hair removal during pregnancy


  • Indications and contraindications
  • How to deal with the hair on the body?
  • Safety measures
  • Danger!

Earlier, some ten or fifteen years ago, when the girl was provided in an interesting position, trying to protect her from anything that could harm the baby. Expectant mothers were forbidden to dye your hair, use makeup, do haircuts. Depilation or hair removal during pregnancy especially not allowed.

This state of affairs modern beauties, who are used to always look your best, of course, do not like. Therefore, many of them continue to care for themselves, in spite of all the warnings. After all, they are convinced that the pregnancy - is the natural condition of the woman, not the disease. This, of course, there is some truth. But in fact, it all depends on the method of removal of hair on the skin, sensitivity and duration.

Indications and contraindications

Who should remove hair

Remove vegetation in the bikini area is recommended to all the girls without exception. It does not matter whether the beauty in the early stages or before birth remain a matter of days. It - one of the basic rules of personal hygiene. But what should be used - razor, cream, waxing or laser, depending on the condition of pregnant women. Therefore, we recommend pre-tests pass, a complete examination, be sure to visit the gynecologist and endocrinologist.

This is not necessary to do hair removal

Regarding contraindications, it:

  • Skin problems - cracks, scratches, etc. You should first find out why there was a violation of the integrity of the cover, which is why any such education.
  • Allergies. The structure of some funds includes aggressive components that can cause burns, itching, irritation. During pregnancy, the sensitivity to such ingredients increases several times. Therefore, even if earlier you did not have such problems, the means chosen to epilation is still worth to try on a small area of ​​the skin.
  • Diabetes. During the period of gestation in the mother's body takes a serious hormonal boom, which in itself is very dangerous. Pregnant women who are suffering such a dangerous disease should be more cautious and serious about their health. Since there is a high probability of miscarriage.
  • Herpes, viral and infectious diseases. In such cases, you will be denied in the depilation, even if you are not planning to become a mother.
  • Mental disorders or stress. If you have a bad mood, you constantly have nightmares or you are depressed, it is better to postpone the removal of hair.

 hair removal during pregnancy

How to deal with the hair on the body?

These methods of hair removal most rasprostraneny.No not all of them are valid for the expectant mother.

  • Waxing

The speed of the procedure, a good result that lasts at least two to three weeks - this is just a small list of why women prefer to use wax. In the early months of pregnancy, expectant mothers can do their own hair removal at home. In the last stages, when the stomach does not allow to bend and twist to handle the bikini area, it is advisable to visit a specialist's office.

If you recently learned that you are in position, it is required to warn a beautician. In this case, it will work more carefully, slowly, and listening to your feelings. Before you remove the vegetation in the area of ​​bikini wax, ask to show you the structure. It is better to overpay a little bit and use organic products without chemicals and additives.

Inside, the choice you can offer Phytopitch, hot or cold wax. Which option is better to choose - it depends entirely on your wishes and preferences. If you're used to one way, it is not necessary to experiment with others. In any event during depilation, when a sharp movement (against the hair growth) to tear out a large area of ​​vegetation will be incredibly painful. As a result, in pregnant produced a double dose of stress hormone. There is a risk of miscarriage, especially if there are any complications.

  • Electrolysis

Special unit emits an electrical impulse that acupressure on the follicle and destroys it. Unfortunately, this procedure is not always withstand even the strongest girl. During pregnancy, the hair is removed in this manner is strictly prohibited, even if the client is completely healthy.

  • Laser hair removal

Opinion as to whether it is possible to do laser hair removal, disagrees. Some experts say that with proper treatment bikini no serious consequences will be. Not without reason, this procedure is classified as safe and painless. On the other hand, any aggressive effect on the organism of the expectant mother can lead to shock and miscarriage. In addition, laser hair removal is not for everyone.

  • Photoepilation

Treating bikini area hair removal using the fair sex pregnant is not recommended. The fact that this method began to be applied relatively recently, it is difficult to predict the consequences. The most important thing for expectant mothers in this period to exclude any, even small and subtle side effects.

  • Hair removal epilator

This hair removal during pregnancy is extremely undesirable if you are using the usual electrical appliances. High probability of occurrence of a painful shock. You can remove hair in the bikini area by trimmer or a special device designed for use on sensitive areas of the body. Usually, they set the nozzle-limiter, which allows intimate haircut or capture a small amount of vegetation.

Previously recommended to apply to the skin a normal moisturizer to reduce the morbidity of the procedure. Note for bikini can be used only special funds that will not irritate. And, of course, be sure to test the products on the elbow. If after five minutes no manifestations of allergy is not, you can safely proceed to hair removal.

  • Hair removal cream

As strange sounds, chemical hair removal bikini is not banned. This is despite the fact that such a cream anyway contains corrosive substances. The fact that the active components only affect keratin. The resulting rod is destroyed, and the hair disappears by itself. In the inner layers of the epidermis does not get it all.

It is convenient, practical and not expensive - these three benefits speak for themselves. As regards disadvantages, they are also in this case a lot. Using proven even cream you can make allergies. Blame around perfumes, dyes and additives, through which a mixture of smells. Try to choose natural products, which would be as small as possible flavors.

Another shortcoming is that the result after chemical depilation holds much less than, for example, after processing bikini wax. Neutral cream can not cope with the thick hair. Potent products pregnant girls should not be used.

  • Shaving

In most cases, gynecologists advise their patients to shave the bikini area, instead of doing epilation. This method has high security and availability (both in financial terms and in saline). There are no contraindications or hidden threats.

Only if you have sensitive skin or after shaving grow hair, use a special cream. Never treat the problem area to dry. In extreme cases, use soap, shower gel, etc. Otherwise, scratching and irritation you can not avoid.

 is it possible to do hair removal during pregnancy

Safety measures

Afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go. If you prefer to epilate the bikini area with the help of wax, laser, etc., it should be done wisely. To reduce the risks to a minimum and avoid some unpleasant consequences, try to follow the rules.

  • Before and after the procedure, do not go to places with high humidity and high temperature. Exclude on a hike in the solarium, swimming pools and similar places. It is also not recommended in steam bath and sauna.
  • After processing the bikini first couple of days, do not use cosmetics (moisturizing and nourishing creams, perfumes containing perfumes, etc.).
  • The remaining or regrown hair can be removed after a week with a razor. Re-use of the appliance, a wax or a special cream for hair removal is not necessary.
  • Hair removal during pregnancy should only be performed in specialized beauty salons. Do not contact the informal institutions that work with low-quality products. Calculate them is easy, just look at the price. They usually every two to three lower than that in other cosmetic cabinets. Before the procedure, be sure to check that the certificates and documents confirming the legality of the services provided.
  • Pay attention to cleanliness and order. Only use sterilized accessories and attachments. Remember once and for all: Master should be operated only in disposable gloves, and that gets put on in the client. After the procedure, they are immediately thrown out in the trash.
  • If after visiting the beauty salon on the body rash, be sure to go to a dermatologist. In such places you can pick up an infectious or viral diseases. In the early stages to get rid of this problem without harming the fetus, much easier.


As you can see, the statement as to what hair removal during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, has a scientific basis. It is especially dangerous to do waxing or bikini area to handle the appliance, operating on the principle of tweezers. Pain may cause shock, resulting in the body will be generated hazardous substances.

Depression, apathy, bad mood - the least he expects the girl in this case. Therefore, while it is still recommended to forget about trendy and expensive procedures. It is better to resort to the old grandfather's method, which was used by our mothers and grandmothers - to shave a conventional machine. That hair does not grow too fast, use a special cream.

 Hair Removal in pregnancy: the risk of future mothers, to remove hair in the bikini area