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There is hardly a single person who would not be jealous; However, some people do not attach much importance to this feeling, and some, on the contrary, are very dependent on him, which themselves are often not welcome. In the case where it is a devastating feeling becomes an obstacle to building stronger romantic relationships, many people are beginning to think seriously about how to cope with jealousy.

One of the main causes of distrust is a lack of confidence, which often have young girls prone to everything in life taken too categorical and suspect their favorite of all mortal sins, barely seeing their behavior anything, in their opinion, disturbing or unusual .

However, in most cases, such suspicions are entirely unfounded, which, however, does not prevent revnivitsam regularly roll his pious scandals or silent and save a grudge and anger at a loved one. Of course, in such an atmosphere, build a more or less harmonious love relationship is practically impossible, so we have to somehow deal with jealousy or on their own or with the help of family, friends, or even psychologists. Ways to get rid of a lot of jealousy there, but you must be aware that they all require serious work on an application and some effort, which at first may seem too difficult.

 how to cope with jealousy correctly

Getting rid of jealousy

So, what to do to get rid of that feeling of tearing the soul? Let's order!

Increase your self-esteem

Many girls are jealous of her favorite guys because at heart consider themselves unworthy of happy love, or feel uncertain about their visual appeal. Not every woman will dare to admit such feelings, but to learn to deal with them, to make it a must. When once you rolled forward jealousy, try to track down their feelings and emotions at this moment.

Perhaps you are jealous of your boyfriend to his female colleagues because of her apparent intellectual superiority over you? Or experience the bitter pang of jealousy, seeing how your favorite Street ever look at some beauty, while you think your looks quite ordinary? If you at least once find yourself on such thoughts, you should know that you just do not have enough confidence.

If your self-esteem is at a height, then, believe me, no beauty or your colleague the smartest guy will not cause you to jealousy, because you will be fully confident in its appeal and in his own intellectual development. To achieve this self-confidence, you can use the daily cultivation of an understanding of their uniqueness.

You must be aware that every person in the world in something is better than others, but this is no reason to lose heart, if you will see the difference. On the contrary, your individual characteristics and form a unique, no one else similar personality, and external data create a unique image that best reflects your inner world. It is due to the peculiarities of character and appearance you are interested and your loved one, so does it make sense to worry about that around him there are more intelligent or beautiful, you think, girls?

Your boyfriend loves you for who you are, and probably thinks the best girl in the world, so you have to wake up every day with a sense of its uniqueness and in any case not to worry about those or other imperfections. Once you understand that deserve the best, then you will be very easy to deal with jealousy; and maybe she will cease to bother you at all.

Be selfish

Often enough to understand how to cope with jealousy corrodes the soul and helps immerse in yourself and your worries. If you dare to be a little selfish and do their appearance, a favorite hobby or any other business that brings you real pleasure without the need for the second half, then most likely, after a while surprised to notice that you almost completely ceased to wonder, from anyone it's another SMS, addressed to your guy, where he was on the weekend, why work was delayed for 20 minutes and so on. You just will not before, because the systematic and regular initiation time, only his beloved requires more time, physical and, most importantly, the psychological costs, so that the extra thought that used constantly swarming in your head, just do not have the energy and time .

The most remarkable thing: once you start most of my free time to devote to yourself, you will soon see that the relationship with your loved ones, in spite of your fears, not only deteriorated, but became more trusting. It is possible that the guy even begin to provide you with increased signs of attention as well as at the beginning of your romantic relationship. He will be intrigued, because now my girlfriend has no idea of ​​his standing in treason or fraud, but still lost somewhere from time to time, claiming that "do their own thing." In general, there's just right to get you jealous guy! With such a simple way every girl at least once in life to cope with jealousy, so you should also evaluate its effectiveness in practice.

Reduce the amount of caffeine in the daily diet

Many psychologists, exploring feelings of jealousy, came to the conclusion that provoke the emergence of such ugly feelings may excessive use during the day caffeinated beverages. It would seem that what could be a link between caffeine and jealousy? But the most direct, because the caffeine in high doses cause excitement of the nervous system, and a significant increase in anxiety that many impressionable young women becomes a "trigger" the emergence of jealousy from scratch.

Have you ever experienced an acute attack of distrust of the beloved without apparent reason after absorbing a few cups of coffee? Certainly. If you do not see no dependence on consumption of drinks containing caffeine, and the emergence of jealousy, then you, or drink enough of these drinks (which in itself is very good), or simply did not pay a similar pattern of attention and wrote off his irritation state at weather, mood, or any other reason. It is often enough to reduce the consumption of coffee, and similar drinks several servings, and jealousy, as well as excessive anxiety, just pass unnoticed.

 how to cope with jealousy for a long time

Talk openly with her boyfriend

Quite often, women feel a burning zeal for their guys, simply because they do not dare to express certain fears, suspicions and doubts that plagued them from the inside. Straight talk most of the time puts everything in its place, and completely eliminates the problems of jealousy, however, decide on such a conversation is not so easy.

The fact that most of the girls genuinely believe that boys should have guessed that they were not satisfied in the relationship. However, representatives of the strong half of humanity are arranged differently, and often can not guess about certain thoughts or feelings girl alone in her facial expression, tone of voice or subtle hints. That is why a lot of guys do not even know that their loved ones is not satisfied, while the soul of the girl can be a real storm of jealousy. If the girl openly expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that her boyfriend, for example, looks at beauties on the streets or too much time to talk on the phone with female colleagues, he is likely to try because no longer do so once again not to upset his beloved.

However, it is important to build self talk: in any case, do not scream, do not make trouble, and not to blame in what their loved one, and try to convey to him my feelings and emotions, with an emphasis on the fact that you have this very frustrating and plunges into the depressed mood. It is likely that a favorite find the words that will convince you of his feelings, and you can easily learn how to cope with jealousy, slowly destroying your relationship within. It is also possible that your guy himself admits in his hidden jealousy, and then you will, or to laugh at the situation, to forget all the doubts and enjoy fellowship with each other or work together to find a solution for your general problem, which is often much more effective Unlike attempts to deal with this alone.

Never forget that jealousy itself is not a bad feeling, and it acquires a negative connotation only when stopping you live and brings a touch of bitterness in your every day. Some caution (in small doses!) - It is a natural manifestation of the inherent to all people for fear of losing a loved one. Virtually no love affair can not do without jealousy, but it is important not to miss the moment when it begins to slow, but it is very hard to destroy them.

As soon as you notice that your negative emotions becomes pathological forms, use our tips on how to cope with jealousy, is this negative feeling has not caused the break with a loved one. If all of the above methods prove ineffective, then you should seek help from a qualified psychologist to help get out of this unpleasant situation with minimal losses, and tell you how to get rid of jealousy in romantic relationships.

 How to deal with jealousy in romantic relationships