Diet for pregnant women

New Year holidays are almost completely for any of the people - abundant fatty foods, prolonged Christmas holidays, lasting almost two weeks. Not every body stand these days without any - any changes. Ulcers, gastritis, obesity, insomnia - it is not a complete list of what brings people in January.

And if a woman is pregnant? What to do, because for her like blows on the liver and stomach, and other unpleasant consequences holidays completely useless? Lock yourself at home, content with vegetable salad and a glass of non-alcoholic wine - willpower is not enough for every pregnant woman. Of course, about the alcoholic beverages and speech can not be, because hardly any of expectant mothers dare to endanger your child. But abundant food during the holidays can hardly pass by a pregnant woman. And so the diet for pregnant women is extremely important.

What dangers lie in wait for most of the pregnant woman? They are not so much, however, in no case should not be underestimated, because the consequences can be very unpleasant both for the mother and for the unborn baby. So, after the holidays is often:

  • Aggravation, or even the purchase of gastrointestinal diseases

It is often delicious, but not healthy food that is on our holiday table has a heavy load on the entire digestive system. And pregnant women have these days is particularly difficult, because, as a rule, all expectant mothers in the ordinary days to adhere to certain sparing diet.

And during the holidays on the expectant mother stomach burden falls just awesome, especially if the woman is on the big stage of pregnancy because the uterus is also very much pressure on the stomach. And the longer the pregnancy, the greater the risk of stomach problems and gastro - intestinal tract. Therefore, the diet for pregnant women - is not an empty phrase.

We can not ignore such a delicate issue, as hemorrhoids. According to many doctors, it was in the first month of the new year to them with complaints appeared or aggravated hemorrhoids. This is not surprising - almost all holiday dishes prepared using those or other seasonings, which is quite a negative impact on the course of existing disease, and develop it from scratch can also occur. Moreover, pregnancy, unfortunately, is in itself a very predisposing factor for the development of hemorrhoids.

In addition, we can not lose sight of the fact that abundant and fatty foods can cause a malfunction in the digestive tract, and as a result, or diarrhea, or, conversely, constipation. And the expectant mother must not forget about this problem. Simply take precautions than to try to solve it by resorting to drugs.

The development of allergic diseases

Another danger that can lie in wait for a pregnant woman during the Christmas holidays - it is certainly the development of various food allergic reactions. Do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself severe allergy to mandarin or chocolate, even if until now you could absorb them tons.

Now you're pregnant, and your body is working quite like they used to. And so the possibility of such an unexpected allergic reaction, even completely normal and customary portable products. And so, just in case, the pre-purchase any - any antihistamines (allergy) preparations to an allergic reaction did not catch you by surprise. Which is pharmacological agents should give preference, you tell your doctor.

  • Excess weight

Of course, abundant food can not affect the weight of the expectant mother, especially pregnant women gain weight very quickly. But it is for a pregnant woman every hundred grams of excess weight risk turn into quite serious complications.

The appearance of shortness of breath, the second half of pregnancy toxemia, edema - these are just some of the possible complications. It is also very, very high likelihood that as a result of excessive weight gain in women appears varicose veins. But from the disease it is very difficult to get rid of even after the baby is born, so do not underestimate the risk of its occurrence.

In addition, extra weight during pregnancy can lead to complications for the baby's health. Firstly, it provides an increased load on the heart - the vasculature of women. This means that very high risk that may develop disruption of blood circulation in the placenta and, consequently, the child may receive less, not only because it needed for the full development of nutrients and oxygen, which can lead to the development of fetal hypoxia.

 Diet for pregnant women every day

How to get rid of the problem?

However, fortunately, in almost all cases, get rid of extra pairs - Three kilograms accumulated during the holiday season is not so difficult. Of course, the diet for pregnant women to reduce weight should be very different from the usual diets for weight loss. In no case is unacceptable that a woman awaiting the birth of the baby, sit on a strict diet and morila himself to death, because otherwise, and the child may also receive less significant nutrients.

Therefore, especially for expectant mothers, doctors - nutritionists, together with doctors - gynecologists, have developed a special diet for pregnant women. By following these diets, the expectant mother is not only very fast to lose weight, but also normalizes the whole body, that will greatly facilitate the course of pregnancy, eliminate the toxemia, dizziness, improve the performance of gastro - intestinal tract.

The first and most important rule to remember the expectant mother - a diet for pregnant women is always a strictly cyclical nature - a few days of normal diet, and then - a global day of discharge, and then again a normal diet. Similar food zigzags are strong positive shock for the body of a pregnant woman - in just one day, it loses between 800 grams to one kilogram, and note the most important thing - the child is not suffering completely, which is also important.

The following describes the basic recommended by physicians - nutritionists scheme of fasting days for pregnant women:

Apple - kefir diet

This diet is probably the most widely popular. This is not surprising, because she is really very effective. The day you need to eat about a half - two kilograms of fresh apples, and drink one liter of yogurt. Of course, there is simply apples so rosy prospect, so you can try to diversify the diet and cook, for example, lettuce.

Peel and seed the two large apples, grate them on large grater or cut into thin strips. Crush about 50 grams of any greenery. However, remember that the use of parsley for pregnant women is not recommended, as it contains substances can trigger the development of spontaneous abortion or preterm labor beginning.

Sliced ​​green apples and mix, and they can fill a lean mayonnaise or vegetable oil. Perhaps at first glance like a salad it seems strange to you, but believe me - its taste is not only unusual, but actually enjoyable. Often, a woman, tried it for the first time during pregnancy, and continues to do it after the baby is born.

You can also make one more good salad of apples and onions. To cook it you need two sour apple is medium in size. Also, a small cut into strips, or grate an apple on a grater, chop one small head of onions, herbs and mix all ingredients. Dress the salad, you can also - any vegetable oil or vegetable mayonnaise. If you do not want to eat nothing but apples, or are you fed up with trite, try replacing the apples in pre-soaked in boiling water or dried apricots or prunes.

Apples generally are a very useful product. Besides the fact that they contain a huge amount of iron, so with regular use of apples iron deficiency is almost completely excluded, even apples and a great tonic. You have spoiled the mood, you do not get enough sleep, or just feel inexplicable malaise? Do not be sad, but just eat an apple - and your health will increase at times.

As mentioned above, as a drink during a similar diet should eat yogurt, low-fat and very desirable. Although if the expectant mother suffers from individual intolerance of dairy products, or simply do not like them for some - any reason, you can substitute yogurt at least useful broth hips. It is also necessary to drink at least one liter per day, unless, of course, your doctor - the gynecologist has not given you other instructions concerning your drinking regime. And, of course, in no case do not add to the fasting days in broth hips sugar, otherwise all your efforts to reduce the excess weight will be just wasted.

Fish Diet

Do not carry on the spirit of the fruit? Well, it happens, and the like - do not force yourself and try to shove a apple. Arrange a discharge fish day - at least one a week. It would be enough to quickly get rid of excess weight.

On the day of the expectant mother may be without - or fear to eat about half a kilogram of any unsalted fish either boiled or steamed. And very often the women ask physicians - nutritionists about what fish is better to choose for the fasting days. However, in reality this is not so important - even fatty fish fit perfectly, because fish oil is very good for the body.

Most best option would be to split the fish on five receptions - about a hundred grams at a time. You can drink or yogurt, or pure non-carbonated water or still the same broth hips, of course, add the sugar is not necessary in this case - the extra carbohydrates fasting day does not need it.

However, getting rid of excess weight, the expectant mother must watch their weight. Despite the fact that the restriction of supply to a pregnant woman is not acceptable, the diet itself deserves attention. Diet for pregnant women every day must be agreed with the doctor - dietician, or, at least, a doctor - a gynecologist, who oversees the pregnancy. And remember that your weight a pregnant woman should monitor constantly and very carefully.

 Diet for pregnant women. We struggle with the effects of holidays

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