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Relations between people has so many subtle nuances that we often can be hard to understand each other - as we all differently arranged. Sometimes it is difficult to understand, if we love our partner or not, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Guys usually try not to show their feelings, and without that we sometimes are not clear how to understand that a man in love, and not just nice to spend your time. But their actions often speak louder than words, their true feelings, especially when men really fall in love.

Sometimes, when a man and a woman are somewhere in the middle of their relationships (when love is, but it is not yet clear whether there will be real feelings that bring people together for life), she just does not know to move if it forward, or to be may end the relationship at this stage, as the prospects for the development of special and there ... Such thoughts arise either because of uncertainty about the guy in love with you for real, either because of negative past experiences, which causes a distrust a beloved man.

You, too, wondered how to learn, how sincere feelings of your partner? Then read carefully! Our article will help you understand whether your man is in love with all your heart, or you're just another girl, which he, having fun, cherished said to you "I love you" without putting into words the warmth of his soul. Or maybe you do not have a boyfriend, and you're the kind of girl who is desperately looking for a man really loves, and not to play passionate feelings? We also help you to understand male psychology and learn how to understand that a man in love, even if he does not speak about it.

 How to understand that a man in love with you

Unraveling the secrets of male behavior

Dear our reader, if a guy really likes you, then, of course, his feelings will be clearly reflected in his behavior. But the words ... If it's too easy to say "I love you", you should watch him closely. Maybe he's just sort of a playboy, who quickly "fall in love" and just as quickly change you without hesitation that breaks another heart. So let us agree: have patience and begin to observe his behavior, not paying much attention to the nice words!

One of the most obvious signs of male love - the style of his clothes. If feelings are serious guy, he starts to care about, to please you, he quickly change its ordinary clothes, which probably just convenient, more beautiful, more stylish and fashionable. So watch out for her lover: whether there were any changes in his clothes after you started dating? He appeared any new stuff? Or maybe he put in order the things that used to wear so casually? Whether there is that it appears to you unshaven, in rumpled clothes and shoes unpeeled? Or he never allowed himself such? Watch and make conclusions!

The second sign of a man in love, too, will give him away. How often do you catch his eyes on her, especially when he thinks you are not looking at it? If a man loves you, he will pull all the time you stole a glance. He will admire you when will be sure that you do not watch him, and if you're still caught his eye, he shall lead the eye and may even hesitate. You feel that he looks at you? This is a good sign, he really likes and admires constantly and admires you.

And as far as he is willing to support you in difficult times? If you fall into the trap of any problems of emotional, physical, financial or any other plan, it just watching from the sidelines as you are suffering, or offers to help? If yes, then this is a good sign. So he feels for you true feelings.

Another way to know if he loves you, is to analyze your level of communication. If he likes to talk with you, I like to spend time together, it's a good indicator that it really reaches out to you the soul. Guys like to chat with the people that they really enjoy, especially if it is a person of the opposite sex. And if he loves you, he always wants to discuss with you some of his exciting event or news. He will want to share with you any story that happened to him when you are not there. At the same time his speech will be very emotional, and possibly even inconsistencies.

And if he will speak smoothly and fluently too, consider this: Maybe it is not only telling you this? Perhaps he has many listeners "rehearse" this story? When dealing with a loved one, the guy will not carefully select the beautiful words; on the contrary, feeling relaxed, it will use the same buzzwords and jargon that are used in a circle of friends. Except, of course, obscene phrases! And if he says both memorized, using only a model literary language, with all its grammatical rules, then beware: it is clearly up to something, ohmurit you!

Again, as it responds to your mood? Happy is he when you are happy? Or he ignited anger every time notices that you are angry or simply not in the mood? If the latter is true, it is a bad sign - it is unlikely that his deep feelings for you. Do not forget: if a guy likes you, he will do everything possible to make you feel happy.

Another clear sign that the guy really likes is the fact, as he likes to appear to you in front of his friends or colleagues. Specifically, if a man does not love the girl, then he would not "enter" it into your social circle. He would prefer to see her away from the eyes of their friends and relatives. The reason for this is the fact that he has someone whom he really loves, and he did not want another woman learned that her man having fun with others. Or simply planning to serious and long-term relationships. If a man does not want to appear to you in front of his friends, he probably just using you to once or twice a pleasure to pass the time. And if during an unexpected meeting, he represents you as an employee of your friends or acquaintances, be careful on his part there is no love!

Sometimes guys are guided only by their sexual instincts, to start a relationship with a girl just to satisfy their sexual hunger, then parting with them without any regret. And if in a relationship with a man you most interested in sex, then do not be fooled, because he hardly loves you. Sex - it is not love, and love - it's not just sex! The man who feeds the true feelings of a woman, will always be considered with your emotions and feelings; besides, he would never insist on having sex at the beginning of the relationship and would wait patiently when you yourself will be ready for it.

I would like to warn you of common mistakes in interpretation of women's behavior, men and explain that if a man spends a lot of money on you, it is not a measure of his love. Do you know that man, if he has the money to spend it like to make an impression on others successful and rich man? And if he wants to spend it on a girl who is with him at the moment, it has nothing to do with his love for her. There never was any connection between money and real romantic relationship! So what gifts a man does not always mean that the woman he loves to bestow, and if he buys expensive gifts, then it does not always follow that he is willing to be with you for life. It's just that he has the money he can spend, he spends them. That's all!

We are all just people, and we do not know how to read the thoughts of those around us. But we can calculate these thoughts, following the actions of the man. To know whether you love your man, just watch him, remembering these tips. Try to make every effort to become better acquainted with his friends, and listen to what he will tell them about you. Take the time to go to sex, because it does not bind it to you. Watch how he behaves towards you in different situations. And then you can understand when he says out loud, "I love you" at least a hundred times a day, but at the same time thinking: "I'm not sure that this girl is mine." And if so, then why are not deceiving themselves and Tesha empty hopes, not search for true love in a different place?

 How to understand that a man in love

How to find evidence of man's love?

Until now, we are talking about the fact that some actions men can open their coldness towards you. And if he likes? How do you know that a man in love? After all, there are also situations where a man does not dare to speak of his love and the girl due to inexperience can not understand what his feelings, afraid to make a step forward, so as not to seem ridiculous, if it is wrong. To clarify the situation and disperse your doubts, we simply list the signs that a man loves:

  1. He always comes on time, if you assign him to meet

    And if they violate the time, do not be late, and vice versa - will come sooner and would have to wait. This is a good sign that says that he is willing to be with you. Because you never have to wait for his appearance? Sure, he cherishes the time spent with you.

  2. Another simple thing to say about how he appreciates the moments spent in your community - it disables your mobile phone or ignore incoming calls when you are near

    So he does not want to get distracted and do not want to lose precious time to communicate with you. This is a sure sign of love for you!

  3. Whenever you looked at him, his eyes riveted to you

    And his attention belongs only to you. Whatever may have been beautiful girls around him are not interested no one except you. And he says you only. Is it possible in this case to question his feelings? No of course!

  4. He can not say he loves you (we already know that men do not always talk about strong feelings), but if he says it, you immediately feel that he says earnestly. It is simply impossible not to feel!
  5. He sees his future with you, to build together a plan and says "we," "we will", etc.

    After all, if he really loves, you will certainly want to spend my whole life with you. He will talk about what opportunities are open to you both, and is likely to talk about marriage. All this should convince your man's true feelings.

  6. If he remembers the date when you first met, and remember all the important dates in your life - for example, when you have a birthday - it's a sign that he really loves you

    But do not take to heart if he can not remember all the important dates - for men it is normal! The guys not only are often unable to keep in mind the dates of all significant events, but also sincerely wonder how we manage to do it. Therefore, do not torment yourself in vain doubts, if your favorite once again missed the approach of an important event, but rather a pre-remind him about it.

  7. If he does for you the simple things that maybe would not do for someone else - opens doors for you, he gives his chair, and the like - it, too, can say that he is not indifferent to you

    When a man in love, he wants to please the object of his adoration in all, and treats his woman like a real queen. Trying to take care of you, even in such trifles, he thereby expresses its special relationship to you; so do not let these little things go unnoticed.

  8. If a man loves, he will always take care of you

    Just good friends too care about each other, but love surrounds you is not something that concern, but rather the giperzabotoy. It will remind you that you need to do some important work, ask lunch you and do not miss any snack, offered his jacket, even if the street is not cold, and run to brew hot tea with raspberry jam, if you only one coughed once. Agree, friends do not care!

  9. He tries to spend the weekend with you

    That says a lot! We all have life goes on tight schedule and free time that we can spend on yourself, there is very little. A weekend - this is the time when we can relax and just do what we like the most. And when a man enjoys spending the weekend with you, it means that he is interested in something more than just to be twisted together and talk about anything.

    When we love someone, we want to be with him all the time. In the end, you spend the whole weekend together, not simply because by chance encounter on the street and decided to go on together, because both of you want to meet to spend time in each other's company. It turns out that if a man happy future plans to spend the weekend with you, this is clearly more than just friendly affection.

  10. Another indicator: if a man loves you, it will frankly tell about yourself and your past life will tell it not only that present it in a favorable light, but that still makes him regret: about wrong actions or vain to tell someone words. Utmost frankness and sincerity should show you what a man feels towards you, deep and reverent.

Men are not so finely organized emotionally as we are, and even experiencing strong emotions, they can not always express them in words. But we all know the saying, which has already been mentioned earlier in this article: actions speak louder than the most beautiful words. And so it is! Therefore acts men - is the best way to determine whether he really loves you for real. Do not believe him, and believe what and how to make your favorite, then all doubts will disappear and will not disturb you no longer enjoy the happiness!

 How do you know that a man in love with you for a truly

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