how to get pregnant with twins

Twins - this is not only double the concerns and problems, are two native nose and two pairs of happy eye. It's a blessing in the square! Many families dream to get with two crumbs. How to get pregnant with twins - there are many very different ways: the scientific and popular, and just funny. So we conceive twins.

Given the strict Statistics such pregnancies, the chances a little. Two hundred menstrual cycles, there is only one, in which the activity are just two of the egg. It was such a rare series and is conceived twins.

Well-known facts

Tips obstetrician gynecologist how to get pregnant with twins, can be useful to you if you are serious about realists and bring happiness to his family twins:

  1. Genetics

    If your generation different the birth of twins, congratulations. Do you have a great chance to give the world two lives at once. And with each subsequent pregnancy, these chances increase.

  2. Years

    So many women in the later reproductive age (35 years) in the body increases the content of hormones that are responsible for the maturation of oocytes, which have a direct impact on the appearance of a chance to buy a dowry for the two babies at once.

  3. Hormone therapy

    The use of hormone therapy also increases the possibility of the appearance of twins. By taking hormones, it is sometimes possible maturation of two eggs. Practicing physicians found that in the summer production of female hormones also increases.

  4. Artificial insemination

    How to get pregnant with twins? You need to go fertile therapy. About ECO heard many infertile couples. As a rule, as a result of artificial conception in a woman's uterus transplanted several fertilized eggs. In almost all cases, they are several viable embryos, and as a result, are born two or three baby.


According to scientists, the protein is able to act as a catalyst that enhances the production of female hormones. If you are wondering how to get pregnant with twins, try to eat foods rich in protein:

  1. Meat: any meat products in the form of vegetable (pork, beef, lamb or veal). Not recommended for sausages, smoked and preserved meat.
  2. Poultry and game. Chicken, geese, ducks, turkeys, pheasants - in short everything that flies and causes appetite.
  3. Fish and seafood. All kinds of fish as well as shrimp, clams, crabs, lobsters, etc. Refrain from smoked fish.
  4. Milk and milk products. The milk of any fat content, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese can bring you closer to solving the issue of "how to get pregnant with twins." You can combine the milk with fruit.
  5. Cheese. Any cheese. When you select a note in the percentage of protein. Best suited cheeses with a 5% protein content.
  6. Fruit. Solid varieties of apples and pears, pineapple, kiwi, mango, passion fruit and lychee. Apricots, grapes, nectarines and peaches. Not recommended for plums. It is also rich in protein and fruit juices made from fresh fruit.
  7. Separately describe the sweet potatoes (yams). It has been observed that some nationalities in the national cuisine which is dominated by sweet potatoes are so many births of twins. Scientists are inclined to believe that in the yamsy contains a chemical that is close to that of estrogen (a female hormone). How to get pregnant with twins? Learn to cook and eat only yamsu this dish!

Interesting facts

In conceiving twins may be affected and the duration of the menstrual cycle. Much more likely to conceive twins in women with menstrual cycles 21-22 days.

The most favorable time to conceive twins - this spring. From the rising of the light of the day it depends on the intensity of the production of female hormones. In spring everything wakes up!

Very often, women give birth to twins because of the anomalies of the uterus. The so-called "two-horned" uterus (womb septum) contributes to a multiple pregnancy.

Woman lactation (breastfeeding) may be pregnant with twins (even without a genetic predisposition, and without the participation of physicians). Breastfeeding directly affects ovulation.

We always admire and touches twins and twins. Too many women dream of birth is twins. If you set a goal for yourself to find the answer to the question "how to get pregnant with twins," you are bound to achieve the desired result!

Our thoughts and desires tend to materialize. If we apply all their efforts to realizing the dream of "how to get pregnant with twins," we are confident that in the very near future you will find answers to the question "Which stroller for twins better." Happiness to you and your future mischief in the box!

 How to get pregnant with twins?

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 protein in the urine during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman needs special care and attention to her health. And this explains the need for delivery of constant analysis and systematic visits to gynecologist. Timely elimination of potential problems will help prevent ill health as the future mother and her baby.

And one of the main indicators of the health of the pregnant woman is the proper work of the urinary system. Therefore, the expectant mother must take regular urinalysis. After all, in addition to changes in the urinary system urine test reveals many other deviations in other vital systems.

Urogenital woman awaiting the birth of a child is experiencing tremendous, doubling the load. This is due to several factors: first, the kidneys have to withdraw not only waste products of the pregnant woman and her unborn child. Accordingly, they have to work a lot more.

Furthermore, as the child grows the dimensions of the uterus constantly increasing, whereby it exerts a certain pressure on the kidney. This fact greatly complicates the work of the kidneys. And if a woman has existed preconditions for the development of diseases of the urinary tract, the totality of these factors can trigger the development of a disease of the genitourinary system.

Analysis of the urine of pregnant women losing regularly - during the first trimester - once a month, during the second trimester - twice a week, and in the third trimester - weekly. Urine test is required for all pregnant women, without exception, as it is a mandatory step in perinatal diagnostics.

Performance analysis of urine

There are several key indicators, based on which the physician can objectively assess the condition of the pregnant woman. However, most pregnant women are afraid of is the appearance of protein in their urinalysis. And this is no accident - around the protein in the urine soars huge number of various myths, rumors, speculation and horror stories.

However, all other indicators are very important for an objective assessment of the mother and child. That is why in any case can not be ignored any changes in the results of urinalysis. Therefore, the following will talk about all kinds of similar violations:

  • Proteinuria

Proteinuria, or, quite simply, a protein defined in the overall analysis of the urine of pregnant women. Normally, if a person is completely healthy, his urine protein should not be. However, pregnant women are no exception to this rule - in their urine sample may be the presence of small amounts of protein. However, the amount permitted in the normal range is strictly limited and in any case should not exceed 300 mg. Per day.

In the same case in the urine of pregnant women protein is in an amount of more than 300 mg., A doctor can safely assume that there are certain problems in the urinary tract, the reproductive system of the future mother, or else have kidney disease.

In addition, very attentive should be those pregnant women who have pre-pregnancy suffered from various chronic diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. As mentioned above, pregnancy is often the catalyst for the present worsening of existing chronic diseases of women.

In the event that after a study urine woman have found high content of protein in the urine, the doctor - a gynecologist must send future mother to the doctor urologist or nephrologist. This is to ensure that any disease if they occur have been seen as quickly as possible. A, respectively, and the necessary treatment will also be developed in a timely manner that will enhance its effectiveness and will minimize the negative impact of the disease on the body of the future mother and her baby. The protein in the urine during pregnancy can cause a variety of - you need a thorough examination.

In the same case, if the protein in the urine of pregnant women appears regularly, and even in large quantities, doctors prefer not to risk the health of women and children. That is why a pregnant woman is shown urgent hospitalization in a hospital, usually in the department of pathology of pregnancy or the nephrology department of the hospital. In no event it is impossible to abandon the proposed admission, as this may depend not only on the health of mother and baby, but even their lives.

Tragically, but sometimes, in some cases, doctors are forced to resort to the call of premature birth. This measure is the only option to save the life of both the pregnant woman and her baby. But do not give up just because of fear of hospitalization, doctors decide to resort to premature birth. Believe me, for what the doctors will not do so in the event that there will be other ways to help the mother and baby. If the expectant mother protein in the urine during pregnancy, what to do, doctors know the ropes.

Very often the amount of protein in the urine increases sharply after about 32 weeks of pregnancy, and amid nephropathy. This state has a very pronounced symptoms, which the physician accurately and without - or labor can diagnose nephropathy:

  • The appearance of large amounts of protein in the urine of women. This symptom is the most important in the diagnosis of nephropathy.
  • The appearance of a pregnant woman swelling. It does not really matter what time of day they appear.
  • Increased blood pressure in pregnant women.

Nephropathy is a serious disease that is extremely negative impact on the health of not only the expectant mother, but her baby. First of all suffering from the disease placenta - suffer its main features:

  • Protection of the child from external negative influences.
  • Violation of normal blood circulation in the placenta, which inevitably leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the child as well as oxygen. As a consequence, a very high risk that the future pipsqueak will be born with signs of exhaustion and (or) hypoxia.

As a result of all these disorders may develop complications such as preterm labor starts the process, significant intrauterine growth retardation, and even, in severe cases, fetal death. That is why the problem of the appearance of protein in the urine of a pregnant woman in any case not allowed to leave without proper attention.

  • Bacteriuria

Bacteriuria - is the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the urine. A similar phenomenon is regularly seen in the enormous number of people. However, pregnant women and then fall into a kind of "at risk" - they have the presence of bacteria in the urine occurs about five times more likely than all other people. As a rule, the presence of bacteria in the urine indicate the development in the expectant mother, or inflammation of the bladder - cystitis or inflammation of the kidney - pyelonephritis.

Of course, the immediate treatment is necessary and that in either case. However, pyelonephritis is a much greater threat to a pregnant woman than cystitis. And the treatment of pyelonephritis is much more time-consuming and takes a lot of time. Again, it should be mentioned that the future mothers are much more likely to develop pyelonephritis - about half of all cases of pyelonephritis, both acute and chronic, for the first time makes itself felt it while waiting for the birth of a child. And general statistics clearly shows that women are about six times more common in pyelonephritis than men.

There is another fact that confirms the need for a systematic study of a urine test expectant mother - asymptomatic bacteriuria. In this case, the very pregnant woman is not experiencing any symptoms of existing diseases of the genitourinary system, and therefore do not seek medical help from a doctor. However, nonetheless, the child can suffer greatly. A timely handing urinalysis, mom takes care of his health. And the baby's well-being, which is the main priority of the life of any mother.

  • Pyuria

Another important indicator, which is also necessary to pay special attention to the study of the analysis of the urine of pregnant women - a white blood cell count. The presence of leukocytes in urine is also indicative of the fact that the woman has pyelonephritis, or other diseases of the urinary tract, usually the infectious nature of occurrence. And the doctor just need to correctly diagnose the disease.

However, expectant mothers should remember that if in the overall analysis of urine observed certain deviations, you need an in-depth examination: conducting other types of urine, blood tests, ultrasound of the genitourinary system.

 The protein in the urine during pregnancy - a sign of danger

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