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  • The causes of toxemia
  • Eat right
  • Other secrets of getting rid of toxicity

Toxicosis pregnant women is recognized one of the most unpleasant sensations in early pregnancy. You feel bad, like much poisoned, and even the thought of food causes the unpleasant feeling of nausea? Most likely, you are faced with toxemia personally.

Do not get too much upset and even more frightened - toxicosis, as a rule, is not dangerous for the future of the mother or child. Although, of course, it is more pleasant this becomes. One happy morning sickness - a temporary phenomenon. As a rule, all the troubles related to his appearance, terminated early in the second trimester of pregnancy.

The causes of toxemia

It is difficult to say with certainty why a pregnant woman develops this notorious morning sickness - it is beyond the power of even the doctors. However, there are several scientific hypotheses, each of which has the right to exist. Let's talk about the main ones:

  • The rejection of the fetus

As much as it may sound crazy, but the female body perceives the developing fetus half-alien, because of antigenically very different from the parent radical. What, indeed, is not surprising - after all, too, the pope did not just lay near.

It is for this reason that a woman's body begins to produce antibodies that accumulate and lead to the development of toxicity. It was only the beginning of the second trimester, your body gets used to the new state. And, accordingly, toxemia disappears by itself. Only in very rare cases, morning sickness continues throughout pregnancy.

  • Nervously-reflex theory

Some doctors believe that changes in the body, leading to the generation of a large amount of toxin, by and large occur due to adjustment of the nervous system. Including the brain - he is trying to protect a woman from possible danger and very sensitive to the slightest stimuli. And as a result - toxicosis.

And in some cases, morning sickness arises from the psycho-emotional condition of the woman. Simply put, morning sickness is the result of a particular self-hypnosis. A woman with a child knows that while waiting for the child's nausea is common, vomiting and waiting ... gets it.

Of course, this does not mean that a woman pretends - it all happens on a subconscious level, but a very real nausea. To work around this situation is very difficult. The maximum that you can do in this case - is a distraction. Try not to focus on nausea, think of something pleasant and remember - Pregnancy is not a disease. Although, of course, if the nausea is quite strong, and it joins another and vomiting about any psychological grounds, however. And it is better to consult a doctor who will evaluate your condition.

 morning sickness in early pregnancy treatment

Eat right

How to avoid nausea and vomiting, or at least to minimize them? Several methods exist - perhaps they will ease your condition. I do not become worse in any way. But better - with high probability.

  • Food after awakening

An empty stomach - a true friend of nausea. No treatment will not help if you're hungry. Therefore we can not allow feelings of hunger in any case. And take care of this in the morning. Ask your husband to be brought to you breakfast in bed. And if your favorite such feats are not able to have to help myself.

In the evening put on the bedside table a few crackers or a couple of pieces of cheese - of course, covered them, so they do not dry. Just as it is desirable to prosnetes- not even sit down - eat. In most cases, one of the measures is enough to beat morning sickness.

  • Solid food

Try to give up the liquid food - it provokes vomiting. Although, of course, a bowl of soup a day still leave because gastritis, unfortunately, has not been canceled. But otherwise, do not get carried away - for example, instead eat mashed boiled potatoes.

  • The frequency of meals

During pregnancy, the food must be fractional - this is very important. Portions should be small, and the interval between meals - not more than three hours. And, ideally, does not eat every two hours. Simply put, you should not go hungry, but overeating is also not worth it. Nausea retreat with high probability.

By the way, try not to take a horizontal position immediately after a meal. Ate? Wash the dishes or just sit, but do not lie down. Firstly, the likelihood of nausea would be significantly less. Second, you avoid the possible occurrence of heartburn - pregnant women, it occurs quite often.

  • Choose foods

Avoid foods that you do not like. Better yet, eat only what you want - you have the pleasure of eating. Of course, this does not mean that your diet should consist of chips and coffee. But too hard to follow the balanced diet to nothing - in the first trimester to the baby will not be affected.

In no case do not eat fat, heavy and spicy food - it was she who, in most cases leads to severe nausea and sometimes vomiting. Pay attention to the way of cooking: fried at the moment is not the best option. Boiled, steamed or baked food is much more useful - for example, mashed potatoes, boiled meat, fish and, of course, vegetables and fruits. Moreover, both fresh and heat-treated.

Be sure to eat foods rich in zinc and vitamin B6 - they help to cope with the nausea. Zinc is found in beef, veal liver, wheat germ, and vitamin B6 - protein eggs, ham, flounder, sole, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and bananas. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe a vitamin-mineral complex for pregnant women.

  • Drinking regime

It is equally important to follow and for your drinking regime. Do not drink during meals - try to drink between meals and gradually. Avoid carbonated drinks and coffee - they are very much provoke the development of nausea. Best option: herbal teas, pure non-carbonated water, green tea and juices.

 bad morning sickness in early pregnancy

Other secrets of getting rid of toxicity

Of course, it depends on the power very, very much. But apart from food there are several ways that allow you to adjust the nausea.

  • Scents

Remember that strong smells - including pleasant - with high probability may cause nausea. Stop using perfume, air fresheners. And even more so try to avoid being in smoky, crowded and stuffy rooms. And in the kitchen, try to spend as little time.

  • Lime

A very effective remedy for nausea is a lemon. For example, grate lemon zest and inhale the aroma during an attack of nausea. If nausea is very strong, try to suck a slice of lemon, drink cold or warm water with lemon juice. And if in addition you do nausea and vomiting, mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice and the same amount of any of honey and take with plenty of warm water (not tea!).

  • Try to balance the load and holidays

If you feel very tired, that pregnant women often happens, try for some time to slow down their pace of life - try to rest more. And do not say it's impossible - ask your loved ones to take some of the hassle of home: they certainly will understand the request. Usually women too tired, do not know firsthand what morning sickness in early pregnancy.

  • Talk to your doctor

Despite the fact that the morning sickness in early pregnancy is not uncommon, consult with your doctor still stands. Very often, but sometimes the cause of toxicity are certain diseases of internal organs. If treatment is not started in time, morning sickness will only increase.

Also, do not forget that too much morning sickness in the early stages of treatment in any case should be treated. It is not enough that the feeling of nausea moral plagues future mom, so more and vomiting can lead to severe depletion. And this means that risks to the baby receive less necessary for him during this period the substance. And it goes without saying that treatment should only appoint a gynecologist!

Generally, treatment is reduced to replenish fluid loss and eliminate toxins from the body. In some cases, the expectant mother offered admission - do not abandon it: most likely, in your case, the treatment should be under strict medical supervision. Of course, hardly anyone would be happy about such a prospect. But try to perceive the situation differently. Imagine that hospital treatment - a kind of vacation and a great opportunity to relax. After all, your health and the health of your crumbs paramount. The truth?

 Toxicosis in early pregnancy. What to do?

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