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Travel has always been part of human life - the first hike, then on horseback, the first machine and then flying in the air. Modern humanity has at its disposal a huge number of different vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to airplanes. Unfortunately, not all travel options are shown to pregnant women: in particular, pregnancy and hop on the plane are still subject to the busiest discussing opinions. In this article we have tried to consider all the problematic issues that may accompany the flight in an airplane.


Fainting is the frequent companions of pregnant women. Of course, after the first case of fainting you need as quickly as possible, seek medical help. Most often fainting during pregnancy is caused by phenomena such as iron deficiency anemia, or hypotension (low blood pressure). Taking certain medications prescribed by the attending gynecologist, often eliminates the very cause of syncope. However, any pregnant woman should keep firmly in mind that completely exclude the possibility of syncope is simply impossible, especially during various trips - closeness, shaking, a large number of people may trigger the development of attack. Therefore it is very important to know how to behave in a similar situation.

In no case can not fully rely on the help of strangers around you. Unfortunately, life - it's not a fairy-tale plot in which a handsome prince always comes to the rescue. And take care of and reliance in such situations, a pregnant woman should first of all for themselves. And then, perhaps, the surrounding people caught on and offer you a much-needed help. Every pregnant woman should know the main symptom of an approaching fainting due time to react and take the necessary measures:

  • Feeling dizzy, "weightlessness" of the body.
  • Tingling face, hands and feet.
  • Loss of visual acuity - haze veil before the appearance of the eyes.
  • Hearing loss - the emergence of tinnitus.

In no case do not rely on the fact that this state will pass by itself, without turning faint. If it passes - wonderful. And if not? According to doctors, the average pregnant women swoon lasts about fifteen minutes. You are ready to spend time on the floor, not controlling the situation? Most likely no.

That is why the appearance of the first symptoms of impending syncope pregnant woman should do the following:

  • Feeling unwell, try to sit down as soon as possible or, even better, lie down, if it happens in a train.
  • Be sure to let us know as soon as possible about your condition to those people who are closest to you. As practice shows, virtually no one in such a situation is not capable of a pregnant woman to refuse help.
  • Try as fast as possible to get rid of close and compressive garments - unbutton the collar, remove the belt.

 flight by plane during pregnancy

    Motion sickness

    Too many people are exposed to such unpleasant phenomenon of motion sickness. In particular, flying on an airplane is fairly common cause of motion sickness. And during pregnancy, this probability increases many times - at least once during pregnancy seasick almost any pregnant woman. The causes of such conditions, a great many - from a weak vestibular system and ending with severe chronic diseases, most often associated with the pathology of the cardiovascular system. But sometimes there is motion sickness, and without any compelling reason. For example, such a "cocktail", the bus and pregnancy causes discomfort in a sufficiently large number of women.

    If you at least once notice of a case of motion sickness, the choice of route and means of transport required to consider some nuances:

    • Schedule meals

    The fact you are experiencing hunger, greatly affects the likelihood of motion sickness. For example, a flight in an empty stomach is much faster cause motion sickness, and as a consequence, a feeling of nausea. In no case do not sit in traffic on an empty stomach, no eating beforehand. Exceptions to this rule may be only one case - a trip for tests that can be performed only on an empty stomach.

    However, in this case, be sure to take care of that immediately after leaving the clinic you have a product that you can eat. Do not look for fast food - nutrition of pregnant women should be full and healthy. It is much wiser to pre-cook a fruit or some nuts. Incidentally, nuts while driving very effectively help to combat motion sickness.

    But do not go to the other extreme - to carry out the flight after a hearty lunch or dinner, with fullness. This behavior - also the right move to the strong motion sickness. Flying a plane is not recommended earlier than half an hour after meals, especially fat.

    Factors that increase motion sickness

    If you feel that when you start rocking motion, try to relax as much as possible. Doctors recommend that in such situations a blind eye - flashing outside the window objects, knitting or reading while driving provoke and intensify the process of motion sickness.

    Traveling long distances

    In the event that a pregnant woman has a long flight, it simply has to take care to prepare and take all necessary pharmacological agents. You understand that is not always the right time pharmacy may be within reach, and the flight during pregnancy can give a lot of surprises, unfortunately, often the most unexpected.

    Nor should we have confidence in the fact that there are any aircraft kit - there are only simple drugs often strictly contraindicated in pregnancy. Before the trip, be sure to talk to your physician-gynecologist. He will tell you what kind of drugs you may need on the road. You should not rely on your memory - be sure to write on paper, how to take them - the dosage, the time of reception. Include a statement in the packaging of medicines - you may need it.

    In the medicine cabinet must necessarily include the following products:

    • Iodine 5% solution or as brilliant green - 1%.
    • "Renny" - a drug for heartburn, which is often a loyal companion of pregnant women, irrespective of their stage of pregnancy.
    • Pills "No-spa." This drug is an excellent antispasmodic.
    • "Essentiale Forte" or "Mezim", which are designed to facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • Manganese powder - take care that it was tightly packed. Note that even manganese dry crystals can burn the mucous membranes.
    • Alcohol tincture of valerian.
    • "Smecta" or activated charcoal tablets. If you allow your financial possibilities, we advise you to purchase Enteros gel. All these drugs have excellent absorbent action - unfortunately, from food poisoning on the road is safe absolutely nobody.
    • Be sure to put dressings - bandages, adhesive plaster. It is impossible to predict when they are needed.
    • Put a first aid kit in the vehicle by the common cold, that you usually prefer to use.
    • In the event that you encounter arise periodically tearing, redness and itching eyes, do not forget to take eye drops.
    • Be sure to put in your first aid kit is antipyretic, which you normally used to enjoy when the temperature rises.

     hop on a plane during pregnancy

      Flying on a plane during pregnancy

      Next, let's talk about the topic of pregnancy and the plane. Choosing the plane, remember that pregnancy and flights have a number of specific features. Be sure to carefully read them and take note of this, so that later you do not have to wonder.

      Firstly, the term of your pregnancy: as a rule, most airlines are not allowed to board the plane women at high pregnancy - someone after 34 weeks of pregnancy, while others after 36 - Be sure to ask about it to the airlines whose services you You intend to use. Flying over this period can be simply unfeasible.

      Also be sure to note the following caveat - most airlines are allowed to fly only for those pregnant women who have a certificate from the attending physician. The certificate must indicate the period of pregnancy and that a woman doctor says flight and I am sure that this pregnancy and flying a plane is safe. Without this help the woman simply did not sell a ticket.

      Also worth considering another feature of hops during pregnancy in the short term. Of course, the first few months of pregnancy, absolutely no one can note that you are pregnant and require you to a doctor's certificate that he allowed you to fly on a plane. However, remember that if the pregnancy, even in the short term, with what takes place - any complications, the flight may trigger spontaneous interruption. Therefore, before the flight should visit your gynecologist and find out what he thinks about it.

      And if the doctor for some reason believes that the flights at this stage could have a negative impact on both the mother and fetus development, for a pregnant woman to be very reasonable decision to change the mode of transport or even refusal of travel. After all, the responsibility for the flight by plane lies entirely on the expectant mother.

      But all the formalities are met, and the woman is ready for flight. Seasoned moms are advised to follow some simple rules that will maximize ease travel and to minimize possible complications:

      • Avoid stressful situations

      In that case, if you are prone to mood swings and stress, try to minimize all irritants. For example, items need to be collected in advance without delay to the last moment. The same goes for the trip to the airport - check out of the house in advance, so as not to be nervous in traffic, wondering., You will have time to register.

      • Headache

      In that case, if you encounter a periodic headache, make sure in advance that it is not caught up to you on the road. The best way to prevent headaches - is to use as much liquid, preferably an ordinary clean water. Drink the liquid in small portions, but often enough.

      • More walk and sit properly

      Try to sit next to the aisle. During the flight, try not to sit all the time on the site, and every half-hour stroll down the aisle. This precaution will help you avoid leg swelling, which are not rare during flights. It is also important to sit correctly. A favorite all pose in which the legs are crossed and abut the popliteal fossa on the edge of the seat for a pregnant woman is totally unacceptable. Even one hour spent in a similar position, sufficient to trigger the development of leg vein thrombosis.

      Pregnancy and holidays

      In that case, if a pregnant woman has decided to go on holiday, it must necessarily take into account all the features of the condition. Of course, vacation in early pregnancy is more preferable than a month before the birth. But, of course, every pregnant woman making your own conscious choice, taking into account all the nuances and circumstances in her case.

      During pregnancy, it should give preference to European resorts, where the level of service is quite high. Avoid travel to countries where unstable political situation or the weather - you just do not have the right to put your crumbs whatever was dangerous.

      It is also important to think carefully about the fact, in what climate zone you are going to spend your vacation. Gynecologist extremely negative attitude to the sharp change in the climate of a pregnant woman. For example, to go in the winter in Thailand - to impose on your body did not he needed the additional load. Most of the rest of his body will be reconstructed under the summer weather. And on returning home again he will have to adapt to winter - and thus similar to a vacation during pregnancy will bring neither mother nor child is nothing but more problems.

      Be sure to take care of to make your stay most comfortable. Yes, in-room internet and TV is good, but a good bed and a refrigerator in your case much more important. And when it comes to the summer season, the air conditioner may be for a pregnant woman almost the most necessary thing for the whole holiday. Just remember that in any case not allowed to sit or lie down right under the air conditioning - otherwise you risk your entire vacation to spend in bed, in the company of the TV, medicines and a handkerchief.

      Another very important issue that must necessarily take into account the future mothers, going on vacation - it's a matter of catering. Remember now your food should be healthy, wholesome and varied. However, diversity should be within reasonable limits. Expectant mother should not eat too exotic dishes such as carpaccio or sushi, for example. Of course, no one would argue that this food is very tasty and nutritious, but remember that in the raw fish, as well as in raw meat, are often gelmitiny - parasitic worms.

      Leisure-time activities should also not escape your notice. In that case, if the expectant mother is resting in a tourist group, it must know in advance of all upcoming trips. Sometimes, from some of them are much wiser to give up than, knocking the last effort to try to keep up with the tour guide. Rest expectant mother should be built so that it could break at any moment, when she wants it.

      And remember the most important thing - any holiday, where and how he did not pass, the expectant mother should bring as many positive emotions. Smile, laugh, swim, bask in the rays of the sun - after the next holiday you can go to have not one, but with your little miracle!

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