why can not I get pregnant

The desire to become a mother - the most natural thing for any woman. However, a woman is like a beautiful vase - as fragile and requires the most careful attitude to health. There is a huge number of different diseases that can interfere with a woman to become a mother, as it significantly reduces the likelihood of, and at times exclude pregnancy. And a woman in despair over again asking themselves the same question - why can not I get pregnant?

Sometimes the cause of infertility is utter nonsense, of which modern medicine is able to save a woman as soon as possible. For example, in response to a woman's question about whether it is possible to get pregnant during erosion, the doctor just smiles. He knows how easy it is to get rid of this problem. The same thing happens in many other cases.

But, alas, is not always a problem of infertility is solved so simply. Some diseases are so severe that women are forced to undergo a long and painful treatment, and at times resort to the most radical methods, such as IVF. But in most cases, prevent onset of pregnancy, removed easily, provided timely adequate treatment.

Pay special attention to the fact that almost any disease of female genitalia, left without attention from both the women and physicians and thus in the absence of proper treatment, sooner or later, it is able to cause the development of secondary infertility. And even if it seems to you that you never thinking they have children, remember that everything in our lives is rapidly flowing and changing. It is quite possible that in a few years you will bitterly regret their hasty decision.

This article tells about the major diseases which they say doctors - gynecologists in response to a woman's question about why she can not get pregnant. However, remember that all the information provided for guidance only and can not serve as a guide to action - self-diagnosis and treatment. Remember that often the symptoms of various diseases can be very similar and as a result, improper treatment can aggravate the condition of women.


Very often, doctors may hear the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant for thrush. Before we answer this question, it is necessary in general to talk to women about what is a widespread disease such as thrush, or - scientifically, candida vaginitis.

The disease affects mostly girls genitals, but in very rare cases, also suffer the oral mucosa. Pathogen causes disease - a fungus Candida. Strictly speaking, this fungus lives in the body of any woman perfectly. But if a woman's immune system is functioning properly, the fungus does not breed.

In the same case, if a woman's body is weakened, and the immune system is not able to perform its functions in full, the fungus begins to multiply abnormally fast. As a result of this process is largely disturbed normal level of microflora in the vagina. The woman, the following symptoms:

  • Burning and itching in the genital area.

The first and most pronounced symptom of vaginal candidiasis - is the emergence of a strong feeling of itching and burning sensation in the genital area. Sometimes itching can be so intolerant that lead to the development of a woman most of these neuroses. A characteristic feature of the itching caused by Candida is the fact that it is virtually impossible to appease any means until until after the aggravation of the disease.

  • Redness of the female genitals.

The mucous genitals with thrush, usually red and may swell up slightly. In the same case, if the inflammatory process involves not only the external genitalia, but also the vagina, the woman can feel the pain of varying severity - from mild to strong enough. The greatest discomfort and pain a woman feels at the moment of intercourse.

  • Vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge are taking place in almost any woman. However, if a woman develops attack yeast character vaginal discharges abruptly and significantly changing - their number multiplied, they are white and have a cheesy consistency and sour odor.

  • Soreness when urinating.

When a woman experiences an attack of thrush quite strong burning sensation in the genital area while urinating. This is due to the fact that urine enters the affected portions of vaginal inflammation.

Remember that often, in 90% of cases, the symptoms of thrush is actively manifest in about a week before menstruation. In addition, the heat, especially a hot bath, enhance the feeling of itching and burning.

And, of course, the main question that bothers almost all women suffering from yeast - is it possible to become pregnant while thrush. Doctors - gynecologists answer this question unequivocally - yes, thrush may be pregnant. Thrush does not affect either the process of oocyte maturation, fertilization or her, or the implantation of the embryo in the uterine lining.

Even more than that - often for the first time in the life of a woman is faced with thrush during pregnancy. This happens because during pregnancy the woman is greatly reduced the level of the immune system. And silently - peacefully slumbering in the female body mushrooms begin to actively proliferate, which leads to the development of thrush. Another aspect of a very strong influence, provoking the development of yeast infection in a pregnant woman is a natural change in vaginal microflora, occurs as a result of the changed hormonal levels.

In that case, if the thrush has developed during pregnancy, doctors prescribe certain future mother a course of treatment, aimed at restoration of the normal vaginal flora. However, if a woman suffering from thrush, not pregnant, and still plans to become a mother, it should be remembered that the fungus Candida pose a real and serious threat to the health of the newborn child.

At the very moment when the baby makes its first life path - the path through the birth canal mother, he receives a set of bacteria. Of which it will be formed its own microflora. The most vital for a newborn baby bacteria - lactic acid is responsible for the full assimilation of the milk and the formation of intestinal microflora.

In the same case, if the mother the baby normal microflora is broken and there are a large number of fungi Candida flora baby also becomes pathogenic. A child in most cases ill thrush. And thrush suffer both boys and girls - from newborn babies thrush occurs in the mucous membranes of the mouth, and the girls - and even genitals. In severe cases, thrush can also be localized in the mucous eye. Remember that the body of newborn children are very, very weak - if the thrush is not treated, may develop chronic diseases of the oral cavity, and even blindness.

Very often pregnant women, recognizing that they are suffering from thrush, do not consider it necessary to be treated in the mistaken belief that fungi in any case fall into the womb to the baby. However, this view is fundamentally wrong - fungi get into the uterus can not in any way, since the cervix is ​​firmly closed dense mucus plug. Therefore, at the time got rid of thrush, a woman delivers her baby exclusively favorable and beneficial microflora. Treatment of thrush in pregnancy is completely safe for the baby and does not harm him. And a healthy, happy baby mama is much more important than the evil and harassed.

But answer the question of whether the thrush interferes with getting pregnant is not as clear - thrush gives a woman a strong discomfort, including during intercourse. Accordingly, it really is a kind of obstacle to pregnancy.

Pregnancy during cervical erosion

Another very frequent doctors - gynecologists question - is it possible to get pregnant if a woman has cervical erosion. Cervical erosion occurs in every three women, so this issue will never lose its relevance. What is cervical erosion?

To understand the answer to this question, we consider the normal structure of the cervix and those pathological processes that occur in it and eventually lead to the development of erosive lesions of the mucous membrane of the cervix.

What is the queen knows probably every woman - a hollow organ composed primarily of muscle tissue and the inside lined with mucosal epithelium. Visually, the uterus is very similar to the fruit of the pear, inverted upside down. Itself connected to the uterus and vagina channel, which is called the cervix. Cervix, as well as itself uterus, it is lined with mucosal tissue.

However, the structure of the lining of the uterus and the cervix is ​​different. The mucous membrane of the cervix during certain days of the menstrual cycle under the influence of the changing hormonal levels, produced a special cervical mucus. This cervical mucus, strictly speaking, is present in the channel is constant, but its properties continuously change - for example, approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle, cervical mucus becomes less viscous and dense consistency than at other times, to facilitate the penetration of the sperm.

In that case, if there is any - or provocation - they will talk a little bit lower, run the following pathological process. First start an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the cervix. The inflammatory process is always accompanied by increased secretion and, consequently, an increased release of cables. Excessive amounts of vaginal secretions has the strongest irritation of the already inflamed epithelium. Very quickly, there is a destruction of the epithelium - it simply - simply disappears, and in its place there is erosion.

Erosion of the cervix is ​​very sensitive - as the causative agents of various diseases as well as to mechanical impact. At the slightest touch to erosion, it immediately begins to bleed - a woman may notice bleeding after intercourse or a pelvic exam. Of course, to say that the erosion of the cervix is ​​almost always causes pain in women, particularly during sexual intercourse, it is not necessary - it is clear and without words.

It is this damage to the cervical epithelium and is called the "true erosion" of the cervix. It is important to distinguish the true from pseudo erosion erosion:

  • True erosion always has an irregular shape.
  • True erosion always has a bright red color, and no other.
  • True erosion always bleeds at the slightest touch to it.

Note that the true cervical erosion takes a very short time - only about two - three weeks. Thereafter erosion either spontaneously disappears or flows in the form of "pseudo erosion." As a rule, the pseudo erosion and doctors diagnosed a woman.

 is it possible to become pregnant while thrush

The causes of erosion

Erosion of the cervix, as well as any other disease, does not occur for no reason. The occurrence of cervical erosion often occurs for reasons described below:

  • Various infectious diseases.

Any inflammatory disease, especially those with a chronic course, regardless of its nature, origin, can lead to cervical erosion. These diseases can become triggers: herpes simplex virus, chlamydia, and other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. For example, women often wonder whether it is possible to become pregnant at a ureaplasma. But very few people are interested in the consequences such a pregnancy can cause, because they simply - simply do not take into account the possible complications of the disease.

  • Early initiation of sexual girl.

The final formation of the mucous membrane of the cervix ends by about the age of twenty. And if the sexual life started too early, the process is disrupted and the normal formation of erosion is almost impossible to avoid.

  • Injury of the cervix.

Any injury of the cervix, whatever they were called. Although often, of course, the cervix is ​​injured as a result of generic or abortion.

  • Disrupt the normal hormonal levels.

In the event that a woman's body for one reason or another is a violation of the normal hormonal changes the amount of secretions produced and its composition. As mentioned above, this phenomenon often leads to the development of the first true, and after pseudo erosion.

Finishing the story about the nature of cervical erosion, it is necessary to mention that it is an exceptionally good-quality education, not unrelated to the cancer. Cervical erosion among physicians has another name - if you hear the doctor in conversation the word "ectopic", know that we are talking about it.

Localization of cervical erosion can be very different - it can cover the entire neck, or placed in the area of ​​internal or external cervical os. Also frequent cases of multiple cervical erosion. By the way, its size can also vary greatly - from a small point to a great spot.

Treatment of cervical erosion

Modern medicine allows women to get rid of cervical erosion in the shortest possible time and with little effort. There is a huge number of different methods to get rid of erosion - all you need to describe in a separate article. If the principle of treatment described in general terms, it will look as follows.

First of all before the doctor - a gynecologist is the problem as soon as possible to eliminate the inflammation of the cervix. This is done by means of various pharmacological agents and the appropriate physiotherapy. In addition, it is important to establish that it was the beginning of the erosion of the cervix and get rid of this disease. Otherwise, the possible recurrence of the disease.

Once the inflammatory process in the cervix is ​​eradicated, the doctor has to get rid of the pathological tissue. The way this is done, the doctor decides, on the basis of an objective assessment of all the features of the disease in each individual case. This may be burning with a laser beam, Creon, pharmacological or electrical shock.

And finally, the most important question - whether it is possible to get pregnant women suffering from cervical erosion? Most often, in itself it does not prevent erosion to pregnancy, since not affect any function of the ovaries or uterus mucosa. However, in very neglected erosion there is still a certain number of problems, one way or another connected with the issue of pregnancy:

  • Shortness of sperm entry into the uterus.

As mentioned above, the cervical mucus changes its composition depending on the period of the menstrual cycle, becoming more permeable to sperm in the middle. If a woman is taking place cervical erosion at advanced stage, the process can be broken, resulting in the penetration of sperm cells may be difficult.

  • Pain during sexual intercourse.

As mentioned earlier, the erosion is extremely sensitive. And that is why the penetration of the penis can cause a woman is extremely painful, in some cases, making the sexual act and therefore impossible to conceive. However, the treatment of cervical erosion solves this problem very quickly.

Very often you can hear that millipara or going to become a mother for the second time a woman can not cauterize erosion. This ban is motivated by the fact that the cauterization of the cervix forms a scar that is supposedly in subsequent births will interfere with the normal process of dilation of the cervix during labor.

Part of the truth in this statement, of course, there is. However, much more reasonable to heed the opinion of your doctor.