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Pregnancy - is not only the most happy and exciting time in the life of every woman, but also the most crucial. For the expectant mother now has to take care not only about themselves, but also the new man. In this period many women entirely renounce any kind had no pharmacological agents. Of course, this is very commendable, and rightly so, because any substance released to the mother's body, crosses the placenta to the baby. As you know, nature has provided to the immune system during pregnancy, the expectant mother is greatly reduced. This measure is necessary to ensure that women's body does not reject the fetus began. You remember that the child's body by 50% daddy's credit?

But the decline of immunity has a downside - pregnant women are much more vulnerable to various viruses and infections. And as a result, a vicious circle - the expectant mother can not get sick, but also to apply the drug to as quickly as possible to get rid of the disease, is also impossible. And how to be in this difficult situation? There is a way - to seek help from nature. But remember that herbs during pregnancy should be used very carefully.

Some of the herbs may have a really great help in the treatment of certain diseases. However, one should not underestimate the grass and consider them a sort of innocent vitamins - many of them can bring mother and crumbs irreparable harm. In order to avoid such a situation, before using any herb you should consult with your doctor.

We also offer you a brief overview of the impact on the body of the future mother of various herbs. Of course, it is impossible in one article to describe all the medicinal plants, so we talk only about the most basic of these, the most common. Let's start with those who during pregnancy can be used.

 grass harmful during pregnancy

Green light

Before the story I would like to remind once again - even if you are going to use one or the other allowed the grass, previously consult with your doctor. We can not forget about the phenomenon of idiosyncrasy. That means, that will help a pregnant woman to another can result in very serious complications. So:

  • Ginger

Too many pregnant women do not know firsthand that this toxicosis - this constant dizziness and nausea, and vomiting. But this problem is quite able to cope ginger. Ginger is used for these purposes in folk medicine for many decades. Of course, the appearance of short-term side effects - mild drowsiness, heartburn. But these symptoms disappear very quickly, so try such costs. After all, the health of the baby ginger has no absolutely no negative impact.

Ginger is used as follows. Get a pharmacy tablet or capsule dosage of 2 milligrams. This dosage should be divided into two stages - in the morning and before going to sleep, drinking plenty of water. Equally effective and ginger tea. And you can use ready-made tea, but you can do it yourself. To do this, put it in a thermos one teaspoon of grated ginger and fill it with one liter of boiling water. Infuse tea takes about an hour. You must drink during the day in small portions.

  • Hamamelis virginiana

This wonderful plant helps with varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, pregnancy often leads to pathological changes of cardiovascular and digestive systems. Constipation, the pressure increases in the size of the uterus on the rectum - all this often leads to the development of constipation. Yes, and varicose veins in the legs are also frequent phenomenon. To solve this problem, buy at the pharmacy ointment or gel containing witch hazel.

This plant will not only eliminate the discomfort, but also improve the condition of the vessels. The tool should be applied once a day, at bedtime. Normally, a marked improvement occurs on the third day. Although pain and burning back down after the first application. But pay attention - with bleeding hemorrhoids remedy is better not to use.

  • Calendula

Calendula for pregnant women in general is a true "magic - wand", fleeing from a wide variety of afflictions. For example, the infusion of marigold. He is very versatile. In that case, if the expectant mother started bleeding gums, which happens very often, it is necessary to rinse your mouth Calendula tincture every two hours.

To prepare pour five tablespoons of calendula one liter of boiling water, wrap the pot with a towel and leave for two hours. Then strain the infusion using gauze fabric and dissolve it in 2 tablespoons of honey. Honey perfectly removes inflammation.

Also, infusion of marigold is very effective in sore throat. Cook it on the same principle, which was described a little higher. But instead of honey, add a few drops of iodine and one teaspoon of salt for every 100 grams of infusion. Caressed his throat every two hours, until the complete disappearance of pain.

  • Rosehip oil

What are stretch marks, know all expectant mothers. Moreover - the question of how to avoid them, worried woman is strong enough. And in order to reduce the risk of stretch marks, you can resort to using rosehip oil. The rosehip oil contains a lot of fatty acids, vitamin A and C. The regular use of rosehip oil greatly improves the condition of the skin, improves its elasticity and ability to regenerate.

You can use ready-made rose hip oil, but you can do it yourself. Take two tablespoons of rose hips, fill them with 0, 5 liters of oil and bring to a boil. Once the oil starts to boil, turn off the heat and leave it for a day. After that, pour the oil in a glass container and store it in the refrigerator.

The resulting oil should be thoroughly rubbed into the skin after each shower. Particular attention should be paid to the most problematic areas - skin of the breast, stomach, hips. Ideally, such a procedure should be carried out at least twice a day - morning and evening.

  • Pharmacy daisy

Very important for expectant mothers ordinary pharmacy daisy. As a rule, pregnant women used it its broth. To prepare the broth chamomile you will need five tablespoons of inflorescences pharmacy daisy. Put them in an enamel bowl, pour one liter of water, bring to a boil and reduce heat.

The broth should be boiled for about 20 minutes, then cool and strain using a gauze cloth. Decoction of chamomile for the future it is better not to do, as it retains its useful properties all day.

Pharmacy daisy is very good for colds - it can be used as a means for gargling. To do this, add a few drops of iodine, and gargle every three hours. In the event that cold accompanied by fever, can be taken every two hours, 100 grams of broth - as tea. Be prepared for what will have to sweat much.

Not less effective decoction of chamomile relieves inflammations of the skin. You inflamed any small wound? You can get help with a decoction of chamomile compresses. Apply soaked in chamomile broth cloth to the wound for 15 minutes twice a day - and just a few days the inflammatory process disappears without a trace.

 herb helpful in pregnancy

Red light

There are grass harmful during pregnancy. Their use is not allowed under any circumstances. There are three major groups of herbs that are contraindicated for expectant mothers, because they can lead to complications such as:

    Violation of normal placental circulation, which can lead to the development of hypoxia and lack of nutrients in the body

Examples of these herbs include:

  • Salvia officinalis. It is part of a large number of various intestinal and diuretic charges apply for gargling in angina, stomatitis. By the way, note - sage is often used as a condiment.
  • Wild strawberry. It is often recommended for a variety of diseases of the gastro - intestinal tract and beriberi. Incidentally, strawberries and have another negative impact on the body of a pregnant woman - it greatly increases the tone of the uterus and can cause miscarriage or premature birth.
  • The succession, which is used to treat various skin diseases. It can also lead to the development of more severe allergies in the future mother.
  • Severe nausea, vomiting, heartburn and flatulence

To herbs that can cause similar side effects include:

  • Marsh Labrador tea, which is most often used to treat bronchitis. It makes the future mother is very severe inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Moreover, it can greatly reduce blood pressure.
  • Valeriana officinalis. Very often, it is advised to use the expectant mothers to suppress emotional outbursts. But in fact it is strictly contraindicated. For heartburn and vomiting, it is not the only side effects - it can disrupt even the cardiovascular system.
  • Melilot. It comes in different diuretic and expectorant charges. Furthermore, it can be used for flatulence, insomnia and pain in the abdomen. But not at the future moms!
  • Celandine. It is often recommended for a variety of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, pregnant women, the effect is just the opposite - severe vomiting and diarrhea is almost guaranteed.
  • Increased blood pressure

This phenomenon is very dangerous for the mother, as it can lead to very serious consequences. This group of herbs include:

  • Sandy everlasting, which is recommended in various diseases of the gallbladder and liver. In the future, the mothers may not only increase blood pressure, but also the beginning of preeclampsia.
  • St. John's wort. This herb is part of the huge number of drug charges, so you need to be very careful. St. John's wort constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure.
  • Other complications:

  • Wormwood. It is used for excitation of appetite, and as a cholagogue. But for pregnant women sagebrush extremely dangerous - it can cause seizures, hallucinations and other emergence of mental disorders.
  • Tree Aloe. It also is widely used - and for colds and skin diseases. But pregnant women aloe is very often leads to the development of severe allergic reactions.


As you can see, the grass, useful during pregnancy, there is. But there are also strictly contraindicated herbs. Therefore, you should not rely on the case and the age-old Russian "maybe." Be sure to use of a particular plant remedy, consult your doctor. For normal pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby - this is the most important thing that every woman wants. Is not it?

 Herbs for pregnancy. Benefits and harms

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