hypoplasia of the uterus during pregnancy

With the problems of female infertility and the impossibility of carrying a pregnancy, unfortunately, many today know firsthand. This can be seen by looking at any forum on women's health.

Did you know that the causes of almost all kinds of female infertility and other problems often associated with disturbances that occurred in the body of a girl in childhood and early adolescence? Such violations include, for example,

Hyperplasia of the uterus

This is one form of hormonal dysfunction, ie the failure of the hormonal system. The reasons for such a breach could be:

  • Firstly, disruption of the hypothalamus region of the brain that is responsible for the activities of the endocrine glands of the body) or,
  • Secondly, hypoactivity (reduced activity) ovarian producing female sex hormones.

As a result of these disturbances in the body is formed is too small amount of female hormones. Consequently, delayed uterine growth and other sexual organs.

What exactly factors can trigger uterine hyperplasia?

  1. Infectious diseases
  2. Strong nervous shocks (such as those associated with family conflicts or excessive teaching load).
  3. Poisoning by toxic substances, with the role of "poisoners" can play the toxins of tobacco smoke, as well as alcohol and drugs.
  4. Poor diet. There are cases where a uterine hyperplasia led newfangled diet, which adheres to a teenage girl, in order to "keep the shape."

Form hypoplastic uterus can be subdivided into three categories, depending on whether, at what point has stopped its development:

  • fetal or embryonic
  • infantile or baby
  • Teenager or virginal womb

One of the main symptoms of uterine hyperplasia - the menstrual cycle. Therefore, if the girls 15 - 16 years have not been the first menstrual period or periods come regularly, and are painful, too heavy or, on the contrary, scarce, parents should pay attention to it and to show my daughter gynecologist-endocrinologist.

Many women worry about whether it is possible pregnancy with hypoplastic uterus. Question your doctor on this subject often is given in gynecological surgeries and medical sites on the Internet. Doctors generally correspond as follows: "Pregnancy in uterine hypoplasia, unless it is stopped at a stage in the development of embryonic possible. But first it needs long-term treatment. "

With a slight hypoplasia of the uterus is enough physical therapy and the use of vitamins. However, in most cases, still have to seek the help of hormones - in fact the cause of hypoplastic uterus lies precisely in hormonal disorders.

Sometimes the cause of problems with child bearing is hypoplasia (underdevelopment) of the cervix. If the normal cervix has a cylindrical shape, when hypoplasia it maintains a conical shape as in girls.

Hypoplasia of the cervix does not prevent the onset of pregnancy, but can become a serious obstacle to its gestation, because of the emergence of the so-called cervical incompetence, that is, muscle weakness at the junction of the cervix with her body (from istmus - isthmus, cervix - the cervix ).

Too weak muscles fail to keep constantly tyazheleyuschy fruit that gradually descends lower and lower. Thus, pregnancy when hypoplasia of the cervix can result in miscarriage for a period of 20 to 30 weeks.

Cervical incompetence is very insidious - very often it takes place entirely asymptomatic.

Increased viscosity of cervical secretions

This is another common cause of infertility, which can lead to inflammatory and infectious diseases, insufficiently treated in childhood and adolescence.

Cervical Canal - a transition from the vagina to the cervix. Thick secret filling channel, long road blocks sperm into the uterus. Only for two or three days during the period of maximum activity of estrogen, its viscosity decreases. At this time, in the cervical canal, the sperm pass a kind of "test" - because it will be able to overcome only the motility and viability.

But with pathologically increased viscosity of secretions to pass into the uterus fail to - alas - none sperm ...

 whether it is possible pregnancy with hypoplastic uterus. ASK THE DOCTOR

Backward turned uterus

The cause of this disease may be weakening the tone of the ligaments that support the uterus after pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this problem is often "grow" more violent childhood or adolescence. For such problems can result, for example, excessive lifting weights, extreme jumps with a strong shaking of the body - especially during menstruation, when the uterus fills with blood and can be quite severe. By the bend of the uterus can cause flat feet, chronic constipation, and sometimes urinary retention.

How dangerous this pathology? First of all the fact that it is rarely accompanied by any severe symptoms, but it creates serious obstacles for the occurrence of pregnancy. However, for some women, bending of the uterus is only one of the variants of the norm.

Polycystic ovaries

This disease is caused by a wide variety of hormonal disorders. The first "offender" is often the pituitary gland - the main endocrine glands in our body, which directs the work of all other organs that produce hormones.

The danger of such pathology? First of all the fact that it usually occurs quickly, and as quietly flows. Often polycystic begins to develop in very young girls, immediately after the appearance of menses and appears "only" an increase in the menstrual cycle. Monthly can not be two or three months, or even longer. But she does not always pay attention to such detail. At this time, it takes more than studying, chat with friends and friends, first love ... Usually young woman reminisces about their health only when it turns its inability to become pregnant.

Is it possible to cure polycystic?

On this question the doctors clear answer: yes. Polycystic ovaries are often successfully treated with hormonal therapy. If hormone therapy does not bring the desired results, an ovarian cyst removed surgically. The problem is the same: this operation gives results only for a few months, sometimes - for a year. If you are lucky, this time may be enough for you to get pregnant and happily make a baby.

During pregnancy, a woman should be very careful and keep in mind that polycystic fraught with troubles such as a threat to abortion, missed abortion or premature birth. However, many women with this diagnosis quite successfully hatched, and gave birth to a healthy baby.

 Women's issues - "from childhood"?

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 childbirth with her husband


  • What is needed in the labor husband?
  • Courses of preparation for the birth partner
  • What documents are needed for joint delivery
  • Myths about delivery partner
  • Men's delusion

Perhaps no issue concerning pregnancy and childbirth without causing much heated debate, the question of the presence of her husband's birth. Hardly anyone - that in our time can surprise story of the birth partner - they are available in virtually any hospital, especially in large cities. However, to say that the birth partner with her husband become ubiquitous norm, it would not be entirely true.

In fact, at the joint childbirth and her husband decided a negligible number of particularly brave and intrepid couples. A vast majority of expectant parents still are not at risk to decide on such a move and prefer to walk the beaten path over the years of our grandparents and parents - a woman in the delivery room, and the man kills a third pack of cigarettes under the windows of this same delivery room.

By the way, in the world practice partnerships generations practiced for more than thirty years. Russian women have the same opportunity to receive similar in childbirth support her husband appeared relatively recently - about ten years ago. That is why in Europe and other countries, none of the couples and would never think about whether they want to give birth together - they simply give birth to their baby together and believe it is the only possible scenario.

In our hospital was present at the birth dad is kind of curiosity, to see which account for the entire medical staff, not to mention those envious looks pregnant women who catches at a future father, just coming into the corridor compartment.

What is needed in the labor husband?

First began to call for the presence of the child's father at the time of birth is the American doctors - gynecologists, in particular Robert Bradley. This doctor for a long time engaged in a thorough examination of naturally occurring births that occur without the use of pharmaceuticals and some - any medical intervention in the natural course of events.

And this obstetrician - gynecologist first opened widely known in our time the fact that the most attentive women their inner feelings, proper breathing, and the maximum possible in this situation, the relaxation of the muscles of the body allows you to greatly increase the chance that during childbirth is not there are no unforeseen complications, such as weakening of labor, perineal bleeding.

It goes without saying that the woman during labor scared, overwhelmed by intense pain. And in this state, very few women are able to maintain his composure and control. And at this very moment help the beloved can be very useful (not sure if he was not against the presence of close to giving birth).

For a man in childbirth lies an extremely important role. Most maternity daily gives birth to a considerable number of women. And the medical staff working in the maternity unit, with all his desire, often there is no possibility of not only all the time to be around a woman giving birth, but often even just look for it. A feeling of loneliness is not in the best companion of women. And her husband's presence at birth, who knows exactly what to do at one time or another, can be very useful.

To reduce pain on the peaks of contractions, her husband can do special massage to his wife, who is trained in advance. Also, at the peak of contractions most women lose control of correct breathing - the husband can help the woman to breathe just as necessary at the moment, and take the most comfortable position will also help.

But the most important role in the birth partner is played by encouragement. Who else better than her husband knows his wife? Who will pick up the necessary words to support and give confidence? In addition, most of the women in childbirth are much more receptive to the words and notes is the husband, not the doctors and midwives, however strange this fact did not seem at first glance. Psychologists explain this phenomenon reactive mental state of women during childbirth. Doctors can not give another example, when thanks to the participation in labor husband managed to avoid various interventions in the natural process of birth.

 joint childbirth with her husband

Courses of preparation for the birth partner

However, taking a decision on joint labor, weighing all the "pros" and "cons", the couple must keep in mind that it is not prepared in advance to properly man not only does not help his wife, but will not interfere with work medical staff. Believe me - despite the fact that childbirth is a natural process for the unprepared person may be too strong a shock. And being in semiconscious state Dad requiring assistance at a time when all attention should be focused only on the laboring woman - not the best option of partner birth.

In order to avoid such a situation, the man must take a responsible approach to this issue and how to prepare for the upcoming birth. Moreover, training should not only be theoretical, but also moral. The man should clearly realize that what he would have to face. You agree that to look at the suffering of a loved one and have absolutely no way to stop them is not such a simple matter.

It is in order to help men cope with possible psychological problems, all the arguments against such an event, and to prepare for the active help of his wife during childbirth, there are special training courses for delivery to prospective parents. In our time, there are quite a number of such schools for couples expecting a baby - in various medical centers at antenatal clinics and maternity homes. In such schools, experienced physicians and psychologists will help future mom and dad prepare for childbirth, to learn to communicate, understand each other without words, to go all the way with a long-awaited appearance of the crumbs into the world with the least possible losses.

In the preparatory courses obstetricians - gynecologists explain couple awaiting the birth of the baby that is just the process of giving birth, what periods are divided into clans, what peculiarities of each of them. They will explain the expectant mother, how to behave in a particular stage of labor, which at this time can be expected from the medical staff, what difficulties may lie in wait for laboring women at each stage of labor, and how to behave in the event of a complication of the normal flow generic process.

The future pope doctors explain in great detail how the birth place that this woman feels. And most importantly, as a man learns, this is what makes her husband's birth, what exactly he can help his beloved woman and child with the appearance of his birth. This information is the most valuable. After all, if a man does not understand the subtleties of ANY KIND of the physiological process of labor, it will not be a great tragedy.

What documents are needed for joint delivery

Of course, no one is convinced that labor is a complex process, during which the health of the crumbs and his mom are extremely vulnerable and exposed to various negative influences such as the penetration of a variety of pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. And during childbirth it is extremely important to the environment and the situation of women around her meet the requirements of sterility and epidemiology.

That is why in any hospital, practice partner delivery, no man would not allow the maternity ward, if he does not submit the required medical documents. Be sure to specify in advance what kind reference, tests and examinations required in the hospital, which will appear on your light crumb, because in different hospitals of these requirements may differ slightly. Be prepared for the fact that you have to give employees a maternity hospital:

  • The result of the study of lung fluorography.

It is necessary to make sure that men have tuberculosis and other infectious diseases of the lungs.

  • The result of blood tests for antibodies to HIV and RW.
  • The result of blood tests for the presence of a man of viral hepatitis.
  • The conclusion of the district therapist about the general state of health of the man - his lack of hypertension and coronary heart disease.
  • Help from a psychiatrist about the stability of mind and the absence of mental illness (very rare).

  Myths about delivery partner

Despite the fact that nowadays there are a huge number of very different sorts of information on partnerships, they are still surrounded by a loop of myths, rumors and misconceptions. Many couples do not have a correct understanding of the purpose and effects of joint delivery. Of course, it has partnered births for and against, will not escape from it. Particularly widespread are two major myth:

  • Joint labor strengthen the family.

Some women believe that partnerships can improve labor relations with the child's father, and sometimes save popping at the seams marriage. They believe that a man who looked to the suffering of women during childbirth, will change its attitude towards it and begin to appreciate it. However, experienced family psychologists claim otherwise. In such cases, guided by such motives for joint labor is not worth going. In most cases, the man brought his wife during childbirth stress does not strengthen the relationship and reinforces their differences. On the strengthening of relations can be expected only to couples in which there is harmony and mutual understanding. And if you have psychological problems, no knowledge of how to prepare for the birth of her husband, will not help solve the problem, but rather will set a man against a woman.

  • Together with her husband labors lead to problems in sexual life.

In some cases, the initiator of the joint delivery failure is just a woman. Expectant mother is afraid to give birth with her husband because it is in the firm belief that her husband saw a woman is not in the best light, in the future will lose her sexual interest. After all, what is shown in films about childbirth, do not always correspond to what is actually going on. Despite the fact that the birth of a man is a true miracle, in terms of aesthetics generations are not very pleasant picture. And the woman is forced to take a difficult decision for non - "whether to take her husband to give birth or to oppose such a venture? "

Around this question there is debate and discussion not only among the common people, but also among health professionals - psychologists and sexologists. However, consensus is still there. Generally, it depends solely on the nature of each man.

By the way, many couples come out of this situation in the following way: in the course of labor is a man with his wife, helping her as far as possible, and at the moment when it starts bearing-down period, leaving the maternity unit. Thus, most of the time a man is near, and in the most intimate moment, he does not see the future mother. And accordingly, the problem disappears by itself - a woman would help her husband in childbirth, and the certainty that the most unseemly time of delivery does not see her husband. Such a measure will enable the young mother did not have concerns for the relationship with her husband after giving birth.

But in fairness it should be noted that even if the problems in sexual life and still appear, they cause 99% of all cases are not getting a feeling of disgust, as erroneously believe the woman, and guilt. The man, seeing the suffering of his beloved woman, and knowing that he is directly involved in what is happening deep in the subconscious level, blames himself for what was happening. And it is this feeling of guilt leads to sexual disorders.

If you are also referred to such a sensitive issue, I do not make a mistake - do not try to handle it yourself. The human psyche is very vulnerable and poorly known objects. Even experienced doctors - psychologists, exercise extreme caution and delicacy that does not harm humans. It is much wiser at the first sign of sexual problems refer to the family psychologist or sex therapist, which will help to get rid of them.

 childbirth with her husband and cons

Men's delusion

As already mentioned, to partnership delivery was as effective as possible and brought joy and satisfaction, rather than a headache and additional problems, the decision to pass generations together, hand in hand, should be taken by mutual desire, without any - any compulsion with full consciousness all responsibility to make decisions as well as that with which to face.

Unfortunately, such an ideal scenario does not always occur. Most modern men still continue to live with the idea that labor is the exclusive prerogative of the female, and in the presence of these men is something unnatural going beyond normal. A father's task is to be on duty at the telephone and the subsequent notification of relatives. Like, they give birth, our parents in this way, and do not worry - all are alive and healthy.

However, those men who do not mind to give birth to his wife, who still decide on such an important step as partnerships childbirth, most of them do not feel sorry about such a step. Moreover, after the joint childbirth they radically change their idea of ​​childbirth, advising all our friends will certainly be close to their wives during the birth of their baby. These men clearly understand that drunken cries under the windows of the hospital - not a sign of courage and genuine love for his woman and, most importantly, to your baby.

As a rule, the greatest pride of the men is the special trust that the young dad doctors - cutting the umbilical cord. Believe me - a man present at the birth of their own child and has seen how the forces it is the birth of a woman should never allow themselves to irresponsible behavior towards them throughout later life. In wealthier families, genera and her husband are often the beginning of a qualitatively new, higher-level relationships.

Men who went through all the process of birth, along with his wife, and were close to the first seconds of the long-awaited birth of crumbs, long before there paternal instinct. Yes, and it is manifested in a much more vivid way than the rest of latter-day young dads. These men are not afraid of responsibility for the crumbs, it does not scare breastfeeding, diapers, diapers and bathing the baby, while the other men are often afraid of the most basic things - for example, take a crumb on his hands. Statistics show. In the event that there have been partnerships birth, male responses are very positive.

In any case, any birth never have consequences - that her husband changed after the birth, in either direction, says every woman, regardless of whether she gave birth alone, or else with the help of support and assistance to the husband. And it is quite clear - to be a father for the man is a very important and responsible work, which in most cases is quite serious. And absolutely no matter whether he was close at the moment of its treasures to light.

 Partnerships childbirth with her husband: "pros" and "cons"

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