how do you know that you're pregnant without test

Very often, the issue of pregnancy occurs before a woman cares how she should start menstruating. Only a complete lack of sex can fully guarantee the absence of pregnancy. Every woman knows the supposed date of the onset of menstruation, menstrual cycle but sometimes fails and then the anxiety and unrest is inevitable.

If the delayed onset of menstruation for a few days, whether in this case, something to take? And is it possible at such a very early to know for sure: there is a pregnancy or not?

The absence of menstruation is a clear sign of pregnancy only if the menstrual cycle is considered to be steady and regular. But first, you need to consider the situation in which the possible delay menstruation. Firstly, it can be irregular periods. Due to the very nature of the phenomenon and depends on several factors: hormonal failure, all sorts of ailments, environmental impact and impact on the body of various drugs.

Few people know that even overheating in the sun is able to affect the arrival of the monthly period. Therefore, it is worth a few days to wait until such time as taking further action, particularly if during sex you are protected. It is possible that the long-awaited menstruation will come in a couple of days.

If contraception you did not use, and no strength to wait, then you just need to buy a pregnancy test, which is sold in every pharmacy. It is a convenient and inexpensive tool that helps to identify the pregnancy at home from the first day of the delay period. How does he work? Once a woman becomes pregnant, her body starts to develop increased number of hormones, which can be detected in urine based test.

It is important to observe the manual that came with the test. But using this method can not be absolutely sure of the result, because the accuracy of its data on a number ranging from 40 to 85%. Manufacturers of these tests assess the reliability of about 99%. But when taking certain drugs test can show a false pregnancy.

Finally confirm the presence or absence of pregnancy can only gynecologist who, based on survey data and analyzes will determine the woman's condition and determine an objective diagnosis. The doctor may also advise to do an ultrasound exam. It is conducted regardless of the length of pregnancy without risk of interruption. With this survey we can determine and ectopic pregnancy.

In addition to the above methods for determining pregnancy at an early stage, any of the women at home can find signs telling about the changes in her body, especially if it has previously been pregnant. All these features are individual and depend on the characteristics of the female organism. For example, if you have noticed that it has become more irritable, more emotional, often sleepy and there have been some changes in the breast, it is likely that this pregnancy.

How do you know that you're pregnant in the first days after fertilization? Just a few days for some women is enhanced appetite, or, on the contrary, there is an aversion to food; nausea or vomiting; begins to pull to the individual products, there is indigestion or constipation, pain or feel dizzy, swollen legs, sometimes a woman faints. These symptoms may increase with time or disappear, can also appear new: poor sleep, backache, skin pigmentation, increased body temperature, increased heart rate, and others.

When the body is strongly signals the conception in the early stages of pregnancy are very rare. But most women mysteriously can feel the slightest changes in their own body and to associate these changes with pregnancy. But these misgivings can not be justified, but only provoke doubts and fears. Therefore, you should try to be realistic about the fact of occurrence of conception, pay attention to the delay menstrual and, of course, do not panic.

How do you know that you're pregnant without a test and whether it is possible in principle? It is quite real. There is a way, checked more than one generation of women - a measurement of basal body temperature and the correct decoding of the received data.

Before measuring the basal temperature is necessary to realize that this is not done to make sure 100% that there is a pregnancy, and to learn about the possible change in hormonal levels. To do this, you must start the basal temperature is measured when the menstrual cycle begins, and make daily entries in a special table, which will consist of two columns - X and Y.

But if you just need to measure the basal temperature is to know about pregnancy, you should perform the following steps. First, you need to start to measure the temperature for two days before to begin the critical days. It is necessary for the simple reason that the menstrual cycle is divided into two periods. First period - up to ovulation, it lasts less than a second, a few days.

The second period - after ovulation, it lasts for 16-18 days. If ovulation has occurred in the second phase of the basal temperature will be increased, and will fluctuate around subfebrile temperature. The closer the beginning of menstruation, the lower the temperature. If the process of reduction does not occur, there is a high probability that the woman is pregnant.

Many do not know that the basal temperature can be measured not only in the rectum and the vagina, and mouth. The only thing where you can not measure the temperature - it is the armpit. Mercury thermometer in the mouth to keep for 3 minutes in the vagina for 5 minutes.

The temperature can be increased not only because of pregnancy, it is affected by many factors. This can be a disease or inflammation of the female genital organs. The temperature is increased, when the day before to take alcohol or drugs, as well as if the sexual act was performed or transferred stress. If all these factors are excluded, the probability of pregnancy is great. And this is really one way to find out about the pregnancy at home, without the use of the test. Measure the temperature should be in the morning without getting out of bed!

 how do you know that you're pregnant in the first days

The main symptoms of pregnancy

So, who wants to be able to determine pregnancy in the home should be aware of these signs is mandatory. So, let's begin:

  • The absence of the menstrual cycle. Delay or no menstruation can talk not only about the pregnancy, but still, if there is reason to think about this, it is necessary to continue the observation of his body.
  • There are cases where the monthly go during pregnancy, but they are more like a small allocation. If during pregnancy bleeding occurs, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • Doctor can determine pregnancy only 3 weeks after a delay, then the uterus reaches a certain size, and the fruit becomes visible.
  • Toxicosis. This symptom is one of the clearest signs of pregnancy in the early stages of women begins to vomit.
  • Acute pain in the breast. If a woman has never experienced breast disease, this symptom can be significant for her. Also, a woman's breast can increase even in the early stages of pregnancy, somewhere on a size or two. In addition, if sensitive teats of them may be allocated to start colostrum.
  • Pain in the uterus or ovaries. It is somewhat similar to that which occurs during menstruation. The most common symptom of this girl says that the menstrual cycle will come in time, but he never comes. But there are times when such pain is a sign of disease, and it's worth to test or see a doctor!
  • Selections. If from the genitals are heavy colorless discharge, which are odorless - a sign of pregnancy. If you have curdled allocation structure, you should think about the origin of thrush. But there are cases where thrush occurs in pregnant women and, in this case, it is imperative to see a doctor, as this fungal disease to be treated, so as not to harm the baby.
  • Decrease or increase sexual desire. A pregnant woman has hormonal changes, for this reason, it is increased or decreased libido.
  • Change emotions. Pregnant women are more irritable, cranky, whiny and demanding.
  • It becomes more frequent urination. No signs of cystitis is not, and the process of frequent urination scares? So this is your method to learn about pregnancy at home.
  • Temperature rises. It happens that pregnant women not only raised basal temperature, and body temperature.

It is the most common and the most common signs of pregnancy! Relying on them, you have the opportunity to determine their position. But, nevertheless, it should be remembered that the doctor is necessary in any case, and in the campaign for him there is no shame. A pregnancy test do not be shy to buy, perhaps because it is the first "picture" of your baby!

 How do you know that you're pregnant? Little Secrets

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