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  • Physiological aspects of sex during menopause
  • The psychological aspect of sex during menopause
  • What you need to do to have sex after menopause?
  • Other important aspects

Sex at all times is an important part of life of any adult. Making love is necessary for health, both physical and psychological. Therefore, it is important that the sexual life has been streamlined and stable. Without it, people would not be complete.

But inevitably there comes a time when age takes its toll. Men feel a weakening of potency, as women enter menopause. What is this period? As it is to accept, treat it? Today you will learn about how compatible (or incompatible) menopause in women and sex. Truthfully if all the views that are prevalent about this topic? On this and many other things - on.
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Physiological aspects of sex during menopause

The sexual life of a woman in her different ages have different manifestation. In his youth, tend to feel an irresistible desire for intimacy. At this point, the woman has already come menstruation, which means that every month her body is ready to conceive. The desire to have sex with a physiological point of view is due to this factor. Accordingly, the libido (sexual desire level) is at a height, and with the development of female sex hormones, ideally, should be no problem.

However, the closer the menopause, the lower the production of hormones, and about ovulation will soon have completely forgotten. At the same time begins decreased libido. These processes are irreversible.

Can we say that the climax - it is the end of sexual life of a woman? Not at all.

Of course, what he wanted so much in his youth, is unlikely to be willing again after menopause. However, not all so sad.

Gynecologists say that during menopause to engage in sex can and should be, because it is still important for women's health, as well as its psychological mood. Some of the same problems of physiology can be solved quite successfully.

For example, the hormone deficiency may be recovered using a special hormone replacement therapy. It assigns a gynecologist after the special analyzes and records the overall condition of the body. By the way, this therapy is not only important for the sexual life of women, but also for the whole of her health, because with the onset of menopause begins a gradual withering of the body. Knowingly say that after menopause there is a disease. All this is due to hormones.

Another problem is directly in the body of a woman. With age, the vaginal mucosa stops producing special grease, which is so necessary in the act of pilaf. Hence, there are unpleasant and sometimes pain during sex. A similar pattern is complemented by the fact that the very vagina becomes more narrow and short, but it loses its wall elasticity. This is not a sentence. Restore the elasticity of the vagina can be using special exercises muscles of the reproductive system. This significantly increases the elasticity and tone of the vagina. And if the amount of lubricant is no longer, as before, it is possible to successfully use special lubricants. This synthetic lubricant that will help overcome the problem of vaginal dryness.

 Consultation with gynecologist
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The psychological aspect of sex during menopause

Having sex for a woman at any age it is closely intertwined with the psychological aspect. It's quite the multicast issue, so it is very difficult to see in a single material. But the general points can be described today.

For example, what is a sexy woman, from which it is formed? It turns out that this is very important to feel confident, attractive and sexy. Simply put, this characteristic is born in the mind of women, it is something among magnetism. If a woman is confident, it translates its confidence in their environment, thus it gives a reason to consider her personality attractive and sexy.

What happens with age? The fair sex sees that her body is gradually changing the shape outline. This does not mean that it is getting worse. Only her noticeable fat on the stomach or lose some elasticity of the skin - all of which can significantly reduce her desire to have sex. The woman simply ceases to feel sexy and attractive.

Therefore, it is important to maintain this inner sense of confidence, not to lose the woman inside, continue to monitor their appearance. Let wardrobe is full of beautiful and exquisite things. They need not be expensive. Yet a couple of smart things at that age itself can already afford.

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What you need to do to have sex after menopause?

Some methods of maintaining his libido has been said before. So, the doctor will write a prescription for hormones, beautiful things and personal care also do the trick. But this is not all methods to want and to be able to have sex after menopause.

I must say that the importance in this matter is physical activity. Yes, exactly, and she is able to not only increase libido and overall body tone. And a good mood in this case certainly does not hold.

Let this be a kind of physical activity that will help get the load in moderate doses. Perfect visit yoga, pilates, water aerobics, step aerobics, swimming, shaping. But this does not prevent a woman to take something to your taste. In addition, you can make jogging. Their use is invaluable to the whole organism. Biking - another way to good physical shape and a high level of libido.

Diet - is also an important component of lifestyle woman who has already begun menopause. With its constant compliance with a desire to make love and do it with pleasure. I am particularly pleased that, in this case, the word diet does not carry very strict prohibitions. To be more precise, it's just the right lifestyle and a healthy diet.

It is necessary to exclude them your diet the following products: alcohol, fried, flour, pastry, smoked, fast food. Daily meals should consist of these products. Only in very rare cases, you can treat yourself to something forbidden. Yet life is meant for fun, but it should not consist only of pleasure.

As for the preferred products, they include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat varieties of meat and seafood. It is important to consume adequate amounts of vitamin C, A and E. And, of course, do not forget the water. Normal drinking water supports the body in good shape.

But about a bad habit, like smoking, will have to forget. Nicotine is harmful to the libido and female and male. And about the harm to health and does not speak.

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Other important aspects

Of great importance to maintain an active sex life for every woman has the kind of relationship she is currently add up with a partner. It is important that between them the trust and mutual understanding.

If the partners are the same age, in the face of each other, they can find a good and, most importantly, very effective support. They can discuss how to change their sex life and what you can do to bring her pleasure for a long time. It is worth repeating that this is very important to have a trusting relationship.

Partners must demonstrate to each other that their loved one is still attractive and desirable, and not less than 20 or 30 years ago.

On the contrary, we must use this time, when finally have the opportunity to devote time to yourself. Careers have gradually fades into the background, children have long grown up. So why not inject fresh impetus not only in relationships, but also in the sphere of intimacy.

Another piece of advice: do not neglect the entourage, which is closely associated with romance. In adulthood hardly want sex spontaneous and without appropriate conditions. Let there be candles, instrumental music, beautiful lace underwear a woman, rose petals on the bed of silk. In a word, everything that sets a romantic and abstract way.

You can make an obvious conclusion: sex and menopause are compatible. Moreover, we can safely say that menopause - that is no reason to refuse to conduct a sexual life. Sex should be fun, and at this age. It is only necessary to adequately evaluate some changes in your body, learn to accept them and yourself. We can only wish all the women who have entered a new stage in its way, to learn to enjoy every day, to appreciate all that gives the fate and do not deny yourself the pleasure, and lead a rich and full life of joy. And let menopause will not interfere!

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