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Too many women, while waiting for a child, ask a question about how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. It is not surprising, because the problem faced by more than half of all pregnant women. What to do? Really easy to put up with the changes that occur with the body of a pregnant woman? Of course, no. There are several ways that can, if not completely eliminate the problem, or at least reduced to the minimum possible e.

During pregnancy often occur streamers formed in the middle layer of the skin. And they are formed as a consequence of a long and active effect on the skin. Because of the sharp weight gain occur microtrauma - cracks of the skin. And once the body begins to produce a huge amount of collagen, which is a kind of "repair" existing skin damage. As a result - the same white shramiki, which are called stretch marks.

Most often there are extensions to these problem areas like the chest, thighs and abdomen. And note - to get rid of existing stretch marks is very difficult, so it makes more sense to take all measures that will help avoid the appearance of stretch marks. There are three "golden" rules, which would facilitate the expectant mother this challenge.

Exercise stress

The first and most basic rule - the expectant mother has to get enough exercise. After all, we remember that the pregnancy - is not a disease, is not it? Of course, we are not talking about hard physical work. But if you were before pregnancy active lifestyle now and do not completely abandon the occupation. Yes, and if you've never been a fan of a healthy lifestyle, now is the time to start.

Optimally for all future moms fit classes at the pool, fitness - programs designed specifically for pregnant women. Yes, even the most simple walking is very effective to help prepare for childbirth and maintain a healthy and elastic skin, without any signs of stretch marks. And after giving birth to return to the familiar form of the active mums will be much easier. The reason is very simple - the appearance of stretch marks provoked by nothing more than a sudden weight gain.

And if a woman gets regular exercise, weight typed smoothly and evenly distributed throughout the body. By the way - in case you do, then familiar to many pregnant women, excess kilos as you will not get any.

 avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

Skin care

Another, no less effective rule - a systematic and careful skin care body. Moreover, special attention should be paid exactly the problem areas. To begin this withdrawal is desirable even before pregnancy. In your arsenal should be as soft body scrub and a good moisturizer and massage oil.

It is important in any case to prevent dehydration of the skin, and a special cream against stretch marks and will not be superfluous. Which cream should I buy for you, you'll probably tell your gynecologist. To remain silent? No problem, ask him yourself. Doctors - are people too, and they tend to forget about the little things.

Apply the product to the problem areas very carefully, stroking the skin in a circular motion. In no case do not let it stretch. Any, even the most expensive means of benefit only if you use it regularly. Therefore, apply it to the skin at least twice a day - morning and evening, preferably after a shower, pre-soaked skin with a towel. Take special care that the second half of pregnancy - in fact in this period belly begins to grow with great intensity.

In addition to using a variety of cosmetic agents should pay particularly close attention to the clothes worn by the expectant mother. The skin should be protected from exposure to a variety of harsh materials, which can hurt her. It is best to give preference to clothes made from natural materials - linen, cotton. In no case do not wear clothes with lots of seams and pinch the skin - it greatly increases the risk of developing stretch marks.

 stretch marks during pregnancy


And another very important aspect - proper nutrition is the future mother. It would seem, what is the relationship between nutrition and the appearance of stretch marks? It turns out that the most direct - in a number of foods contain substances that actively protect the skin. Thus, the products to be included in the diet of future moms:

  • Without exception, all kinds of cereals. And oatmeal and buckwheat - especially.
  • Any vegetables except cabbage.
  • Any fruit, but a very sweet - may cause heartburn.
  • Any dairy products, preferably without the addition of dyes.
  • All kinds of dried fruits.
  • Olive oil - in unlimited quantities. This oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, which is extremely useful in the fight against the appearance of stretch marks.

All of these products are good for the fact that they allow to normalize the digestive process and prevent the development of constipation. But from all sorts of harmful products should be abandoned. In particular, it is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet of future moms:

  • Salted, smoked and spicy foods.
  • Any fried dishes - prepare better for a couple.
  • Any fast food.
  • Coffee, sodas, sweet fruit juices.
  • All kinds of pastries and white bread.
  • Mayonnaise, mustard and other sauces, apart from soy.

These foods trigger weight gain. And overweight, in turn, is the main culprit for the appearance of stretch marks. Yes, and the overall health of all of these products are not the best way.

As you see, to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy is possible. Although it would have to make some effort. But - as the old truth - beauty always requires sacrifice. And in our case, the victim is still going to benefit and health. Be healthy and beautiful. Pulmonary delivery to you and happy motherhood!

 How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

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 weight during pregnancy


  • How much can you gain during pregnancy?
  • How to control your weight?
  • How to lose weight during pregnancy?
  • Physical activity

Pending the emergence of a baby into the world - perhaps the most enjoyable time in the life of any woman. But pregnancy is associated not only with pleasant emotions and experiences, but also with a variety of excitement and anxiety. And one of the reasons for them are often becoming overweight during pregnancy.

For indicators such as the weight of the future mother, it is very important for the health of women and baby. The ideal woman is gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy by eating a healthy diet - it is a good sign that your baby is getting all the nutrients and is growing at a normal pace.

However, unfortunately, it happens not always. Excess weight during pregnancy - a very common phenomenon. Moreover - many mums do not see anything wrong with this phenomenon, assuming that to get rid of extra kilos after the birth of the baby will be easier than ever. However, they overlook the fact that being overweight during pregnancy is very negative impact on the course of pregnancy:

  • The development of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - a very unpleasant disease that can deliver the expectant mother a lot of unpleasant emotions. And during childbirth hemorrhoids - not the best assistant. And if my mother is overweight, the chances of developing hemorrhoids significantly increased.

  • Hypertonic disease

In some cases, the presence of excess weight during pregnancy leads to a systematic increase in blood pressure. A hypertension during pregnancy, in turn, can lead to very serious complications that pose a serious threat to the health and sometimes life as a mom and baby.

  • Phlebeurysm

The next problem, which often face future mothers - is varicose veins. This problem is not a simple cosmetic imperfections, and very serious independent disease. And if Mom during pregnancy gained more weight than normal, varicose veins, it is virtually guaranteed.

  • Pain in the back

Excess weight - a serious burden on the muscle corset back. And he already feels a tremendous strain because of the growing tummy future moms. As a result, a pregnant woman feels nagging pain in the lumbar region.

  • Shortness of breath

Overweight in virtually all cases leads to the development of severe shortness of breath. A shortness of breath - this is a sure way for the development of hypoxia. And as a mother and a child. A hypoxia - is a sure way for the development of various complications.

  • Metabolic disease

One of the most feared complications of a normal pregnancy - the development of diabetes. And overweight future moms at times increases the risk of this complication.

In addition, extra weight is directly influenced by the state of all body tissues. They largely lose its elasticity and stretchability. It is not difficult to guess that in the process of childbirth, this feature can greatly complicate the normal course of childbirth. What's more - you can not lose sight of the fact that mothers who are overweight, more often born larger baby. Their process of birth is hardly easy.

 Pregnancy and weight

How much can you gain during pregnancy?

Let us try to figure out where the boundaries of the norm and why so many future moms out for them? First, in any case we can not "eat for two" during pregnancy. And it was this advice expectant mother hears most often from numerous well-wishers - friends, acquaintances, relatives. Each and tries to put a woman on the plate is the tidbit. Sound familiar, does not it? No, we do not call relatives hurt by a sharp denial. But still try to convey to them adequate information is correct.

Of course, the future mother really needs a bit more calories than the rest. After all, energy costs have become several times higher - baby body also needs calories. But that is no reason to eat anything that is not nailed. In general, you should consume only 100 - 300 calories more than you did before, to fully meet the needs of your growing baby.

Those kilograms that a woman should gain during pregnancy, are made up of various parameters:

  • The weight of the baby, who is in the uterus.
  • Amniotic fluid, placenta.
  • The weight of the uterus and increase in size of the mammary glands.
  • The increased blood volume and other fluids.

That all these kilos and make the most weight gain, without which no cost, no one pregnancy. As a rule, the norm is 8 to 12 kilograms for the entire period of pregnancy. In the same case, if the numbers are more doctors say about overweight. But in any case, do not forget that the weight gain during pregnancy - a complex process that takes place unevenly. For example, the weight of the baby in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy have very little, but in the second half and quickly begins to significantly increase.

But the queen, on the contrary, most of all it becomes heavier in the first half of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that during this period there is an intensive build-up of muscle tissue of the uterus. But the increase in blood volume occurs throughout the period of pregnancy evenly. In addition, we must not forget that the adipose tissue and increases in volume. But it depends on what the future of women eats.

How to control your weight?

Often the expectant mother wonders how it is necessary to control body weight. Often for these purposes are purchased the most expensive scales. However, this is not the best way - on their own future mother can not afford to determine what part falls on the adipose tissue, and which part - on the swelling. Unfortunately, swelling - this is a very common problem faced by many expectant mothers.

That is why it is important to promptly visit a gynecologist, especially in the second half of pregnancy. The definition includes a mandatory inspection of body weight, on the basis of which the doctor and makes conclusions about weight gain. There is a special plate on which the doctor determines whether there is a future mother problems with overweight.

Although, of course, all these data are very average. Therefore, the physician is required to make amendments to the individual characteristics of each woman. In particular, initial weight that was a woman to become pregnant. The principle is simple - the more weight was initially, the less you can dial. There are three main groups of women:

  • Lack of body weight

In that case, if the woman had initially underweight during pregnancy she can dial up to 15 kilograms.

  • Normal weight

In the event that a woman's body weight before pregnancy was normal, then the weight gain should be average - from 8 to 12 kg.

  • Overweight

Well, if the woman was plump, during pregnancy it can gain no more than 5 - 6 kg. Otherwise there is a risk of various complications.

 weight during pregnancy

How to lose weight during pregnancy?

Of course, to insure against excess body weight is very difficult. But let the problem take its course in any case impossible. Fighting obesity is possible and necessary. Although, of course, it can be done only under the supervision of a health professional. There are some universal guidelines to help keep your weight under control. They are safe for all women without exception:

  • Nutrition should be a fraction - 6-7 meals throughout the day, at frequent intervals.
  • Always keep a light snack, such as nuts, raisins, cheese and crackers, dried fruit and yogurt. As soon as you feel hungry, do not rush to the fridge - try to have a meal with something light. However, be careful not to eat become a habit - they also contribute to the emergence of very overweight.
  • Avoid going to the cafe. It is often during these campaigns woman eats those same calories, which leads to weight gain.

In addition, pay attention to your diet. Make sure that the menu was right. Firstly, the need to minimize the chances of dairy products. Of course, dairy products should be present, because they contain a large number of much-needed calcium.

You need at least 400 grams dairy products every day. However, try to eat only low-fat products - this will significantly reduce the amount of calories and thus fat consumed. Also, do not forget about the restriction of sugary drinks. Sweetened drinks such as soft drinks, fruit punch, fruit drinks, iced tea, lemonade delivered into the body many calories and few nutrients. So try to drink pure non-carbonated water or fruit drinks and homemade compote of dried fruits.

As closely as possible, limit the use of salt. After the salt is very water retention in the body. Simply put, too salty food provokes severe edema. And they have become a cause of excess weight. Of course, the excess fluid - is not adipose tissue. But the phenomenon is also a very, very unpleasant and dangerous.

Notice also what fats and sauces you use when cooking. Try to limit the consumption of foods such as margarine, butter, gravy, sauces, mayonnaise, sauces, methane, cream and cheese. They are very, very high in calories - only a couple of days of this food can lead to a pair of triple-extra kilos. It is much wiser to replace them with olive oil. Of course, it will not be so good, but definitely much more useful.

Physical activity

In order to keep weight under control, be sure to remember the physical effort. Of course, no serious training and speech can not be. However, the minimum physical activity for the mother is a must. Otherwise, not only the extra weight may stick, but muscles are largely diminished. But the appearance of the crumbs into the light - this is a very serious work of my mother's body.

And that is why it is so important to get ready for this important event. How? Doctors say that the most secure way - is swimming and easy walking distance. As a rule, the expectant mother is trying to move less, believing that thus save power. However, this is not so - the lack of movement is a right way to various complications, including such as excess weight during pregnancy.

That is why it is so important enough to move. Expectant mother must undergo daily walk of at least two kilometers. And if you allow the forces - if not more. It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance - just take it a rule to walk every day for at least an hour.

In addition, we should not ignore the special exercises for pregnant women. And this is not necessarily recorded on expensive courses. Typically, classes have almost any clinic. Moreover - sure your doctor is required to help you choose the most suitable set of exercises that you can easily manage your own home. And such a problem, as the extra weight of pregnancy, will simply cease to be relevant for you.

As you can see, pregnancy and weight - not the best allies. So be sure to keep the matter under strict control. This will help prevent a lot of problems and complications from both the mother's organism, and by the child. Be healthy. Pulmonary delivery to you and happy motherhood!

 Excess weight during pregnancy

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