Pregnancy - not a disease

Probably, for many women, pregnancy - it is the most important step in her life .  After all generations share a woman's life into "before" and "after" .  Many of us prefer to prepare for it in advance, thoroughly examining all .  And when a woman is already in the "cherished" position, her world changes completely .  Expectant mother begins to live not only their lives but also the life of the little man, whom she so dearly is at heart .  And often this is the time a woman begins to obsess over her pregnancy .  Many have a fear of childbirth themselves, while others appear fears for the health of the baby .  However, no abnormalities in these women is not revealed .  This happens in their heads .  Twirling themselves, they begin to carefully monitor themselves, cautious, once again not to leave the house, so as not to grab any infection .  And accordingly, all this takes place at the level of emotional experience, which is absolutely negative impact on the health of the unborn baby .  But the pregnancy - that's fine, and you should not limit yourself to the movements and acceptable to the desires of pregnancy .  Lead your pregnancy calendar, with it you will know how to develop your baby, how to change your body and how your life will take place in the next 9 months .

To distract from the absolutely unnecessary thoughts, you just need to occupy yourself interesting and useful. You can go shopping and see something for the future baby, or read the useful information to have a little to gain experience before birth crumbs. As you know, pregnancy should be a joyous period, and the expectant mother must be very attached to this effort. Every day for a woman should be filled with positive emotions. More needs to be outdoors, to look at beauty, to hear beautiful music, laugh and generally try to enjoy everything that surrounds it. After all, the baby feels everything that happens to you. It is important to understand the main thing, pregnancy - is not a disease, but the beginning of a new exciting life !!!

 Pregnancy - not a disease

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 how to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy


  • Causes of heartburn during pregnancy
  • How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy

If you conduct a survey and ask the women a question that annoyed him most during pregnancy, eight out of ten will answer unequivocally: heartburn. And often heartburn occurs even if a woman has never before faced with this problem.

What is heartburn? Women describe it as follows: a burning sensation in the pit of the stomach, throat, sharp sour taste in the mouth. Having data sense because the contents of the stomach, including gastric fluid flows back into the esophagus. As a result of acid, part of the gastric mucous membrane of the esophagus is inflamed. As a rule, most heartburn makes itself felt it in the second half of pregnancy. There is heartburn, or immediately after a meal or at a time when a woman lies. On average heartburn lasts from a few minutes to several hours. In severe cases, heartburn can torment a woman almost continuously. It is not surprising that the question of how to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy is very relevant.

Causes of heartburn during pregnancy

There are a number of reasons, which explains the fact why most heartburn is common in pregnant women. One of the main reasons is none other than the hormonal changes a pregnant woman. This happens as follows: between the esophagus and the stomach is a sphincter - a special muscle that prevents thrown at stomach contents into the esophagus. During the pregnancy in women at times increased levels of the hormone progesterone, which is responsible for relaxation of smooth muscle of the uterus. However, along with the uterus relaxes and other organs, including the same sphincter, whereby all the contents of the stomach into the esophagus.

In addition, the incidence of heartburn affects another factor: the growth of the baby the uterus increases in size gradually increasing their volume of the stomach backing. This also greatly facilitates thrown at the stomach contents into the esophagus. In addition, under the influence of the hormone considerably increases the acidity of gastric juice, which also greatly exacerbates the situation. Many mothers worry that some heartburn - in any way adversely affect the course of pregnancy, or on the state of the future baby. But in fact it is not - heartburn poses no threat to either mother or child. But, nevertheless, it brings a huge number of very unpleasant minutes of the expectant mother.

 how to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy

How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy?

All pregnant women seek to get rid of heartburn or by crook, often resorting to such harmful methods like the use of baking soda and others. But they, at least, and bring temporary relief, have on the body of a pregnant woman a negative impact. For proper and successful struggle with heartburn need to minimize the impact on the body of factors that provoke its occurrence. It is known that heartburn occurs because the relaxation of smooth muscles.

Therefore, you must try to avoid taking drugs with antispasmodic action, as they further weaken the sphincter of the stomach .  In the event that your doctor has prescribed you a treatment like medication, tell him about heartburn and ask to replace treatment .  Remember that heartburn can be triggered by squeezing between the stomach and the diaphragm growing uterus .  So try not to overeat once again, does not contract the belly clothes .  Also, try not to bend - rather squat, bending the knees .  Thus, you will also reduce the risk of another bout of heartburn .  Try not to go to bed immediately after a meal - at least an hour after eating stay upright, to avoid casting the food from the stomach into the esophagus .  In addition, there are a number of products, which enhance the intensity and frequency of heartburn episodes as stomach produces an increased content of acid to digest this food .  That is why it is important to make a diet during pregnancy .

Expectant mother should be completely excluded from the diet products such as:

  • Coffee, caffeinated and carbonated beverages, including carbonated mineral water, and acidic juices and fruit drinks.
  • Any pickled vegetables and other dishes.
  • The sharp, salty and smoked foods, hot spices and seasonings.
  • All sour fruit and vegetables, particularly tomatoes, and berries.
  • Dairy products can also trigger the development of heartburn, so do not abuse them. But completely abandon them as impossible, because they contain the necessary mother and baby calcium.
  • Also, do not abuse the sugar and sweet dishes - they often provoke bouts of heartburn. Very often the question of how to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy, given name sweet tooth.

Often expectant mothers, much namuchavshis from bouts of heartburn, buy at the pharmacy first got heartburn medication and start taking it uncontrollably. But do not do it - many of these drugs have some side effects and contraindications, therefore before their reception be sure to check with your doctor. This doctor can help you find exactly the funds from heartburn, which have a soft enveloping effect on the mucous membrane of the esophagus, without causing any harmful effects.

However, even if the doctor has appointed a woman - or a cure for heartburn, it should not be forgotten that it is very important in addition to pharmacological agents to follow a diet, which has already been stated above. It is also an important role in the fight against heartburn plays and diet: it should be a fraction. Portions should be small in order to avoid a feeling of overeating and a break between meals should not be more than three hours to avoid any feeling of hunger. Of course, excluding the night hours. Last food intake should be about two hours before the night's sleep.

Despite all efforts, you still concerned about the issue of how to deal with heartburn during pregnancy? Maybe you can help milk. To reduce heartburn pregnant women are advised to drink during the day about a liter of milk, uniform small portions. Some doctors recommend adding milk in fennel oil - at the rate of one drop per liter. However, please note - the oil should be extremely positive, otherwise the situation can only get worse.

For example, any fine jelly coats the stomach and esophagus, soothes irritated mucous membranes of the esophagus and quickly relieves heartburn. Also very good it relieves heartburn attacks the strongest ordinary potato juice. To do this, squeeze the juice from one of purified potato and drink it immediately. Usually, heartburn disappeared after a couple of minutes. Very many of the expectant mother to ease heartburn and prevent its reappearance help almonds, raw oats, grated carrot, and even ordinary chalk, eat small meals throughout the day. Experiment, and you are sure to find the products that can help you. After all, the correct menu - the best way how to deal with heartburn during pregnancy.

Still very good at helping ordinary ginger. He - a very good tool for getting pregnant heartburn. It can be used either as a ready powder, or simply cut from the root small pieces and slowly grind them whenever starts bother heartburn. Finally need to remind moms that excessive stress and tension also often lead not only to the appearance of heartburn, but also to many other complications. Therefore, plenty of rest and enjoy your pregnancy!

 How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy?

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