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  • What we use from men?
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The girl - a mysterious and wonderful creature. It would seem that a man is given rationality, but at the same time, the female does not hurt that actively seeks to use it. We learned how to make a career, and fly into space, and do not forget to bring kids - but no! So much goes through the emotions, and that is why sometimes it is so hard to understand what women want from men. However, we razgrebli all this together and present to your attention a very interesting fact.

What we use from men?

Someone question may seem stupid, but in fact it's worth thinking about. In the life of each of us men perform their specific functions. Or a woman wants her partner to fulfill them. Some of them are similar to the excessive demands, and some seem to be something taken for granted. What are we so helpful, our dear man?

  • Help in solving real-world problems

    Who but a man, is able to fly in the middle of the night, like Superman, and repair the leaky faucet, calm rowdy neighbors and pull the car out of a snowdrift his girlfriend! Still, the woman - the weaker sex, which sometimes need to feel saved. Nobody wants unfulfilled promises, endless nagging and complaints to the whole world - every woman dreams of a strong partner, who will be for her support.

  • Supports

    Fortunately, we do not always need to bail out of difficult situations. Sometimes we just want spiritual support and warmth. This can be expressed in a strong shoulder and vest provided for the girls' tears, or encouraging words spoken whisper in your ear, but the support should be in the life of each of us.

  • Sex

    What separates men and women from all other kinds of relationships? Of course, sex. It is because of sexual attraction we do crazy things and feel happy. If a man can not satisfy a woman in bed, then, without even realizing it, she will always feel the lack of an intimate base in your relationship. And sooner or later it will end in failure.

  • Affection

    Surprised that we separate sex from love? And in vain! Agree, these two concepts are not identical, are not interchangeable and can exist in complete isolation. But we are equally in need of both. Unfortunately, no one was able to answer the question, what is love. However, any woman can easily tell she loves a particular man or not. And, of course, we want to be near it with loved ones.

  • Interesting company

    We should not forget about the friendly part of communication between man and woman. Logically, every girl wants to have a partner who shares her interests with whom fun and boring pastime. In general, to have something to talk about and do something together.

  • Development

    So the world that men are much more active women tend to forward to the development and exploration of new horizons. And this is what we are waiting on who we choose as a partner. Still, it is important to be close to a strong and energetic person who can lead us along.

Well, I got acquainted? Count how many items it belongs to you. Do not be surprised that you want all at once in the same person. But do not expect that everything will be so. The man - not biorobot, and it is not incorporated perform some of the more than a program. If something of the above (except the love, of course) have a problem, you may want to look for someone else to relieve a little loved one?

 that women want from men

Portrait of a perfect man

Continuing the conversation started up, I want to note that the perfect man does not exist in nature. Yes, they are in the movies, books and songs. But think about it: Do you know at least one of the ideal man? And if you comes to mind the image of someone, tell - about him you know everything? Probably not, because everyone has flaws, and if you can not see them, then you have to just do not know. And learn to scrambled away from him with all haste. Therefore, described below is a portrait of the ideal partner - more sketches that help to understand what women want from men.

Ambition - is what catches the modern woman at some primitive and subconscious level. We have ambitions tells us not about current achievements and on future victories, and each of us wants to be close to the alpha-male. Women are important aroma of success, so even if now the man is nothing, but he rushes forward, this will keep your partner beside him. But do not overdo it with ambition, as breathless workaholics do not look very exciting. In all there must be a balance, and the excess can be compensated hardworking ability to relax and cheerfulness.
Healthy and positive man - that's what we need!

Despite the youthful desire to walk with the "cool" boy in the class, in adulthood begin to have a magnetic influence of talents and abilities. Firstly, that in itself means that a man can be fun. Secondly, it is an allusion to the future success, bringing to his addiction. Thirdly, it is a manifestation of uniqueness and individuality, because the availability of talent in any field had allocates rights among others. In general, the ability to something can be rather strong aphrodisiac that man should find itself.

It is strange that we still have not mentioned about masculinity. Probably, because it seems to take for granted - a man must be a man. And it manifests itself in almost everything: courage, composure, perseverance, strength, ability to make quick decisions and be firm desire to protect the weak, etc. ... This is a basic quality that touches any woman. However, it should not be too "convex" bordering on brutality dirty socks and weekly bristles.

Do you know what affects us even more than pure masculinity? It is the same, but in combination with emotional sensitivities. Oh, this cocktail, which every woman is breathtaking, and it immediately begins to dream of a country house for a family with four children. The sensitivity of a man making a living person who is able to experience deep feelings and emotions. What more can you ask for?

A sense of humor is the perfect man is not in last place. There are women for whom this quality is the most important and decisive in choosing a partner. There is a grain of truth to this idea: after all, a man with a sense of humor, never be bored.

Each of us is strong maternal instinct. Almost all of us will sooner or later become a mother, and a man of the future, we estimate, in particular, and the suitability of any of the paternal role. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful of all these media properties can be "rejected" because of his inattention to the "child" question. It is natural that a woman chooses a partner with the father of their future children, and men should take this into account.

These are the main qualities that a woman wants to see in his men. Naturally, something we each assigns more importance as something minimal. May be other things that will be decisive: the glory, the ability to be the soul of the company, a penchant for creativity, humility, etc. ... There is a portrait of the ideal man, as well as his incarnation, but the general line of thought in this direction it is known and understood.

 that a woman wants a man

Tips for Women

Finally, there is the last question: Is it too much does a woman want? And what to do with all the desires and whims? For centuries, we are fighting hard to find the perfect man, and they, in turn, looking for a woman who will take them for what they are. You feel contradiction? But all is not as sad as it may seem. There is in the arsenal of special women's tricks, that will help to achieve happiness "and ours, and yours."

  1. Be Specific

    As you know, men do not understand almost subtle and ambiguous hints. Do you know what they are very much afraid of? The phrases "will please me something, dear! ". It puts them into a dead end, because nobody knows what to do. In this case, the right to a specific request, indicating that the woman wants at the moment. The same applies to other aspects of life.

  2. Do not compare her with other man

    We ourselves love so much manhood and strength - so why humiliate them? Such operations are very damaging to their psyche, so never let yourself words like "my girlfriend Masha's husband gave her a fur coat, and you tell me nothing." Nothing but anger and aggression, as a rule, does not cause. And indeed damaging to your relationship - you start to doubt his choice, and the man feels it.

  3. Motivate properly

    Since we were talking about how to get the strong half of humanity that should be there, it is worth remembering: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach and affection. Before you ask him for something, give it to the proper state of contentment. Love and care for the men want to surround the soft and gentle women, so cut them and stick with the nagging sense. It is better to try to convincingly demonstrate why he should do something, or provoke a good deal on his own magnificence. This is the best motivation for him!

  4. Be wiser

    Sometimes we women fall into such a demanding condition, when it seems that the man we always something must: be strong, to love, to care, to care, to spend time, etc. ... However, if you tell him about it, he was surprised and wildly vzbryknet. Unfortunately, sexual intercourse is a woman has to be wise and strong, cunning and achieving the desired tenderness. We also can not be vindictive - largely on women's ability to forgive build a happy relationship.

  5. Consider the difference

    Men - from Mars, women - from Venus. We can not forget about global differences are felt everywhere: speech, thinking, attitude, character, interests and tastes. Therefore, to say anything, do not forget to translate it into plain language for a man - the language of logic, specificity and action. Of course, after a long association with women, men learn to understand us, but they should help.

What do women desire? There is no single answer to this question. But he did not need it, because otherwise life is with us from intricate roller coaster would have turned into a boring adherence to the instructions and regulations. Gone would be the juice and flavor. So do not rack their brains to solve this global issue - is much more important to understand what a woman wants concrete, which can be seen opposite.

 What do women want from men: the mystery Madrid court

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