stomach ache during pregnancy

That finally happened, and you waited for a "striped" test. However, along with pregnancy expectant mother there is a huge number of alarms, problems and issues. And one of these issues is the pain in the abdomen during pregnancy. Abdominal pain can be caused by a variety of reasons - both sufficiently serious and trifling does not require any attention. It is these causes of pain in the abdomen, and will be discussed below.

Training fights

One of the most common causes of pain are so-called training bout. Having a baby is a very serious job. And in order to deal with it, a woman's body has to get ready for the birth. And it goes without saying that in a few days to prepare is simply unrealistic, so the body of the pregnant woman is preparing for all 9 months.

It is for this and there are training bout. Straining, queen learns to work exactly as it is necessary to ensure that a child could be born. Some expectant mothers during these workouts are experiencing very strong pain, while others hardly notice them.

Such contractions quite easy to recognize - the muscles of the abdominal wall to a large extent, in addition to your will, tense for a while, and then relax again. The duration of such training bouts can be very different - from several minutes to several hours. The longer the pregnancy, the more there are such training bout. And the expectant mother can start training yourself to provoke fights. That impetus can serve physical or emotional stress, orgasm, lifting weights. In that case, if the stomach is strained, but quite quickly becomes soft again, to worry about a future mother should not be.

Doctors have noticed a very interesting trend - often training bout appear in the expectant mother at 28 and 38 weeks of pregnancy. In that case, if the cervix as a result of these struggles can not be opened, the expectant mother to worry about. However, a training bout need to listen - it is often the training bout indicate that the body overworked, and the expectant mother needs to rest.

There is a very good and effective way to check what caused the pain in the abdomen. Just take a warm bath, and after a few minutes the pain caused by training bout, will disappear. If it does not go away, the pregnant woman should be as soon as possible, seek medical help from a doctor - a gynecologist.

The threat of premature pregnancy termination

Sometimes the pain in the abdomen of a pregnant woman can testify to the development of various pathologies that require immediate medical attention. So, for example, if the cervix begins to open, and she cervix - shortened, the expectant mother feels quite intense pain. And if the gestational age is too small, and the birth of a child is not yet possible, the doctor will make every effort to stop this process of beginning of preterm birth. Typically, in such cases, the expectant mother must adhere to strict bed rest, take medications prescribed by the doctor who stopped the fight, as well as magnesium. In most cases, thus unable to stop premature labor, allowing the child to be born healthy and on time.

Unfortunately, sometimes the expectant mother is experiencing such feelings throughout pregnancy, so she is forced to spend almost the entire pregnancy in bed. It goes without saying that such a situation can not upset the future mother. But do not despair - it's not such a big price for the most expensive, you get in return - for the life of your crumbs.

Other causes abdominal pain

However, in fairness it should be noted that not always pain in the abdomen of a pregnant woman show about the development of premature birth or other pathology. Another very frequent cause of abdominal pain in pregnant women may be the wrong diet.

In the event that products are not suitable for expectant mother, normal digestion process is disrupted, the digestive organs can spasm, causing pain and develop, which is localized in the lower abdomen, and usually has a drawing character.

Most often, the pain of this nature is called a goiter, or spastic colitis. After the elimination of these diseases the problem disappears by itself. Since the root cause of the pain persists, and the pain expectant mother no longer feels.

You should also pay particular attention to the products that the expectant mother is eating. It needs to be avoided spicy, fatty, fried, smoked products, which also greatly disrupts the digestion. And, moreover, do not abuse those products that can cause flatulence. Typically, such pain disappear immediately after ending the process of digestion. However, if the expectant mother again tolerate errors in his diet, abdominal pain may return again.

The only way by which you can relieve this condition - is to observe the correct diet. Also, do not forget also that the food a pregnant woman should be a fraction: portions should be small, and the gap between meals and should not exceed two hours. By the way. This diet is very effective not only copes with the violation of the digestive system, but also with toxicosis - both early and late. At the moment of attack expectant mother can take activated charcoal. Still other drugs that improve digestion and reduce flatulence, should be taken only when prescribed by your doctor. Independently apply any - any drugs is strictly prohibited.

Sprains abdomen

Also, stomach ache during pregnancy in case if there is a hyperextension of the muscles of the abdomen, which are designed to support the uterus. The child grows and, correspondingly, increases and the volume of the uterus, resulting in uterine ligaments pressure becomes excessive. Particularly strong woman feels tension in the uterine ligaments when she laughs or sneezes, or just makes any - any sudden movements. The pain is quite sharp and palpable, but the short-term. Many mothers tend to get rid of it by taking drugs. However, this should not be done, since the tablet will have no effect, but the harm to health as crumbs, and of the future can be quite serious.

Expectant mother should exercise extreme caution, because your muscles need time to be fully operational and effectively support the growing uterus. That is why women should avoid excessive exercise, sudden movements and the more heavy lifting. Typically, these uncomfortable feelings pass quickly enough - by about 6 months pregnant, they will disappear completely.

By the way, another reason that can cause unpleasant pain in the abdomen of expectant mothers - is banal overvoltage abdominals. And often, in order to have any such pain, you need quite a bit - just walk a little more than usual, and the result will not take long. In order to get rid of the problem, just how to relax - and the pain will go away by itself.

 stomach ache during pregnancy

Acute diseases of the abdominal cavity

While this is extremely rare, but still sometimes causes that cause pain in the abdomen, is a serious disease of the internal organs, such as acute intestinal obstruction, acute pancreatitis or even appendicitis. All these diseases are quite specific nature of the pain, which is very difficult to mix with other painful sensations:

  • The pain is very sharp and intense.
  • The pain does not subside over time, but only growing.
  • Against the background of pain may have a fever. Nausea or vomiting, dizziness.

If you notice such symptoms expectant mother in any case should not try to get rid of the pain by taking a - or painkillers, and even more so just endure. Such a state can be a very serious threat not only to the health of the expectant mother, but also for her life. Therefore, the only correct action of a pregnant woman or her relatives in this situation - as soon as possible to cause a brigade of "first aid" or independently to deliver the woman to a medical facility. Often, the only possibility to save the life of mother and her unborn baby - a surgical intervention. However, the expectant mother should not worry on this matter too much - in the world held every year thousands of operations in pregnant women without any - any harm to the unborn baby.

Abdominal pain caused by gynecological prejudice

Among the expectant mothers There is an opinion that pregnancy eliminates the possibility of any - or gynecological diseases. But, unfortunately, such a statement is ungrounded and fundamentally wrong. And stomach ache during pregnancy sometimes quite strongly because of the presence of some - any gynecological problems.

One such gynecological problems is an ectopic pregnancy. Woman sees on the two test strips and rejoice - she is pregnant! But, alas, the pregnancy may be ectopic. If an ectopic pregnancy, the following occurs: after fertilization, the fertilized egg is not fixed in the cavity of the uterus, and most often in the fallopian tubes. The main symptom of ectopic pregnancy in its early stages of a positive pregnancy test, but is not defined in the uterus fertilized egg.

At about the seventh week of the fifth embryo becomes so large that the fallopian tube can no longer be stretched and causing a burst. The woman begins to internal bleeding, acute pain, vomiting and fainting. The only treatment in this situation is the immediate surgical intervention, without which save the life of a woman simply will not succeed. Unfortunately, save pregnancy in this situation is not possible.

Pain caused by premature detachment of the placenta

Another cause of pain during pregnancy - a premature detachment of the placenta. This condition is extremely dangerous for both mother and child. During abruption occurs as follows: placental blood vessels are broken as a result of extensive uterine bleeding begins, which is extremely dangerous for the life of the woman. In addition, the child ceases to receive nutrients and that the worst thing stops the flow of oxygen.

As a result, the child is growing rapidly acute hypoxia - oxygen deficiency. Fetal hypoxia can lead not only to the central nervous system and other organs, but also to the death of a child. The only thing that can help the mother and baby - is immediate delivery, and as a rule, in all cases, doctors prefer to use Cesarean section. And this is understandable, because in the case of premature detachment of the placenta account goes on a minute, and natural childbirth take hours. And caesarean section, so the only possible way to save the life of a woman and child.

Very often, expectant mothers believe that the threat of placental abruption, there is only those pregnant women who have placenta previa this very wrong. However, this is not so - placenta previa - partial or complete - may be a reason for cesarean delivery. However, in fact, the likelihood of placental abruption placenta previa it plays no role.

There are many reasons that provoke premature detachment of the placenta. For similar reasons include:

  • Heavy exercise. A pregnant woman should always remember to be careful.
  • Severe emotional stress. Their expectant mother must also carefully avoided.
  • Genetic factors. Doctors noticed that a predisposition to premature detachment of the placenta can be inherited.

Summarizing all the above, it is necessary to focus on the main points of women. A pregnant woman should carefully monitor their health, to respect the day to eat. And with the appearance of any pain in the abdomen, a pregnant woman should immediately, without losing time to see a doctor - a gynecologist, who will set the exact cause of the pain and take the necessary steps to correct them.

 Stomach ache during pregnancy? Urgently to the doctor!

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