of the follicle does not amount to 20-25 mm. In order to prevent the process of regression of follicles, the doctor may prescribe an injection of the hormone HCG, which will start the process of oocyte maturation. In most cases, the stimulation of oocyte maturation Clomid causes that conception occurs in a short time.

The doctor can also determine the number of required sex acts and their frequency. It is recommended to observe all things that the doctor prescribes. If after the application of Clomid and ovulation has not occurred, after the third year of treatment should be to conduct additional examinations and treatments change.

Before you begin the stimulation of egg, must pass all the required tests, and exclude any inflammatory processes. Any inflammation is a serious contraindication for the procedure, because it can significantly worsen the condition of the patient.

Possible stimulation using drugs such as Gonal and Menopur. These drugs are able to replenish the endocrine pituitary gland hormones control the whole process of follicle maturation and ovulation contribute. Both drugs are available in the form of injections for administration (intramuscular or subcutaneous).

Before the procedure causing ovulatory process, you must obtain the opinion of the therapist that you are able to bear a child. Mandatory procedure is to study blood for immunity to rubella. In addition, we study of tubal patency, after fertilization of the egg takes place here. Rate of tubal patency in several ways. Among these methods transvaginal gidrolaparoskopiya, laparoscopy and metrosalpingography. The choice of method performed by a doctor on the basis of the available evidence.

Lack of ovulation may be the result of excessive thinness, polycystic ovaries, pituitary dysfunction, stress, excessive physical activity, hormonal balance disorders, diseases, etc.

 Common ways to stimulate ovulation
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Stimulation of ovulation by means of traditional medicine

Ovulatory process can stimulate and traditional methods without resorting to medication. The best means to stimulate the maturation of the egg is considered a decoction of sage. Sage contains a number of substances, resembling in its composition of estrogen (a female hormone). To prepare a decoction, it is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of sage and fill her glass of boiled water. When the broth has cooled, it should drain. Must take 30 minutes before a meal to 4 times a day. It is advisable to start taking a decoction of sage on the fifth or sixth day of the menstrual cycle. The course of treatment is eleven days. More than three months to use this broth is not recommended. It should make a break for 2 months, and then repeat the treatment.

It promotes healing stimulation and special mixture prepared from the leaves of aloe. To prepare this mixture, it is necessary to take the aloe plant is not less than five years. Before cutting off the leaves is not recommended to water the plant about a week. Cut aloe leaves should be removed for a week in the refrigerator, and then finely chop. The chopped leaves of aloe should add pork lard, melted butter and honey. In one teaspoon of aloe need 6 tablespoons of honey, the same amount of butter and lard. One tablespoon of the mixture obtained before use is necessary to melt in a glass of warm milk, taken twice a day.

Perfectly promotes oocyte maturation decoction of rose petals. To ovaries function normally, they need vitamin E, which in large numbers contained in the petals of roses. One glass of freshly picked flower petals need to pour a glass of boiled water, and then sent to the gas for 15 minutes. After time the broth should remain for another 45 minutes, until it is not properly infusions. Take a decoction should be before going to bed one to two teaspoons. The course of treatment should not exceed two months.

There are many different tools to stimulate ovulation. Before selecting any of the funds are advised to consult your gynecologist, who will select the most suitable one. You may need to pass some tests, the results of which will help to choose the right treatment.

 Stimulation of ovulation: methods and techniques