how to know the baby's sex in early pregnancy

  • Genetic research
  • How is the procedure?
  • Possible risks

Is designed so people - want to know, want to know, want to know what will happen. The words of this famous song do not lose their relevance for a long time, if ever, lose. Especially well they reflect the expectations of the child's situation. Few of the prospective parents do not want to know who they will be born - a son or a daughter.

Not long ago, the answer to this question can only be obtained in the maternity hospital after the first cry baby. Today, however, pregnancy without ultrasound is inconceivable. And happy mom and dad know exactly what color to buy a dowry.

However, ultrasound can determine the sex of the child only on a sufficiently large gestation. How can that be, if not wait to see the floor as quickly as possible, at an early period? In principle, you can find a lot of ways that supposedly can accurately know the sex of the baby in early pregnancy. However, the accuracy of this is debatable - strictly speaking, they are like guesswork. But one accurate way to know the sex of the crumbs in early pregnancy is still there. And that's about it now and you will learn.

Genetic research

If you are in that whatever was decided to find out the sex of the child in early pregnancy, the only reliable way to become genetic research. They allow you to find out the gender of the expected baby is already at 8-9 weeks of pregnancy. But do not expect a doctor immediately happily agreed to conduct such studies.

Cordocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis - all the manipulations are carried out for the diagnosis of various genetic abnormalities and not to determine the fetal child. The procedure is not so safe for the baby, so do not expose the life of unborn baby at risk! And, most of all, you have to go to some private clinic, where the most important - the patient's wallet.

 find out the sex of the child in early pregnancy

How is the procedure?

The procedure itself is performed as follows. In the uterus, the fetal bubble entering long hollow needle - through the anterior abdominal wall. With this needle the doctor takes a small amount of amniotic fluid in which a lot of genetic material.

The whole procedure is carried out under the strict control of the ultrasonic device - it is necessary to ensure that the doctor could not control their actions and, in particular, the position of the needle. This prevents accidental damage to the fetus. By the way, this happens very, very rarely.

The resulting genetic material doctor send for laboratory testing. And just a few days the parents will know exactly the heir or heiress soon make them happy his birth. And at the same time find out if the crumbs of those or other genetic abnormalities. Although, strictly speaking, the procedure is usually performed in order to learn about the child's health, and sex determination - secondary nice bonus.

 how to know the baby's sex in early pregnancy

Possible risks

As mentioned above, just for the whim of the parents are unlikely to become doctors to conduct the study. It is no coincidence - there is a risk for the normal development of the pregnancy. More precisely, there is a risk of abortion. Of course, it is not too great - 2-3%, but still not worth the risk in vain.

Also, sometimes doctors say cases of weight loss of newborn babies - about 200 - 300 grams. But it happens even less - about 1% of all cases. But do not forget that these figures are valid only if the pregnancy was perfect and the expectant mother in perfect health! Otherwise, these numbers are quite different - the risk rises significantly.

In addition, sometimes there are cases of infection of the uterus. Infection penetrates into the uterus with a needle. This in turn can lead to a variety of complications from infection of the fetus and ending abortion. Usually, the first symptoms of infection occur on the third day after the investigation. Expectant mother says weakness, dragging pain in the abdomen and / or back pain, fever, dizziness.

To doctors could start as soon as possible the necessary treatment, seek medical care if you need the appearance of at least one of the above symptoms. And it is desirable to the doctor who conducted the study. But in a pinch, you can apply to any medical institution, putting the physician aware of a recent intervention. Infection is, of course, extremely unpleasant phenomenon. But with timely treatment of risk to the baby and mother to a minimum.

In conclusion, I would like once again to remind future parents - are not important sex of your future baby! After all, happiness that brings the birth of children does not depend on the color of a bow on the envelope for the newborn!

 How do I know the baby's sex in early pregnancy?

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 bleeding in early pregnancy


  • Physiological causes bleeding
  • Causes of abnormal bleeding
  • Everything about abortion
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Conclusion

Pregnancy - not only the joy but also the most exciting period in the life of almost every woman. Why is exciting, you ask? Because the reasons for excitement abound. And one of those reasons is bleeding in early pregnancy. As a rule, such bleeding caused panic among expectant mothers, which, incidentally, is not surprising.

However, this is not so. Not all bleeding occurring in early pregnancy, indicate the presence of any pathological processes in the future moms that require immediate medical attention. Although, of course, ignore the bleeding during pregnancy is by no means impossible. Let's take a closer look at the issue.

But before you start talking, I would like to pay special attention - all the information is given only and shall not be used for self-diagnostics. In any case, the expectant mother with the appearance of bleeding should be as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor.

Physiological causes bleeding

In the first few weeks of pregnancy in pregnant women going on a global restructuring of the entire body of women - both physiological and hormonal. And in this period of weak bleeding - is not a sign of pathology. Moreover - in some cases, it is a minor hemorrhage may be the first "bell", certifying pregnancy.

  • Implantation of ovum

Bloody spotting may occur as a consequence of consolidation of the ovum in the uterine lining. It is small and isolated fragments of mucous from the vagina. This discharge may have very different color - from bright scarlet to brown or even brown. Typically, such separation a little intense, lasting only a few days. In rare cases, this phenomenon may be accompanied by spasms - woman complains of pain in the lower abdomen. Recall once again - that such bleeding may be the first sign of pregnancy.

However, this process occurs before the pregnancy is established. After all, only the beginning of the ovum to implant in the uterine lining. Most often, by the time this process coincides with the timing of the expected menstruation. Incidentally, it is this phenomenon has led to a very widespread opinion that menstruation during pregnancy is terminated by no means all women.

  • Hormonal

In some cases, the cause of bleeding in early pregnancy because hormone becomes "storm" that is raging in the body of the future mother. Such bleeding is very scanty, lasting only a few days. Most often, such bleeding occurs about 10 days after the first day did not come menstruation. No such threat "spotting" for the health of the child and the mother is not.

  • The softening of the cervix

Under the influence of many factors - including changes in hormonal levels - increases blood flow to the cervix. Because of this, the cervix softens and begins to lightly blood. Such bleeding can last for several days.

  • Cervical erosion

Cervical erosion - is the most common cause of bloody "daub" in early pregnancy. By the way, the erosion of developing all the same reason the increased rush of blood to the cervix, causing its inflammation can occur and subsequent ulceration.

Bleeding due to cervical erosion can occur immediately after intercourse, and sometimes for no apparent reason. Such bleeding is never abundant selection have a brownish color. They may last for only one day - two or may weeks. As a general rule, during pregnancy, the doctor any treatment of cervical erosion does not appoint - engaged in "wait and see" position. No pain like isolation and are not accompanied by any physical discomfort expectant mother does not deliver - is that psychological.

  • Polyps

Cervical erosion - is not the only reason that could cause bleeding in early pregnancy. Quite often bleeding occurs due to the presence of polyps or uterine cervix. Polyps - it's completely painless tumor originating either in the uterus or in her neck. In this case, the bleeding and the slim and totally painless.

The doctor in each case determines treatment of polyps. The most common polyp disappears completely on their own, without any outside interference. However, if a polyp is too large or too much bleeding, the doctor can decide whether to remove the polyp.

You should not be afraid of this procedure - it is completely painless and poses no danger of any child, no mother of the future, as the conduct curettage is not necessary. Of course, at the same time with this procedure, doctors prescribe a woman therapy aimed at maintaining pregnancy.

 bleeding during early pregnancy

Causes of abnormal bleeding

However, as mentioned above, not all bleeding in early pregnancy so harmless. In some cases, bleeding represent a very serious threat to the woman's body and the normal course of pregnancy. Let us consider these cases in more detail:

  • Cervical Pathology

About cervical erosion, we have already spoken. But this - the easiest violation. There are a number of serious abnormalities of the cervix. Including malignant changes that may provoke bleeding in early pregnancy.

  • Phlebeurysm

Did you know that varicose veins can affect not only the legs but genitals? And if those veins would burst, may cause bleeding. In this case, they have a bright red color and are recurrent.

  • Detachment of the placenta

Detachment of the placenta can be seen not only on the big stages of pregnancy as most people are accustomed to thinking. It occurs in the early stages. And it may give rise to bleeding. In most of these cases, with proper treatment can not save the pregnancy.

Everything about abortion

One of the most dangerous causes of bleeding - spontaneous abortion or, more simply, a miscarriage. Spontaneous abortion occurs in most cases it is in the early stages - in the first three months. And one of the most important signs - this is bleeding.

Starting this process almost always standard - very little bleeding, and pain almost none. However, the decline such bleeding is not - it is, on the contrary, increases. And with the increasing intensity of the bleeding worse pain. Doctors have identified a number of stages of miscarriage, which differ in terms of blood loss and the degree of discomfort:

  • Threatened miscarriage

The most initial stage - this is a threatening miscarriage. Spotting is very scarce, and the pain can be completely absent. And if the pain and there, they are aching in nature and are located in the lower abdomen and / or lower back.

At this stage, no pathological changes in the uterus and the cervix else happens. And with active appropriate therapy pregnancy in most cases it is possible to save. By the way, through such passes about 30% of all women who gave birth to healthy babies successfully.

  • Which began miscarriage

At the stage which began miscarriage bleeding increases and pain acquire cramping in nature. The outer mouth of the uterus begins to be slightly opened itself the cervix begins to shorten. The general condition of the woman is still satisfactory. And at this stage, with proper and timely begun treatment probability of preservation of pregnancy is quite high - around 80%.

  • Abortion in progress

If the moment is missed, it begins in the course of an abortion, continue the pregnancy is almost impossible. Bleeding becomes very abundant, and pain - very intense. This condition poses a serious threat to the health of women and requires immediate hospitalization. Depending on the condition of the woman she will be given the necessary help.

In case miscarriage was incomplete, spotting particularly strong, have a dark red color with a large number of clots. Such bleeding is accompanied by severe cramping pain. In this case, the woman should be given the following medical treatment.

First, the uterus is required cleaning to remove the ovum. Otherwise, stop the bleeding fail. Second, the compensation will be carried out blood loss, depending on the status of women. The third will be held antibiotic therapy to prevent the development of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus.

But if the miscarriage was complete - that is, the ovum has left the uterus - slowly begin to decrease bleeding as well as pain. But in this case, ignore the doctor in any case impossible - otherwise acute endometritis you almost guaranteed. The only thing in this case, the doctor will do - it cleans the uterus to make sure there is no remaining pieces of fetal eggs and shells.

Ectopic pregnancy

Another very sad cause of bleeding in early pregnancy may be ectopic pregnancy. Recall that the term means. In a normal pregnancy the fertilized egg is attached to the lining of the uterus. However, unfortunately, in some cases, the process fails. And the fertilized egg is implanted in the cervix or fallopian tubes. This phenomenon is extremely dangerous and poses a serious threat not only for health, but for the life of the woman.

One of the first signs of an ectopic pregnancy is just bleeding from the genitals. As a general rule, selection rather meager and have a brown color. All the signs of a normal pregnancy, are usually present - and this is toxemia, and breast engorgement, and a positive pregnancy test. Although in some cases, bleeding in the ectopic pregnancy can begin at a very early period, when a woman does not know about his "interesting" position.

 unpleasant bleeding during early pregnancy


In any case, what would have been caused by bleeding, you must immediately seek help from a gynecologist. After all, even if the bleeding does not pose a threat to pregnancy, there is always the risk of other complications. For example, gestational anemia - the phenomenon is extremely unpleasant. And its development with prolonged bleeding very likely.

The doctor is required to thoroughly examine a pregnant woman, will appoint tests, conduct ultrasound to help determine if there is a threat of spontaneous abortion. Based on all the data the doctor to objectively evaluate the woman's condition and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Very often, expectant mothers do not seek medical attention for fear of hospitalization. However, it is very rash. If the doctor offers hospitalization, in any case, do not abandon it. Even if you or your loved ones know how to give injections, to create a hospital environment at home you do not succeed.

After all, virtually all cases of bleeding the main condition for successful treatment - is bed rest. And observe it at home you are unlikely to - the breakfast, the dinner, the eldest child, or other half require attention. And do not perceive the hospital as a kind of limbo.

Try to find the positive side in this situation. Moreover, it is not so difficult. You will be able to have rest, to sleep, read your favorite book, to which you can 'hands did not reach, "to learn how to embroider a cross, in the end! And remember the main thing - very often the patient treatment helps preserve the life of your kid!

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the algorithm of actions of pregnant women with the appearance of bleeding in early pregnancy:

  • Try to calm down as soon as possible - as long as no state of emergency has not happened!
  • If possible, lie down immediately and call someone from the family when you are at home alone.
  • Immediately tell your doctor. If it happens on weekends or at night, immediately call the brigade "first aid". Alone you can not go anywhere!
  • Follow all the instructions and regulations of the doctor.

It is timely access to a gynecologist and competent treatment can not only save the pregnancy, but also to avoid the development of various complications. Merry pregnancy and childbirth light!

 Bleeding in early pregnancy. It - danger!

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