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Who are born a boy or a girl? This question is interested in almost all future parents. And not every couple can be as much as nine months quietly remain in blissful ignorance. Therefore, future mothers and fathers are trying to use all possible methods to reveal this secret quickly. But before to know who the heir, was only possible after the birth.

How to find out the sex of the child alone

Many parents are trying to find answers to their deepest questions and resorting to national signs and beliefs. It is enough to observe a pregnant representative of the fairer sex to answer to your question before birth. Amazingly, these signs often do not have committed no scientific justification. What's the strangest thing, in some inexplicable way, they come true. Traditional methods of determining the sex of the child, which knew even our mothers and grandmothers, and can help you.

Is determined by the appearance of a pregnant

  • If the expectant mother has gotten worse look on his face were dark spots or pimples, so it will certainly be a girl. The people believed that it takes away the beauty. If during the pregnancy looks great, wait boy.
  • If tum has a pointed shape, positioned low and can not see the back (from the back), then it is living son. In a round - a daughter.
  • Bellies with boys more pigmented spots and girls reach only to the navel.
  • If a pregnant enhanced hair growth on the body, and there is little stomach down, so there will be a boy. When such changes in hair growth are absent - girl.
  • If a woman expecting a child, in the fullness of the buttocks and thighs, it is the birth of his daughter, if this is not observed - to his son.

Is determined by the behavior of the future mother

  • If a pregnant woman became irritable and moody, a girl, is calm and balanced - the boy.
  • If a woman during pregnancy keeps grace and mobility, so she is the girl became awkward - a boy.
  • If the expectant mother is better to sleep on your left side will be born daughter, on the right - wait for the son.
  • If pregnancy "pulls" on the bread crusts, a boy, and if it chooses breadcrumbs, something - a girl.
  • If a pregnant representative of the fairer sex, rising from his chair, constantly relies on the right hand, we should expect future beauty, and if the left - a smoothie.
  • If a woman is "pulling" on the salty, sour, milk and meat, it means that all requests mischief if the sweet and fruit, the baby require such goodies.
  • If future mother often sick, you should wait for the girl. And if it occurs during pregnancy increased appetite - a boy.

"Chemical" People's method of using fresh pasteurized milk

This experiment aims to identify the chemical composition of the urine of pregnant women. It shows the result only when already begun hormonal changes a woman's body (at least, in the second month of pregnancy). At the fair sex, girls hatching, the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hormone-specific) are on average higher by one fifth than those who give birth to a boy. Despite the fact that the method is suitable for women who have gestational age over 10 weeks, you can spend a couple of tests, even at the very beginning.

So, you should take the following steps: mix the urine and milk in equal proportions (ie. E. One to one). Then bring to a boil and then wait a couple of minutes. If the boy in the stomach, the milk does not change the appearance, if a girl - it must fold.

Determined by the number of heart beats per minute

They say that nurtured girls heart beats faster than boys. If the frequency of slightly more than 150 beats per minute, we should expect the birth of his daughter. But, of course, seriously this is not necessary. All depends on the physiological characteristics of fruit.

Determine blood parents

This is - one of the most difficult ways to quickly and accurately determine the sex of the baby from the moment of conception. To do this, take into account the age of the blood. It is known that men have it update occurs every 4 years, and for women - once a child is born 3. sex whose blood at the time of conception was younger. In this case, it is also taken into account the various external and internal factors: surgery, childbirth, blood transfusions and abortion. They are considered the beginning of the cycle. Consider the example of calculation: at the time of conception the man was 30 years old, and women - 28. Find out how much blood has been refresh cycles each: his father - 7, 6 (30: 4), the mother - 9 3 (28: 3)

Thus, a woman's blood refreshed 9 times, plus passed 0, 3 new cycle. And male update blood was 7 times and has passed 0, 7 of the new cycle. Whose blood "newer", and that will dictate the sex of the child. In this case she is younger, active mom, then a representative of the fairer sex will give birth to a girl.

 when you can find out the sex of the child in hospital

Define the floor in the hospital

Today, there are three basic scientific methods of sex determination. They are more accurate and reliable. Unfortunately, each of these may also show an incorrect result. The cost of some procedures will not everyone can afford. If you still really want to know who you will be born, you choose one of them.

  • DNA analysis

Early determination of sex of the child with the help of DNA analysis based on antenatal investigation of venous blood of the mother. This is the only reliable method of determining the sex of the baby, which eliminates all risks to the health of mother and fetus. Blood testing can be carried out after the seventh week of gestation. Check the accuracy of the result in most cases is about 99%.

The essence of the test DNA that using a special apparatus in maternal blood is determined by the presence of SRY gene, specific for the male fetus. If the gene is found, it means - a boy. This method is completely painless. And, among other things, allows the early stages of pregnancy to determine the presence or absence of Pattaya syndrome, Down syndrome, Edwards and rhesus conflict.

  • Ultrasound examination

Sexing the baby using ultrasound also among the most accurate and safe modern methods. In addition, ultrasound helps to identify the pathology of the fetus in the early stages. During the whole period of pregnancy it is administered 3 times. Thus it is to monitor the development of the embryo, and also minimizes the possibility of mistakes the first inspection.

Sex baby using ultrasound can be determined starting from the 12th week, but the probability of mistakes here and there. The doctor makes a guess as to who you will be (50/50). Of course, much depends on the qualifications of the expert, as well as the quality of the equipment. More precisely, the child's sex is determined at the 14th week after conception. The most reliable is the third ultrasound.

Inaccuracies are connected with the fact that the genitals can not be identified to a certain point. For visualization influenced by factors such as the thickness of the abdominal wall, amniotic fluid, and fetal position. Sometimes kids are so deployed during the study, that their genitals are not visible even on the third ultrasound. Sometimes the penis of a doctor can take a loop of umbilical cord or the baby's fingers.

  • Biopsy

Sexing children through chorionic villus sampling - the method is quite dangerous. But it has a high precision, up to 100%. Basically, he was appointed to identify genetic abnormalities and other abnormalities. This study did not abuse without good evidence, as it is fraught with complications, up to a miscarriage.

It is worth mentioning that you can also determine the sex of the baby by means of pharmacy home tests. They react to urine. The principle is based on the fact that the body of a pregnant woman strenuously produces certain hormones. Chemicals included in the dough reacts with urine, giving it a specific color. "Girl" corresponds to the orange, and the "boys" - green.

This method is not very accurate, error probability of 10 to 15 percent. The possible impact on the result of reproductive tract infections, hormonal drugs or hormonal disease. So do not treat it too seriously, especially if the floor is very important for you. By the way, do not immediately buy all the products in the pharmacy. It is necessary to wait a little longer. Beginning of the second trimester - this is when you can find out the sex of the child.

Interestingly, some couples give up the opportunity to learn the sex of the child. The reasons may be different, starting with prejudice, ending the expectation of a pleasant surprise. They can be understood. After all, no matter who came into this world (boy or girl), dearer beings do not come up and does not find!

 When you can find out the sex of the child and how to do it

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