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The conception and birth of man - one of the great mysteries in the land. What could be more beautiful arrival into our world a new human life? But sometimes, unfortunately, so that the woman was the mother, the doctors have to help nature a little and help a woman become pregnant. For example, to help pregnant djufaston.

For this purpose, a variety of methods - from such drastic as in vitro fertilization (IVF) to less serious, such as taking drugs that help a woman become pregnant are. That some of these drugs will be discussed below. Once again, we draw the attention of our readers to the fact that all information is provided for guidance only. It is in any case can not be used as a guide to any act independently, without the knowledge of the doctor - a gynecologist. It is not allowed to decide what drink to get pregnant.

Thus, drugs designed to stimulate the process of fertilization and further successful implantation of the ovum in the uterine lining. There are different varieties of these drugs, but today we will talk only about two - about Duphaston and Utrozhestane. What they are and what their principle of action? And djufaston take to get pregnant?

Active ingredient in these formulations are the same hormones that are responsible for the process of oocyte maturation, fertilization and its subsequent implantation in the uterine wall - the necessary conditions for the normal development of the pregnancy. However, despite the fact that these hormones in the formulations are the same, they do differ in that djufaston contains hormones produced naturally, and in the second of these same drugs as hormones, but obtained by chemical synthesis. But are those other pills to get pregnant. And the answer to the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant, taking djufaston - positive.

What is Progesterone?

In any case, the basis of these drugs is a female sex hormone progesterone. Progesterone is classified as steroidal compounds. This hormone is produced a large number of internal organs, but in the largest quantities it produces exactly the placenta, making progesterone and was colloquially its second name - the pregnancy hormone. The presence of the necessary amount of progesterone in women planning to become a mother, a necessary condition. Especially this principle early in the second half of the menstrual cycle, as it is in the presence of progesterone in the body ovulation, fertilization and implantation of the ovum in the uterine lining.

Pharmacological drug "Utrozhestan" is a complete analog "duphaston" as its main active ingredient is also progesterone. The destination of these drugs - normal levels of the hormone progesterone in the body of a woman. That is why before the appointment of women as these drugs, doctor must prescribe laboratory tests the blood of women, conducted to determine the level of the hormone progesterone in a woman's body.

It is on the basis of laboratory research doctor blood test individually selects the optimal dosage and dosage regimen of the drug to achieve the best result. Women planning a pregnancy and taking these drugs must adhere to very accurately set her doctor - a gynecologist schemes - only in this case, the desired effect is achieved. In no case do not exceed the dosage of the drug - remember that an excess of progesterone in the body can also lead to different, sometimes completely unpredictable complications.

If we talk about the prevalence of these pharmacological agents, it should be noted that most doctors prefer to prescribe their patients was "Djufaston." This fact is explained by the fact that the drug has almost no any serious side effects. Those that do occur have a bit will be described below.

But, in fairness, it should also be noted that "Utrozhestan" does not have any serious side effects, as, indeed, himself hormone progesterone, in the event that a woman strictly observe the dose of the drug for her. At the same time, the "utrogestan" has one clear advantage over their "brothers" - a form of release. If "Djufaston" is taken exclusively orally, the capsule "utrozhestan" can be simply inserted into the vagina, like a vaginal suppository. The capsule without any working solution and a woman's body will get the necessary amount of the hormone progesterone.

Now a few words about the few side effects of this drug. In principle, they can all be combined in one concept - the premenstrual syndrome:

  • A woman may feel weakness and fatigue wanton.
  • A woman can almost always feel an overwhelming sense of sleepiness.
  • Also, women were significantly destabilized the emotional background - it becomes nervous, touchy, whiny.

Of course, all of the above is only possible side effects. However, to predict exactly how to react to the reception of the drug the body of this or that woman - is very difficult and often impossible. Too much depends entirely on the individual. However, despite all this, the drug is very effective - a lot of whom helped djufaston pregnant.

Myths about these preparations

Among women, there is an a certain number of myths about these drugs. Most of them are concerned with how to drink djufaston to get pregnant. Please read this information and be sure to take note of it.

  1. The first myth - the contraceptive effect

    It is a very widespread misconception that these drugs affect the process of ovulation and thus have a contraceptive effect. In fact, the situation is completely different - no contraceptive action they have, regardless of the scheme they are received. And taking them for the purpose of contraception is likely to lead to the opposite effect - the chances of getting pregnant will increase many times.

  2. The second myth - these drugs have a calming effect on the nervous system of the female body, thereby reducing the risk of spontaneous abortion.

    In fact, the situation is somewhat different - these drugs actually reduce the risk of miscarriage, but only if it is caused by a lack of the female body is the hormone progesterone. In the same case, if the threat of termination of pregnancy is caused by other factors to take these drugs simply ineffective. Moreover - in the event that if you start to take them on their own, without visiting a doctor, you will not know the true reason for the threat of abortion and, accordingly, will not be able to get full, it is necessary in your situation, help.

  3. The third myth - administration of drugs containing progesterone, leads to the development of the fetus of different types of pathologies.

    In reality this is not so - the action of the hormone progesterone is directed exclusively to the female body and in no way concerns the development of the baby, and even more so it does not have absolutely no impact - either positive or negative.

  4. Myth Four - in that case, if the fetus is female, and a pregnant woman taking drugs containing the hormone progesterone, the girl in the future is very high risk of primary infertility.

    This view is also quite wrong and baseless. As mentioned earlier, progesterone has no effect on the body of the child and, therefore, can in no way affect the subsequent reproductive function of the female fetus.

  5. The fifth myth - the drug brings no effect and only works on the principle of a placebo and much faster you can get pregnant after taking contraceptives.

    Some women have doubts whether you can get pregnant on djufaston. However, these concerns are groundless - above shows a huge number of arguments explaining reliably helps you djufaston pregnant.

 djufaston how to take to get pregnant

Security preparations containing progesterone

Of course, if a woman wants to have a baby and appealed for help to doctors, its decision is quite deliberate and serious step. And so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the woman is worried about what is proposed to improve the reproductive functions of the female body and increases the percentage probability of pregnancy drug, active substance of which is a female hormone progesterone can lead to undesirable side effects and harm the health of the baby and possibly the health of women.

These concerns are perfectly understandable. However, in fact, progesterone is completely safe for both mother and child. It also does not exhibit the delayed side effects - when complications occur some time after ingestion. This fact makes these preparations are most popular among physicians because, in contrast to the other of its analogues have a remarkable therapeutic effect and a complete absence of any whatsoever side effects.

Even when preparing for a serious intervention such as in vitro fertilization, a woman's body, doctors prefer to prepare for pregnancy is progesterone data. It explains the choice of doctors by the fact that at any IVF, however slight, of complications from a woman's health can lead to an unsuccessful attempt to fertilization.

Also, these drugs doctors - gynecologists prescribe to women who are faced with such a problem as habitual miscarriage. In good time to start taking the drug "Djufaston" or "Utrozhestan" the woman at times reduces the risk of recurrent spontaneous abortion. Thanks to this preparation, that a woman's body is ready for the successful conservation of the ensuing pregnancy - in the uterine cavity to create the most favorable conditions for carrying a child, the mother's immune system does not attempt indifitsirovat the fetus as a foreign body and, as a consequence, to tear it.

Of course, talking about what drugs to help get pregnant, can not be ignored that the number is large enough - and only a doctor can choose is suitable for your particular case. For example, many of the women who became pregnant at utrozhestane for a long time tried to do this by taking "Djufaston" and vice versa.

Contraindications to the use of these drugs

Also, women often ask about whether there are any contraindications to receiving these drugs. And this question is not without a certain logic - because whatever efficiencies did not possess these drugs, and no matter how safe they are, they are still just pharmacological agents. This means that they, like any other medication, have a number of contraindications. For example, these drugs can not be used if:

  1. Woman suffering from are hypersensitive to any of the supporting components of these drugs. However, in each case, the doctor focuses on the circumstances - if the expected benefits of these drugs is higher than the risk of their admission, the doctor may prescribe a woman "Urozhestan" or "Djufaston" simultaneously with assigning any - or drugs that suppress allergic reactions.
  2. The woman suffers from epilepsy. This does not matter in what form the disease takes place - in a distinct and almost secretive - from the use of these drugs will still have to be abandoned.
  3. Another contraindication to products manufactured on the basis of the hormone progesterone - is the presence of a woman's diabetes.
  4. Women having serious problems with the kidneys or liver - in this case to get pregnant after duphaston fails.

However, if you suffer from any of the above conditions, do not despair - almost all of them are conditional contraindications. This means that they can be taken, certain conditions are met. Incidentally, this is another compelling argument in favor of why these drugs are not allowed to use without the knowledge of physicians. Also, in any case can not be solved by yourself, what to drink tablets to become pregnant.

In addition, while preparing for pregnancy, should not be neglected and the general rules to comply with the best mode of the day, to eat right, give up bad habits. In addition, ask your doctor what you need vitamins to get pregnant. Healthy mother - the main guarantor of the birth of a healthy baby.

If you have relevant information concerning any difficulties getting pregnant, we suggest that you find out what people think about this highly qualified doctors. We, in turn, wish you to achieve your goals and feel the first tremors of your crumbs as soon as possible.

 Drugs that help to get pregnant

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