vision during pregnancy

Pregnancy - is an ordeal for the woman's body. There is a capital restructuring of the entire hormonal system. Our eyes are very delicate organ, and any problems with them are very visible during this period. What is restricted and that the focus should be not to fall eyesight during pregnancy?

Routine inspection experts in pregnancy and includes a visit to an ophthalmologist. Do not ignore the optician! Even if you are sure that your eyesight is all right. During pregnancy, the entire body is tested for strength. Eye - one of the most vulnerable organs of our body, and any, even the most minor infractions during pregnancy can turn into a catastrophic problem and the sharp deterioration of vision.

Typically, the first survey was carried out only when you stood on the account, the second for 4-5 months pregnant, and the last month before the expected birth. During a visit to an ophthalmologist scrutinizes your fundus, the condition of the retina and the degree of refraction (the pathological changes in the eye). His task as a specialist - to identify possible retinal tears or general changes in the fundus. Also, an eye doctor measures your eye pressure.

What should I pay attention?

During pregnancy, women are very hypochondriac. Sometimes it may seem that you have been bad to see. It is easy to explain. The fact is that during pregnancy all connective tissues become more elastic body, the structure of the eye is also subject to such modification. But, unfortunately, our eyes do not have the property restored, that is seeing during pregnancy may actually deteriorate and fall on one or two diopters.

A peculiar effect of flicker flies before his eyes are usually not dangerous, it is observed in any person. This is a completely normal process in physiology. Typically, changes in the eyes are completely transparent, it is the fact they are dangerous. But occasionally, you may receive the effect of lightning, that is, you can see glimpses of the periodic bright Seconds. If you notice at something similar - just consult an ophthalmologist.

Vision problems are now quite common. Myopia suffers almost every second person. If you have low vision, an eye specialist should come every month during the whole pregnancy. At this time it is better not to wear lenses, but to limit points. Most women at that time experience discomfort when wearing the lenses. During this period, the whole body is rebuilt expectant mothers, and changing the structure of the eye, so the lenses that are selected individually, you may no longer be suitable.

Every woman who has problems with his vision, asks the question: How does the short-sightedness of childbirth as they are - naturally or by Caesarean section. A lot of factors affect the final verdict ophthalmologist whether to allow a woman to give birth when their own myopia. It evaluates all age, overall health, the degree of visual impairment, the condition of the retina, etc.

The main reason for the ban ophthalmologist natural childbirth is a retinal dystrophy. During labor, attempts have serious differences in intraocular pressure, which can lead to retinal detachment, changes in the fundus and sharp vision loss.

From a medical point of view the presence of myopia or other eye diseases only 10% of cases leads to a cesarean section during pregnancy. If the opinion of an ophthalmologist says unequivocally "yes" cesarean section, do not worry. Much more important is how to maintain the health of the unborn child, as well as their own. You will need your crumbs healthy and strong.

For up to 35 weeks you will be able to make laser coagulation of view. During this procedure, which takes only a few minutes, it performed a kind of "welding" the retina to the weak layers. In these places there is scarring of the connective tissue and creates a strong bond with the retina choroid. This simple procedure will relieve you from further deterioration of, and possible Caesarean section.

 decreased vision during pregnancy

Preventing problems with vision

If you have impaired vision, you should be especially careful to treat his condition during pregnancy. Do not lift heavy objects, as well as refrain from situations in which you can feel the "rush of blood to the head." When such movements increased intraocular pressure, which adversely affects the general condition of the retina.

Do periodically following exercise: draw on a sheet of paper a bright circle with a diameter of 5 mm. When approaching a circle at a distance of 30 cm, close one eye hand. Other eye alternately looking at this circle, then abruptly translating look into the distance. This exercise should be done with each eye. Do this several times a day for 5-10 minutes. Such exercises may limit the progression of nearsightedness and maintain vision.

Limit your computer to stay two hours a day. Everything else try to devote free time to communicate with nature in a nearby park. If the specifics of your work is that of the monitor can not escape, try to take breaks often and exercise for the eyes. Very good, if you buy a special mesh points to a computer - they are sold in pharmacies.

Be sure to attend childbirth preparation courses. You will be taught how to breathe and push, relax and rest between contractions. This is very important - to be able to control themselves during childbirth. Proper behavior of mothers many times reduces eye strain.

Your poor vision during pregnancy requires attention and necessary action. A competent and responsible, timely visit to the doctors taking care of yourself and your pregnancy and delivery will take place safely and without complications.

 Fell vision during pregnancy? Urgently to the doctor!

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 smoking during pregnancy

It seems to be an indisputable fact: Smoking - harm smoking during pregnancy - is doubly harmful. After all, at the same time it suffers not only the woman's body. Tobacco smoke hurts and her unborn child.

However, the statistics are as follows: 22% of smokers, even expecting a child, do not leave the habit. Thus almost 8, 5% had smoked ten cigarettes a day, and sometimes more. Some of them are talking about the dangers of smoking for the future child is treated as an empty "horror stories". Let us try to understand -

The dangers of smoking during pregnancy?

Cigarette smoke contains about four thousand substances harmful to humans. Of these, the best known

  • carbon monoxide
  • Nicotine - a substance that narrows blood vessels
  • benzene, are carcinogenic
  • hydrocyanic acid
  • formaldehyde

Carbon monoxide

Probably many people remember from school more times that the substance firmly binds to hemoglobin to form carboxyhemoglobin - stable compound, unable to carry oxygen. Thus, smoking leads to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in all organs of smokers, and during pregnancy - also in all the organs of the future baby.

Once doctors believed that the placenta keeps any harmful substances, preventing them from getting into the blood of the baby. However, further studies have shown that - alas! - For carbon monoxide placenta does not represent a serious obstacle. This poison can easily cross the placenta, linking the hemoglobin in the blood of the fetus. Moreover, it was found out that the amount of carboxyhemoglobin in the blood of the crumbs may be even 10 - 15% higher than in the maternal blood.

And if you remember more and that smokers have "experienced" often have respiratory diseases, which also impede the flow of oxygen into the body - can only feel sorry for the poor kid who literally suffocating in the womb.


Scientific studies have shown that nicotine can influence the levels of certain hormones. For example, it reduces production of progesterone, which is just responsible for safe carrying of pregnancy.

Furthermore, it was found extremely adverse effect of nicotine on the placenta. The majority of women who smoked more than ten cigarettes a day, in the placenta were found dead areas. Placenta smoking women are more delicate, its mass is often lower than normal. Even its shape is different from the non-smoking women form the placenta. It is clear that such a placenta worse cope with its functions.

Under the influence of nicotine possible premature separation of the placenta, its extensive infarctions. These phenomena can cause fetal death. Relentless statistics show that such cases occur in women who smoke, regardless of how well they are fed.

In addition, nicotine causes vasospasm uterus. As a result, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the baby difficult.

Other effects of smoking during pregnancy

Some substances that enter the body when a woman smoking, suppress the immune system. Therefore, smokers often suffer. It is understood that unnecessary illnesses moms are not good for the baby.

Doctors say that during pregnancy often exacerbated disease provoked by prolonged smoking. For example, thyroid disease that women smokers are found six times more often. During pregnancy problems "shchitovidkoj" increase, some women develop symptoms of Graves' disease - an extremely unpleasant disease, which, incidentally, is a serious threat to the future of the child (mёrtvorozhdenie, prematurity).

Women who smoke are much more likely than nonsmokers to suffer severe toxicosis (both early and late). It increases the likelihood of premature birth or, conversely, perenashivanie pregnancy.

Women who smoke genera often longer. The probability of complications during childbirth in smokers increased almost twice.

It would seem that this is enough for pregnant women to give up their habit for the sake of the health of the child. However, many smokers are in no hurry to give up cigarettes, calming himself reasoning that it's not so scary.

Myths about smoking

  1. "Grass" are less harmful than regular cigarettes. Smoking marijuana or hashish - and your innocent weakness did not hurt the baby? However, as the experiments on pregnant female animals and monitoring of women who use "grass" during pregnancy, showed that such a "weakness" can not be considered harmless.

    Smoking "grass" leads to hypoxia in fetal exactly the same as when smoking tobacco. In children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, marijuana, hashish, marijuana, observed: fetal growth retardation; Disturbances of the nervous system; violation of the formation of organs of vision; the body of newborn babies is weakened, they usually get sick more often than their peers.

    In addition, some children show the so-called "fetal cannabis syndrome," where women who used "grass", gave birth to children with various mental disorders.

  2. Proper nutrition and vitamins to help compensate for the adverse effects of smoking on the body of the pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. However, as we have seen above, is the use of nutrients may be low, if the damaged nicotine placenta is unable to fully deliver their baby.
  3. The thing is heredity - say proponents of smoking. And non-smokers are sick children and give birth Zdorovenki smokers. If we are destined to rebёnochku born weak and sick, so he will be born, even smoke, do not smoke though.

    Heredity, of course, from the accounts are not reset. Just like other adverse factors. But smoking may aggravate the health problems of the baby. Besides, if someone's friend, "smoked and gave birth to a healthy child" - it is about nothing she says. The statistics still more informative.

 effects of smoking during pregnancy

What the statistics?

All statistical data confirm that smoking pregnant women is indeed a threat to their future children.

Miscarriage and premature birth

As shown by studies conducted in the United States and the United Kingdom, the risk of miscarriage in women smokers in the 30 - 70% higher. The death rate during childbirth - 30%, the risk of sudden death of the newborn - 52%.

According to Czech doctors in 96% of cases of miscarriage was associated with maternal smoking. The probability of premature birth appeared directly related to the number of cigarettes smoked by a woman. As it turned out, smoking of cigarettes a day, four already represents a serious danger to the unborn child.

French researchers conducted observations of 9169 pregnant women in the 13 Parisian maternity wards, and came to the same conclusion: the risk of intrauterine death of a child depends on the number of cigarettes smoked by the mother.

Newborn babies born to smoking mothers, according to the statistics, have an average body weight of 200 - 300 grams lower than the norm. And weight loss are the children of those mothers who did not smoke during pregnancy itself, but had this habit before it became pregnant.

Even if the mother smokes moderately (ie smoked per day less than 9 cigarettes), this fact by 20% increases the likelihood of the death of her newborn baby and twice - the risk of various malformations. Heart defects, inguinal hernia, strabismus, cleft palate, cleft lip - all of these disorders are more common in children of smoking mothers. American doctors also claim that smoking increases the probability of the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.

It was found that babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, there are such consequences of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) as:

  • bad dream
  • irritability, frequent crying
  • difficulties with breastfeeding

In the future, these children often fall behind in physical and mental development, are less resistant to infectious diseases often suffer from bronchitis, and lung diseases.

Long-term consequences

According to WHO statistics, the effects of maternal smoking are manifested in children up to six years. These children later begin to read, count. Going through psychological tests, they show a bit worse results than the children of non-smoking mothers.

In the UK, carried out surveillance over 17 thousand. Children. Scientists are carefully inspected babies immediately after birth, and then repeated the inspection, seven and eleven years later. It was found that children who "smoked" in utero, along with their mothers, even in the age of seven and eleven years have shown slowing of mental and physical development. Infants of mothers who smoked more than ten cigarettes per day had increased by 1 cm (average) is less than in other children. These children also lagged behind in math and reading.

German doctors have also allocated 17 thousand children to observe and got similar results. Children of mothers who smoked eleven were weaker than their peers in the long run, reading and writing. The results of psychological tests were not the best.

The conclusion is clear: smoking can not be pregnant! But how to deal with this habit?

How to quit smoking?

On the women's forums are occasionally found messages that relate to smoking during pregnancy. Often there are disputes - is it possible to get rid of the desire for a cigarette?

"It is possible and necessary! "- Meet the woman who once smoked, but left this habit during pregnancy, or even before it started. "It's quite difficult! "- Objected to those who are not yet able to give up cigarettes. Those and others are eager to share with future moms secrets: how to quit smoking or, if not possible, to reduce the number of cigarettes to a minimum. Here are their tips:

  1. Gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. In a cigarette, for polsigaretki per day. Try to distract yourself with something. If you want to take your hands - they take a drawing or crossword puzzles. If there is a need something to keep in your mouth - nibble a carrot or a straw, seeds, suck candy or frozen juice. If smoking helps you relax - read something, listen to relaxing music. If smoking is for you - the way of pleasure, try to invent a more harmless fun.
  2. Invent yourself some reward for quitting smoking. For example, calculate how much you spend on cigarettes in a year and the money to buy something for herself or for the baby.
  3. Choose with fewer cigarette nicotine.
  4. Do fewer puffs.
  5. Smoke only half a cigarette (closer to the filter increases the concentration of harmful substances).
  6. Try to smoke without inhaling.
  7. Never buy cigarettes store.
  8. Leave the cigarettes somewhere far away, in the wrong place (for example, in the garage).
  9. Do not scold yourself if plucked. On the contrary, rejoice in their achievements. After each puff, from which you refused - it is a victory!

If all your efforts for two weeks did not lead to the desired results, think about how to address to the psychotherapist. Especially if smoking cessation is causing your anxiety.

Quit smoking, it is desirable even in the planning stage of pregnancy at least a year before the alleged conception. And not only the expectant mother, but the father and the future. After all, smoking fathers often occur sperm abnormality.

It was found that babies are born with congenital fathers who smoke are twice as likely than non-smokers. In addition, passive smoking during pregnancy affects the baby, no less than smoking mother herself. So let poisonous smoke does not hurt the baby to be born healthy!

 Smoking during pregnancy

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