Herpes on the lips during pregnancy


  • What you should know about herpes
  • Herpes first type in pregnant women and its treatment
  • Harmful if herpes on the lips for the unborn child

That is herpes, knows almost everyone. According to WHO, to date, more than 90% of the population of planet Earth are carriers of the virus that causes the disease. At the same time a healthy person, which is in order the immune system, can live life without experiencing never manifestations of this very unpleasant disease. However, very few of the lucky ones. Most occasionally finds in his lips, his nose, and even worse - on the genitals nasty oozing blisters.

So what kind of illness and whether it is possible to protect yourself from its symptoms and how it threatens pregnant women - all these questions we try to answer in this article.

What you should know about herpes

As we have noted, herpes is a viral disease. Currently, experts distinguish two types of herpes simplex infection. The first type is marked the defeat of the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose, and the second - the genital mucosa.

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) of the first type is transmitted by airborne droplets and by contact with a sick person, a use of kitchenware, towels, etc. HSV second type transmitted sexually, which carrier such virus can currently be in absolute health.

Why acute herpes and can we avoid it? The main cause of herpes - reducing the body's defenses, immune system suppression.

Herpetic infection manifests itself after an ARI, acute respiratory infections, flu, sore throats, bronchitis and other similar diseases. The body weakened defenses lowered, respectively, HSV, who had dozed, manifested in all its glory.

Contributes to the manifestation of the disease are also factors such as hypothermia, stress, excessive sun exposure, medications that suppress the immune system. Women have a greater risk of disease symptoms during menstruation and during pregnancy. For the expectant mother a particular danger is the second type of herpes virus (genital).

 herpes during pregnancy on the lips

Herpes first type in pregnant women and its treatment

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy - a common phenomenon. Pregnancy - is a kind of stress, which is known to provoke the exacerbation of HSV. Furthermore, the body in this period "works" to reduce the body's defenses. This is necessary to ensure that the female body is resigned to the advent of a foreign body, to which, to a certain extent is the embryo and do not cause miscarriage.

In short, the appearance of herpes on the lips in pregnancy is quite natural for the development of infection in this period add up the most favorable conditions.

In its development, herpes goes through several stages.

  1. It all starts with a light tingling, burning rolling in. Moreover, the process is developing very quickly.
  2. Marked redness and swelling at the site where there are blisters filled with fluid.
  3. The bubbles begin to burst in their place painful sores appear - in this period, the sick person is the greatest infectious threat.
  4. Sores gradually tightened, in their place are formed crusts, which will soon begin to fall off (they can not rip off in any case).

What if future moms in one morning is not the best on the lips appear blisters? Is it necessary to treat and how to do it?

First of all do not panic, nothing fatal in the first type HSV is not, and certainly should be treated. It is best to consult a doctor who will prescribe appropriate treatment based on your condition.

Most often, these rashes prescribed antiviral drugs for external use and for internal. It is understood that during pregnancy should be receiving drugs to reduce to a minimum, so the tablets will have to forget. Ointments are applied directly to lesions, can be used. The most common treatment for herpes in pregnant women is carried out using such a drug as panavir.

You can also treat herpes using traditional medicine. In addition, there are special sale of hygienic lipstick to prevent the occurrence of herpes and promote rapid healing of wounds. They all contain certain essential oils, in particular, tea tree oil, which is a potent antiviral agent.

However, the use of even these innocuous at first glance, the funds should be only after consultation with your doctor - the prerogative of the specialist treatment. Essential oils can be unsafe for a pregnant woman and the child she bears.

Unfortunately, there is currently no effective drug, with which you can fully recover from gerpevirusnoy infection. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to fulfill the requirements of hygiene and do not come into contact with those who celebrated herpes in the active stage.

 Herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Harmful if herpes on the lips for the unborn child

Psychic woman expecting a child, is very vulnerable, which is understandable: it feels great responsibility for the life and health of the unborn baby. Therefore, any manifestation of illness caused her great concern.

If you have herpes infection, many women panic, especially if they are frightening been reading articles about what a child may be at such an infection.

Just want to mention that cold sores on the lips of a pregnant woman does not represent any danger to the fetus in the early stages or later on, and in any case does not require the termination of pregnancy.

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy is not a hereditary disease, in fact, a pregnant woman who was worsening infection gerpevirusnoy first type is localized on the face, develop antibodies, which serve as protection for the baby.

Therefore, future mom should just worry about that as soon as possible to get rid of the disease and infect other organs. Herpes is very dangerous for the eye mucosa (provoking blindness) and genital mucosa. Genital herpes is dangerous to the fetus (especially in the early stages) and requires serious treatment.

 Harmful if herpes on the lips during pregnancy?

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 What to eat to get pregnant

Until now, debate continues about the effectiveness of diets that allow to conceive the desired gender. Most of the medical opinion that there was a link between the ability to become pregnant and style of food is not in doubt.

The possibility to acquire offspring, usually influenced by many factors. And not the least role in this is the power of the future parents. It is important that their diet was attended by a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins, and first of all - calcium, iron, iodine and folic acid.

Listen to the advice Mariana Vukovic, a Dutch researcher and analyst, you will be able to approximately 40% to increase your chances. However, before you blindly follow the recommendations given below, be sure to consult with your doctor.

General principles for her:

By and large, such notions as "birth" and "diet" are incompatible. Before you get pregnant, doctors recommend that you first get as close to your ideal weight. In their view, deviations from the norm in one way or another may adversely affect the course of pregnancy.

"Diet Aphrodite", or the so-called Mediterranean diet is a balanced healthy diet, ideal for the diet of the future mother. The main diet food:

  • Boiled or steamed fish and seafood
  • fresh, boiled or steamed vegetables
  • legumes
  • vegetable oil
  • low-fat dairy products
  • lean boiled meat
  • whole wheat bread

General Principles for him:

The basis of the diet of the future pope should include the following products:

  • meat (cooked in a double boiler or grilled)
  • vegetables in any form
  • whole grains
  • fresh vegetables
  • potatoes (boiled or cooked in the oven)

In addition, you should include in your diet foods rich in vitamin C and zinc, which is contained in a large number of white beans and lean beef and chicken meat in the dark. And from alcohol will have to take time off or reduced to a minimum. In fact, besides the fact that alcohol reduces testosterone levels, as well as the number of sperm produced, they are at the same time increase the number of abnormal sperm cells.

If you do not want to waste time on ineffective techniques and just pace yourself, we recommend a proven guide on how to get pregnant fast.

 What to eat to get pregnant

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