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  • Why is it sad?
  • How to cheer her friend?

The capacity for friendship is a distinctive feature of man - no animal in nature it does not possess. What can you say about your friend? Surely it is a source of support for you, mate, fun and interesting companion, as well as adequate and vigilant critic. So you see that this wonderful person in a bad mood. What to do and how to pick it up?

 how to raise the mood friend

Why is it sad?

Humor - a very volatile substance. It can vary in dependence on external events, and due to internal changes in the body. And the girls it happens a hundred times a day - our floor is known for its extreme variability. In order to know how to lift the mood of a friend, you must understand, because of what, in fact, it is sad.

  • The problems on the personal front

    Girls - amorous creatures, and certainly your girlfriend is also peculiar. Plunged headlong into romance, we stop paying attention to the world around us, as all life is now focused on a new relationship. But time passes, and in love woman is facing problems on the personal front. And aside completely everything, because all life has long been devoted to love. Well, if it do not, she languishes and gets depressed. Here, truly, we can not feed bread, but love should be!

  • Operating troubles

    In the life of a modern girl's career is not the last place (and many even one of the first). Therefore, a problem on this front could seriously spoil the mood of your friend. Swears boss, gossip, colleagues, worsening working conditions, transfer to another position, industrial conflicts - all these and other troubles lie in wait for the girl on the difficult path of professional development.

  • Physiology

    First of all, it is unfortunate premenstrual syndrome, or PMS (yes, these three letters can bring a man with a fragile psyche into a frenzy). On certain days of the cycle due to changes in hormonal levels, many girls start behaving even more strangely than usual crying, temper, mood swings - these symptoms last longer than a couple of days, quite specifically point us to the imminent offensive "red day calendar." But not only he is able to be the cause of bad mood at the girl. Many physical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, accompanied by a decline in mood and sadness, so if your girlfriend's period of sadness lasts for a long time, she should see a doctor.

  • Tedium

    It would seem a trivial thing, but it can spoil the mood of robust design your friend. When a person is bored, he experiences the fall of vitality. By the way, if you go back to the animal world, it is again only person able to experience this condition. Especially prone to boredom, people living in the twenty-first century - before it was simply no time to get bored! Although output in this case is quite simple - just to lighten the mood by looking for any entertainment. Sometimes we confuse boredom ennui when our soul is incapable of experiencing positive emotions. The reason for boredom is often an inner conflict when we can not do what we want or need to do what we do not want.

  • Psychological Crisis

    Very difficult and complicated condition. Man is such a way that personal growth and development possible for him only through pain and suffering. This, in general, is not surprising, because when we are good, we do not want to change anything. And only when it gets bad, we begin to think about themselves and their own place in this vast world. This condition is accompanied by the experience of loneliness, worthlessness, insecurity, lack of support in life and other unpleasant sensations. Unfortunately, outside assistance provided to a non-professional, is practically impossible, because, as is the case with physical training, a person needs to go through it yourself.

  • Discontent is

    It may periodically rolled on your girlfriend, or maybe the character of the property, and then we are talking about low self-esteem. In any case, you have to listen to her thoughts about their own inferiority, and often is the case in the exterior. And to cheer up is not so easy, because the banal: "You look great" is usually enough.

  • Global failure

    From time to time in our life there are big projects and major undertakings: going to college, job search, own business, buying an apartment or a car - all it requires an enormous amount of time and effort. What, then go through their own failure on this front! If you do any of this, you can understand my friend, because now it is experiencing the collapse of all his plans for the future.

 how to cheer up a friend for a long time

How to cheer her friend?

Your desire to cheer up a friend is quite natural, because we always want our loved ones were good. At the same time we must not forget that in some cases people just do not accept help from outside. This means that you should not take excessive responsibility for the state of mind of a friend, and blame themselves for unsuccessful attempts to lift her spirits.

However, if it is ready to receive your support, you can try a few proven methods. What do girls love more than anything else? Make purchases - at least, this is one of the answers to the question sounded. So, wanting to entertain girlfriend, invite her to wander around the shops. It is not necessary to spend a fortune to upgrade the entire wardrobe: it was something you know that new cool earrings can bring no less joy than designer jeans. The main thing - is the ability to find among the mediocre things is something special, it is suitable to your girlfriend, so even for a small price. Be sure, a day spent at the mall, is able to lift a bad mood one fell swoop.

Make a memorable shopping trip will help you delicious food. It's no secret that we girls - a great lover of food. We have two states: "I watch the figure" and "overeat something delicious." Naturally, in the case of the blues, you can safely dive mode number two. Especially effective in this field of bright color fresh fruit, berries, pastries, cakes, chocolates and other desserts. But there is a special category of women who are indifferent to sweets and nourish the passion for pizza and food from McDonald's. Your friend refers to it? Then I ran to meet her culinary tastes!

Following the above tips do you have with her friend could happen acute attack of guilt. If a bad mood due to the dislike of his appearance, and especially to the figure, the eating of delicacies in nemerenoe number you contraindicated. But the joint campaign will be helpful to the gym, pool, or recording on the dances. Sports cause the release of endorphins, which are quickly elevate mood. A consequence of the systematic training will look prettier and postroynevshaya figure who inevitably entail the rise of vitality.

What have such friends, is not present at other people? Common memories. It is thanks to them you feel a special affinity with his girlfriend, which are based only you two clear jokes and comparisons. Dive into the memories - great "kitchen" of psychotherapy. Remember how you instead of steam at the University went to drink cognac on a bench on a lovely spring day. Or, as she desperately portrayed Englishwoman to impress the guy she liked. Or you and almost lost in an unfamiliar city. Try to get out of memory just fun and enjoyable moments, and all bad and associated with setbacks leave gathering dust in the back of consciousness.

Nobody canceled the usual options of leisure activities: cinema, theater, bar and club. The publication and the possibility of how to "off" will be very useful if your girlfriend just to pieces, and it needs a shake-up and new experiences. However, it may be that she does not want to go anywhere and see anyone. In this case, you can arrange a home private party just for you alone. Buy or download from the Internet a couple of funny comedies, cook a few albums with your favorite music, open a bottle of wine - and draw together a great evening!

Finally, you can cheer up her friend some unusual way. For example, give her a bouquet of flowers: it's always nice and unexpected gesture of this makes it even more exciting. You can also come up with a funny joke: ask someone to call a friend and start to ask questions about the powder or cream, which she has long sought. Another friend, you can get to take part in the prank call, remembering playful childhood. Think of the concept of jokes, give the phone a friend and dial random phone number - you'll see, a cheerful mood for the whole day, you provided!

In general, your girlfriend not long to be sad, because it is you - the universal podnimatel mood. Still, the friendship - it's one of those things that make life worth living, so do not spare forces for the beloved friends and all your good undertakings come back to you tenfold.

 How to cheer up a friend: simple and fun ways

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