How much can you drink pregnant

Drinking fluids during pregnancy

Pregnancy - one of the most important stages of a woman's life, because it is responsible for two lives at once: for the life of the child and for her. Notice how just in front of me a woman as soon as she should know that she is not alone. Her movements become more cautious, and even the tone of voice becomes softer. The very nature constantly reminds the woman of that honorable mission that has fallen to its share: to give new life to the world.

Throughout the nine months of pregnancy a woman for the sake of the health of the future baby, come to limit itself in many things. One such limitation is the use of a liquid.

The question of how much fluid to drink during pregnancy, for several decades, is a favorite subject for hot debate and discussion as gynecologists and expectant mothers themselves. According to one of the parties, fluid intake during pregnancy should be strictly limited, as The opposing party claims that the fact of how much water to drink during pregnancy, it does not affect the normal flow in any way.

In order to decide which side you take, and determine for yourself how much water to drink during pregnancy for you, you need a good understanding of the role in the human body, and pregnant women in particular, the water plays.

The importance of water in human life

Without a doubt, we all remember from school biology course that the human body by about 70% water. But few people remember details about what exactly is the function of water in the human body.

  • The chemical composition of the blood is greater than 95% of water. Accordingly, water is responsible for dissolving the necessary substances in the human body and their transfer.
  • Water is actively involved in such vital processes as hydrolysis. During the hydrolysis of a chemical which can be assimilated by the body such as a human, is cleaved to simpler uptake does not cause any difficulties.
  • Water is part of various biological lubricants, such as, for example, joint lubrication.
  • Tears, gastric juice, bile, lymph and other biological fluids also more than 90% is made up of water.
  • Cells and molecules of the organism, including DNA, also contain in its composition of 95% water.

Water and Pregnancy

 How much can you drink pregnant

During pregnancy, especially in its first half, the demand for water increases significantly. Water is essential for the full development of the embryo to form the amniotic fluid.
In addition, waste products of the fetus in the mother's blood received, and only then are filtered by the kidneys and excreted in the urine.

As the pregnancy increases the volume of waste products of the fruit, which must be put out of the mother's body and increases the amount of amniotic fluid, as well as the volume of circulating blood.

Thanks to the so-called "genetic" memory, body, even nulliparous women a few months before the birth begins to store water for the future, knowing how great the loss of water in the process of childbirth itself and immediately after them.

However, at this stage, just the risk of edema occurs when the body does not calculate and exceed the required supply of water. It was then for the first time before a woman gets the question: how much can you drink pregnant?

What water to give preference

If your pregnancy is well, you do not suffer the appearance of swelling, do not feel a sense of guilt and constantly thinking, "and not much I drink the water? ". In that case, if you really start to use the excess fluid, your body will let you know immediately about it.

It is important to pay attention not only to how much you can drink fluids during pregnancy, but also on what kind of water to drink healthier pregnant.
Drinking fluids such as tea, coffee and soft drinks - is highly undesirable for a number of well-known reasons. It therefore goes further discussion specifically about water.

  • Carbonated water is one of the favorite drinks of most people. However, whether carbonated water is safe during pregnancy?
    If it is a sweet carbonated water, it definitely does not bring the body to the woman and unborn baby nothing but harm. The reason is that the composition of such water includes a large number of chemically synthesized substances, all kinds of dyes and preservatives. In addition, sweet mineral water prevents full assimilation and promotes active washout from the body of vital substances such as calcium. As a result of lack of calcium is possible tooth decay, bundle nails pregnant women, and that the worst, it can lead to the birth of a child with low birth weight and the lack of an adequate supply of calcium, which normally have to get the baby during pregnancy from the mother's body.
  •   Sparkling mineral water during pregnancy is much safer lemonades, but excessively misusing it also is not necessary. In the first trimester of pregnancy mineral water can help to cope with toxemia and remove nausea, in the second half of the carbonic acid, which is contained in soda can cause an attack of severe heartburn. In addition, soda is very common in pregnant women, causing bouts of flatulence. A salt solution, contained in a large amount in any spring water, have an additional burden on the kidneys, which ultimately can lead to edema.

Who gains more popularity dill water during pregnancy. If earlier dill vodichku brewed and allowed only breast kids, but now a growing number of future mothers drink it. In the opinion of these women, dill water allows them to not think about that, "I drink a lot of water during pregnancy." After dill water not only quenches thirst but also perfectly removes puffiness. In addition, dill water quickly and effectively relieves flatulence attacks that so often plagued the majority of pregnant women.

The required amount of liquid

If the question of what to drink more or less clear, the question of how much you need to drink pregnant more difficult. According to the most averaged data, a pregnant woman should not drink more than three liters of fluid a day. And in the three liters of liquid and includes the water that is contained in your diet, such as soup or a succulent vegetables.

However, these data are very, very approximate. The need for a liquid depends on many factors: the weather outside, the room temperature, locomotor activity by women, and even what it ate pregnant.

And to say exactly how much you need to drink it you can only your doctor on the basis of laboratory tests, visual inspection, and other objective data.

This is absolutely correct. United recommendation about how much liquid you can drink for pregnant women, can not exist. Some women do not have the slightest hint of a tendency to the formation of edema. Some of the swellings appear very quickly, if they ignore the advice of your gynecologist about how much liquid you can drink it for them, but just as quickly disappear, one has only to restore the recommended drinking regime.

However, the appearance of swelling is not always a result of the excessive abuse of the liquid. In some cases, even if a woman does not violate the doctor's instructions about how much it can be drunk, edema become stronger and do not pass. In this case, the woman should be alarmed and immediately contact your doctor - a gynecologist or any medical institution in order to avoid preeclampsia.


 How much can you drink pregnant

Preeclampsia is also called the "toxicosis second half of pregnancy." If you have preeclampsia disrupted the normal functioning of many vital organs, with the most severely affected of cardio - vascular system.

The very first sign of preeclampsia is the appearance of edema, which bears the name of the people "hydrops pregnant"

In the absence of timely qualified treatment preeclampsia can lead to the most tragic consequences. And if we turn to a doctor in a timely manner, it is perfectly treatable and does not have a negative impact on fetal development. It is therefore unacceptable to ignore the appearance of swelling in pregnant women.

Tasty and healthy

The following presents a number of recipes drinks, especially suitable for hot summer day, perfectly quenches thirst and body bringing the expectant mother only benefit:

  • To prepare a refreshing homemade lemonade 6 servings you will need: 1 liter of drinking water canteen, 400 grams of ice cubes 50 grams of fresh mint and lemon or lime 4, your vkus.Predvaritelno cut lemon or lime into thin slices, chop the mint leaves and place in cups . Then, using the blender to crush ice cubes. Fill cups crushed ice to the top, then cover with water. Edge optional glass can be decorated with a slice of lemon. Drinking lemonade through a straw, it is desirable, in order to avoid cold-related diseases, especially angin.Myata give you exceptional feeling of freshness and coolness, and keep lemon so necessary during pregnancy vitamin C.
  • If you are not very fond of citrus, you can prepare the lemonade in a similar way, using the fruits that your taste.
  • If you are a fan of dairy products, you will like the following recipe. Pre buy a liter of milk and 10 cups of ordinary ice cream on vegetable fats. Mix milk and cream with the help of a mixer or blender. You can also add any fruit in season. Of course, sometimes the limitations imposed on the life of a pregnant woman may upset you. However, the long-awaited meeting with your treasure will make you quickly forget about all the inconveniences. We wish you a pleasant pregnancy and childbirth the easiest!
 How much can you drink pregnant

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