how to get rid of early pregnancy

  • Medical abortion
  • The vacuum - aspiration
  • Surgical interruption

Today we will talk about such a delicate issue like abortion. We will not discuss the moral - ethical issues aside - since you are interested in how to terminate a pregnancy in the early stages, so you make the best decision for you. Say at once - if you are looking for ways to get rid of the pregnancy at home, you got the wrong address.

Pregnancy itself - a big risk for the health of women, even if the abortion is performed in a hospital environment and the most highly skilled professionals. And about the "self-made" abortions performed at home, and can not speak - very high mortality rate. And if you are lucky you will survive, hardly ever in the future you will be able to become a mother. Is it worth trying to get rid of pregnancy such a high price?

Medical abortion

In recent years become increasingly popular medical abortion. The essence of this method of abortion is this: a woman takes certain hormonal drugs that cause the rejection takes place ovum from the uterine mucosa. Proponents of this method of abortion argue that it brings the least harm to women's health.

This method is suitable only for those women who want to get rid of her pregnancy in the early period - up to 5-6 weeks. If it is longer, in any case it is impossible for medical abortion, as firstly, it will be ineffective, and secondly, there is a risk of heavy bleeding. That is why prior to the abortion doctor must carry out ultrasound to establish the exact date of pregnancy.

In addition to the US doctor will do some more research to get an accurate picture of the status of women. After medical abortion, like any other, it has a number of contraindications. Incidentally, this is why the drug should be taken under the supervision of a doctor and a woman should be in a certain time under medical supervision.

 how to get rid of early pregnancy surgically

The vacuum - aspiration

If you have any contraindications to medical abortion, or for some reason do not want to do and need to interrupt the pregnancy, you can talk to your doctor about the vacuum - aspiration. Or, as it is popularly called mini abortion.

This type of abortion is also carried out in the early timing of it - up to a maximum of 6-7 weeks. The fetus and fetal membranes are removed from the uterus using a special device - a vacuum aspirator. It creates a negative pressure in the uterus and sucks fruit, like a vacuum cleaner.

Before performing this procedure, the doctor will examine closely the woman she held ultrasound and hand over a number of analyzes:

  • Smear on the purity of the vaginal microflora and diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Taking blood on RW and HIV.

If there are no contraindications, a woman will be a termination of pregnancy. After about five - seven days mandatory ultrasound, the doctor can make sure that the fertilized egg is completely left the womb, and that a woman has no signs of inflammation. By the way, many doctors prefer to prescribe the woman prophylactic anti-inflammatory therapy.

 how to get rid of early pregnancy medication

Surgical interruption

In case you do not have time to do an abortion at the earliest timing it - 5-6 weeks, it is the only way - surgery. Before its implementation woman will have to undergo a thorough examination:

  • Manual gynecological examination.
  • Ultrasonography.
  • Blood and urine tests.
  • Investigation on the infection.
  • Consulting of a therapist.

Before the operation the anesthetist will talk with the woman, assess the state of health and will select the best type of anesthesia. And more often scraping the uterus is done under general anesthesia - a woman suffering under local anesthesia, long gone.

After woman asleep, into the uterus through the vagina are introduced special tools - dilators that are required to hold the cervix in the open state. Then scrape the uterine cavity using a curette - a doctor removes the fetus and fetal membranes.

As a rule, after anesthesia woman wakes up very quickly - just 30 - 60 minutes after the operation, and sometimes even faster. The first day probably need several injections of oxytocin, which helps the uterus to contract. On this day, a woman should stay in the hospital, under the supervision of a gynecologist. If there are no complications, the next day she could return to normal life.

Of course, except in intimate contact - they can be resumed only after the permission of a doctor: usually about two weeks. Speaking of doctors. As you can imagine, such intervention is very, very serious, so after about a week you need to visit your gynecologist. The doctor will examine and ultrasound examination to assess your condition.

And the woman should closely monitor their health. If you notice the following symptoms, immediately contact your doctor or, if it happens at night, call the brigade "first aid":

  • Severe pain

Sure enough, after surgery to get rid of pregnancy can hurt and stomach, and the back - this is quite natural. The uterus contracts and the woman may feel cramping pain. But if the pain becomes too strong - it is cause for alarm.

  • Hemorrhage

During the procedure removes all of the top layer of the endometrium, so spotting inevitable. But if too many of them - more than one pad per hour - can be suspected bleeding. It is also an alarm!

  • Fervescence

If abortion was done correctly, increase in body temperature should not be in any case. Hyperthermia - a symptom of the inflammatory process started. So try as quickly as possible, seek medical help.

As you can see, if you decide to terminate the pregnancy, there are enough ways to get rid of the fetus without a serious threat to the health of the woman. Although, of course, before making such a serious decision to get rid of pregnancy, you should carefully weigh all.

 How to get rid of early pregnancy?

 fetal malformations

  • Hernias
  • Dislocation and hip dysplasia
  • Cleft lip
  • Cleft palate
  • Polydactyly
  • Congenital heart defect
  • Risk Groups
  • What if the baby was born with a pathology?

Having a baby has always been a real mystery. As, however, and the conception of the child, and fetal development. It is not surprising that the future parents have a lot of reasons for concern. Of course, first of all for the health of the unborn baby. Especially now that future moms constantly hear mass "horror stories! - On television, on the computer monitors, from the "friendly" neighbors and girlfriends.

Fortunately, in most cases, babies are born perfectly healthy. But sometimes something happens and the child is born with abnormalities. Tragically, about one in a thousand pregnancies occur or that congenital malformations of the fetus, of varying severity.

There are a variety of fetal abnormalities - is almost impossible to list all. But the most basic of which we'll tell you. But please, do not be alarmed by reading this article - the risk that you will be born sick pipsqueak minimum.


Hernias occur most often - they are the most common abnormality of the fetus and, fortunately, in most cases the easiest. To begin with let us recall what this gryzha- protrusion of the internal organs of the cavities where they should be, under the skin. The integrity of the skin, however, remains intact.

Treatment of hernia can be very different - from massage to major surgery. It depends on the hernia, its location and other factors - the doctor to objectively assess the child's condition and will select the best treatment, taking into account all available evidence.

Dislocation and hip dysplasia

Almost as common as hernias, sprains occur in newborns and hip dysplasia. This is the name given to a pathology, in which the hip joint tissue develops insufficiently.

If a pipsqueak born with congenital hip dislocation, a doctor will make its reduction, and then impose a special fixed orthoses - at least for a few months. If this measure is not enough, doctors will be forced to resort to surgical intervention.

And if doctors diagnose a child's hip dysplasia, will be assigned to treatment with orthoses, hip abductor kid aside. If this treatment does not help resolve the problem, the child will also be shown surgery. Fortunately, in most cases, dysplasia can be cured quickly. But, of course, parents need a lot of effort and patience.

 Pathology of the fetus

Cleft lip

In that case, if there is no seam side parts with the middle part of the upper jaw, general crumbs suffers greatly - in particular, sucking difficult. Nonunion can be either unilateral or bilateral.

Fortunately, to date, not a cleft lip is a fatal problem - during the first few weeks of the crumbs he will hold an operation that removes the defect. Moreover - as a rule, the skill of surgeons so high that in most cases, even a trace of the operation remains.

Cleft palate

In some cases there is lack of fusion of the jaw and palate. As a result - the nose and mouth are connected cleft. Cleft palate and cleft lip - a disease that often go hand in hand. A child deprived of the opportunity to fully breathe and suck.

This defect is also removed surgically .. But unlike the previous pathology, the child is under the supervision of a physician almost all his life. By the way, and the dentist is the best friend of your child about age 16. If the operation is to be carried out efficiently, the appearance of the child is not significantly affected - will have some imperceptible thin scar.


Polydactyly - a polydactyl. Simply put, on the arms or legs of a newborn baby there is an extra finger. Incidentally, the frequency of such anomalies is very, very high - roughly every three-hundredth crumbs. Of course, this can not upset the parents, who generally tend to exaggerate problems.

But this defect is eliminated very quickly - simple surgical procedure that takes only a few minutes, a small and rehabilitation period of extra fingers will be over. Incidentally, many parents prefer to leave things as they are. Of course, up to you, but doctors strongly recommend to remove.

Congenital heart defect

Talking about the birth defects of the fetus, not to mention the scourge of heart disease. They can be very different - but the essence remains the same: in utero for one reason or another partition of the heart is formed properly. For example, there is no normal imperforate interventricular or atrial septal, or even after the appearance of the crumbs into the world he has left a number of features circulation inherent in utero.

The degree of valvular heart disease may be very different - and this depends on the treatment. In some cases, if the defects are not very significant, the doctor may decide to just watch the kids - often as the child grows defect disappears without interference. But kids with severe disabilities are less fortunate - they will have surgery, and very, very serious. But we hasten to reassure parents - fortunately, to date, these operations in most cases, are very successful.

 congenital malformations of the fetus

Risk Groups

Doctors, on the basis of long-term observations, identified specific "risk groups". Of course, if you fall into one of these groups, do not despair - it does not mean that it will be your crumbs or another pathology. But consult a physician-geneticist still stands.

  • Heredity

Special care must be those parents who have children born with various pathologies. In addition, important and family history - sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles and grandparents. If at least one of them faced with genetic abnormalities, the risk increases significantly.

  • Previous unsuccessful pregnancy

It is necessary to guard and to couples whose previous pregnancies ended unsuccessfully - abortion or, even worse, a stillborn baby. Of course, it could just be a tragic accident, but the risk group you find yourself.

  • Relatives of spouses

In that case, if the parents are to the future baby relationship - even in the far (second cousins), the risk of having a child suffering from some disease, a very, very large. No wonder genetics strongly opposed intermarriage.

  • Age of parents

Not the last role is played and the age of the parents - in the event that a woman over 35 years, and men - more than 50, the probability of crumbs with abnormalities is higher than that of people younger age category. That is why it is not recommended too much delay the birth of a child. And if it really happened, you need to necessarily visit the doctor-genetics.

  • Harmful production

Also, extreme caution should be exercised, and the parents who are working in hazardous conditions. And the expectant mother and the working conditions need to change at all! All adverse factors directly influence the development of the fetus. And note - laying the most important vital organs it happens early in pregnancy, when a woman has no idea about their situation.

Therefore, if the pregnancy is desired and planned to better take care of this matter in advance. And by the way! Do not forget about such a concept as "easy" labor. Once you know about the pregnancy, go to the gynecologist for help. After providing this help on the job you are required by law to transfer to lighter conditions.

What if the baby was born with a pathology?

As mentioned above, to predict the birth of a baby can be a pathology. But to prevent it - alas - no. Of course, like the birth of a baby it is a kind of a shock for parents. And how strong it will be a shock depends on the severity of the defect - from mild distraction to deep shock.

But life goes on and you need your baby. So you need as quickly as possible to come to his senses. Thus the best way, of course will be a visit to a psychologist. Well, if this is not possible, you have to pull together yourself. And it is very important to remember the simple truth - your child is not worse than the other kids. He's just different!

They came to their senses? Well, great. And Now for the health of your child! Fortunately, in most cases, a maternity hospital, doctors themselves are taking all necessary steps, including inviting relevant child specialists. But to keep this matter under control is still necessary. And remember that before taking any sort was a decision concerning the treatment of the child, it is necessary to listen to the opinions of at least two different experts. Coma, do not forget about the need to visit all the same physician-geneticist. We wish good health to your baby!

 Fetal malformations. Forewarned is forearmed

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