how quickly to get pregnant

Almost every woman dreams about her child - someone earlier, someone later. And it is perfectly normal - the instinct of procreation laid in the very nature of humans, as well as the maternal instinct. Very rare woman is able to live a full, interesting and rich life without first child smile, first tooth, first babbling and first steps without huge bows on September without the first love of her child.

And when a woman decides that it is time, it is, of course, I think about how to get pregnant fast. We all know how quickly it would be desirable to achieve the desired result after made perhaps the most important decision in life. Very often doctors - gynecologists hear the question of how to get pregnant on the first try. After all, it is not always it turns out, despite all the great desire of parents.

In order to find out which days you can get pregnant, a woman should have an accurate idea of ​​how the female reproductive system is functioning and how the very process of conception. This is what will be discussed in this article - how to get pregnant for sure. However, in addition it will be touched upon some of the deviations from the normal functioning of the female reproductive system that can prevent getting pregnant the first time.

What is conception?

Bodies of the female reproductive system is constantly adapting to new conditions as during the menstrual cycle. The mucous membrane of the uterus begins to swell, ready to accept a fertilized egg. The cervix thins and relaxes, so that sperm can penetrate freely.

For starters let's talk about what is the very conception. Conception - it is very, very difficult process, the essence of which can be divided into three main stages:

  • Ovulation

After a certain time period of the menstrual cycle oocyte reaches full maturity degree. After this ripened egg is completely ready for the process of fertilization and leaves the ovary. This is called the first phase of conception.

  • Fertilization

Once ripened egg is released from the ovary, it comes the most favorable time for conception. If genitals gets viable sperm - it penetrates through the shell of the egg inside her. During intercourse in the female genital tract gets about 50 million sperm. Some of them die under the influence of the microflora of the vagina of women. The remaining penetrate into the fallopian tubes - about 2,000 sperm.

After the end of the "journey" to the ovum get only about two hundred most viable sperm. After this time the sperm are waiting until the egg is released from the follicle. Only one of the millions of sperm will be able to penetrate the egg and fertilize it usually achieves the most goals of health and vitality.

  • Divide egg

In that case, if the fertilization of the egg went well and and egg and sperm have no deviations from the norm, the egg begins the process of division and movement of the fallopian tubes into the uterus.

In order for this process proceeded without any - any complications in terms of a woman's body should be favorable. To create these conditions must be met a number of factors. For example, during ovulation, the follicle (egg, has not reached the necessary degree of maturity) is stimulated by special hormone responsible for the formation of which is the pituitary gland. In order to prevent the occurrence of violations of the normal hormonal levels of the body, a woman must undergo regular preventive examination by a doctor - an endocrinologist, especially if she is planning to become a mother in the future.

In addition, the hormone endocrine system healthy women in the reproductive age, according as the process of oocyte maturation begins vigorously develop special hormone, called luteinizing. This hormone is essential for normal fertilization process - without the follicle ruptures to release a mature egg out. This process is called ovulation, which occurs around the middle of the menstrual cycle - it should take into account when deciding when to become pregnant.

After ovulation ovum moves toward the fallopian tube, and through which enters the uterine cavity. The egg retains its vitality and fertility for about one day, no more. In that case, if at that time there is no fertilization, the egg is killed and removed from the uterus during menstruation, with exfoliated mucosa.

However, apart from the fact in what period you can get pregnant, you can not forget about the sperm. Once in the female genital tract during sexual intercourse, the sperm are not immediately killed. He retains the ability to fertilize the egg within 72 hours after the moment of ejaculation. By means of simple mathematical calculations we can calculate that the period at which time you can get pregnant, is about 4 days - consider this if you are interested in how to get pregnant fast.

This feature of the female body should take into account that a woman who is looking for ways to get pregnant fast. However, if you're hoping for chance of getting pregnant in the middle of the cycle, take into account some of the amendments that can significantly affect the normal menstrual cycle and a calendar of fertility in women. Be sure to keep this in mind:

  • Number of matured cells

A woman who really wants to become a mother as soon as possible, should be borne in mind that often during ovulation matures not only one egg and two or more. And not always maturation occurs in the same day - as a rule, it takes place for 3 - 4 days. Thus, the number of days on which the greatest chance of becoming pregnant increases of 4 days.

  • The time of ovulation

Apart from the fact that sometimes ripen not one, but several eggs, not to mention the fact that very often the very ovulation may not occur exactly at the middle of the cycle. The process of ovulation may shift a few days in one direction or another. Therefore, a range of favorable days for conception is increased even more - up to 5 days in both directions - up and after ovulation.

Sometimes, under the influence of various factors in women is a violation of the menstrual cycle in which ovulation calculate the time is very difficult, because it happens every time - in different ways - sometimes at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and sometimes at the end. Most often this phenomenon is observed in young, previously given birth to girls. Most often, these violations are the result of hormonal failure in a woman's body, and adult women menstrual disorders may be caused by even psychological factors - chronic fatigue, or severe stress.

  • The presence of a woman of any gynecological diseases

Unfortunately, there are a huge number of various gynecological diseases. These include various tumors and - both benign and malignant, and even disease, sexually transmitted diseases. And not all of them show themselves how - some way, flowing completely asymptomatic. A woman may not feel any symptoms of the disease: no abnormal vaginal discharge or pain in the abdomen, or bleeding, or even the appearance of menstrual disorders. The only way to find out if they have a problem with female reproductive function, is a survey of the doctor - a gynecologist and the necessary laboratory tests.

It is therefore important time to undergo preventive checkups at the doctor - a gynecologist. If the disease is detected in the case of a woman seek medical advice about the fact that she can not get pregnant, the disease will be in the running form. And its treatment leaves much more energy, time and money than if the disease was found at the very beginning. In that case, if she plans to have children in the future, it is necessary to regularly visit the doctor - a gynecologist. The recommended frequency of visits to the doctor - a gynecologist - at least twice a year.

Time of conception

As mentioned above, the question of how to conceive a baby quickly, worried about so many women. In order to conceive the first time, the most optimal to use ovulation calendar. However, once again draw your attention - effective this method only if the woman's menstrual cycle in a stable and regular.

As mentioned above, the sperm retain their activity and viability for only two days and if the egg for the time gap does not have time to mature, they die. That is why, saying that in some days are better to get pregnant, doctors call the day of ovulation plus five days in both directions.

Male germ cells are able to maintain its activity for two days. If the egg during this period has passed ovulation, the conception does not happen, and they will die. Therefore it is clear that the most auspicious day for the conception of children - is the period of ovulation with small deviations in one and the other side.

However, as mentioned above, often in women menstrual cycle is very irregular. What does she do in this case? How to Get Pregnant at irregular periods? The best option is to calculate the time of ovulation based on the schedule of basal temperature.

Women ask, is it possible to get pregnant after ovulation. As has become clear from the foregoing, it is immediately after ovulation and can conceive. In order for the pregnancy, sexual intercourse the couple should be the most favorable for this day. Fertilization is possible only if the woman's ovaries mature egg. The probability of getting pregnant during ovulation, provided that both partners are perfectly healthy up to 90%. In the female body in an average of 5 days per month are extremely favorable to fertilize an egg. The optimal day for conception a baby is the day of ovulation. However, the probability of getting pregnant after ovulation in the early hours is also quite high.

Basal Temperature

Despite the fact that, apparently, these days is not so much, but knowing them, to calculate what days it is easier to become pregnant is not difficult. To do this, you need two things:

  • Notebook and pen.
  • Thermometer, preferably electronic, but in the absence of suitable and ordinary mercury thermometer.

Prove notebook days of the month. Note the first and last days of their cycle. If you take the path of least resistance, it is possible to proceed as follows - figure out what day of the fall is the middle of your cycle. Thus, for example, if the cycle the woman is 28 days, then falls on the ovulation of 14 - 15 day. However, it must be remembered that this method is suitable only for those women who have a stable cycle for at least six months.

If your cycle varies even for a few days, similar to the calculation of ovulation days do not bring proper success as ovulation can occur on any day of the menstrual cycle. But in this case, is always one more physiological method to calculate which of the days you happen ovulation. That's it for this method and you need a thermometer with which you define the basal temperature.

The basal temperature - it is the body temperature in the rectum of women. It is important to determine the day of ovulation is not to measure the temperature in the armpit, namely the basement. It is necessary to know clearly about the changes that occur in the reproductive system of women in a given period of her menstrual cycle under the influence on it of various hormones. It is through the measurement of basal body temperature simply accurately set the day on which the process of ovulation, to assess whether a woman's ovaries produce the hormone progesterone, which is a must to ensure that the body has prepared the uterine lining for possible implantation of the ovum.

Doctors Gynecologists advises women to change the basal temperature in the following cases:

  • If a woman wants to get pregnant as soon as possible

Due to the fact that by measuring basal temperature woman with almost absolute accuracy can set the day of ovulation, the probability of pregnancy during sexual intercourse in the day as high as 98%, provided that both partners do not have any serious health problems. And if the couple really wants as soon as possible to conceive a child, it is the measurement of basal body temperature to identify the day of ovulation.

  • Inability to conceive for a year or more

In that case, if there are no pairs of variations in health status, but, nevertheless, pregnancy does not occur, the physician can offer several months pair carefully measure and record the results in a notebook. Based on these data the doctor can examine during the menstrual cycle in women, and identify deviations from the norm, if any.

  • Suspicion for the presence in women hormonal disorders

The exact schedule of basal temperature can greatly clarify the situation with the way things are going with hormonal women and appoint, if necessary, corrective treatment.

Many women are interested in, how does working method for the measurement of basal body temperature. As you already know, the menstrual cycle is divided into two cycles. In the first phase of the menstrual cycle, the body temperature is lower than in the second phase. The reason is that in the second half of the phase immediately after ovulation occurs in a woman's body begins to be produced in emergency mode hormone progesterone. It is this hormone production and causes an increase in body temperature on average half a degree Celsius.

Maximum temperature reaches the body on the day of ovulation. But in order to know exactly what temperature is the maximum for you, you need to first month just to measure the basal temperature and stores it in a notebook. At the end of the cycle, connect the temperature values ​​with lines, and you can easily determine the maximum. And next month, you will already know exactly what your body temperature indicates that ovulation has occurred.

 how to get pregnant on the first try

Proper temperature measurement

Please note - in order to reliably determine the day of ovulation, it is necessary to measure the basal rectal temperature. Only in the rectum is possible to measure the true temperature of the body, without any - any external factors - ambient temperature, the presence of physical activity and other things. The basal temperature is measured at a fixed time, when a woman is at rest. It is this temperature will be true, the base. Hence its name - the basal temperature.

Subject to the basal body temperature, in order to achieve accurate results, the woman should follow a few simple but very important rules. Before going to bed, prepare a thermometer - in the morning you have to get it, held out his hand, but without getting up from the bed. You do not have to make the slightest physical effort. Then insert the thermometer into the anus to a depth of approximately 5 cm and measure the temperature for 10 minutes mercury thermometer and a minute - electronically.

When removing the thermometer, watch carefully not to touch his hands of the mercury. Warm hands can change the thermometer. But how do you remember? The temperature difference is only - only just one tenth of a degree - why so important to accurately measure. Do not rely on your memory - must immediately, store the evidence in your notebook. Knowing all these details, any woman will know how to calculate when you can get pregnant.

In the same case, if the cycle is absolutely irregular, and the woman did not get pregnant immediately, she should seek help from a doctor - a gynecologist. Modern techniques make it possible to set the process of ovulation up to one day. This is done without any difficulties, on the basis of laboratory research content taken from the cervix - this method is ideal for those who are worried about how to get pregnant with irregular cycle.