Why buy a bag for Mom easier online

That period of pregnancy when the harvest has been taken dowry for the baby, to buy special clothes for the expectant mother and various accessories for child care is so difficult that shopping trips are canceled exactly. In the last trimester aggravated the most unpleasant symptoms - pain in the legs, swelling, heaviness throughout the body, etc. With all this "bouquet" can not go far, and traditional shopping is unlikely to bring special pleasure when being not very much. Where, then, the expectant mother to buy everything you need to your baby and yourself?

The easiest way to do it in online stores. To get acquainted with the offer to look into the online store lingerie for pregnant women. In recent months, no matter how "skinny" was not originally future mom, she would need a wardrobe update, as the tummy is growing very rapidly. Given the fact that the value of the virtual stores of clothing and other goods is minimal, you can not afford to buy a new thing here, even if the budget is limited to the purchase.

 Why buy a bag for Mom easier online
 Believe me, get a taste of online shopping, get comfortable in the virtual space very easily. After a while Mom is no longer afford to provide life without your favorite online stores. Positive emotions are guaranteed by their visit, because here the customer will find low prices with high quality products and excellent service level. Plus - comfortable ordering directly from your computer.

A small value of goods online store allows you to purchase not only the clothes, underwear, and buy a bag for mom, a host of other useful devices .  Layette, and then toys, things for older kids always beneficial to buy in your store .  First, because, as noted, very delight their prices .  Secondly, as a huge variety of products, you can even say that the infinite .  In a network it is impossible not to find some product, let it even be the most unusual toy or exclusive products .  Third, all new items come first in online sales, and then in a conventional retail and it does not always happen .  Specific examples are not hard to find by looking at the websites of major children's stores .  Many of the products here - a rarity on the shelves of traditional commercial establishments .  This is especially - children's tent deryan or some toys, appliances .  In their original form they are sold, at times, only on the Internet, so getting them here, just do not have to face any forgery .

 Why buy a bag for Mom easier online

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 determination of early pregnancy


  • Efficient methods for the determination of early pregnancy
  • Signs of pregnancy: the controversial and the present

It always tests show the correct result? How to detect early pregnancy? Is it possible to do without trips to the gynecologist and delivery of analyzes? Such questions are interested in thousands of women around the world, because of the positive or negative result may depend on the fate of even the fair sex. In any case, at the first sign of pregnancy - absence of menstruation, heaviness in the abdomen, toxicosis, Zrazy same should be made to. It does not matter whether you plan to terminate it by artificial means, or the baby wish.

 how to identify early pregnancy

Efficient methods for the determination of early pregnancy

There has been fertilized or not - it is difficult to get an accurate answer to this question in the first few days after unprotected intercourse. It must pass at least two weeks before you see any signs of pregnancy. But if the girl is still unbearable to know the result, it can use specific tests or pharmacy, if possible, to donate blood for HCG.

Purchases test: tests at home

Not all of the fair sex have to constantly go to the hospital to pass inspection and diagnostics. Someone working long hours seven days a week, someone is difficult to identify a couple of hours on long lines in the gynecological office. Also, do not run the same every time a doctor when there is a delay. In this case, in the course are the usual tests that help detect pregnancy in the early stages.

Have you ever noticed that drugstores means and for 50 rubles, and 300? Why such a huge difference? The fact that the cost affects the sensitivity to the hormone hCG. He appears in the body of the future mother some time after fertilization.

Naturally, the more expensive the chosen remedy, the higher the probability to determine pregnancy. Available even such powerful results show that in the first weeks. But usually such products are used for a couple of days before the delay. A month and a half, you can buy even the most simple and cheap test. The differences you will not notice.

Types of pregnancy tests

  • Strip test

Today, low-cost test strips are the most popular among women. To see the result, you need to drop the test strip in the morning with a glass of urine, wait 20 seconds and see the light. Two strips - a positive one - negative. Please note, it should be done at the first urination, because at this time in the fluid will contain the maximum amount of hCG.

But the test strip has its disadvantages. If, for example, you overdo strip into a bowl and place it properly, the display may display the wrong result. Moreover, not everyone likes to collect morning urine in the pot. At other times, it is impossible to carry out such procedures.

  • Test Cassette

This test is much more expensive, but it is much more convenient to use. You will not need to collect the liquid in the glass to see the result. Suffice it to drip out of the pipette, which comes on a special window. After a few minutes in the second opening will strip. With regard to efficiency, it is exactly the same, such as in conventional devices.

  • Ink tests

The principle of the test is quite simple - when you urinate, you will need to substitute one end of a stream. The second result is displayed. This can be done at any time of the day, the result will be. Should this model is very expensive, but it has a fairly high sensitivity to HCG

  • Electronic tests

In this test, there are already special inscriptions. Because of this you do not have to puzzle over the fact that he has shown - one strip or two. Of course, as in any case it does not provide wide response. However, it is best to choose those, which contains high sensitivity - more than 20 mIU / mL. These tests can be used after a week and a half after fertilization.

Problems with dough

Could there be a mistake? Of course, one hundred percent result you no guarantees. Firstly, it should be taken into account characteristics of the organism. Second, she could avoid gaffes when using the test. Therefore, we recommend pre-acquainted with the instruction. Some time later, repeat the procedure to definitively confirm the presence or absence of pregnancy.

If you did everything correctly, but the indicator showed a barely noticeable or vague second strip, then there are three options. First - you are not pregnant or just use defective, poor quality, cheap products. Second - you have a low amount of hCG. Last, the most unpleasant - an ectopic or missed abortion. In such pathologies is urgently needed surgical intervention. If time does not see a specialist, the consequences can be dire. Until death. Note that in each case it is necessary to carry out all once. If the problem persists, contact a gynecologist.

 the correct definition of early pregnancy

Thermometer: to measure the temperature

When the pregnancy test is still not responding, and you do not want to wait another couple of weeks, measure the basal temperature. If the thermometer will show that in the rectum more than 37 degrees, so you can be in position. Before the procedure is not recommended to have sex, take a bath or a hot shower, as this may affect the outcome.

Medical checkup

Referring to the clinic, you first have to go to the gynecologist for an examination. The shape of the uterus, its size, and many other factors will help your doctor determine your exact diagnosis. Note that if you have less than monthly to six days, inform the expert!

After the examination, if the period of above four weeks, you can recover in the US. It was at this time the future of the baby heart starts beating. Do not panic, ultrasound examination is needed to confirm or disprove the suspicions caused by a gynecologist. It is completely safe for the health of your unborn child. And sometimes without the US can not do, because it helps to identify some serious pathology (missed first trimester fetus, ectopic pregnancy).

Assay for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

HCG can be detected in the blood of pregnant women on day 7-8 after fertilization has occurred, not before. If after some time positive result is confirmed, it means that the patient should undergo a complete examination. A large amount of this hormone indicates the presence of cancer. Also affect the tests could drugs that she took in a given period.

 the precise definition of early pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy: the controversial and the present

Our grandmothers did not go to the doctors, they did not have testing and analysis, so they were determined on the basis of their pregnancy health. Nausea, dizziness, chest pain, frequent urination - in fact, all of these features is quite controversial. And many of them even suggest the presence of serious diseases.

  • Toxemia

In the first trimester of pregnancy, she may feel a little nauseous, which is sometimes accompanied by dizziness and loss of strength. The same symptoms occur and poisoning, anemia, low or high pressure. Note toxicosis begins one month (4 weeks after fertilization), not before. Plus, not all of the fair sex are faced with this. Therefore, if you feel bad, be sure to consult a doctor.

  • Pain in the chest and nipples

During the first month in the body of a pregnant woman begins to occur hormonal changes. The body of the expectant mother is prepared for nurturing the baby and leave. The mammary glands swell, nipples increase in size, pigmented, and they can be released from a small amount of colostrum (if pressure). Swelling and pain also appear on the eve of critical days. Therefore, if you delay, it is likely that a failed cycle.

  • It hurts and pulls the lower abdomen

These symptoms are more likely indicate health problems among the fair sex. Even if she is pregnant, it urgently and without delay is necessary to address to the gynecologist. Otherwise, if you drink a pill and wait improvements can occur miscarriage.

  • Frequent urination

If you always want to use the toilet, and five minutes after emptying it seems that the bladder is full again - this may be signs of cystitis. Especially in the case where all accompanied by painful sensations (cramps, tingling). Figure out what it is - a pregnancy or a cold, only passing a urine test.

  • Vaginal discharge

Thick, slightly viscous mass of white or transparent color helps form a mucous plug in the cervix. Because of this during pregnancy the fetus will be protected from a variety of pathogens, which can get into the vagina. Just before the birth she departs.

However, if you discharge a sharp, unpleasant odor and a yellow-green color, it probably is - an infection. Initially, the gynecologist to take the girl smear to check the patient to diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Perhaps the fair sex has failed in the reproductive system. Following the examination the doctor will prescribe proper treatment.

  • Food cravings

Previously, you can not stand the herring, and is now ready to eat a kilogram of salt fish? Or do you always want pickles? During pregnancy, women have radically changed the taste preferences. But, surprisingly, not all drawn to salty. Some beauties can switch to sweet cakes or spicy dishes. Of course, this does not occur in the first weeks.

  • The change in mood

It is believed that pregnant the fair sex can not hold back the feelings and emotions. They have been frequent changes of mood, increased anxiety, aggression, irritability and weakness. Similar changes are taking place with the women, if they - beriberi.

  • Amenorrhea

If you have a delay of more than one week, and you yourself feel great - it is one of the main signs that you may be pregnant. But no matter what, be sure to go to the hospital and get registered. In the early stages it is necessary to pass all the tests to detect hidden diseases and pathologies that are in the initial stages are cured.

In any case, traditional methods and tips girlfriends should not be taken seriously. Everyone is different, so each given process can proceed on its own. There are women whose menstruation does not stop even during pregnancy. Therefore, the definition of early pregnancy is still better to be carried out in outpatient clinics.

 Determination of early pregnancy: tests, analyzes and examinations

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