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You know, a question that arises from the prospective parents, is a leader in popularity? That's right - "Who are we born? Boy or girl? "This is especially significant for a woman -" I want to know who I would be born and that's it! "And that question bothering people for centuries, so there are plenty of ways. Of course, most of them are not accurate - the probability of 50 to 50, so do not take them seriously.

Of course, except for the modern medical research - its reliability is very high. Although they sometimes make mistakes. But in any case, we will tell you about the most popular way to find out, or at least suggest the sex of your unborn baby.

Official medicine

Today the most common way to determine the sex of the unborn child - ultrasound examination of the fetus. Percentage of reliability is quite high - no less than 90. Moreover, the longer the duration of pregnancy, the less chance of error. A similar study to date is a must for all pregnant women, as its main goal - to make sure that the baby is healthy and the pregnancy itself proceeds without any abnormalities.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother goes through several of these ultrasound examinations at different stages. In most cases, a doctor at the second US - about 16 weeks - may suggest the sex of your crumbs. But do not immediately rush to buy a dowry only pink or only blue - remember the possibility of error. It is better to wait for the next ultrasound, to know exactly what color to buy ribbon to be discharged from the hospital.

In addition to ultrasound examination there is another way to find out the sex of the baby, and absolutely authentic. And the way it is - the study of the genetic material of the fetus. The procedure itself is as follows: the uterus introduce a special needle through which climb the amniotic fluid, which then investigates. The whole procedure is performed under ultrasound guidance.

I would like to mention once - done this study in exceptional cases, with the risk of genetic abnormalities. Of course, in our time, when money talks, there are clinics, ready to undertake this study and only exclusively to sex. But remember that this procedure carries certain risks for pregnant women - stupid to risk their lives for the sake of satisfying their crumbs "want", is not it? If this "want" too strong, wait for ultrasound.

 how to know the baby's gender

Folk omens

So, the official medicine is more or less clear. But do not forget that there are many popular ways how to find out the sex of the child. But once again I would like to ask you - do not take everything to heart. Remember - this is just speculation, so think of it only as a way of pastime.

True fairness it should be noted that even though the signs and people, but very often they turn out to be prophetic. From a scientific point of view it is very difficult to explain, but the fact remains - for many years, these signs are confirmed in practice. By the way, why continue to exist to this day, in spite of that the yard has long been the 21st century. Due to this and the eternal "I want" the future parents.

You expect the birth of a boy

Folk wisdom says that you should expect to see an heir if

  • Changes in the body

The first is to look at the pregnant woman's belly - it is the best evidence. If the boy lives in it, the stomach has a sharp shape and raised up. Also pay attention to the abdomen and on the nipples - they are usually much darker at significantly increasing in size.

A lot of moms-boys notice that they often merznu hands and especially feet - a fact not to be missed out of the spotlight. By the way, do not forget to tell about it to your gynecologist as merznuschie arms and legs may indicate not only that the light will be a son, and problems with blood vessels.

  • Changes in the taste preferences

It will take a lot connected with the taste preferences of the pregnant woman. If pregnant woman wants to meat products, acute and smoked - most likely she would have a boy. However, too much abuse in meat products is not necessary, since a large amount of protein may be an additional burden on your kidneys, and so that now accounts for hard times.

You expect the birth of a girl

But the birth of the princess should be expected in the event that:

  • Changes in the body

Outside view of a pregnant woman wearing a heart daughter is changing greatly, and not in a good way. True, to worry about it not worth it - after giving birth your beauty will come back to you. Tummy in which he lives girl often has a circular shape and is low enough. Therefore, if you know - "I want to know who I will be born" - first of all look at your belly. However, this rule is rarely works, if you are expecting the birth of her second child.

Nipples virtually unchanged, and if they change - something lighter. Breast significantly increases in size, with one breast becomes noticeably larger than the other. And yet - in the case of pregnant girl colostrum begins to stand out very early - almost from the first months of pregnancy. Although doctors doubt whether you can find out the sex of the child in this way, because for the production of colostrum are solely responsible for hormones.

 find out the sex of the child

Folk divination

Another way to know the sex of the unborn child - divination. Of course, only if you believe in them - otherwise the maximum that you will achieve - healthy laughter. That, however, is not bad - the laughter prolongs life and improves health, that during pregnancy will be most welcome.

  • Hands expectant mother

This method of divination for friends and relatives of the expectant mother - she herself did not know in advance should, because it is very important the element of surprise. Ask the pregnant woman show hand - if it will stretch their hands up, wait for the girl. Well, if you, palms down - boy respectively. By the way, this method has helped pinpoint who is pregnant woman, a lot of times.

  • Clue

This divination pregnant woman also should not know anything in advance. You will need a long wrench, and a hundred, in fact, very expectant mother. Ask the woman to file a key and watch - if she would take him for a long part, wait a son, if the head of the - wait a daughter. But if the middle - it is possible that the light will have children - twins. Of course, if you have not made advance ultrasound.

  • Ring

To perform this ritual, you will need the engagement ring of the woman, who is pregnant, and a long string of someone from relatives. Secure the ring on a string - its length should not be less than 30 centimeters, ask the mother-to lie down and shake the ring over the belly. In that case, if it moves in a circle, a high probability of the birth of a girl, but if from side to side - wait for the birthday boy. And more than a pregnancy you do, the higher the percentage of probability.

  • Oats

If you want, we will tell you how to know the baby's gender before conception? More precisely - do not we, as popular wisdom. It says - a woman should wrap in a damp cloth a few grains of oats and put under the pillow at night. Then Put the parcel in any warm place. If the seeds begin to germinate in the third or fourth day, it can be assumed that a girl. And if later - the boy. However, this is true only for the first pregnancy.

Of course, this is not all ways of how to find out the sex of the child - a huge number of them, and every nation has its own, and we talked only about the basic ones. They can be trusted, you can try - thing to remember that it is not important who will soon loud cry declare itself - a son or a daughter. The main thing - that the baby was healthy and welcome!

 How do I know the baby's sex? The obvious - an incredible

 Mathematics conception or which days you can get pregnant

Math Every Woman Should Know. And though not all become economists, bank employees or chief accountants. But everything has to be considered. We believe the money, calories, kilograms and centimeters ... And we calculate the days favorable for conception.

These are the days when the meeting could happen sperm and egg. To this meeting took place, the egg must mature and to get out of the follicle, and the most active of the sperm - to have time to get to her first.

How do you determine which days you can get pregnant? In most cases, it is sufficient to know the days of my ovulation, ie days when the egg is released from the follicle and ready for insemination. This occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Lasts 48 hours of ovulation. In this period maximal chances to conceive a child.

By the way, sperm can maintain their reproductive properties of a few days. This feature can be used to plan the sex of the child. The fact that the sperm from sperm consists of two types: "male» - y-sperm and "female» - x-sperm. From what the sperm to fertilize an egg, and depends on the sex of the baby.

 Mathematics conception or which days you can get pregnant

According to research, "male" sperm are lighter and more mobile, but less hardy. A "female" - on the contrary, heavy and slow, but more durable. In this conception can occur at a time when the egg is moved to the uterine tube falopievoy (within 3-4 days after ovulation). Thus, we can calculate in which period more likely to conceive a boy, and when appropriate the day to conceive a girl.

If intercourse has occurred 2-3 days before ovulation, fertilization is to survive until better chance of "female" sperm. Accordingly, the probability of conceiving a girl above. And if the sexual act occurred in less than one day prior to ovulation, or immediately after, the first to get to the egg nimble "male" sperm, creating conditions for conceiving a boy.

By the way, better to plan conception in the first day since the beginning of ovulation. The fact is that the egg is aging, and increases the likelihood of miscarriage or birth defects.

However, to use this method, you need to know exactly the time of ovulation, which is very problematic.

It would seem that, knowing the periodicity of its cycle, it is possible to calculate the day of ovulation. For example, if the cycle is 28 days, the chances of getting pregnant will be a maximum of 13-14 days.

All true, but ... The rhythm of ovulation can vary with stress and endocrine diseases after birth, abortion. Sometimes that happens in a cycle without ovulation and menstruation, or vice versa - without ovulation menstruation. Incidentally, 2-3 cycles per year can pass without ovulation, and this is considered normal.

It turns out that the calendar calculations are not always accurate. Therefore, to determine which days are favorable for conception, many planners are turning to other, more reliable methods.

 Mathematics conception or which days you can get pregnant

The days when you can conceive, it can be determined by measuring the basal temperature. For this purpose, the beginning of the menstrual cycle, every morning, getting out of bed in one and the same time measure the temperature either in the mouth or the vagina or the anus. The latter method gives the most accurate reading. Nevertheless, errors can occur if you are tired or sick, slept less than 6 hours shortly before the measurement drinking alcohol or taking drugs. And this is not all of the factors that can lead to inaccurate readings.

To determine which days better get pregnant, you should create a special schedule in accordance with the stopwatch. Normal temperatures will range from 36.6 to 36.9, and after ovulation once rises to 37 degrees. Accordingly, these days women wishing to become pregnant should make every effort to achieve their goal.

The following method is more accurate and reliable - Ovulation Test. This test looks very similar to the tests, confirming the pregnancy. Substance in Test ovulation reacts with LH luteinizing hormone, which manifests itself in the urine after 24-36 hours prior to ovulation. Such tests should be done every day to watch out for the right time. In one box, sold in pharmacies, you will find several test strips. Reliability tests for ovulation up to 99, 9%.

There is another, less accurate way, but for some categories of women, it is better than any medical tests. It's subjective feelings. The fact that a woman may experience certain sensations that precede ovulation or accompanying it. For example, abdominal pain, profuse discharge, increased sexual activity.

 Mathematics conception or which days you can get pregnant

If you can clearly define what days you can get pregnant, you should advance to prepare the body for the event and did not act spontaneously. Training should include exercise, walk in the fresh air, a full medical examination and treatment of chronic diseases. You must also fill in the missing nutrients in the body.

The latter can be done with the help of special vitamins. So, for 2-3 months before the alleged conception it is advisable to start taking vitamin complex Pregnoton. This drug is good because it contains a complex of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are needed for conception and development of the fetus:

  • Folic acid is responsible for the division of cells in the body of the child in early pregnancy.
  • The amino acid arginine improves circulation and promotes tissue oxygenation.
  • Vitamins E, C, B6 are the key to smart growth and the formation of muscle mass of the fetus.
  • The minerals zinc, magnesium and selenium ensure the normal course of pregnancy and fetal development.
  • Vitex extract (prostrate summer cypress) normalize hormones and stimulates the production of the pregnancy hormone progesterone.

The disadvantage of these substances can lead to detachment of the placenta, miscarriage, malformation and other problems.

 Mathematics conception or which days you can get pregnant

Ready to conceive and wait for the days when you can get pregnant, you should not just mothers. Expectant dads Spematon desirable to take the drug to enhance male fertility. Included in the product zinc, vitamin E, L-carnitine help to increase sperm production and improve their mobility.

Take care of yourself and do not forget that a sound approach to the planning of pregnancy - the key to the health of your unborn child.

 Mathematics conception or which days you can get pregnant?

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