causes inflammation of the cervix


  • The causes of the disease
  • Symptoms of disease
  • A method of diagnosing illness
  • Treatment and prevention methods

Inflammation of the cervix or cervicitis - serious female disease that requires immediate treatment.

Advanced forms of the disease may eventually be transformed into a series of pathologies and diseases, such as erosion, deformation, polyps, endocervicitis, ectopia, endometriosis and even cancer.

What women need to know to not miss the first symptoms of this insidious disease? Let's look at this issue.

The cervix is ​​the most important organ of the reproductive system of women. It serves as a connecting passage between the vagina and the uterine cavity and prevents the penetration of infection in the upper parts of the female genital tract and the uterus itself. In some cases there is violation of the protective functions of the transformation zone (the so-called scientific in the cervix) so that it gets alien flora and inflammation develops. In 9 cases out of 10 cancers of female genital mutilation occur in this area, so even the slightest inflammation of the cervix require urgent and targeted treatment.
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The causes of the disease

In cervicitis can be many reasons. It is caused by specific and nonspecific infection. The former include streptococci, staphylococci, coliform bacteria, fungi, and to the second - syphilis, chlamydia, trichomonas, gonorrhea, mycoplasma. Specific infections can enter the body through contact through the blood, lymph or rectum. Non-specific infections penetrate the zone of transformation sexually.

The cause of inflammation may be damage to the cervix during childbirth, abortion or frequent diagnostic curettage. Installing or removing the IUD can also lead to inflammation in the cervix. Cervicitis can trigger the development of scars and benign tumors in this area.

Inflammatory processes in the area of ​​transformation rarely occur alone. Usually they are the companions of other diseases of the female reproductive system: vaginitis, cervical pseudo, vulvitis, ectropion, bartholinitis.

Cervicitis often subject to the ladies of childbearing age. They account for about 70% pripadaet diseases, while in menopause and after the sick at risk from this disease, only 30% of the female population. Especially should beware of this disease for pregnant women, because the causes of untimely births and miscarriages are very often it is the inflammation of the cervix.

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Symptoms of disease

Symptoms quite noticeable. They are dragging pain of varying intensity in the lower abdominal area (as menstruation), pus or mucous discharge, pain during urination. Symptoms that signal the inflammation of the cervix may be the appearance of pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse. In rare cases, the disease is able to take place at the beginning and even without symptoms, then it can only be detected during routine gynecological examination.

Cervicitis with the flow of the disease is divided into acute and chronic forms. For acute cervicitis is characterized by all the symptoms described above. In addition, when viewed from a specialist found hyperemia and edema in the opening of the cervical canal, minor bleeding and ulcers in the mucosa.

Depending on the pathogen of the disease, symptoms of inflammation of the cervix can be manifested in different ways. If cervicitis caused due to gonorrhea, then he takes very sharp with a distinct symptoms. The disease, the cause of which was chlamydia, can occur without obvious symptoms. Trichomonas causes inflammation of the cervix in the form of small hemorrhages in the capture of a smear for analysis it revealed abnormal cells. When herpes cervicitis entrance to the uterus becomes red and loose, covered with numerous ulcers.

If an acute inflammation of the cervix have been identified in a timely manner or improperly treated, then over time it becomes chronic sluggish form. Vaginal discharge reminiscent of turbid mucus cylindrical tissue proliferation occurs, resulting in near the entrance to the uterus of pseudo-formed. Cervicitis symptoms such as swelling and redness, weakly expressed. The risk of chronic form of the disease that occurs at this time of the spread of disease to surrounding tissues and glands in the inflammation and the formation of cysts infiltrates gradually thickens the cervix.

As noted above, not always during inflammation cervix symptoms from the disease onset. Often the disease is diagnosed at the time when it flows into the chronic stage. Often zerwitzit gynecologist discovers by chance during a baseline medical examination or while visiting his woman about other diseases, so it is important to undergo an annual gynecological examinations scheduled.

 pain during the chronic form of the disease
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A method of diagnosing illness

Cervicitis is diagnosed in several ways:

  • by examination of the cervix using a speculum;
  • In carrying out the colposcopy - study defining pathology arising in the cervix;
  • at delivery of analyzes on bakposev, microscopes smear, PCR.

In the acute form of inflammation cervical smear will contain a large number of white blood cells, histiocytes, lymphocytes, cylindrical and flat epithelium with the changes. In chronic inflammation of tissues of cylindrical cells acquire different values, sometimes seen their destruction (cytolysis). Conducting laboratory examination will enable to determine the type and kind of micro-organisms to cause disease, and choose the most suitable for the treatment of antibiotic. To determine the structural damage cells and the positive dynamics in the treatment of a woman sent to cytomorphology smear. Diagnosis of chlamydia, HPV, gonorrhea, herpes, mycoplasmosis with inflammation of the cervix is ​​only possible after a special survey: ELISA and PCR.

 Treatment of inflammation of the cervix
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Treatment and prevention methods

Modern medicine has many methods of treatment for cervicitis. Treatment of the disease involves the appointment of a sick woman antibacterial and antiviral drugs, depending on the specific pathogen and disease occurrence form. If the inflammation of chlamydial origin, then it is treated with antibiotics such as the sumamed, erythromycin, monomitsin, maksakvin, doxycycline or tarivid. When cervicitis Candida etymology appointed antifungal drug Diflucan.

When inflammation of the cervix and combined treatment is carried out topical preparations, which are issued in the form of suppositories (terzhinan). When the main symptoms of the disease remission women appointed local treatment in the form of processing the vagina and cervix solutions hlorofillipta, Dimexidum and silver nitrate.

It is very difficult to treat inflammation of viral origin. If the causative agent of genital herpes cervicitis became then require prolonged treatment with antiviral agents, immunostimulants, vitamins and antiherpetic immunoglobulin. Inflammatory processes in the cervix caused by the human papilloma virus, require treatment with cytostatics and interferons. Along with therapy carried out the removal of warts. When cervicitis viral etymology to avoid a recurrence targeted treatment should take place not only the woman but also her sexual partner.

Drug therapy of the chronic form of the disease does not always give positive results, so treatment is often through such surgical techniques, like laser therapy, diathermocoagulation, cryotherapy. Parallel to this is the treatment of pathologies associated disease (functional disorders, obesity, ectropion, salpingoophoritis) and restores the normal microflora. Treatment for cervicitis should be under the control of the laboratory.

Given the serious consequences of inflammation of the cervix, women should be the prevention of disease. To avoid cervicitis necessary:

  • observe basic hygienic requirements;
  • do not ignore the use of a condom during sexual intercourse;
  • choose reliable contraceptives to avoid abortion;
  • the whole period of pregnancy to be under medical supervision;
  • time to treat all endocrine disorders
  • 1 per year planned to visit a gynecologist.

It is important not to forget that zerwitzit prevent or cure it at an early stage is much easier than to for a long time to deal with it serious consequences. In no case do not try to cure the disease folk methods or the selection of unauthorized drugs. To achieve this healing is possible only when you will comply strictly with all the requirements of your treating doctor.

 Cervicitis: what is it?