what to do to get pregnant

Very often, for one reason or another to the woman raises the question of how to get pregnant fast. Each of them for such haste reasons. In this article, we will not consider the moral - ethical side of the issue, as well as how responsible and deliberate acceptance of a woman of the decision. Therefore, we take the basis of "how to get pregnant fast? "And" why can not I get pregnant? ".

Very often, these questions arise from that group of women who have various health problems - as in the reproductive sphere, and in general. Recurrent and chronic inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, regular failures of the normal menstrual cycle, a variety of dysfunctional uterine bleeding and endocrine disorders - all these problems are causing serious concern among women who are planning a pregnancy in the near future. There are questions about whether it is possible to get pregnant with a cyst, after abortion and other things that you need to do in order to get pregnant. This will be discussed below.

So, who can quickly get pregnant? As a rule, if any woman or her partner do not suffer what - any disease, do not complain to any ailment, and the woman undergo regular preventive examination by a gynecologist, the chances of getting pregnant the first time is very, very high.
Below are some of the parameters, considering that you'll be able to give a rough estimate of your chances of getting pregnant fast. In the event that all the answers are negative, the percentage of rapid onset of default is zero. Each positive response - minus 10 per cent.

  1. Your menstrual cycle is irregular, often there are significant changes in it one way or the other.
  2. Menstruation is more severe - they can be very painful and heavy, or on the contrary, is too meager, with only one discharge ichor.
  3. Do you notice any - any abnormal, unusual discharge from the genital organs may have an unpleasant odor. Moreover, this aspect concerns both men and women.
  4. You appear periodically discharge from the mammary glands of any color and consistency.
  5. You are suffering from regular headaches, often migraine.
  6. You either exhaustion or too overweight.
  7. You are in a constant state of stress, suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.
  8. Do you suffer from any of endocrine diseases.
  9. You often experience dragging pain in the abdomen.
  10. Your sex life is chaotic in nature.

In all cases, except for the last, a woman wishing to become pregnant should as much as possible for a complete examination and consult appropriate specialists: gynecologist, urologist, endocrinologist, neurologist. These experts will help establish a diagnosis and arrange appropriate treatment needed to help to eliminate existing obstacles to conceive a baby.

In addition, if all of the above symptoms you are absent, but even so you can not get pregnant within one year, or for six months if your age is over 35 years old, be sure to consult a doctor - a gynecologist. And tighten access to a doctor is not necessary - you can lose something precious, which is so necessary for the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy.

By the way, not to mention one very interesting for a little-known fact. Too many couples as a method of protection are interrupted intercourse. However, numerous studies have proven that coitus interruptus is not protected against pregnancy. For this reason, keep in mind the fact that if a half - two years of protection by this method you will not get pregnant, it is highly likely that desired pregnancy without medical help will not come.

The process of fertilization

So what are the problems can interfere with the natural process of ovulation, fertilization and successful implantation in the uterine lining? As we all know, at the beginning of the menstrual cycle under the influence of certain hormones, oocyte maturation begins. After its maturation under the influence of another hormone, follicle bursts, releasing the mature egg - this process is called ovulation. At the site of the follicle forms the corpus luteum which produces a hormone and necessary for the proper development of further pregnancy.

This whole process is very delicate and it may affect the normal course of a variety of factors. The strongest influence is hormonal - the onset and development of pregnancy is possible only when adequate respective hormonal women. If her body is lowered levels of any hormone, possibly disruption of the menstrual cycle, it is not possible the process of conception, further promotion of the fallopian tubes and the implantation of the ovum in the uterine lining - the egg can not ripen, the follicle - not burst, and mucous endometrium not be prepared for the possibility to accept a fertilized egg and support it needs for normal development conditions.

In addition, the hormonal imbalance in the female body and can lead to various other disorders. For example, the mucus in the cervix located, under the influence of certain hormones in the middle of the menstrual cycle becomes less viscous in order to no spermatozoa - obstructions could penetrate into the uterine cavity. If the content of certain hormones in the blood is too high or, conversely, low if the acid - base balance in the vagina broken - sperms will not be able priniknut the uterus and therefore conception in this situation it becomes impossible.

There are also physiological barriers to pregnancy. For example, an abnormal structure of the uterus - bicornuate or having a pronounced bend - the possibility of rapid onset and further development of the pregnancy can not happen naturally, without medical intervention.

Not less dangerous are and adhesive processes occurring in the fallopian tubes. In that case, if the fallopian tube is soldered as a result of any - or inflammation, sperm can not get out of the uterine cavity in the pipe, which, strictly speaking, and the merging of sperm to mature egg. Or perhaps even more deplorable developments - the sperm get into the fallopian tubes, where fertilization occurs. However, the egg of its size in the hundreds of times the sperm, so in the presence of tubal adhesions fertilized egg can not pass through the pipes and can be fixed on the wall of the pipe itself. The result is the development of an ectopic pregnancy, which is a huge threat to the mother's life and in no way can be saved.

In that case, if the woman suffers adhesive process of the fallopian tubes, it must undergo a full pre-gynecological examination. Often, in order to prevent occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, doctor - a gynecologist decides to hold a laparoscopy. Using the laparoscope the doctor to restore normal patency of the fallopian tubes, thus eliminating the root cause of secondary infertility in women.

In that case, if there are such women inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus as endometritis or endometriosis, a woman may face another problem. Consider the specific question - is it possible to get pregnant with endometriosis? Sperm, without any - any obstacles penetrate into the uterus and fallopian tubes, fertilization takes place. However, the fertilized egg, dropping into the uterus, can not be implanted in the mucous membrane, as she was as a result of pathological changes of the disease and has lost the ability to accept a fertilized egg.

How to quickly get pregnant?

In order for such a long-awaited pregnancy is going to happen the male sperm fertilization. And, as mentioned above, the egg matures only once a month, so it is important not to skip the process of ovulation. To do this, every woman should know her so-called fertile period - the days of the menstrual cycle, which is easiest to get pregnant.

Typically, these days can be calculated by measuring the basal body temperature and plotted. In addition, in almost any drugstore sell special test - strip in which a woman without any - any work, at home, with absolute precision to determine the day of ovulation, which significantly increases the chances of pregnancy.

In addition, in deciding to become pregnant, the parents have to completely overhaul your entire lifestyle. It is very important to observe a number of conditions that increase the chances of pregnancy, its successful course and the birth of a healthy baby:

  • Be sure to discard the use of coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

Scientists have proven that caffeine is the most adverse effect on the performance of the entire reproductive system, both male and female. A woman with an excess of caffeine disrupted menstrual cycle, the egg can not ripen to the required stage or not ripen at all. In men, the caffeine is largely impairs sperm quality, as it reduces the ability of sperm to fertilize their overall viability.

  • Completely eliminate the use of alcohol.

In no case shall the period of planning pregnancy and, of course, directly during and subsequent breast-feeding, do not drink any alcoholic and soft drinks. Alcohol acts as a male, and the female body is very negative - the sex cells are destroyed even in the process of maturation, and if they ripen, the conceived child may have a huge number of different health problems, defects, and deviations in development in the future.

  • Give up smoking.

Nicotine also brings considerable damage to health, impairs the nervous, circulatory and other systems of the body. But smoking during pregnancy can lead to complications such as its spontaneous termination, intrauterine fetal hypoxia, premature birth, birth of a child with low birth weight.

  • Substance Abuse.

Talk about what harm the body are able to bring drugs makes no sense - it is in our time knows every student. Narcotics cause very severe damage to all the vital systems of the body.

  • Compliance with the correct mode of the day.

In that case, if a woman has decided to soon become a mother, she has to comply with adequate, correct mode of the day. Carefully watch your sleep - you must sleep strictly at night, to avoid the failure of the natural biological rhythm of life, inherent to humans. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day - lack of sleep can negatively affect the hormonal system, resulting in total failure occurs in hormonal levels of the female body.

  • Eating when planning pregnancy.

Also, women planning a pregnancy, you should seriously reconsider your diet. As mentioned above, the woman should be completely excluded from the diet of coffee and alcohol. In addition, doctors also is not recommended in preparation for pregnancy to drink strong tea and all soft drinks.

Also, as far as possible give up eating all those foods that contain artificial colors and preservatives. Also, you should try to give up pastry made of flour, as well as excessive amounts of salt and sugar. You can not eat too salty, spicy and smoked food, as well as overly fatty foods - all this places an increased burden on the liver. The liver is working wear, it stimulates the production of unnecessarily large amounts of hormones such as androgens. Androgens have the ability to substantially inhibit ovulation during a natural process that, in turn, reduces the chance of pregnancy.

All the diets of women should be carefully considered and made with the following requirements:

  • Vitamin - mineral composition.

For the future mother it is very important to her body gets a complete set of vitamins, micro and macro elements and nutrients. Many women are aware of it and ask questions about what you need to eat to get pregnant. Frankly, on the fact of conception of the nature of the food does not directly affect the process of conception. But diet is most directly reflected not only in the course of pregnancy, but also on health as mom and baby. Always Eat plenty of vegetables and greens. For example, parsley and potatoes are rich in folic acid, carrots - keratin. By the way, nutritionists have long proven that folic acid helps to become pregnant.

  • Content in the products of vitamins A and E

Vegetable oils (note - no animal fats), supply the body with a woman so necessary for him to vitamins A and E. These vitamins are essential for the full development of the unborn baby.

  • Adequate protein content in the diet.

Too many women, for whatever reason refuse eating meat. However, during the pregnancy planning this move is extremely unwise. Protein in the diet of an expectant mother needed as badly as vitamins and minerals. In that case, if the expectant mother flatly refuses to eat meat, for example, because of ethical beliefs, you can use the alternative - in vegetable protein. The highest amount of protein found in nuts and legumes (beans, peas). Note that the use of soy in this case is undesirable for several reasons.

  • In no case do not use diet designed to reduce body weight.

When planning a pregnancy, remember that sit on a diet in any case it is impossible, because it contradicts all the above requirements to the diet of women at the time of conception, pregnancy. And, in addition, on the eve of the expected pregnancy weight loss is simple - simply deprived of whatever sense - one way or another, but for the first 9 months pregnant woman in any way gain weight. So leave the dream of an ideal figure, as long as you do not give birth to his crumbs.

  • The man is extremely important to abandon the use of beer.

We have already repeatedly stated that during pregnancy planning, both spouses must give up drinking. However, very often the men neglect is necessary, in the mistaken belief that low-alcohol beer is no harm. However, in reality this is not so: the beer in large quantities contains substances that trigger the production of a specific group of hormones that greatly impair the quality of male sperm.

 whether it is possible to get pregnant with endometriosis

Advice for Men

The most common set of rules and restrictions on the time of conception and pregnancy concerns is women. However, a man who wants to soon become a happy young dad must sacrifice some comforts and desires. After all, the role of the pope in the process of conception is as important as the role of the mother. Pay attention to the following doctors' recommendations:

  • Correctly choose pants and underwear.

In order to develop a full-fledged sperm occurred, it is important that the testicles are not exposed to overheating and excessive pulling clothes. Pay attention to this fact - for a period of trying to conceive a child give up the narrow trunks and pants in favor of a broad apparel.

  • Do not go to saunas and baths.

As mentioned, the overheating of the testicles is extremely negative impact on a man's ability to conceive. That is why a man should temporarily refrain from visiting the baths and saunas, as well as from taking hot baths.

  • Limit the number of sexual acts.

Of course, this recommendation may cause slight bewilderment readers. However, it is under a very scientific basis. After all, the more often the male sexual acts occur, the smaller the number of sperm produced in the next time. The optimal number of days of abstinence before intercourse necessary to develop a full-fledged sperm - about three days.