signs of early pregnancy


  • Fatigue and sleepiness
  • Changing tastes
  • Sensitivity to odors
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Changing mammary
  • Urination
  • Shortness of breath
  • Conclusion

You want to know whether you are pregnant? Pregnancy test - is the surest way to know for sure. But sometimes gnawing curiosity when it is too early to obtain accurate results using the dough. Do not worry - if you are observant enough, you may notice some indirect signs of early pregnancy.

Of course, the absence of regular menstruation are not talking - it is quite obvious sign of pregnancy. Although we should not forget that in some cases, the menstrual cycle may be caused by other factors - such as problems with hormonal women.

Therefore, do not interfere with the test. And, ideally, at all costs to see a doctor - he or confirm pregnancy or diagnose the reason for the delay menstruation. But let's move on to the topic of our conversation - the first symptoms of pregnancy.

Fatigue and sleepiness

If we talk about the earliest signs of pregnancy, not to mention fatigue. If a woman is pregnant, one of the first symptoms will be just a constant and there is no apparent reason fatigue. A woman may wake up and immediately feel fatigue.

If you're used to such a notice does not, you should be wary. And especially do not take any kind of energy it was - it can hurt the future baby. Try to relax as much as possible for as long as find out for sure if you are pregnant. But even if it's not pregnancy, seek medical advice still stands - chronic fatigue syndrome in the end to no good will not.

And in some cases, future moms appears very strong drowsiness. The main dream of women in this period - the favorite pillow. And there is no cushion - it does not matter, and you can sleep standing up - if only no one touched. A similar phenomenon can be both independently and together with increased fatigue.

Under no circumstances should you try to beat sleepiness using coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Caffeine is dangerous to the fetus - it is a scientifically proven fact. The best thing you can do - is to sleep as much as time allows. Well, if the pregnancy is not confirmed, your doctor will still need to go - drowsiness may be a manifestation of chronic fatigue syndrome or other diseases.

 early pregnancy

Changing tastes

If you open the refrigerator makes you shiver and you can not pass the local Chinese restaurant without nausea, you may well be pregnant. Many women say that such an intense aversion to food is one of the first reliable signs of pregnancy in the earliest of its terms.

Doctors believe that this aversion to food can be caused by increased levels of hCG - pregnancy hormone. Incidentally, it is this hormone, and to determine the presence of pregnancy test. However, this same hormone that causes disgust for one products can arouse fervent love for another. Even if you are used to on his spirit did not suffer.

Of course, pickles - most classic of the genre, which became the clergy of the town. But if you ask women who have children, more than 80% recall at least one occasion when it unbearably wanted something unexpected - watermelon in January, fried fish, ice cream at three o'clock or pine nuts in five in the morning. And very many of them similar to the "whims" began even before a missed period - a kind of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

Sensitivity to odors

Smell future moms often undergoes global changes. Scents that never were pleasant (eg cigarette smoke), and even those who previously enjoyed (eg, cologne your partner) can cause severe nausea and disgust.

For some women - particularly those who already have children - similar sensitivity to odors allows you to determine pregnancy. It probably comes as a result of increased hormone levels. Unfortunately, in fact, there is nothing you can do about it, but to avoid odors if you can.

But the opposite is found - a woman begins to notice that she was madly in love a particular scent. And often this is clearly not the spirits - sometimes it is the smell of rubber, sometimes - wet plaster, detergents or general exhaust. However, it should be noted that sometimes such can be observed in iron-deficiency anemia. Therefore, regardless of the presence of pregnancy consult a doctor.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting - particularly if they last for several days - can be one of the first signs that you are pregnant. And if nausea every day increases, do not rush to blame the symptoms - it says only that the pregnancy really is and it is properly developed. Of course, if you have not managed to get poisoned.

Of course, nausea and vomiting, especially unlikely to please the future moms. But do not worry - firstly, it will disappear soon enough. And secondly, you can try to reduce nausea. And sometimes even eliminated.

The key is split meals - your task is this: it is very important not to let your stomach is too empty. But you should not overeat - Eat often, but in small portions. Also, do not be amiss to eat something immediately after getting up, even without getting out of bed.

Put in the evening next to the bed a little cheese or crackers - such guileless measure will help you to reduce nausea to a possible minimum. Water with lemon and / or peppermint candy can also cope with the nausea. But it is not necessary to replace the candy chewing gum - you will achieve the opposite result. If nausea is too strong, talk to your doctor.

Despite the fact that nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are commonplace in rare cases need intensive treatment. Otherwise possible exhaustion and dehydration of the expectant mother, and this is not the best way affect the unborn child.

Changing mammary

For many women the first signs of pregnancy are directly related to feeding. Some of these notes are too high sensitivity of the breast, especially the nipples. And some - and even increased pain when touched or when removing the bra, if the breast is large enough.

Speaking of size - during pregnancy, even in the earliest of its term, is an increase in the chest, in one degree or another. Of course, at the beginning of pregnancy the breast increases are not particularly strong, but the woman, as a rule, always notice these changes. But do not forget that these symptoms are common to most monthly.

 early signs of pregnancy


It is believed that frequent urination is typical for large periods of pregnancy. But it was not there! In early pregnancy, the uterus is growing rapidly and strongly presses on the bladder, causing the need to urinate more often than usual. That is why frequent urination can be safely attributed to the list, which takes into account the first symptoms of pregnancy.

There is no way to avoid it. But if you go to the bathroom right before bed, you will sleep much calmer. To reduce the number of drunk liquid it is not necessary - there is no point. All the same, at least once to get up to the toilet you have to.

Shortness of breath

Some women believe that the shortness of breath occurs when the fetus is large enough. However, this is not true - sometimes shortness of breath may occur in the first few days of pregnancy. This is because you need extra oxygen because of the growing embryo.

Nevertheless, it should not be considered one of the shortness of breath "normal" signs of pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you have any of the following events:

You have sudden appearance of dyspnea, which is not associated with physical exertion.
Breathing painful.
Shortness of breath is much stronger when you're lying.
This may be a sign of something more serious.


Of course, all these signs often do occur in early pregnancy, in itself can not serve as proof of pregnancy. Moreover - sometimes all of these early symptoms of pregnancy are nothing but the most common premenstrual syndrome. But they can make you wary. And if after these signs you will be a delay, you can immediately do a pregnancy test or to give blood.

By the way, in case you had the first symptoms of pregnancy and menses appeared unusual - too abundant or too scarce, too long or too short, you also can not hurt to do a pregnancy test. Sometimes there is also such.

 Signs of early pregnancy

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 abdominal pain in early pregnancy


  • Gynecological problems
  • Other reasons
  • Conclusion

Discomfort in the abdomen during pregnancy - especially during the early timing of it - is common. However, abdominal pain in early pregnancy, as well as at the later is almost always a matter of great concern among the majority of pregnant women. And especially those who are giving birth for the first time.

In the vast majority of all cases of abdominal pain in early pregnancy is caused by the fact that the expectant mother's body undergoes certain changes, to prepare themselves for the continuation of pregnancy and childbirth. Typically, such pain is not too strong - many women compared with their stretching during pregnancy.

However, in the case of lower abdominal pain in early pregnancy is too strong, or they are accompanied by the following symptoms, should sound the alarm:

  • Chills, fever.
  • Headache and / or dizziness.
  • Spotting and even more bleeding.

All this, of course, no physiological norm is not, and in all cases, indicating serious illness. In this case, you must immediately consult a physician-gynecologist. And in the case of bleeding expectant mother must go immediately - to the doctor on their own to go in any case impossible. We must immediately call the brigade "first aid".

Gynecological problems

Doctors have isolated a number of common causes of abdominal pain in early pregnancy. To get started is to exclude those who have gynecological nature of origin:

  • Miscarriage

The most common fear that arises almost every woman when she feels pain in the abdomen during early pregnancy - she has not lost a child. And this fear is not so unfounded - most of miscarriage happens in the first trimester of pregnancy (or in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy).

Vaginal bleeding or spotting are the first symptoms of a miscarriage. Then there are stomach cramps, too, similar to those that occur during menstruation, but many times stronger. In the event that such symptoms have suddenly appeared and you, contact your doctor immediately.

In no case do not panic, at least for two reasons. Firstly, panic already take precious time in this situation. And secondly, the expectant mother is harmful at all to worry about. Fortunately, the level of modern medicine is quite high. And if a pregnant woman asked for help in time, in most cases, manages to save the pregnancy.

  • Ectopic pregnancy

Unfortunately, there is also such a thing as an ectopic pregnancy. It occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall is not as it should be. In some cases, the embryo can be fixed outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube. In rare cases, the embryo can be fixed in one of the ovaries, cervix or in the abdominal cavity.

If this happens - this is an ectopic pregnancy. Save ectopic pregnancy impossible - when the fruit begins to grow in size, there will be a gap of the cavity in which it was fixed - most often fallopian tube. Ectopic dangerous poses a serious threat to the woman's life, so medical intervention is necessary.

If a woman has symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, it should be as soon as possible address to the gynecologist. Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include abdominal pain, bleeding, and then, if the pipe bursts, and profuse bleeding, back pain, dizziness.

At the beginning of abdominal pain is not particularly intense, but with the growth of the fetus they are getting stronger and stronger. And if the pipe bursts yet, perhaps even the development of a painful shock. Therefore, in any case, do not pull an address to the doctor - the sooner the better. Otherwise problems would be much greater.

 abdominal pain during early pregnancy

Other reasons

Of course, pregnancy changes the very condition of the body of the future mother. But do not forget that the abdominal pain in early pregnancy may be caused by other reasons that have nothing to do with pregnancy. And it is also very important to remember:

  • Appendicitis

Appendicitis during pregnancy can give themselves felt at any stage. But for some reason - that, as noted by doctors, most often it occurs in early pregnancy. The symptoms of appendicitis are simple - it is a pain in the right side of the lower abdomen. Almost always there is also nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

In order to distinguish from appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, you may need to do an ultrasound. If you are faced with this diagnosis, particularly should not be afraid - today an operation for appendicitis for surgeons is not a problem. And, of course, your child will not suffer in any way - neither from anesthesia or surgical procedures on themselves.

  • Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection in early pregnancy is very common and very often. And, of course, without any pain in the lower abdomen can hardly manage. In addition, the following symptoms may occur: stinging and burning during urination, pain not only in the stomach, but in the lower back, fever - from minor to relatively high numbers. Treatment should begin as soon as possible, so as not to run the illness.

And treatment should be qualified! In no case is unacceptable to take any whatsoever drugs without a prescription. Even if they helped your girlfriend, mother or aunt. First, you need a special treatment that does not harm your crumbs and completely eliminate the disease. Otherwise, it just goes deep into the body and periodically will spoil the life of the expectant mother.

  • Ovarian cyst

In that case, if prior to pregnancy had cyst, abdominal pain may be associated with it. Rupture of ovarian cysts or twisting her legs cause severe abdominal pain, sometimes extending to the waist. The pain occurs suddenly - many women are faced with such a situation, describe it as a stab.

In most cases, pain accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sweating. And sweat is quite specific - cold and clammy. In general, the symptoms of the cyst is very similar to the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy. In order to properly diagnose the disease, the doctor will conduct ultrasound.

  • Constipation

During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes major hormonal changes are reflected in all the internal organs, without exception. This applies including digestive tract. We moms cases of constipation, which can make a woman feel pain in the abdomen, frequent.

Other reasons
In addition to the above reasons, which are very, very often, a woman may feel abdominal pain in early pregnancy and due to other causes, such as kidney infections, gallstones, heartburn, gastritis, pancreatitis.

 unpleasant pain in the abdomen during early pregnancy


And finally I would like once again to reassure moms. Although in some cases may indeed have serious medical causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy, most of the discomfort caused by innocuous natural physiological causes. For example, due to the stretching of the uterus, uterine ligaments, or banal bloating - intestinal colic.

However, in the event of serious discomfort, or if the pain is accompanied by bleeding or spotting, immediately seek medical attention. However, for minor ailments your doctor also needs to know. It is much wiser to be safe than to miss the really serious problem. We wish you a happy pregnancy, childbirth light and good health of your baby. And, of course, you!

 Abdominal pain in early pregnancy. Causes

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