when you can get pregnant after a missed abortion


  • Causes of missed abortion
  • What to do next?
  • Examination during pregnancy planning
  • Preparing for pregnancy
  • When trouble came again

Birth of a child - the most important event that can happen in a woman's life. But unfortunately, not every pregnancy, even the most desirable ends this happy occasion. And one of the dangers that lie in wait for the future mother - a missed abortion. Shock, pain, despair - the emotions women are quite clear and natural.

However, the time comes, the first shock passes and after a pair of missed abortion begins to ask different questions. Why did this happen, how to avoid a repetition of the tragedy, and others. In particular, and when to become pregnant after a missed abortion?

But as they say, the theater begins with a hanger. And we'll start talking from the very beginning. What is missed abortion and why this happens? If you do not go into medical terms, missed abortion may be described as, arresting the development of the embryo.

In most cases, fading occurs pregnancy in the first trimester of pregnancy. However, doctors are cases when the pregnancy felt faint and very late stages - a few weeks before the expected date of birth. Fortunately, this happens very, very rarely. Physicians reliably found that the most dangerous for the crumbs are 3 and 4, 8 and 11, and 16-18 weeks of pregnancy. And the most dangerous period - this is the 8 week of pregnancy during which the crumbs are formed all the vital organs. After this period, the risk of missed abortion is reduced significantly.

Causes of missed abortion

After the tragedy happened, all the women tormented by the same question - why? Why did it happen and who is to blame? In fact, reliably establish why froze pregnancy, in most cases, the doctors did not succeed. Especially if you then took a considerable time. However, they did identify several main reasons:

  • Genetic disorders

Sometimes nature makes mistakes and fails. And perfectly healthy parents crumb has a serious genetic disease. But in most such cases, the nature immediately recalls and hurry to correct his mistake. As a result of the pregnancy then simply ceases to develop.

  • Hormonal disorders

The second leading cause of missed abortion - a violation of hormonal levels in women. Typically, this occurs when there is a lack of estrogen or progesterone. Or, if a woman's body increased levels of androgens - male hormones. So after missed abortion necessarily need to be tested for hormones.

  • Infectious diseases

Followed by various infectious diseases. Expectant mother is sick do not even colds, not to mention the more serious. And the most dangerous infections is rubella, influenza and cytomegalovirus. Nor can we forget the diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. The reason for missed abortion may include: gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia and others.

  • Artificial insemination

Numerous studies have shown that pregnancy, which occurred as a result of IVF are at much greater risk. Therefore, these future moms should be particularly attentive to their condition.

  • Bad habits

Future baby threatened all bad habits mother - drug use, smoking, alcohol. And you should not listen to "well-wishers" who claim that 50 grams of red wine nothing but good, will not do. Any alcohol in any quantity is very dangerous to the developing fetus.

 how to get pregnant after a missed abortion

What to do next?

So, missed abortion behind. What to do next after her? Of course, do not despair, and ready to attack the next pregnancy. And you need to start this training immediately after missed abortion. Ask your doctor to lost fertilized egg or embryo was sent for microscopic examination. This study allows to determine whether a baby has any genetic disorder, which can cause missed abortion. After that, many things will become clearer.

All doctors in one voice are advised not to plan the pregnancy earlier than 6 months after cleaning. Moreover, it is not necessary to repeat the mistake most couples caught in a similar situation - do not start a full examination immediately, after discharge from the hospital. Relax, let your body relax, come to themselves - at least three months, forget about the existence of a gynecologist.

But in any case, do not forget about the need to protect themselves. Firstly, your body has to recover from a failed pregnancy. And secondly, the reason for which stopped previous pregnancy, and remains unclear. So, the chance of history repeating itself remains.

And it is very important to consider the psychological condition of the woman. It is often not taken place after a missed abortion mom gives in to despair and even depressed. This is quite natural - after all a woman has lost the most precious thing she has. Her baby. In no event it is impossible to plan a new pregnancy after this disaster as long as the woman does not feel that she is mentally prepared for this important step. In no case can not plan a pregnancy under the pressure of others, or simply because the time has come.

Do not keep your emotions in yourself - talk about them. Talk to your husband, explain to him his feelings - for sure, so it will be much easier to understand what is happening to you, why did you become so irritable and nervous. Talk to your mom or girlfriend - their words surely support you.

As a rule, the majority of women after these conversations becomes a lot easier. If two - three months, your psychological condition does not improve, do not hesitate - contact a psychologist. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse. And it will all end - it is difficult to predict.

 pregnant after missed abortion

Examination during pregnancy planning

So, you are psychologically prepared, came to life after a failed pregnancy and start to think about a new attempt? Congratulations, it's time to act. And the first thing that should make prospective parents - is a complete examination. And please note - after a missed abortion is necessary to examine both parents. Although the Pope with his mother will have to take different tests. What kind of examination is necessary:

  • The analysis on the blood levels of homocysteine

In normal pregnancy levels of this substance in the blood is almost always reduced. And the decline begins with the very first weeks of pregnancy. And restore it only after birth. This is necessary in order to placental blood flow proceeded properly.

In the same case in women initially elevated homocysteine ​​levels, this can result in fading of pregnancy. And if a problem is detected in a timely manner, the situation can be corrected before pregnancy.

  • Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and the thyroid gland - an important part of the overall survey. It allows to identify the hidden pathology, which eventually may lead to fading of pregnancy. This examination is completely painless, so you should not be afraid of him.

  • Determining the level of hormones

As everyone knows, the normal course of pregnancy is possible only with proper hormonal balance in the body of the future mother. Including those hormones that are produced by the thyroid gland. This type of research is very necessary to doctors so they can make the correct picture of the situation and, if necessary, appoint a course of corrective therapy to a tragedy does not recur. Therefore, after each failed pregnancy these tests are mandatory.

  • The presence of antibodies to rubella

Of course, this factor directly fading pregnancy in no way affected. But if you want to approach the issue seriously planning pregnancy, this analysis still need to pass. Of course, if a woman does not know exactly whether it was ill with rubella during childhood.

  • The level of autoantibodies in the blood

This analysis is necessary to understand not whether the reaction of the immune system was the reason for the fading of pregnancy. Knowing this, you can pre-assign corrective therapy to help correct the situation and avoid a repeat of the tragedy.

  • The presence of latent infections

This study is necessary for both parents. Unfortunately, the statistics says that one in three people suffers from some infections, sexually transmitted. Further - more than half of these people are not even aware of their condition, as it occurs without symptoms. Therefore, the analysis can help to identify, and, therefore, to treat the infection, if any. And this must be done before you get pregnant again, thinking.

If, during the survey, doctors detect the presence of any pathology, they will appoint the necessary treatment that will reduce the risk of re-viable pregnancy. Sometimes this treatment lasts only a few weeks, and sometimes takes a very long time - months or even years.

Of course, this is a very long time, but do not take the time to get pregnant. You want to end up having a healthy baby? So, it is necessary to suffer. In no case do not make attempts to get pregnant as long as the doctor did not give his permission. Be patient, do not torment your doctor questions: "Well, when it is possible to get pregnant ?! "

 when you can get pregnant after missed abortion

Preparing for pregnancy

However, the above described the worst option. Most often, the survey does not reveal any serious pathology of the health of potential parents. So, most likely, your gynecologist will give you permission to try to get pregnant after six months. But in this case, the issue should be approached very, very carefully - it will help avoid a repeat of missed abortion.

First and foremost, it is mother should pay particular attention to the lifestyle that she leads.

It should be possible to reduce to a minimum the influence of negative environmental factors, to reconsider your lifestyle and habits, in a timely and regular visits to the gynecologist. And, of course, very strict adherence to all the rules and comply with its regulations. It will help avoid complications both with the conception and followed during pregnancy.

In each case, the doctor will choose the individual recommendations for each expectant mother. However, there are general guidelines that you must perform all women without exception:

  • Exposure to harmful substances

Every day, the body of any person affected by a large number of various harmful substances. Exhaust fumes, household chemicals, even the sharp smell of perfumes and cosmetics. Try to minimize these effects. In that case, if a woman is forced to work in hazardous environments, it is asked to translate it into an easy job. Or, if this is not possible, it is necessary to change a job, no matter how good you are, it seemed. After all, nothing is more important than the health of your crumbs! You should not become pregnant for as long as eliminate all negative impacts.

  • Good nutrition

Not the last role during pregnancy and diet plays an expectant mother. And to reconsider its menu expectant mother should be even a few months before becoming pregnant. This is to ensure that the body has had time to replenish essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The diet for the mother there is nothing supernatural. She should give up fried, spicy, smoked and salty foods. Furthermore, it is necessary to exclude all products containing colorants and preservatives. Carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol should be eliminated completely - it is best to replace them with non-carbonated mineral water, fruit drinks and savory compotes.

The menu should include as many fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and meat, fish and seafood. Also, do not forget about the products with high iron content. It is in large amounts in the liver, buckwheat, apples and pomegranate juice. Discuss your menu with your gynecologist - he will help you choose the most optimal. It is best to do this in advance, not when the pregnancy has already occurred.

  • Multivitamin preparations

Be sure to consult with your doctor about taking a multivitamin complexes. In most cases, the woman just need their drug as using only one menu is not always possible to provide the body with all it needs vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary to start taking vitamin E and folic acid.

Vitamin E plays an important role in normal pregnancy. Firstly, it is responsible for the correct functioning of the reproductive system, and secondly, it is necessary for the proper development of the embryo, and thirdly, the vitamin E is responsible for skin health. But this is very important - the skin of the future mother during pregnancy is exposed to stress real hard. And a lack of vitamin E with a high degree of probability can lead to severe stretch marks.

  • Immunity

Unfortunately, few people today can boast of impeccable immune system. Therefore, before planning pregnancy, expectant mother must take care to strengthen its immunity. In that case, if the woman is not particularly troublesome differs much from what it would be required.

Suffice it to carry out in the open air at least two hours a day, and try as much as possible to go on foot. About diet we have already said - correctly composed menu also helps to strengthen the immune system. In addition, review your daily routine - you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. And you need to sleep at night, so the late-night get-togethers with friends, and traveling around the world wide web at the time is forgotten.

You should not miss your attention and hardening. No no! No one requires you to dive in the January frost in ice hole. But after taking a shower with cool water to douse feet never hurt. Try as much as possible to walk barefoot - on the soles of the feet contain a huge amount of a variety of receptors. And regular walking barefoot largely enhance human health. Walk barefoot at every opportunity, when there is such an opportunity.

  • Physical activity

Preparing to become a mother, the woman should take care of the good physical form. Firstly, the woman who is in good physical shape is much easier to tolerate stress, which inevitably arise during pregnancy. Second, have these moms probably will not have problems with excess weight, third, physically weak woman gives birth process itself is much more difficult. And the old form after childbirth to restore it will be much easier. Of course, we should not bring themselves to exhaustion. But morning exercise, walking, playing in the pool will only benefit you.

 how to get pregnant after a missed abortion

When trouble came again

Tragically, it is very rare, but still there are cases when the case of repeated non-viable pregnancy are repeated two, and sometimes more times. In this case, doctors say about such diseases as habitual miscarriage. Typically, this happens in the case, if the body potential mom or dad are serious violations.

However, even in this situation, do not lose heart and despair - in most cases, doctors can determine the cause of this phenomenon. And the level of modern medicine is so high that even cope with the challenge. And in the end, sooner or later, you still become happy parents.