Early diagnosis of pregnancy


  • Indirect signs of pregnancy
  • Pregnancy test
  • The blood test for pregnancy

This concept, as early diagnosis of pregnancy for many women is not an empty phrase. Very often want to know about the pregnancy as soon as possible - someone is afraid of it, someone on the contrary, very much waiting for the baby. And in some cases, this diagnosis is necessary for medical reasons.

Let's try to understand this is not quite a simple matter. But remember that the last word is always gynecologist. Only he can confirm the presence of pregnancy. But remember the "golden" rule - you have to take care of yourself as if you are pregnant, anyway - as long as a doctor visit.

Indirect signs of pregnancy

There are many indirect signs that allow to suspect that the woman is "interesting" position before how come the delay of the menstrual cycle. But it is important to remember that the word in full diagnosis can not be called, because these symptoms could be signs of hormonal disorders or even premenstrual syndrome.

  • Dizziness and nausea

You start to feel dizzy? Or maybe there nausea? And not necessarily in the morning! If you can accurately rule out poisoning and gastrointestinal disease, it can be a symptom of pregnancy.

  • Sensitivity to odors

If your favorite perfume began sickening smell of tobacco in the stairwell provokes severe nausea and washing powder, it turns out, is simply divine smell - think. Perhaps such an altered perception of smell is the result of hormonal disorders.

  • Breast engorgement

It is often the very first sign of pregnancy becomes a slight increase in breast and sometimes even some soreness. Although for some women this phenomenon during PMS quite common. So it is possible to suspected pregnancy if such was not earlier.

  • Hypersomnia

Almost all pregnant women say that they have to sleep more. And in some cases, drowsiness begins almost immediately after fertilization. Woman gets out of bed after a good rest, and just an hour later falls asleep again on the move.

  • Emotional instability

Sometimes a woman gets too touchy may cry for no reason. Or, on the contrary, it turns into a furious fury - a joke can play the hormonal system of women, is beginning to change because of the pregnancy.

 Diagnosis of early pregnancy

Pregnancy test

Whiter accurate diagnosis of early pregnancy - a pregnancy test. The beauty of this method - it is easy to use and affordable. A pregnancy test can be purchased at any pharmacy and cope with it any woman. Current tests are highly sensitive and can detect the presence of pregnancy after the first day of pregnancy.

The operating principle is very simple - the test strip in the urine goes down and after a few minutes the result is evaluated. In most tests positive result - two stripes. Incidentally, it is hence the common expression "test zapolosatilsya" so popular among pregnant women.

The first strip - control, which confirms the suitability of the test. But the second rim appears only if the woman's urine contained human chorionic gonadotropin - a hormone that is produced in the body of a pregnant woman. In most cases, a pregnancy test is reliable.

With rare exception. For example, the test may show a negative result in a pregnant woman or a very early pregnancy, or in violation of a normal pregnancy. In fact, and in another case the level of the hormone are too low and in order to test showed pregnancy.

Much rarer is the reverse situation - the test is positive in the case where the woman is not pregnant. A similar phenomenon - a cause for very serious concern, as the development of human chorionic gonadotropin in non-pregnant women - a signal of very serious diseases that pose a threat not only to health, but life. Immediately consult a doctor, who will deliver an accurate diagnosis.

 Early diagnosis of pregnancy test

The blood test for pregnancy

Even more accurate way to diagnose pregnancy in the earliest of its terms - ranging from about 7 days after fertilization, when the test is simply not physically able to grasp the level of hormones, which is still too low. So if you can not wait to find out as quickly as possible, whether you are pregnant - you go to the doctor for the direction to the blood test.

It is called the analysis of beta-hCG As you remember, hCG - human chorionic gonadotropin is. But beta-top box - a beta particle of the hormone itself. To make it easier to understand, let's see, where do human chorionic gonadotropin is taken into the body of a pregnant woman.

Immediately after the process of forming an embryo is formed and various membranes. Chorion - this is one of these shells. And this is the chorion begins to actively produce the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. The content of the level of this hormone increases with each day of pregnancy - is true to a certain period of time.

Laboratory examination of the blood allows you to quickly establish or refute pregnancy. As a rule, in large cities such rapid tests are done in almost all clinics. The residents of the provincial towns account for a much more difficult - alas, there is such analyzes do very rarely.

Here, perhaps, and all the ways to determine early pregnancy hectares. It will take quite a bit of time and ways will be much more - it's just a manual research gynecologist and ultrasound. You just need to be patient and wait a bit. Or resort to the ways in which we told you today.

 Early diagnosis of pregnancy is possible!

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 how to know the baby's sex without ultrasound


  • The physical features of the body
  • Tastes
  • Emotional background
  • Instead of an epilogue

Paul unborn child are interested in almost all future parents, with a few exceptions. Today it is not a particular problem - for ultrasound diagnostics available to all. However, not all parents agree to carry out this procedure - someone for reasons of principle, someone believes that ultrasound is harmful to the child.

But now it's not about that. We take for granted the fact that ultrasound is not carried out. But curiosity something not so easy to uymesh. Here specified future mom and dad wonder how to know the baby's sex without ultrasound. Of course, accurate way to do this is simply impossible. But try to understand, to give what color to buy, it is still possible. With national signs.

The physical features of the body

Weight national signs connected precisely with the physical characteristics of the body of the future mother. The most common of them we offer:

  • Form of Belly

After the tummy will be quite noticeable, it is worth remembering the oldest and widely accept - on the shape of the abdomen. Go to the mirror and carefully inspect its "treasure" - if the protruding tummy and strongly shaped like a cucumber, it is likely that it is living heir and successor of sorts. As a rule, if you look at the woman from the back, tummy generally imperceptible.

But if the stomach increases in size in breadth, lying where until recently was waist ribbon likely need to extract pink. By the way, this belly is clearly visible even when the woman is standing back. Doctors say that this theory has no basis. But the fact remains - in most cases, this sign comes true.

In addition, you should pay attention to another feature of the shape of the abdomen. The stomach is never symmetrical - it is always more than one side. So - if the bulging belly to the right side, likely born little boy. And if the left - then, respectively, daughter.

And another sign associated with a strip on the stomach - from the pubis to the navel. Almost every woman faces with it. However stripes - that are different! So - national sign states that the appearance of stripes hairs foretells the birth of a boy, and the stripes of pigmentation - the appearance of the girls. And this old national sign explains the scientific theory - the influence of hormones. Although, of course, and this sign does not give any guarantees.

  • Breast

Pay attention to the condition of the breast. When she started to rise in the first half of pregnancy - a high probability that you will have a son. And if only closer to leave, it is likely that the light will be bunting-daughter.

You should not miss your attention and nipples - in most cases, the mother of the boy areola remain light, but the mothers of girls they darken very quickly and very strongly. And this fact, doctors say even though it is explained from a scientific point of view and can not.

  • Change the look

Of course, a change in appearance is meant not the transformation that happens to the body of any future woman. But the facial features can help to understand who wait - a son or a daughter. Old-old folk sign reads that the girl takes her mother all the beauty - facial features blurred, the skin appears a lot of different rashes, frequent and dark spots. Do not rush to be afraid - in all cases, everything will return to its place soon after birth. But the look of the future mother the boy almost never suffer - on the contrary, many would argue that a woman during pregnancy only blooms.

 how to find out the sex of the child without ultrasound


Many will relate to the taste and preferences of future moms who during pregnancy can be very different and surprise not only relatives, but also the very pregnant woman:

  • Aversion to certain products

Some people believe that a woman waiting for the birth of his son, can not look for apples and pears, do not spoil the attention of dairy products and does not like almost all the sweets, even before she could not imagine a day without chocolate. But expectant mother little daughter refuses to meat products, cheese and refuses can not stand black tea and coffee, even before pregnancy has been an avid kofemankoy.

  • Taste preferences

Another attempt to guess who will be born - to analyze the taste preferences of the future mother. For example, a woman awaiting the birth of a girl, can not resist the chocolate bar, marshmallow, cakes, candy and other sweets. And the boy's mother loses self-control at the sight of any meat or fish. Well still - after all, she was his little muzhchinku feed!

Emotional background

It is believed that you can try to determine the sex of the unborn child on how to behave expectant mother. Hard to say, based on what these signs can be a long time to guess, but our ancestors believed, these signs are very, very reliable.

  • Excessive emotionality

Strictly speaking, it is difficult to imagine an emotionally balanced pregnant woman - now she is laughing, and five minutes later crying bitter tears. And another five minutes and does not remember why she, in fact, was crying. In short, a fun ride and a great test of nerves on the father's castle. But if this is the excessive emotionality is expressed so very clearly, we can expect the birth of little daughter. No wonder - the future mommy naughty for two women: for himself and for his daughter.

  • Excessive calm

Perhaps, the very phrase "excessive calm" is rather strange - well, it might be overkill? However, keep in mind that we are talking about the expectant mother, who because of hormonal changes, physical discomfort, and various experiences priori can not be completely calm. Although, of course, for a man so calm - a real gift.

Neither your calls to work with hysterics about the long absence, nor the requirements of fresh watermelons at three o'clock in the January night. But we digress. So - national sign states that the calmer pregnant woman, the higher the probability of the birth of a boy. Well, it is also true - the future man, how could. So, it should control not only themselves but also their mom.

 how to know the baby's sex without ultrasound correctly

Instead of an epilogue

Of course, you should not take these signs seriously. Even ultrasound always leaves albeit small, but still the probability of error. And here - folk omens. But if you at least smile, reading these lines, it means you can not have spent the time. A positive emotions needed future mother as well as fresh air and vitamins.

And the sex of the baby ... Of course, it is interesting. But it is not fundamentally important, right? The most important thing - that your child is wanted, healthy and loved. And all this, in contrast to the crumbs from the floor, only in your hands! Pulmonary delivery to you!

 Curiosity - not a vice. How do I know the baby's sex without ultrasound?

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