signs of pregnancy in the first days

Any woman before two exciting to say the words "I'm pregnant," going through a doubt, speculation and anxiety. "But as to whether this pregnancy? And suddenly banal delay? Suddenly I was wrong? "Unfortunately, the test can only be done after the first day of delay, and until that time, a woman can only guess and hope. And tried every possible way to confirm their hunch.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the early days - the concept is very abstract and conditional. But as the appeal to the common sense of a woman who really wants the appearance of the baby, almost pointless, let's still try to find out what may be the first signs of pregnancy after conception.

Pregnancy is not always accompanied by what or certain symptoms. Incidentally, even the beginning of menstruation does not always indicate that the pregnancy has not occurred. Quite often there is a situation in which a pregnant woman and the first month there are spotting. At first glance it may seem that the woman began menstruating. But in reality it is nothing like implantation bleeding.

About 8 - 10 days after conception, the embryo is introduced into the uterine lining. And it is this process may in some cases be accompanied by minor bleeding. This phenomenon occurs in one in five women is a variation of the rules and should not cause particular alarm. Can they be distinguished from the normal monthly? Yes.

If you suspect that you are pregnant, analyze the characteristics of their last menstrual period. Perhaps they were more scarce than usual, or run out ahead of time? Perhaps the highlight color was unusual? Remember, whether you have unprotected sex. If yes - you have every reason to suspect pregnancy.

Change the basal temperature

In addition, the presence of pregnancy may indicate changes in basal body temperature. The surest sign of pregnancy is the ensuing so-called "implantation ceasing." About 8 - 10 hours basal temperature is sharply reduced to 36 and 8 - 9 and 36 degrees, for about one day. This happens at the moment when the embryo is introduced into the uterine lining. This occurs due to the fact that the level of the hormone progesterone in the day dramatically decreases.

And the next day the progesterone level, and accordingly, and basal temperature, again begin to rise. That is why the graph of basal temperature, and there are such races. By the way, this information is completely accurate and verified many women who subsequently fact of pregnancy was significantly confirmed.

In the same case, if a woman has a normal delay resulting from stress, hormonal disruptions, fatigue, ovarian dysfunction and other reasons, no hesitation on the chart of basal body temperature will not. Therefore, such a sign of pregnancy doctors feel very, very significant. Although, of course, this rule there are exceptions.

 the first signs of pregnancy

Changes in health

In some cases, one of the first symptoms of pregnancy is the change in well-being of women. There are a number of features that can be suspected of a pregnancy. But be sure to remember that each woman's reaction to the pregnancy is especially individual.

And if a woman they can be expressed very clearly, and all at once, and the other does not have any. So do not place much hope on these signs. They can only serve as a guide, but not the ultimate truth. But it's time to go to their description:

  • General malaise

A woman may experience a feeling of general malaise, like a cold. It may have a fever, muscle pain appear. The woman is often in such situations suggests that simple or picked up a viral infection.

  • Increased breast tenderness

Almost all pregnant women is greatly enhanced sensitivity of the breast. Chest begins to react violently to even the slightest touch. Especially strongly manifested pain in the nipple. Yes, and the skin around them darker. Although this feature is in some women it may appear much later. Everything is very individual.

  • Unusual sensations in the lower abdomen

Sometimes a woman may experience a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen. And in some cases, women suffer from unusual tingling in the uterus, sometimes very tangible. Doctors explain such phenomena that in the first days after conception to the pelvic organs there is a significant flow of blood. However, these symptoms are indicative and are not all women.

  • Significant variations in body temperature and pressure

Very often the first days after conception, the woman periodically lowered blood pressure. And it can go down hard enough - at least 90/60. Accordingly, the status of an expectant mother unimportant - are frequent dizziness, headache and even fainting. And body temperature may be lowered - 35, 7 - 36 degrees.

  • Nausea and vomiting, increased salivation

The feeling of nausea and recurrent vomiting, salivation - a classic early signs of pregnancy. They usually appear after 2 - 4 weeks after conception, but in some cases perhaps even earlier. Although, of course, these symptoms are not all women. But a sharp aversion to certain odors typical for 90% of all pregnant women. And it manifests itself on 5 - 6 days after conception.

Vomiting may be single, or maybe 4 - 5 times a day. And vomiting very often accompanied by strong drooling. As a rule, because of the vomiting woman often loses his appetite, and taste preferences may be changed substantially. Doctors explain vomiting disruption of the normal functioning of the central nervous system, which at this time is rebuilt with a new "mode" of work.

  • Pain in the back

From the first days of pregnancy in a woman's body begins active production of the hormone progesterone. Under the influence of this hormone is a significant softening of the vertebral discs and supporting ligaments. In the first days after conception expectant mother may encounter with weak pain in the lumbosacral spine. By the way, in some women the pain can persist throughout pregnancy.

  • Problems with the digestive system

Nausea and vomiting - are not the only manifestations of disorders of the digestive system. Very often, a woman has severe heartburn, which can not appease almost any means. It is also possible the development of flatulence, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. The digestive system reacts in a similar way to a radical change in the hormonal state of the body.

  • Frequent urination

By the way, all the same hormonal changes is due to the appearance of frequent urination. From the first days after conception in a woman's body begins to produce a large number of different female hormones, resulting in the intensive blood flow to all organs of the pelvis. And it was the constant excessive filling of the blood vessels results in a change in the usual rhythm of the kidneys and bladder. These disorders - are also the first signs of pregnancy.

  • Swelling of the hands and feet

Hormone progesterone leads to the fact that a strong delay occurs in the body as the salts and liquid. As a result, very high probability of small swelling of the hands and feet. You can notice the swelling of the rings, which are becoming a little more closely, or elastic sock. Typically, these swellings extend to 6 - 8 weeks of gestation.

  • Heavy vaginal discharge

Because blood flow to the pelvic organs is greatly enhanced production quantities of vaginal secretions. And the changes, and the consistency of these emissions - they increase the amount of hydrogen ions, and they become more liquid. This helps reduce the risk of infection with the organism future mother any pathogens. Agree, nature is very reasonable?

However, unfortunately, there is a downside. In this environment, yeasts feel very good. And that is why expectant mothers so often develop candidiasis (thrush). And thrush often occurs much earlier than any of the other signs of pregnancy. But despite the fact that the yeast is a frequent companion of pregnancy, in any case it can not be ignored, considering anything for granted. Otherwise, it may develop various complications. Firstly, the increased risk of rupture of the perineum during childbirth. And secondly, possible infection remains.

 the first signs of pregnancy before menstruation

If pregnancy is still there

However, we must not forget that it is likely a situation in which the first signs of pregnancy before menstruation is obvious, but pregnancy does not appear. And not the fact that the pregnancy does not occur at all. The first two weeks after conception - one of the most important. They are entirely responsible for the further normal pregnancy.

In that case, if a fertilized egg - the embryo - to exert any negative influence, or else in the bud happen genetic disorder, pregnancy with a very high degree of probability will be interrupted. And even before the first signs of pregnancy.

Removing the dead ovum from the uterus occurs in about the same days in which a woman should begin menstruating. And the woman did not even realize that she had lost the baby. Moreover, according to statements of doctors, this happens very, very often. Every woman has repeatedly faced with a similar situation, but just does not know about it.

The hardest part is necessary for women who noted in his obvious early signs of pregnancy. After all, they have much to be disappointed, especially if the pregnancy was very coveted and long-awaited. Therefore, not all hopes are pinned on these first and sometimes unreliable signs of pregnancy. Be patient and take the test. But the most reliable sign of pregnancy, no doubt become a ultrasound.

And remember, do not despair, even if the pregnancy for whatever reason did not come. As they say, it did not happen this time - will the next. And you certainly know what to choose diapers, how to soothe a crying crumbs and sleep three hours!

 The first signs of pregnancy

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