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The main criterion for a pleasant journey - it's a great holiday at a reasonable price. There are many ways to save money on a trip, for example, can significantly reduce the cost of the road. Experts online service purchase tickets Bilet.Coral, represented by the travel company Coral Travel, reveal their secrets bargain seats in the aircraft, which will be useful for every traveler.

Important factors

  • Seasonality . It is no secret that in the summer most people want to spend a holiday by the sea, and in the New Year, many prefer a Europe or Asian countries. According to statistics Bilet.Coral, in July 2014 the Russians often traveled to Thailand, Spain, Turkey and the Czech Republic, and by September they walked by popularity Greece and Italy (except Thailand, which remains in the lead). So it is not surprising that at this time and in these destinations airlines tend at times to increase ticket prices. To save on the flights, try to go to travel out of season, or after the holidays. They wanted to go to Rome in the winter? - Save on tickets to help third trip planned for the end of January, not December. Want to learn the history of ancient Turkey? - The February Istanbul will be 30% cheaper than in May.
  • Purchase tickets in advance.   There is a perception that tickets for the best prices are available only for six months before the intended trip. In practice, however, this approach does not always work: for example, may cancel the trip at all. The optimum period for the purchase of tickets at competitive prices occurs in about 2-3 months before the trip. At this time it is still possible to buy space in all classes, including the "Economy". In addition, it is useful to subscribe to the newsletter of various airlines. This Newsletter is guaranteed to notify you of promotions, discounts and other promotional fares.
  • Good days and happy hours.   The most popular and therefore expensive day for flight - it's Friday, Sunday and Monday, when you can spend a weekend abroad and not be absent from work for a long time. Flights on the night from Saturday to Sunday, on the contrary, will help save on tickets from 40 to 60%. It is also believed that the best day to buy seats in the aircraft - Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. On Tuesday, we should start to look closely to the proposals from 15:00, and on Wednesday - roughly about 01:00. Just remember that the clock is calculated according to the local time you are interested airlines.
  • Details of prices and airlines.   When planning a trip, you can refer to both tour operators and do everything on their own through the Internet. Consider the various options, explore information about the airlines, carry the date of travel. So, using the services simple and reliable online service purchase tickets Bilet.Coral you easily make even the difficult route and find the best deal. And if you have any questions - you can always contact customer service.

I would like to draw your attention to another point. Some carriers, the so-called loukostery, always or almost always offer tickets at low prices. Low cost due to the absence of certain free services. For example, lunch on board you will only surcharge.

  • Difficult routes.   Connecting flights, ie, with a change, most will cost an order of magnitude lower than direct. Therefore, selecting a flight with a stopover, you can buy a ticket for 40% cheaper. Naturally, the need to spend more time on the road, but at the same time have the opportunity to see other cities and countries, or to recover after a long flight.
 How to purchase tickets at competitive price

 Chillon Castle


  • Landmarks and Attractions
  • The attractiveness of the country for tourism

Going on vacation is to think of ways of leisure options, for a relatively short period, it is necessary not only to rest and to replenish the body's energy reserves, but also to acquire new knowledge and get the most impressions. It became popular for a long time Switzerland offers a lot of options for a great pastime, but the attractions of the country, despite its small size, it is impossible to explore in one short trip.

Attractions Switzerland is so interesting and varied that come here is a few times, especially to fans of ancient medieval buildings, the national culture, as well as the true connoisseurs of nature.

 Castle Gruyere

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Landmarks and Attractions

Switzerland - infinitely beautiful and diverse country with several cultures, languages ​​and climate zones. Architectural and natural monuments, collected on a modest area of ​​Switzerland and cherished by the local population, attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all corners of the globe. The main attractions of Switzerland - are the numerous castles, monasteries, bridges, fountains and museums.

Once in this amazing country, you must visit Bern - capital of Switzerland. Particular attention should be paid here to the highest in the country cathedral and granaries, turned into an unusual cultural center. Among the attractions are very curious exhibition sports the Olympic Museum in Lausanne and Fair Centre, located in the same place.

No less interesting and Geneva, proudly bears the title of "capital of the world." This colorful Swiss town located at the foot of the Alps, will certainly have to admire the hours in the English Garden, made of fresh flowers, visit the magnificent botanical garden and enjoy the majesty of Lake Geneva, with the world's tallest fountain.

Among the architectural sights of the city gained a certain fame: St. Peter's Cathedral, Old Town Museum and Russian Church. Swiss museums especially popular Clock Museum, Automobile Museum with rare and prestigious brands of the Swiss Museum of cars and products made from the finest crystal and china.

Switzerland is rich and natural sights: on its territory there are many lakes and waterfalls, most of which are of glacial origin. Only in Switzerland, there are waterfalls, located inside the mountain. This unique attractions created by nature, open access to tourists. Enormous popularity of 14-Swiss cascading waterfall.

Due to the large number of lakes, and Switzerland is a country with a developed beach holiday. A variety of historical sights and excursion routes, natural landscapes of great beauty and excellent service - all this makes Switzerland attractive both in winter and summer.

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The attractiveness of the country for tourism

Switzerland - a unique tourist country, where the picturesque hillsides merge harmoniously with the medieval architecture, manicured elegant cities. Excursions Switzerland's interest in any season, whether it's a trip to the lake, a mountain hike or a visit to a spa resort. Swiss friendly hotel with excellent service, beautiful and majestic mountains, clear lakes, thundering, striking in its power, waterfalls and excellent infrastructure of entertainment - the essential components of a perfect holiday.

 Attractions State Switzerland

 Baiterek Tower


  • Natural attractions Kazakhstan
  • Man-made attractions Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan - one of post-Soviet countries, located in the northwestern part of Asia.

The common border of the state with Russia stretches from the Caspian Sea to the Altai Republic. The entire territory of the country - is the steppe. Get to Kazakhstan can be by plane, by train, by bus from the border regions, or by private car.

When the phrase "Sights of Kazakhstan" in the mind emerges Lake Balkhash (Fig. 1). The uniqueness of this water body is that one part of it - with fresh water, and the other - with the salty sea. Lake occupies a vast territory in some places, it reaches a depth of 27 m. It is known not only in the former Soviet republics, but also in Europe, each year on its shores rest and Kazakhs, and tourists from other countries, in hotels and in tents. But this is not the only interesting place in this great steppe country. Kazakhstan has unique corners of nature and man-made historical and modern monuments that deserve the attention of tourists.

 Lake Issyk
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Natural attractions Kazakhstan

Nature - a great artist and sculptor, she has created amazing places on the planet, including in Kazakhstan. In addition to Lake Balkhash, which has already been mentioned, the country has other unusual water. For example, Lake Issyk (2), Big Almaty (3) elections.

Issyk - a mountain pond, located 70 km from the city of Almaty. Prior to 1963, he was one of the favorite places for locals and visitors of the state. But in 1963 there was a tragedy on the lake: from the mountains came a powerful mudslide that destroyed the dam and destroyed a lot of people. After that, the lake became shallow much, the landscape has changed. Now people in the same way as before, go for a vacation to Lake Issyk, but the tragedy has remained in the memory of all Kazakhs.

Big Almaty is situated high in the mountains at an altitude of 2, 5 km above sea level. The water area of ​​the reservoir is surrounded by forests and mountains covered with snow, water color - rich turquoise. Most tourists come there to climb mountains. The most famous peaks of the lake: the Soviet, Lake, Tourist.

Borovoe - Kazakhstan is a country between the cities of Astana and Kokshetau, where there are several lakes: Shchuchye, Borovoye Kotyrkol, Light, Mountain, and others.

In addition to the lakes in Kazakhstan, there are other wonderful natural monuments. These include a variety of national parks and reserves: Aksu-Zhabagly - the oldest nature reserve in the country, Altyn-Emel, Bayanaul, Naurzum Reserve. In the natural park Altyn-Emel is the famous Singing Dune, with the wind in dry weather the sands produce sounds similar to the sound of the organ. Naurzum uniqueness of the reserve is a plant that grows only on its territory.

 ancient city Sauran
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Man-made attractions Kazakhstan

Throughout the country there are several historical monuments. The most famous of them - the ancient burial mounds, such as Besshatyr or Issyk. Antiques lovers can also visit the city of Turkestan, founded in the V century, through the Great Silk Road. The city preserved ancient walls (4). Next to it is another ancient city - Sauran.

By the modern attractions of the state include the Palace of Peace and Accord in the form of a pyramid (5), SEC "Khan Shatyr" in Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana-Baiterek monument (6), a reduced map of the country "Atakemen" (7) etc. Kazakhstan - a modern state, is rich in natural and man-made monuments, each Kazakh should be proud of them and protect them.

 Interesting sights of Kazakhstan