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  • What is included in the mood?
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The mood of the person - a piece changeable. At one point you can enjoy life, have fun, and soar, and in another - sadness, worry and miss. Of course, when the mood swings occur too often and dramatically, it could be an occasion to refer to a therapist. But occasionally this can happen to any of us, and friends - is no exception. How do you want them to have always been a funny face! This, unfortunately, is impossible; but we will tell you how to cheer up a friend at a difficult moment for him.

 cheer up a friend

What is included in the mood?

In order to understand how to act in a given situation, you must understand that in general affects our mood. It can be described as an emotional background of our lives, which take place various kinds of its processes. It determines the overall tone of existence, it depends on the activity in the spheres of life. The reason for the mood is not always understood by man, but it is always there. What things have a decisive influence?

  • Hormonal Sphere

    Mood depends very much on the balance of hormones in his body. Serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, estrogen, testosterone - all of these molecules moving through your bloodstream, creating joy and sadness, anxiety and calm, active and passive. If the sphere of human hormonal something wrong, then he begins to consistently have problems with their own emotional background. For example, when such a thyroid disease, hypothyroidism, there is a significant reduction in the mood - up to depression.

  • Season

    Psychophysiology long been proven that in the fall and spring, many people there are mood swings, often they are "stuck" on the negative pole, that is sad. This is due to lack of sunlight (particularly, in our latitudes), vitamins, climatic conditions. There is even such a thing as seasonal depression - suffer from it about ten percent of people worldwide.

  • Family environment

    Family - is the rear, which we always rely. From climate prevailing in it largely depends on how confident we feel in other areas of life. Agree, it is very difficult to work if you had a fight on the eve strongly with her husband.

  • The situation at work

    All the same concerns and professional spheres. It works for many of us acts as a source of money and means of self-realization. So when we face difficulties on this front, suffer once more basic needs - the need for progress and comfort. It is very difficult to be kind and gentle with people, when you at work "burn" project.

  • Physical activity

    Sports contribute to the production of endorphins, If a person is far from the sport, like any other physical activity, then it is likely that he was more likely to be confronted with a sense of sadness. In part, this is due to the increased number of depression among residents of large cities, which are mainly sedentary.

  • Food

    Regular consumption of unhealthy foods leads to an imbalance of nutrients in the body, which in turn inevitably leads to various diseases. It is not easy to enjoy life when you have a stomach ache, "naughty" the heart, the liver sends signals to its insolvency. Although for many people, delicious food is a separate way to cheer yourself up.

  • Communication with others

    No matter what the introverts, people - a social being. The experiments were "evil" Psychologists have shown that if a person is placed in a chamber where there is no communication with the outside world, he quickly goes crazy. That is why people who are more or less isolated, so strangely behaved and are unable to establish contact with others.

  • Personal problems

    This factor, in principle, does not cause none issues. No brainer that if you are facing some troubles in life, you will have a bad mood, as long as you do not get over it. Sometimes a person has, in principle, any own personal problems that prevent him to live and enjoy life, such as too self-centered, or, on the contrary, helpful. Although there is a class of people who feel in good shape, but being in a situation involving all hands, but it also says a lot.

 how to cheer up a friend right

Gay friend

So all these factors affect both your mood and the mood of your friend. If it is sad, it means that there is a problem on one of these levels. Of course, you can not arrange for a friend of his life and forced the good cause. But to do something quite in your power.

First, ask them to talk to you. Men rarely share their experiences with other men and with the girls, because they do not want to look weak and out of luck. But girlfriend can be quite open. It is possible that your friend will be enough just to talk - for men it is sometimes effective, because they all hold in itself, and this creates additional stress. For some it is important that you are just a number, listen, understand it, and all kind express support and sympathy. If he is bad and hard, you too must be bad and hard. If he wants to break and destroy everything, then you, too, will have to break and destroy. You can use something like shock therapy and dramatically shift the focus from a friend over, ask for advice in any matter.

But it all - friends talking in the women's sense of the word. Men talk about the problems in order to find a solution. And that you, too, can be useful: female perspective on the situation is fundamentally different from men, so even if it is already ten times to discuss their grief with friends, you can still add something new. Unusual view of the situation, women's intuition, sensitivity to emotions, wisdom and balance - all these things make us some good sovetchitsa a number of issues, especially in matters of the heart.

But mere talk will not be full. If you can not help your friend to solve the problem, change his attitude toward her. Sometimes this can be done by strengthening the positive aspects of the situation and find its meaning. For example, after these trials of life he will become an even stronger personality. Or complete the project, he will get a lot of money. In every problem there is always a resource moments - important to see them. And for that just need you because your friend is in a situation in a very depressed and just can not see its advantages.

It will be useful for a while "pull" it from utter boredom. To do this, you need to escape from the mental torments. What is your favorite pastime? Here there and go! Offhand, you can offer a night club, bar, restaurant, gaming cafe, paintball or laser tag, movie theater, yoga - in today's world there are plenty of options to suit every taste and color, as they entertain and distract from the sad thoughts simultaneously. Your friend will be able to recover and recharge your batteries, and in the circle of people to do it the easiest way.

One trip to the pleasure institution in difficult situations is not enough. Then you can give him a surprise and offer something he had never done before. For example, a parachute jump or dance class, ballooning or circus - choose what to sufficiently shake it, but do not make the turn gray prematurely. If all of a sudden he wants to sit at home and indulge in sad thoughts, you can cheat. Tell him that you have lost tickets. Or that you need his help - the man is difficult to refuse a woman in such a situation, no matter how bad it was. Just do not overdo it - perhaps that now is precisely the time when he needs to be alone and digest what is happening.

And whether you surrounded by "human-pozitivchik"? This is such a special class of people, the presence of which it is physically impossible to be sad. As there are energy vampires, and there are those who pours his energy all living things around him. They are always active and cheerful, they left plenty of fascinating stories and interesting activities - just do not get bored with them and not get bored. Find at least one such person and arrange a joint evening. Pleasure and good mood guaranteed!

It's no secret that a lot is always made up of little things. Even if over the life of your friend hung a huge black cloud, it's not a reason to withdraw into themselves. Try to pay attention to each other for all the good that he has. If you have problems at work, in the family to be all right. If bad, and there and there - well, he has great friends. And to fix the result, treat it with all sorts of amenities. Treat delicious dinner - men simply adore it! Find some incredibly funny comedy and watch it with him. Buy him some nice and sweet thing, which he had long dreamed of, but it was no time to buy. Send within twenty days encouraging sms. If he is lonely, send it to the erotic, or simply a relaxing massage - it will remove excess stress.

Be there in time of need - that's exactly why do we need friends. As a combat friend, you just have to lift your mood and substitute another warm shoulder in moments of crisis. At the same time try to feel that your help is really needed, and when - is superfluous. And do not forget: you will be sad when your friend is just as close.

 How to cheer up a friend in difficult times?

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