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  • Love? No, only love
  • Love? And again - no! "The whole reason of passion was"
  • We observe, memorize, analyze
  • Summing up

It has long been no secret that men and women, primarily due to natural differences that show their feelings very differently. Especially it concerns the existence of such an intimate and hidden feelings, how is nastoyaschayai deep love. Often difficult for us to understand the true feelings, thoughts, intentions zhelaniyai another person even in the most seemingly simple at first glance things, but in such a topical subject in general there should be no ambiguity or intrigue.

How do you know that the man you love? For gentle and reverent unknown woman's heart is no less pernicious than the sad but simple answer: "You're wrong. He does not love you, alas, but ... no. "

Well, it's worth it to understand it. On this depends our peace of mind and well-being, confidence in the future and its own self-esteem. Common sense just insists on clarifying the circumstances in relation to the object of your dreams. But first you need to understand what it means for us to love, how does it differ from love and passion. How often we are taking one feeling for another vulnerable themselves.

Love? No, only love

With love, we tend to idealize a partner to endow it with all sorts of qualities, abilities and positive qualities. Everybody in this emotion - with one exception. Love - just a brief feeling of one of its properties - a transience, the ability to quickly come to an end ... Or transform. In love, as we would want in an ideal.

Love Love is different from the depth of the feelings that we experience. This is a serious, stable feeling. We objectively assess the partner better understand it, and most importantly - ready to fully accept him as a person, that has both advantages and disadvantages. It should be emphasized is the full acceptance of the other person - this is the main difference between love not only love, but also with passion.

 how to understand your man loves you

Love? And again - no! "The whole reason of passion was"

True love does not dazzle, to such an extent that, after sobering up inevitably there comes frustration; No, it is based on knowledge of the elect and not on building relationships with a fictional character and a real person. Being similar in their duration in time with love, passion, in contrast, it has a greater intensity of feelings. Of course, it can also manifest itself apart from love, but also could be (and even more so - to be, why not?) Be a part of it.

Passion - is, first of all, the attraction of a sexual nature, the call of the flesh. It can be compared to a natural disaster, so similar to the devastating effects of passion devastating impact of natural forces -pozharami or typhoons. This is crazy, covering both soul and body of man, closes minds and common sense. Nothing in common love and passion in its purest form is not. Relationships based on a passion to attract and arrange every woman. The majority of the fair sex hopes for a stable and lasting alliances that can not be built on passion alone.

We observe, memorize, analyze

Observing the behavior of loving a man in relation to his beloved that we see? How does he shows his feelings and attitude to it? Let's try to identify the main points that will help each young lady understand better attitude towards him of his men:

  1. Frank expression of the intention to carry out most of their time together

    This applies not only to joint outputs in place of entertainment or on any public events. The man is happy to keep you company when you are going to devote an entire day of intense shopping all shopping centers of the city. It is written in a sports club, where you go for a long time already, and begins to attend a workout with you. And yes, he walks with you your dog. He seeks to spend time alone with you just to talk about something, something to discuss, to laugh at something.

  2. Selecting the topics for discussion is also important

    The guy is interested in you, will not only be talking only about himself and that he is interested in; he will listen carefully to your speech, try to keep topics that interest you. Keep in mind that not all men are ready to immediately confess his love to you, especially in the beginning of a relationship. This is due to fear of rejection, and rejection, and that such a serious approach is a sign of the seriousness of his intentions. Do not forget that more than just man's behavior is characterized by his actions toward you, not by words alone.

  3. Knights caring attitude to the beautiful ladies - that is also evident when you see the front of a pair of lovers

    From the outset, relations caring even in little things - it's just a great figure. You are interested in mutually each other's well-being, mood, seeking to ease the way you can the life of a loved one. A man in love is precisely the most to show their feelings, desires, and intentions towards you, trying to make your life better and more enjoyable, not only in moments of sharing your pastime, but when it next to you may not be. He is trying, among other things, do it gently, not for show, and it does not occur to the idea that at least one day this reproach.

    This can take place at a later stage in the relationship, when there is podnakopit mutual resentment. To have such a fate has passed, do not forget, in turn, appreciate the caring and praise her man at least from time to time. Of course, caring must always be mutual.

  4. Romantic your character in relation to you, here is what immediately attracts attention

    And especially if it before it was unusual. After all, the desire to make love object happier than can be shown, in addition to care, also in the ability and desire to cheer him up, to make a surprise, give positive emotions. It is important not cost a gift, which is by its size, can certainly make an impression.

    But the proverbial coffee in bed, cooked just the way you like, on the left in the soul of the track will bear to you no less valuable. He also understands that if you genuinely interested and not afraid to show someone "not a real man," showing his romantic towards you.

  5. Your touch each other - they can tell a lot about the feelings of the girl to her guy

    It is not just about touching sexual orientation - passionate kissing, hugging, stroking, - as a fairly innocent touching, simple physical contact. It transmits heat not only disembodied, and tenderness of heart. Look around - lovers always find an opportunity to touch each other. They are holding hands, sitting, leaning on the back of your partner lie with his head on his knees lover. This behavior is a natural analogue of the word love.

    A man who does not want to abuse the cherished common pronunciation of words will, however, try to show your love and desire to be with you for its many touches.

  6. Priorities are in your favor, and you definitely feel

    For example, your choice - a keen fisherman, but instead to leave one for the weekend fishing as usual he did in the old days, he offers to go with him. Or even more than that, he cancels the trip due to the fact that you need to help you to change the plumbing in the bathroom, or to escort your car to a car repair shop. You get a real confirmation that your business and your life is important to him. There are no situations in which you suddenly feel lonely and abandoned, left alone with their problems.

  7. You become a part of his life: this is quite harmonious, consistent and smooth

    At some point, you find that not tormented by the question, as you will be spending the upcoming holidays or weekends. It becomes somehow naturally it is clear that over the weekend the two of you will roll at home recovering after a hard week of work. A holiday will be carried out in each other's company, performing part of repairs in your apartment. If the council quickly, then give up on a couple of days somewhere in the country, to clean air and water.

  8. Officially, your relationship takes on some not entirely clear, but it is quite clear signs not only for yourself but also for your surroundings

    His family, making a list of those invited to the upcoming family celebration, involves you in it by default. Now there is only your friends or just acquaintances or. All have become common and in the eyes of all of them you will - definitely a couple. You are invited somewhere alone is already very rare, and most importantly, at the same time say: "And your (your) will not mind? No? Well, then all cool, transfer him (her) hello. "

  9. Your sexual relationship becomes better over time and harmonious

    Have no fear, you will not like, or that he might disappoint you. Man seeks not only to satisfy their own desire to satisfy your sexual hunger; not at all. Your feelings and desires are understood and counter support. It examines your body willingly and lovingly, a pleasure in every way possible from those which you really like, and not in his personal opinion.

    He understands that a woman can be moments of decreased sexual desire, and refers to it calmly, without accusing the woman of being selfish or what exactly is beyond the face of reason, frigidity.

  10. The willingness and desire to be a husband and father - that is the most significant sign of the love between man and woman

    Continue your relationship a man is in custody of the official union and the emergence of the obvious fruit of your love - children. It is safe to say that there are few among the sincere and unconditional love with their best halves of men who do not want to perpetuate themselves and their children in love, the birth of which he expects from his beloved and loving it zhenschiny.Net words that can describe the excitement felt by men at a time when making a marriage proposal.

    There are no words to describe the excitement and joy of a woman when she tells her beloved that is set, and soon they are expected addition to the family. At this stage the mutual love doubt the pair usually no longer remains.

And another fact that can not be ignored, speaking about signs of love of man: it is his respectful in everything - from feeling to action. How to understand that a man loves a woman sincerely, strongly and truly? The man respects her personality. He likes the way you look, what you're doing, how you live. This is reflected not only compliments. His approval is confirmed and in fact:

  • He approves of your hobbies (even heard about it the first time through for you), and you can easily find and allocate time for their favorite activities.
  • Your family and your environment is not subjected to criticism from his mouth, even if you are asked to voice his views on some points. Anyway, the view is expressed in the most loyal manner.
  • He thwarts all attempts by unauthorized persons to interfere in your relationship, as well as expose you or your behavior slightest criticism. He had no desire to attract advisers and arbitrators to where you are able to figure out on their own.
  • He will not let you suffer the pangs of jealousy or uncertainty, will not manipulate you, or use your gentle attitude towards him for their own purposes.

 How to understand a man loves you

Summing up

Most of the signs, which we told you here, confirm the sincerity of feelings and the true intentions of your man. Most importantly - Be able to listen and hear your intuition, listen to the voice of your heart and mind. No final and certainly the correct sign, guaranteed indicating that Woman is not indifferent, but afraid to start a relationship, as well as recklessly rush into them, as in the pool with his head, of course, should not be. Time somehow put everything in its place.

To help you better understand what kind of relationship built between you and your man, remember also that love - a very anxious feeling. It calls for a careful attitude, and this fully applies to both partners. Man and woman are made for each other, so it is conceived by the very nature and so is the very foundation of the world. These are the two communicating vessels, between the level of fullness that govern ourselves, and mutual. Do not be afraid to give their love, generously share their feelings and emotions. To you it also will return a hundredfold. The man, met in his life that same true love, make every effort to conquer it, and it will not exist the word "no." You will feel it yourself and you'll understand!

Absolutely each of the fairer sex needs tender love of his chosen, and every woman is hoping that fate will be kind to her, and endow it with such love. Let us sincerely wish you meet on the path of life and to become a happy owner of a sincere, mutual hot and true love. Let it always be upon between you and your man!

 How do you know that the man you love? In search of the truth and a precise answer

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