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When someone from our friends sad, we are experiencing an understandable desire to cheer her up; but sometimes it is quite difficult to do it properly to avoid being hurt and not to spoil her mood even more. Much depends on the extent of your friendly closeness and actually the cause of her sadness. For example, if you are spoiled her mood (perhaps you had a falling out, and then you realize that they were wrong), you will have to make more effort to cheer her friend.

There may of course be other reasons, and there may be a plurality. A recent divorce, who had to go through your friend, the news of the serious illness or death of a loved one ... Of course, when the best friend is upset, it can be very painful for you. Whatever the reason, if you show patience and understanding, you can quickly find a way to cheer up the girl. We also offer a few ways by which you can help a friend to go through hard times, feeling the warmth of your shoulder. And we will look at different situations.

How to cheer up a friend when she was upset about something

Suppose you feel that favorite girlfriend felt sad but obvious reasons you can not see. Or maybe just do not know about it. What can you do in this situation?

  • Ask her the reason for her change of mood

    Just try to ask a question so that she felt your care; insincere words or patronizing tone you're upset her even more. Listen to the answer, without interruption, even if you are at this moment become the object of her criticism (if it is you somehow act or careless words have touched it). Resist the temptation to fend off her attacks or hold the defense. Regardless of the cause of her sadness, it is very important to be a good listener. Thereby you show your friend a special relationship to her, his desire to understand and help.

  • Offer their support girl

    Let a friend know that you can count on, even if it is not yet ready to ask you about this.

  • Give her a chance to be in his "shell" if it does not want to talk about what happened

    Stop questioning her and just try to distract from the sad thoughts. You can not climb to the man in the soul, if he does not want you to go to them.

  • Show that you sympathize with her condition

    No matter how you do it - in words or deeds, - the main thing that a friend saw your empathy. The trouble is that one of the most natural human reaction to a bad mood relatives - pretend emotionally deaf or even try to defend himself, taking the defensive. You should not succumb to this temptation. Anger or resentment your girlfriend can be directed not against you. Better to tell her: "I know you had a hard day, and you seem to be too tired. Is there anything I could do for you? "Or," I feel that you're angry. Tell me what's going on? "

  • If a girl wants to tell you about what upset her, then listen carefully to her

    This is the best thing you can do for his girlfriend at first, when she upset about something. Give her to pour out his soul to remove part of her weight. Do not try to immediately give advice. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask a friend if she would like just to talk, or she wants to know your opinion.

  • Make friends for something like that, that she loves

    This will be good not only for the obvious reason - because it will help reduce the sadness beloved girlfriend - but will help to show your sympathy and love to her, if a friend does not want to talk about what it is depressing. And sometimes it can help to find out what did happen.

  • Give her something of himself to share something meaningful

    It does not necessarily have to be something physical; it may be time that you scroll from his busy schedule to meet and talk to upset the girl, or change of plans for the weekend, when you quit and go to the girlfriend to get her out to the cinema or a cafe. When you donate to her something that would not do in another situation, it will tell a friend about your willingness to help her. So it will not feel too lonely.

  • Invite a friend to do it for some urgent important thing is to perform which she is now no strength or mood

    Of course, you can not decide for her all her problems, but you can help solve a problem from its list. You can run to the store for a friend, for her to wash the dishes or to pay her bills. Often what worried man - the lack of time on housework, or difficulties at work, - an additional source of strength for him. If you know that it inhibits your friend, ask her to help. By helping her, you can greatly improve her mood. Even if she refuses your help, the fact that your concern for her support her spirit.

  • Spend some time in order to distract her friend from gloomy thoughts

    Suggest she go for a walk. Sometimes a simple walk in the park is able to lift the mood. Chat about something pleasant for you, for example, reminiscing about the fun adventures that you had experienced together. Sit in a cafe, trying delicious pastries. Who does not like you to know that we girls can come in a good mood at the mere sight of sweets! Perhaps it is the easiest and most enjoyable way to lift the girl up.

  • Call for help all his humor

    Try to make fun of itself, if in the course of conversation it would be appropriate. These jokes are not only both of you can have fun, but also make your eyes more accessible companion. It will be easier to trust you if she wants to talk. So poironiziruyte over themselves - that will not do for his beloved friend!

    You can also watch a good comedy together. Watching funny adventures of heroes, the girl distracted from his own gloomy thoughts. See the evening of humor on TV will be very useful. In general, try to make your girlfriend began to smile. Our brains are accustomed to associate certain actions with their corresponding emotions, and if you smile, the brain will give the command: "Be happy! "The mood can be improved simply by smiling, even to herself.

    Use humor, jokes, anecdotes, but just make sure that your choice is right. If you start too early, and make jokes out of place, you risk to seem insensitive. However, if you know your girlfriend, you can always make her laugh.

  • Listen to music together

    No other kind of art is not able to influence the way our subconscious like music. Just do not turn sad and sad emotions can cause song, your mood will "follow" after the music. A sad song will make your friend feel worse, while fun will make you forget about the worries, at least temporarily.

  • Involve girlfriend in trouble with pets, or their belonging to it

    Animals usually feel the mood of the owners, and if a friend is sad, and it is certainly a favorite huddled in the corner. Stir pet, involve him in the game - and friend, of course, too. Kiss and squeeze the animal - the smallest token of love from a cute little creature can turn your dull day in the very warm and sunny.

  • Make a small gift for a friend who is not so much practical as emotional value

    Create a mix of favorite songs of the girl, for example, and write them to disk. Bring her her favorite flowers. Buy her a disk with your favorite movie. You can think of a lot of cute little things that you will be able to please his beloved girlfriend.

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How to cheer girl on the phone

Sometimes, talking on the phone - that's all it takes to lift the girl up. Of course, if her mood is very bad thing, it may not want to pick up the phone. Then we remember the above guidelines and fly to her home. And if she went to the telephone, but reluctant to talk did not show, then after a few minutes of your "speech" (always in optimistic colors!), She cheered up and even thank you for your perseverance.

  • Talk to your friend with a smile in his voice

    Smile when you talk to her, because it will affect your tone and it will help to improve her mood. The smile will radiate your kindness that will show that you want to take care of her. Always nice to know because that someone is worried about you!

  • You can ask her the reason for a bad mood; but do not feel rejected if she does not want to talk about it

    Usually the girls want to express their feelings and experiences, especially if what hurt her soul happened recently. But if your girlfriend is secretive, it means that it is not necessary to invade her personal space, trying to cause her to be frank.

  • If a friend, on the contrary, too immersed in the experience of trouble, gently turn the conversation to some funny topic

    Distract attention from its experiences and make her laugh. Come up with some funny story that supposedly happened to you, or tell you about a funny prank your child or pet. This will help to cheer her up.

  • Again, ask her to get out of the house and go somewhere together

    It would be best to spend time having fun somehow - with eating ice cream in the nearest cafe or dancing with friends at someone at a party.

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How to cheer up the girl with low self-esteem

Regardless of the reason why your friend or girlfriend feels insecure life, often staying out of this in a bad mood in your power to teach her to be happy. Show her that every woman deserves to have it valued. Give her the impetus to improve self-esteem, maintaining its motivation, and it will cease to be sad and frowning. Here's what you can do for her:

  • Start your day with surprises

    Greet her joyful and friendly message on the mobile phone. Send the smiley face or some cute picture by e-mail. Bring her colorful balloons. Ideas can be a lot!

  • Talk to her in private, using optimistic, energetic tone

    If this is your colleague or classmate, then praise her for the excellent work done or attractive appearance. Ask how things are going, and give it an opportunity to express their concerns. Help her to feel more confident, it's sure to raise her spirits.

  • If this is your close friend, help her to identify his best and most strengths

    Take along a large collage, pasting back pictures that represent its best qualities. Add your own contribution to this collage, specifying those character traits that did not notice at your girlfriend. Illustrate and all her good deeds all that it does for other people. Hang the collage in her room - it is guaranteed to lift her spirits. And at the same time self-esteem!

In the life of every girl there are ups and downs. What happens if it's because of the serious life changes, or due to personal tragedy, or is it just a minor cause for the disorder - there are times when she needs support, communication and friendly warmth. All you have to do at this point - just let her know that you will do everything necessary to lift her spirits. And then you, too, for someone to come to the rescue if your mood falls "through the floor"!

 How to cheer up the girl in different situations

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